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Moderation notes

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subject has come up lately, so going to put down some notes about that:


I shall begin by saying - personally - I find it no fun at all, nor do I find it enlightening or enriching in any real way, to attempt to control people, what they think, or what they say.


On the other hand, reading what people say, I do find fun, sometimes enlightening or enriching in some way or other.


So basically, our aim is not to remove any content or ban any users if possible (though clearly there are potentially situations where that may be required, see the board guidelines in this very folder for more information on that).


In pursuit of that, we're going to attempt instead to spoiler mark with content warnings for individual posts. 


What does that accomplish? 


Basically, it leaves the content on the board for anybody who is interested.  But if somebody doesn't want to get smacked in the face with it, they don't have to be.  It's their choice whether or not they wish to view it.


Users even sometimes spoiler/content warning mark their own posts just as a public service which is cool of them.


If a thread is too full of stuff like that such that there's soooo many posts that need marked that it would just be too time consuming to do so, or a thread gets reported tons of times for different stuff etc, it gets moved to the "Dumpster Fires" folder.


Dumpster Fires is a folder for stuff that you don't want to see.


But if you want to see it, it's there still.


Therefor, people who don't want, don't have to.  People that like, can go do.


The idea is - it's sort of an attempt to let people say/do what they want.  But also allows for people to opt out of stuff they might not enjoy running into.


It's actually kind of experimental and the moderation, like anything else, will be an ongoing and evolving thing as the needs of the place change. 


I do like the idea of how it is right now, and hope that we can maintain that.  It seems to be working more or less.  But things may change over time.  As they do, I will post and let you know.

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we're having some problems with balancing the moderation system with still allowing users to edit posts.


so we're going to switch out Dumpster Fires so nobody can see it again and just move stuff there.


this may change again, but atm it seems like the best solution.


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