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Board Restructuring

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Over the next few days to couple weeks I will be tweeking the board structure, mostly combining little used and/or like areas and cutting down on the number of sections and individual discussion folders.


Things will ultimately not only look more like they did on the Proboard (from a discussion folder perspective), but actually even a little more consolidated than that.

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going to try it like this in the Media Bastards section:


Anime (w/Toonami child board)


Arts, Literature and Cuisine (arts books and food boards combined into one)


Cartoons & Comedy (w/adult swim child board) 


Comics, Collectibles (IE "Stuff") & Gaming (table top)




Movies, Television & Streaming Shows




Science, Technology & Computing




Video Games

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General Discussion area will be going away in favor of what we had before.


We may try things without Dumpster Fires see how that works, Babbling will go away, FFA will be moved back up to Welcome where it was before.  Rants is going to replace the old "Editorials" section.

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