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"Keep your shit tight!"

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A man yelled this at me on the subway. I ignored him as I try to do with most of existence during morning hours, but now I regret it.

I see him now for what he truly was. An old wise man trying to impart the knowledge of the ancestors.

If only I could decipher the second part of his message, "fo' I stab yo ass."

I am not worthy.

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I logged in just to help you with this. See, the man was telling you he sees how you carry yourself and to continue to do so. Lest you get stabbed by someone like him.

Reminds me of smoking in a parking lot recently. An African guy started screaming he was going to fucking murder me. I didn't notice he was talking at me at first, as I was doing laundry. Then I started looking at him and he was yelling, "this is not a game! I will fucking murder you!" His accent sounded south African and my head was freshly shaved and I have a bunch of tattoos so I thought he may be mistaken. But I watched him because he was a person screaming at me from nowhere. I stared at him and he kept telling me he would kill me until he abruptly got in his car and left, regarding me nervously.

I did not say one word to this man. I only looked at him while he blustered. 

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