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Server Status Update Friday January 20th


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yeah - I'm not sure when we'll have an update.


Friday is when KN gets back.


Not sure when he's going to start going through logs and stuff.


And even then, honestly, odds are it's not some big dramatic deal anyhow. 


so - like it's almost like you're hyping some big announcement that will just end up being "yeah dunno, server got knocked offline by something".


just be aware that - we're not sure exactly when we'll get some info, and even then, it's highly likely that it'll be pretty boring info.



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also you have an update thread in FFA, I don't see the need to keep posting new threads in there, when you can post whatever new info in the update thread that's already there.  I don't want to have to keep cleaning out the FFA floats of announcement threads that don't technically belong there.


The FFA Update thread is a good idea, and some users on the board actually asked for that, so that seems fine.


but otherwise, there just doesn't seem to me at least much point in continually making new threads about board stuff and cluttering FFA with floats instead of using that thread.

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