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  1. ya sometime it's like the enemies have to bump into the defenders. the new one, which is more of an rpg is pretty great though. it's legends
  2. sorry for the heavyness of this post, but I think I should post it here. ok, one of my best friend's died in the year's between the old forum and now(the band I was in, he was the other guitarist), and I always meant to ask him and did once, kinda(he was the comic book guy of our group), were to start (marvel). his advice to me was to start with the space stuff cause of it's big idea's, I'm just guessing right now because of the movies he was meaning captain marvel and guardians, but even then I don't know where to begin. anyone help? is there like a defining start point or is it more loose than that in chronology, and even then what comic should I start with(and ya, I did think the guardians was the better marvel movie).
  3. if you got suggestions I'm all ears
  4. that was really good, I fixed it for me and the fam(well, mom and pap) yesterday. now I'm thinking about this https://www.howsweeteats.com/2021/04/one-pot-shrimp-and-orzo/ shrimp orzo
  5. totally stealing this
  6. do you have a recipe, I'm about to go to wallyworld and that sounds... intriguing
  7. I'm thinking about how much squash to plant this year cause man, I love me some squash
  8. some people just love getting offended," they haven't dislodged the proverbial stick
  9. *shows off body hair* nah man, my body hair to man ratio is way more than his
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