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I posted this one time

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none saw it, but

Please keep the pipe clean 
Collected years of sludge hang on like symbiont worms 
My teeth and eyes trade flashes of forgotten radiance 
On occasion my chest sprouts a hand 
Through the birdcage in my soul
Escaping the trap feature that is vanity 
God willing we all know it is featureless  
Dark and light, impartiality and the utmost of love and compassion 
How could they all really be one?? 
Really we are keen to destroy one another creatively 
Why and how we do so is theory and hypothesis 
Scientific pursuit in which our better nature stays inaccessible in our deeper layers 
Sadly as well is when we suddenly abandon the chore and become prenatal, again 
I only see through gradients 
The hues and waves are numerous 
Explaining things is akin to hearing stupidity in reverse 
Extrapolation is coprolalia 

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