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J.M. Matthews

"What Are You Doing" Journal...(Continued and Relocated)

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I'm watching the Trump Speech while the Special Counsel Investigation Indictments, it's sickening! All Trump is trying to do is distract people from his scandal.

He failed. 

And he'll continue to fail. This is an infamous moment for Republicans. Let alone Democrats. Snakes indeed.

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Okay, it's Friday in February 20s,

Trump's settled down.  That's good. He was going into troll mode this morning.

Edited some Claymore, Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, Bruce TImm and Type Moon images to my forum.

As for my website, Animation Magazine Editor-In-Cheif Ramin Zahed approves! He really liked my website.

Resuming watching My Hero Academia. In the 20s of episodes now. I'm not giving up on this title anytime soon....I love it! What a fun simple show!

Still got to get a hold of Pierre over in France and talk about our bandes dessinee series we're developing. DeviantArt App Upload isn't working. I guess Dev uploads are out of the question.

Edited by J.M. Matthews

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