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What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

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Golden Kamuy S3E2-E7
Symphogear S1E11-13

These are out of sequence, but I figured it would be smarter to get them all in one post. As always, the record of virtually everything I watch is publicly available, so you can check it as you please.

Some thoughts vomit about the shows is below.


Golden Kamuy; This show could've coasted aimlessly on the strength of its chemistry between the three major leads, but instead, it developed a whole cast of characters with all sorts of intricacies and personal problems and put them in a race to the Russian border. I think the decision to split up Sugimoto and Asirpa/Shiraishi at the start of the season wouldn't have worked as well if it weren't for the show having so many fleshed-out characters. We've gotten a lot of flashbacks to how soul-crushingly evil war is, some neat knowledge about the Ainu and the political goings on of the early 1900's in the Far East, and even a circus episode, which I wasn't really getting onto until a scene of intense violence near the end. I rated that one TV-14LV for a hand getting chopped off, a frontal stabbing, and some swears. Can't remember 'em, but it's valid.

Coincidentally, I've given one episode of this show a TV-MA: S2E11, which one involved Sugimoto shooting a hand off. It's easily the most violent episode of the show, but what pushed it over for me was seeing part of the bone in the aftermath. In other words, this show is great and I think you should watch it as soon as you can. 😁

Symphogear: Good first season, which I somehow managed to get really into despite its infamously vocal fanbase. Complaints? I guess I have some, such as the somewhat wonky art style (which will be remedied with a budget beef-up next season, I'm sure) and focusing on the aftermath of Kanade's death way too much. Did we really need it to be mentioned seemingly once an episode, if not actually flashed back to?

Rated TV-14LSV for enough hot-blooded action and righteous optimism to fill multiple cours' worth of shows, some bleeding from the eyes, a few violent blood splatters, staging a terrorist attack to heal yourself and fuse with a relic in the process, and the occasional naked woman who thinks she's a sword.

[this totally isn't foreshadowing anything]

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Fire Force Season 2 21

Sports Climbing Girls 8

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Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld Season 2 3

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