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J.M. Matthews

Fan Fiction: Teen Titans GO! Recording Session...

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Okay, we are about to record our lines. Now it's time to Smoke some Hash pipes.

Everybody pass the bong around!


Starfire: Cough cough, Crack is so Amazing cough cough

JM: Um, drugs are illegal. I don't think I want to be a part of this.

Raven: cough cough. Ah c'mon man. It's just Marijuana. cough cough. It'll get you HIIIIGH

JM: But I don't do drugs. They're illegal and they give you cancer. Drugs are bad and i don't want to get cancer And the fact that your using them in a recording session for a TV show indicates all kinds of bad things. I quit. Y'all are a bunch of Druggies

Raven: Be sure to hand in your security clearance card!

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