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Trailer Park Boys Thread - Free Swearnet Until October

Killa Ounze

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So basically this is for any Rickyisms, Memes, News, and General Discussion regarding the Trailer Park Boys, and Cast.


Let me get two birds stoned at once here, and say please mark spoilers and please be respectful of others.


After all this is our own community just like the park...


and in the park it's all Mafkers for one mafkers and one mafkers for all mafkers, knowutimsayin?


If you can't get enough on Netflix, remember there's always

https://www.swearnet.com/ the official home of the Trailer Park Boys with all kinds of stuff,

and don't forget to catch Trail Park Boys Podcash free in audio @ http://tpbpodcast.libsyn.com/ (and itunes I guess) or in video format for subscribers paying 4.20 a month @swearnet.

(you can also watch some older but full length podcashes on their youtube for free)

and if you're interested here is the original thread http://unevenedge.freeforums.net/thread/139/trailer-park-boys

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So the new season has been out for almost a month, and I watched most of it in the first couple days, but with all things that I really enjoy I am having a hard time bringing myself to finish it(did the same thing with the last 2 episodes during season 10).


I think overall it's pretty good, I liked seeing Bubble run a legit business and although I miss J-roc I thought T and the Roc-Pile stepped up to the plate. I also really enjoy they didn't completely write Lucy or J-roc off so they can come back if they want.

Also when Ricky get's shot this time, made for one of the most bizarre days I seen the boys have in a while lol.


So if anyone is still on here that watches the show I was just wondering your thoughts are on the new season?

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Last minute PSA for those who may not have heard:


With the promo-code "SemptemberFree" you can get free membership for the rest of September, and anyone has signed up before will be given a free Season 10 download!


So if you are a fan try to make it to www.swearnet.com and watch all currently available content on the site for free, and possibly a digital download of S10!!!! DECENT!!!

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