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Guest Zintar

We went to Adult Swim's On The Green event recently and among the stuff they played on the big screen there were several unaired pilots.

TIGTONE was one of them. It was pretty cool. This is an earlier version of an ep (pilot?) they made (from 2014). What I saw was similar, but better. Still, this

is pretty neat too.



At the longest of lasts, TIGTONE beguns! "THE BEGUN OF TIGTONE" is unleash-ed! The greatest fantasy of your and my time combined is here to tickle thy ribs with its fangs of adventure!



Nils Frykdahl as Tigtone

Bill Corbett as the Ghost Wizard

Lucy Davis as the Captive Sun

Mike Stoklasa as Beefankle the Blacksmith

Melora Creager as the Queen Princess of the Geodon Serpents

Stephen Lea Sheppard as the Wood Elf

Joseph Scrimshaw as the Newborn Cyclops

Hannibal Buress as Seed Steed

Gregg Turkington as the Cave Demon


Additional Voices:

Jay Bauman

Rich Evans

Dan Schlissel

Dawn McCarthy

Larry DiTillio

Rowby Goren


Produced and Directed by:

Andrew Koehler


Written by:

Andrew Koehler

Benjamin Martin

Zack Wallenfang

Cody Larson

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