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Yasha-Hime: Princess Half-Demon Anime Discussion

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Ep 1 -

I can't believe no one made a thread for this or Burn the Witch!  Sprucing up of the OP will have to wait until later.  My computer will have an aneurysm and I will miss part of Toonami fighting with it to go around getting the stuff I want to put the post together.  And yes I am about to get a new computer finally.  It is a very careful selection process, a big and expensive decision to make.

Man, that OP, it's very vague and you can't derive anything from it at all! :D Only thing I could glean was the stars in one of Towa's eyes. She potentially could use the Meido?

So, this episode really wasn't an episode of Yasha-Hime. It was an episode of InuYasha. We only got a tease of the new characters and state of the world as it currently sits.

But it was still nice to have one more adventure with the original Yasha Gang. I like the part where Miroku said "this gives a nostalgic feeling," after Kagome used the Sit command on Inuyasha. :) Of course, the whole episode was nostalgic. I love that they kept the same look of the old series and original score, and I believe all the original VAs were back.

I'm glad we finally have names for Sango and Miroku's children. You know Rumiko Takahashi never even gave names to Kagome's 3 school friends? The anime did that.

I did think it was funny we got captions telling us who everyone else was, as if we could ever forget, but then if someone had never seen InuYasha before, they would have no idea what all these attacks were. And I gotta say I have a hard time remembering some of them as well myself, haha. I thought it was funny Miroku was introduced as "delinquent Monk."

I guess Inuyasha and Kagome are still going to have arguments here and there, heh.

When Sango gave Hisui to Kohaku and he was like WAIT WHAT. :D

Shippo being tortured by Sango and Miroku's daughters haha. (Yeah their names were too weird for me to remember. It didn't help how the caption text popped up at the same time as dialogue and made it hard to read everything fast enough.)

I don't know why the whole thing of changing the past came up. That really did not seem to be a thing at all before. Kagome ran around with her bicycle, dressed in modern clothes, brought Inuyasha ramen, etc. And I can't remember too many instances of a time travel mechanic being used, either, something being done in the past and it affects the future. It was more traveling between worlds.

So, the show just started and Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha are already reunited. So that means that won't be the main plot of the show. Unless the rest or a good chunk is a flashback arc, which I don't see being the case. That makes me wonder what the plot WILL be, then.

And yep, Moroha is just like Inuyasha and Sentsuna is just like Sesshomaru. :)

I wonder if Kaede being on the poster is from this flashback. There's no way she is still alive and looks exactly the same right now, right?

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Ep 2 -

Ok, so maybe what we saw last episode with all three of them together was more of a flash forward. At the very least, it looks like it might take us a while to get to that point in time in the story.

Here, Towa is living in the present, and Setsuna and Moroha live in the feudal era.

I don't like that Towa and Setsuna are just living by themselves in the forest. That means they got separated from Sesshomaru somehow.

Towa's eye started to glow, and she got sucked through a portal?

In present day. Of course you were not going to find Setsuna there.

Ok, not only is Buyo the cat still alive (how old must he be at this point?!,) but so is Grandpa Higurashi and Kaede?! And they look exactly the same?!

Some nostalgia from getting into fights with other students. Not from InuYasha of course. Reminds me of Ichigo. And did Yusuke get into fights like this too? But why are these bullies dressed like a whole bunch of retro wanna be Yakuza thugs?

No one probably saw you, Towa, but a security camera surely did!

Lul, that teacher.

By the way, what was the mother's name on the sign? Is it that girl Sota went on a "date" with in that one episode?

That isn't the same Mistress Centipede, is it? Isn't she supposed to be dead?

Demon Slayers after the wrong target lol. But surely Sota should recognize something about Moroha here? :)

Not sure what Moroha was planning there. Maybe put on that rouge make-up like war paint and then she becomes Beniyasha, haha.

No idea what a rainbow pearl is. Maybe it is similar to the one Inuyasha had. These can open portals too, but also looks like they can give power ups.

This has gone from bullying to straight up serious criminal behavior. Taking family members hostage.

Uhhh did Towa take that sword from a museum or what?! And it broke! So it was just an ordinary katana after all! So much for that being Towa's signature weapon!

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I saw that, but it was dead.  No one replied to it after the show started.  If a thread for the series had already been made, I would expect it to be bumped, or a new one made and active after the series premiered.  And it was a thread for the announcement.  But since it seems people all of a sudden decided to post there now, guess I will go to that one.  Still don't know why no one posted there after the first few weeks of the show being on.  I guess a lot of the major Inuyasha fans aren't here anymore, and the people who are aren't such big fans anymore.

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