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  1. I don't have a god to have hate me.
  2. Fuck that. We will get regular snow tomorrow for a bit but then the weather will get better. Stay warm!
  3. We got dropped off from a concert. I wasn't making him drive me even further because it was 3:30am and the winds got real high. If all else fails. I'll just crash here another night cuz it should be better for driving by morning.
  4. Duuuude. I wish. I got through the ice and ice on the car in 20 minutes but then there was no leaving in the end.
  5. It's not black ice. It was sleeting for 13 hours. So it's all stacked up for inches like snow but its all ice pellets. I can't even pull out onto the road without getting stuck so I hunkered down til they clear the roads. We did walk up to the store tho.
  6. I did not die. We left at 2am right when the ice hit. So we basically did 40mph in a 75 the whole way home. It's still dropping ice out there tho. Not sure if or when I'll make it home from my friends. I will go the two straight blocks to the gas station tho.
  7. now this sounds crazy to me... not a fan of dry heat
  8. still okay with it.... cept the storms if they are the level of natural disaster. i'll even take the mosquito bites because i'm more likely to catch a disease than an itchy bump from one.
  9. you don't know this about me... but i prefer the humidity. i sincerely love the thick wet air. would be better at 80 degrees but i'm all for this trade.
  10. i'll take your rain if it comes with higher temps. for trade, you can have our random sunny saturdays with 30 degree temps.
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