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Breaking the tension on a "bad" date


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You've done it. Here you are. It took a lot of effort and swagga, but you got that cute brunette to meet up with you. You beat out fifteen other guys for her time because they were a bunch of duds, but you were a beast, the real deal, the H-bomb dawg.



So here you are. You sit down, and already she's digging your charm, but then something happens. She starts to probe you and look for all kinds of problems. She doesn't consider this date to be the prelude to a night together or even more dates unless you're straight up perfect. You can do two things at this point: 1) Play along and wait for her to notice the first fatal flaw, 2) Call her out on the spot.


We won't do 2 because we'll give it some time, but if you do choose to follow path #2, you're just gonna bluntly say, "Listen here, honey, don't f with me. I expended so much effort to get you on this date while you just logged into the OKC app and looked pretty and you're NOT gonna ruin it with your nitpicky BS before the ship leaves the harbor!" (slams fist on the table drawing the attention of everybody else in the restaurant and causing your fickle date to gulp because she's been figured out)


Path #1 well you wait for that moment when she's nitpicking and already thinking about logging back onto OkCupid and you do something similar except this time you say, "I know what's going on here. Don't even think about logging back into OKC after this date and trying to hook up with somebody else. I'm your boyfriend. Right here! Right NOW! And we are going to enjoy this dinner date while it lasts!" (Force a smile here)



Got it? Go get it, alpha dog!!  :)

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