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death stranding.

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i am loving this game. some would find it 'boring', but even the constant back and forth of 'deiveries' doesn't seem to bother me. 

the graphics are beautiful, and the music is lovely. i mean, i am going to find some of it and dl to my JD for my car. 

there's some product placement, but it's ok. 

norman reedus gestures and facial expressions have me loving this game even more. 


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I keep going back and forth to it because it feels soul draining for me to be done with one tumultuous trek across the map only to get another done. I might redownload it soon though because the last place I stopped at was trying to reunite Mama with her sister. 

The bells and whistles the game has are perfect though. It was hilarious to see all the things you can make Norman Reedus do in your main hub. It was also nice to see all the cameos from directors, authors, and Conan O’Brien.

They did a decent job with music too by giving you atmospheric tunes as you’re hobbling down mountains and such. The Neighborhood and Okay Kaya were great to see on there.

The community aspects were heartwarming too with the Like system giving you incentive to help others out and praise others for leaving stuff behind for you. 

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