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General Content Ratings Thread 2.0: Same Principle, Different Format

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Greetings, all who bothered to click this link, be it out of either preplanned intent or mere curiosity.

I, alongside a couple of others from the old Adult Swim Message boards - some of whom are still around, others of which have settled for Twitter and other sites - shared a common interest: giving individual anime episodes TV content ratings in the same way Turner Standards & Practices does to the shows that air on [as] and Toonami. I've been doing this ultra-autistic hobby since 2007 or whereabouts, but in 2014, I made it even weirder by using Photoshop to edit the TV ratings I enjoyed so much into screenshots of anime episodes, to demonstrate how they would appear were they being broadcast on one of the Turner networks. Some of my fellow content rating connoisseurs at the time joined in, and while the number of screenshots has decreased with time, I still express interest in the hobby, both in general and specific to the screencaps.

There was a thread set up a while back that was designed with the purpose of discussing content ratings for shows we were watching at the time, but it wound up being more like those anime blogs where they talk the episode's plot through while praising and/or criticizing it. (And with ridiculously long lag times between episodes too...) After a year of inactivity, I decided to revive the thread, but with a twist: instead of merely describing the episodes and what happens as an intro to the ratings and screencaps, this time we'll focus just on the ratings and screencaps, with references to anything else beyond that being relegated to the general Anime Watching thread. In other words: thoughts go there, ratings and screencaps go here.

My inaugural inclusion to this revival of sorts will come later today (or tonight, assuming it takes me more time than usual to get it together). Until then, rate away, my fellow aficionados.

[because stan is a stupid term]

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To begin, a show from this season that had decent hype, and was met in various corners with indifference or disdain for relevant reasons, but in spite of all that managed to be enjoyable enough for me to consider it good. In other words, it's the Kinky Kunoichi of this season.

Case No. 221: Kabukicho Sherlock #1: Hello Detectives


You'd think that with this being the current year and all, the "you should be disturbed by this as the characters are" portrayal of transvestites - which are not the same thing as transsexuals - would be the reason for the final rating, but outside of Mrs. Hudson straddling a microphone standing during "her" musical number and later grabbing a handful of Watson's tush, it played no part.

If there's one thing this episode had subrating-wise, it was suggestive dialogue, and much like the fire at the circus, it was intense. A reference to rape here, an implication or two of to prostitution there, multiple mentions of this one cabaret club owner sleeping with the girls he hires, a random gay couple, and the main character being called a pervert behind his back. From all that, TV-14D minimum was assured. But what of other subratings? Despite the lack of on-screen violence, the presence of after-the-fact blood - particularly that regarding our murder victim of the hour - was enough to up it to a TV-14DV. Though the aforementioned drag queen-on-cis male ass grab, coupled with some flashback rape resistance lacking any grabs outside those of restraint, made the inclusion of an S rather debatable. But before I could go into a full-scale mental filibuster, I remembered the one piece of dialogue I purposely withheld until this sentence: the fact that the murdered girl, Sayuri Onoue's, genitals were removed; in Watson's words, "from the uterine cervix to the uterine corpus". A little extreme for "intense" dialogue, but disturbingly nonchalant enough to justify the ultimate outcome.

PROFANITY TALLY: One use of "hell", like it matters.




So that's the format. Feel free to tweak it for yourself as you will.

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One regular, one with screencap.

Senran Kagura: Shinovi Master #9: BURN


Bare breasts is nothing new for the inferior kinky kunoichi anime program from Fall 2018, though Ikaruga somehow winding up in the buff during Enforced Mortal Combat/Frantic Mode was a change of pace for the action side of things. And during a lull in said action, Katsuragi continued her catch-up efforts after half a season of unconsciousness and groped Ikaruga's bare titties. Her doing the same to a slightly more clothed Yumi after the action was all over didn't really help matters, either towards the rating or the longevity of that one-note gag. Eh, it's still better than Hikage's self-proclaimed lack of emotions.


Case No. 221: Kabukicho Sherlock #2: Why Not Join the Staring-At-Eye-Moles Squad?


"How is an idol on a casting couch like a guy who tried to commit a robbery?" "Both are about to get screwed." :D Also, Rakugo!Sherlock calls Watson a lolicon, which, alongside getting his ass beat for both misgendering a cis female and stepping on a cat's tail simultaneously, proves that even outside of Oreimo, Kyosuke (read: Yuuichi Nakamura) just can't catch a break.

PROFANITY TALLY: Three uses of "bullshit", and one each of "hell", "damn", and "bastard".





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Same deal.

Run with the Wind #13: And Then Start Running


We saw Kakeru punch out his high school track coach three times: once as an out-of-context flashback, again as an in-context flashback, and a third time as a budget-saving flashback. What more needs to be said?




Case No. 221: Kabukicho Sherlock #3: The Dream of Fuyuto Kyogoku, the Ace


Among more lighter, TV-14 level fare such as the stabbing of Cosmos Tanaka as envisioned by Detective Lastrade, the mature side won out once more with a mixture of not-so-suggestive dialogue (one of the three transvestites telling Moriarty to "get fapping" to the photobook they put together for his sweet 16, the punchline to Sherlock's joke of the week mentioning a singular boner), slightly more suggestive situations (Mrs. Hudson shoving a wad of bribe money down Lastrade's pants), and the return of the Jack the Ripper murder victim corpses, complete with blood stain over the genital area (though the reference to the actual removal was limited to the untranslated end card factoid).

PROFANITY TALLY: One use each of "shit" and "sucks".





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Case No. 221: Kabukicho Sherlock #4: The Water's Usually Hot


Watson (who has a doctorate but somehow doesn't know proper bathhouse etiquette at all) recounting Kyogoku telling him "all kinds of naugthy things" happen in bathhouses wasn't dirty enough to warrant a D; the male nudity, complete with little custom censors for Sherlock's junk, certainly weren't enough for an S; and though someone died, what violence there was was too mild, and what blood there was too after-the-fact, to justify a V. But the language... Oh, the language.

PROFANITY TALLY: Two uses of "asshole", and one each of "shit", "ass", and "hell".


The imagery for act 1 was the same as episode 2, so any episode that starts with the every-episode-after-the-first intro will be act 2 only, starting with this one.



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Oh boy, here comes the lot.

Flowers of Evil #1: Episode 1
Flowers of Evil #2: Episode 2


I watched the first three episodes of this show back in 2013 when it first premiered, but never finished it due to studying for my two hardest AP tests yet, on top of my personal laptop slowly starting to become unusable by the day. And seeing how I've got so many unrated anime on my personal schedule archive, I thought I'd chip away at one of them until it's on my completed list.

Overall, these debut episodes had plenty of dialogue, most of them relating to high school perversion - the theft of Saeki's gym uniform by an unbeknownst-to-them panicked Kasuga in particular - though Kojima saying Saeki has/is "a jungle down there" was one of those "golden moments" for us ratings aficionados.

PROFANITY TALLY: From episode 1, two uses of "shit-face", three of "crap", two each of "pissed" and "hell", and one of "damn". For episode 2, one use each of "shit-face" (preview only) and "hell".


Kengan Ashura #6: Pulling Strings


For a condensed CGI adaptation of the work that sorta-spun off Dumbbells, Kengan Ashura is some pretty good shit, and this episode was no exception. Himuro and Kaneda duking it out in one of the cruise ship hallways was plenty to justify best rating, with no shortage of blood-drawing punches and stomps, though the after-the-fact mid-effects of Kiryu maiming some Associaton bodyguards in his most recent show of being yandere for Oma deserves credit for putting that possibility on the radar.

PROFANITY TALLY: One use each of "hell", "damn", and "bastard"


Ultraman #11: You As You Are


No profanity but some brief dispute violence, with Moroboshi slicing off one of Hokuto's robotic limbs being the worst of it.


Case No. 221: Kabukicho Sherlock #5: Offside is the Best Side


Honestly, the content was plenty suitable for a PG-level episode, considering the mild violence that couldn't really be considered action, with one bout resulting in a nosebleed! But when you've got the visual indication of brothels and love hotels with neither one being mentioned by name, on top of the ingrained-into-the-series-identity presence of transvestites raising all sorts of questions for those who've never even heard the word, much like with Roger and his take on Penguindrum, it'd feel wrong giving this a PG. At this point, at least.

PROFANITY TALLY: One use each of "crap" and "ass".





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Flowers of Evil #3: Episode 3
Flowers of Evil #4: Episode 4


Still a bunch of talk about Kasuga being mistaken for/believed to be a pervert and such (though episode 4 curiously translated "hentai" as "sicko", which is strange), with Nakamura assuming he rubbed Saeki's gym uniform all over his body with one of his hands being the big one. Another big moment was Nakamura stripping Kasuga before forcibly dressing him in the aforementioned other classmate's uniform; the nudity was there, but it wasn't lingered on (because no one wants to see that outside of in-motion smear frames, and even then...) and it was too brief to really matter any more than it did.

PROFANITY TALLIES: For episode three, five uses of "shit" (including "shitface" and "dipshit" as variations), and one of "hell". For episode 4, two of "shithead", three of "hell", and one of "damn".


Ultraman #12: Ace Killer


As bloodless and tamer than Hokuto getting his arm off last episode was, the self-destruct blast that killed a bunch of SSSP mooks and injured Moroboshi, plus the titular mercenary emptying a bunch of space gun rounds into Shinjiro's armor in an attempt to bust through it were a little much for just "moderate violence".


Gungrave #7: 5 Years Later


Plenty of gun violence with many casualties that, in true TV Tokyo/Madhouse B-team fashion, avoided getting too explicit. Still a lotta dead gang members, though. Still a lotta dead gang members.

PROFANITY TALLY: three uses of "bastard", two of "hell", and one of "dammit".


Case No. 221: Kabukicho Sherlock #6: Kobayashi the Man, Giving It His All


For the first episode featuring neither Mrs. Hudson nor the background transvestites, this episode still managed to hit that 14 minimum with a lot of "balls" talk, most of it having to do with "Tama", the condescending nickname given to Kobayashi by his former boss Sugimoto. There's also a scene early on where the Irregulars tease Kyogoku for being a virgin, and some of the kids assuming that "virgin" means "someone who's never fired a rocket beam from their body". :D There was also some minor violence, but even with the threat of Yoshio getting his arm broken with a bowling ball, it never went beyond Kobayashi getting that same bowling ball dropped on his head - and there wasn't even any blood! - so no violence subrating juuuuust yet.

PROFANITY TALLY: Two uses of "shit" (one as "shitter"), one of "dickhead", one of "bastard", two of "ass", three each of "damn" and "hell", and two of "crap".




[porn these days]

BONUS: Rating Schedule Iteration Screencaps!


As a way of helping keep track of my growing catalog of anime content ratings - and because I love the whole show scheduling process as well - I made a "rating schedule" consisting of all of the shows I have recorded ratings for, given ratings to, and plan on giving ratings to in the future. As a throwback to the old [as] bumps featuring schedule lineups set to images of nature and urban landscapes, I made two images this week showing the schedules for "iterations" in the schedule - sets of episodes aired as if they were a programming block on any certain night - using screenshots from episodes featured in said iteration.

The first image is from Flowers of Evil #3, and the second from Kabukicho Sherlock #6.



[heil hitler]


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Run with the Wind #14: You're Not Alone
Run with the Wind #15: Place of Destiny


There's nothing more simple put towards a rating than profanity. Episode 14 had three uses of "damn", and one each of "hellish" and "bullshit", while 15 had just one use each of "hell" and "damn"






Senran Kagura: Shinovi Master #10: TWO HEARTS


You know, for an episode taking place at a hot spring, there wasn't all that much hijinks, but I guess that's what happens when you're this close to finishing the series with a plot that has yet to see resolution.

Anyways, the pot bath scene this episode provided the majority of this episode's bare nudity, primarily through Yumi and Fubuki with Kagura and Naraku having nude cameos. Kagura's aged-up form also goes metaphorically topless as she's defeated by Fubuki in their fight. Also, Asuka explains away her Fuma Korin-induced chest pain-induced groan as the result of her groping herself, as Katsuragi was, weirdly enough, not fondling her the first chance she got.


Flowers of Evil #5: Episode 5


Nakamura continues to shame Kasuga for being a "twisted pervert", with Kasuga adding to the tally for that word by denying anything of the sort. She also claims wearing Saeki's gym uniform turned him on.

PROFANITY TALLY: Three uses of "shit" (including "shithead"), two of "damn", and one of "hell".


Ultraman #13: A Real Ultraman


Hokuto vs. Ace Killer, full stop. The former gets his robot limbs dismembered and his very human torso stabbed into, while the latter loses an arm and takes a chest wound that he somehow survives. Ace's ultimate death by disintegration at the hands of a limiter-less Shinjiro was too PG to count towards the violence list.

PROFANITY TALLY: One use each of "dammit" and "hell".


Case No. 221: Kabukicho Sherlock #7: Wife Looks Into the Future


This one had plenty of potential for a 14 rating, from multiple assumptions that Mayor Moran's stolen USB drive had revenge porn hidden away on it, to a disguised Kyogoku coughing up fake blood in a ploy to enter Irene's house, to a mysterious hooded man making a small cut in Irene's throat before Sherlock scares him off, and even a brief fine-print reveal that Watson probably actually does have a Lolita complex. But the overall winner laid with the "real wife" sex dolls produced by Irene's fiance. Though they're never outright called sex dolls, the show doesn't try to hide it. Sherlock gives Kobayashi several tissue boxes (for cleanup) after he sees him waiting in line for one, and at the end of the episode it's revealed that actually fucking the dolls makes you itchy down there... with Kobayashi gripping his nads in sexual agony to demonstrate such. Watson also got a rash from his own first-hand interaction with the itchiness: reaching under a French-language version's skirt to retrieve the USB drive (actually a fake you can remotely upload things to) from her vag, with the doll speaking suggestive French-language lines like "You're so good!", "There!", and "Want to do it again?"

PROFANITY TALLY: Two uses of "hell" and one of "damn".






Here's an [as]-style bumper I did of a scene from Run with the Wind 14...


...a meme from the same episode...


...and a ratings schedule iteration bump from Shinovi Master 10.



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Kengan Ashura #7: The Night Before


Most of the bloody violence this episode was done off-screen - the defeats of Hisayasu Takemoto and another former competitor were both after-the-fact, while Cosmo's takedown of a would-be spot-stealer and Karura's impromptu spar with Oma barely had any blood between either of them - and while understandably disturbing, the scene where Kiryu was seen naked with a giant custom Oma plushie only showed the side of his thigh and not his ass at its barest. So yeah, I may have overestimated a little on those two, but I felt it was worth the overestimate, especially considering the two f-bombs the dub dropped on us this time: Kure clan patriarch Erio calling Oma a "fuckwit", and his descendant Raian using the "-ing" variation of the F-bomb during the visual rundown of the bracket competitors. If that doesn't even it out, then I guess I'm underestimating the rating for a future episode then.

OTHER PROFANITIES: One use of "hell".


Run with the Wind #16: Dreams and Reality


Just one "damn" given, nothing else worth looking into here (that hasn't been looked into on my Twitter already).




Case No. 221: Kabukicho Sherlock #8: Don't Take Off the Swimsuit


Oh boy... The objectionable content this episode was aplenty, and much of it was insane. From Moriarty gifting the transvestites' photobook to Kyogoku (and Kobayashi outright saying he's gonna fap to it) to a bystander pointing out how much he wanted to take actress Agatha Kuroki (later revealed to be trans) for a "roll in the hay", and Sherlock tearing off Watson's pool clothes as a distraction to him getting knocked out by a few seconds of Irene's boobs to his face, with it all culminating in Milverton getting shot and Agatha off-screen killed as the latest Jack the Ripper victim (with her disembodied ear delivered to Irene in a box). Though while Milverton's hiring of middle- and high-school age girls as waitresses for his "flower viewing" club was Weinstein-y enough, the reveal that he planned on selling his estranged daughter (age 4) to a rich pedophile went over the line (even I felt a little unnerved by that bomb drop), which of course made it the deciding factor in this week's rating.

PROFANITY TALLY: One use each of "shit", "ass", "damn", and "hell".





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Cinderella Boy #4: Frolicking Sea of Beauty and the Beast


Two Rella nude scenes - neither of which follow the OP's suit and show any nipple - and a background painting with faint yet present nips. Definitely more cause for an S subrating than your average Part 5 episode.

PROFANITY TALLY: One use of "shit", two of "asshole", three of "bastard", five of "damn" (one as "dammit"), and two of "hell".


Case No. 221: Kabukicho Sherlock #9: That Woman's Pad


There were plenty of surreptitious innuendos earlier on in the episode - about half of which focused on Watson trying to clue Kyogoku in to Maki's real gender - but they were all blown out by Diana (another one of those three transvestites) outright saying they'd grab Kyogoku's "rod" for the right price (read: a diamond ring). After that was a surprisingly quickly delivered love hotel scene between Maki and Kyogoku, with the former straddling the latter, both naked, and the good parts cleverly hidden. And while we didn't see the action in action, Jack the Ripper's preparing to stab Irene and the after-the-fact slightly bloody aftermath - just a slowly growing bloodstain on the left side - was enough to help round out the subratings on all four fronts.

PROFANITY TALLY: One use each of "shits", "bastard", "asses", "damn", and "hell".





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Kengan Ashura #8: The Battle Begins


As bloody violent and awesome as Adam Dudley vs. Cosmo Imai was, the final rating all laid with the former calling the latter a "grappling cocksucker" before either of their theme musics played them in. I think Word You Can't Say on TV and Radio #5 is still subject to censorship, unlike "cockblock", but hey, with [as] getting more liberal with the TV-MAS rating in the age of Food Wars on basic cable, I can afford to experiment a little too.

PROFANITY COUNT: The aforementioned "cocksucker", plus two uses each of "hell" and "damn", and one each of "bullshit", "whoopass", and "pussy".


Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! #1: Chance Encounter with... the Wicked Eye


INITIAL DUB VERDICT: Leraldo Anzaldua is actually pretty good as Yuuta; he's much less annoying than Jun Fukuyama during the more spastic moments. Margaret McDonald's Rikka, meanwhile, is too deep compared to Maaya Uchida's performance, but it kinda works if you view the voice as part of her chuuni persona. Greg Ayres as Isshiki sticks out like a sore thumb, and since this is a Sentai dub, it's not in a good way. David Wald's narration actually improved on Houchu Ohtsuka's; I can see why they picked him to be the Tonegawa narrator. Everyone else ranged from eh to okay.

OBJECTIONABLE CONTENT: There were a couple of suggestive dialogue instances, either as innuendos (Rikka asking Yuuta if he "saw it" or "wants to see it" with a shot of her skirt in-between, and her reacting to being given eyedrops like she's being penetrated) or out-in-the-open statements (Isshiki assuming Yuuta is gay after he claims to not have anything romantic going on with Rikka).

PROFANITY COUNT: Three uses of "crap" and one each of "freakin'" and "friggin'" (same word).


Gungrave #8: Family


The usual mob violence. Two guys making a deal get shot, Brandon snipes a guy through a closed curtain, and then shoots Sid point-blank in the head. No explicit close-ups of impact, but enough after-the-fact blood to indicate that shit did go down.

PROFANITY COUNT: Three uses of "hell" and one of "shit".


Case No. 221: Kabukicho Sherlock #10: Now Hiring Psychics


SUGGESTIVE DIALOGUE: Kobayashi says Moran's USB had something worse than pics of his dick on it in response to Irene's apparent death (emphasis on "apparent", I don't buy that she's truly dead for a second), and the sex scene between Kyogoku and Maki last episode was alluded to with Kyogoku telling Watson he "went...to the end of the world" with her (male).

INTENSE VIOLENCE: None in-action, though Moriarty and Kyogoku pulling out knives came close, but there were enough flashbacks to Irene's bloody stab wound, plus that wound appearing on the apparition of her Watson occasionally sees, to push towards that subrating.

PROFANITY COUNT: One use each of "damn" and "hell". Far from 14L territory, yeah, but the abandoned building Watson enters as a favor to the Irregulars has a sign that says "HOTEL SHITIFUKU", which I'm half-certain is in service to the profanity, so I counted it as a precaution. Like I said under Kengan, what fun is rating things if I don't experiment a little?






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Flowers of Evil #6: Episode 6


Nakamura telling Kasuga that Saeki wants to have sex with him was a prominent plot point this episode, with the former's continued insistence that Kasuga's a pervert who wants anything but "normal sex" only compounding to the main dialogue factor.

PROFANITY TALLY: Two uses of "bastard" and one each of "damn" and "pissed".


Run with the Wind #17: Searching for the Answer


One use each of "crap", "sucking", and "hell".




Case No. 221: Kabukicho Sherlock #11: Jack the Ripper


Hoo boy. Where do I begin with this one?

Let's start with the beginner stuff. The cold open flashback to Moriarty finding his sister's corpse in the snow with a bloodstained crotch and wings painted with the same material, and the post-OP flashback to a still-alive-in-the-present Irene (called it, natch) having just been stabbed in the abdomen. Couple that with Sherlock describing the hallucinogenic effects of peyote using LSD as a comparison point, and it seems this episode will get by with a regular-ass rating. But not so, as things only get more explicit as the episode goes on...

The biggest objectionability concern, by which I mean the most frequently portrayed, is Sherlock's rakugo conversation sorting out the reason for Jack the Ripper's calling card. There's a lot of talk about cutting off genitals, turning the victims into a serial killer's caricature of angels (which have wings and no genitals), and stealing wombs in the hopes of becoming something beyond either male or female. (He even manages to slip in a dig at Kobayashi, saying he's got a "tiny pecker".) Throughout this monologue of a conversation and his later confrontation of Jack - who in a surprising turn of events turned out to be Maki (the cute chubby background transvestite) - the word "dick" was dropped seven times; five by Sherlock, once by Maki, once by a recording Sherlock made of the previous use, and once in the plural (by Sherlock). It ain't the fifty-something "dicks" in eleven minutes that ATHF managed in their infamous "Dickesode", but it's more than the average "dicks per episode" rate you normally get in a half-hour anime episode.

(Other profanities this episode included one use each of "asshole" and "hell", as well as Maki calling Sherlock a "pervert" with "fucked-up tastebuds".)

And after that was when things got disturbing. Maki - now minus wig and with their makeup altered to do away with any of their previous "cuteness" - started caressing themselves, with one hand on their chest and the other between their legs, while describing Alexandra's beauty to an understandably mortified and pissed-off Moriarty, with a clear indication that they got a sexual thrill off of killing Alex. One flashback stabbing to the lower torso (in the moment but at a distance) later, they all but proclaim that they actually ate the wombs of the women they've killed, if only through almost saying that Alexandra's was "especially delicious". 🤢

And I say "almost" because, before they could finish their sentence, Moriarty then slit Maki's throat open, killing them. There was a close-up of the neck with the blood spraying out, a good portion of it splattering all over Moriarty himself.

In all my years of rating anime, this rating only cropped up three times. The first two were the HD rerun of Cowboy Bebop episode 5, and the April Fools' Day broadcast of Mind Game, both on Toonami. Those two aside, I've only personally given this rating out once, to episode 3 of Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail, which had not only the usual helpings of profanity, but an explicit-without-nudity sexual proposition scene that turned so brutally violent the guy's head above the lower jaw was pounded to the consistency of ground hamburger by the end. This episode didn't reach those same levels, but between the disturbing sexual dialogue, the savage one-swipe throat-slitting, and Turner S&P's increasing liberality with the "explicit sexual content" subrating... I feel this episode deserves the same rating. One of the rarest PG-and-above ratings in my collection.

Congratulations, Kabukicho Sherlock. You have now reached... diamond status.





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So much content to discuss, I had to wait 'til the Sunday after to cover it all.

Senran Kagura: Shinovi Master #11: LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL


INTENSE SEXUAL SITUATIONS: You know what goes here by now. Brief flashes of bare breasts and almost-exposure are peppered throughout, with the scant presence of nipples during Yumi's two Shinobi Transformations (one regular, one for Ice Queen mode), plus a brief shot during the blowback from an attack.

INTENSELY SUGGESTIVE DIALOGUE: Katsuragi playfully suggests that Miyabi "let [her] feel up her tits later" as thanks for taking out some youma for her.

BOTH, MAYBE?: And then Katsuragi uses Ikaruga, Shiki, Mirai and Ryona as bait for the remaining youma so Asuka can seal them all at once, claiming that the four girls represent various types; namely, Mirai being "flat" and Ryona being "pervert". Ryona lives up to her respective reputation by caressing her own breasts to tease Mirai, spreading her legs for some of the grabbier youma, and complaining that she didn't even get a "butt bite" from one of them. It's hard to place a moment like this in either category, really.

INTENSE VIOLENCE: A flashback to Fubuki's past - namely, the sealing of her youma mother and subsequent death of her ninja father - contains plenty of violent moments, balanced between the bloodless takedown of multiple ninja and the after-the-fact blood present on various swords, as well as Rasetsu, who has multiples sticking out of her back from an offscreen battle.


Kengan Ashura #9: Justice
Kengan Ashura #10: Sister Siblings

Kengan Ashura #11: Ashura


As usual, you had the brutality of the round 1 matches present throughout, showcasing bloody, mostly non-fatal carnage through various methods. From Akoya's slicing skin with his knuckles and Mokichi's kicks and throws, to Raian and Oma's equally savage blows and some of the shit Inaba was capable of pulling off with his super-strong hair, there was no shortage of bloodshed throughout these three episodes. Episode 9 had it the worst, hence the upped rating, between Akoya sticking his fingers into a wound he put on Haruo earlier and a flashback scene showing a unique yakuza execution method: hanging them upside down and flipping their disembodied heads right-side up so they're sandwiched between their tied arms and neck stumps. It's a scene that's better conveyed through image than through talk.

Each episode also had brief sexual moments. Episode 9, despite having the highest rating, had the tamest, with a scene of Akoya and his manager Hiyama having a discussion in bed with both of them naked (no goods showing). Episode 10 portrayed a naked Kure clan female with bare ass and barely visible sideboob during patriarch Erio's rundown on the Release form, and episode 11 had a closeup of Kiryu pelvic-thrusting in excitement over Oma's victory with the subtlest of boners, and Akemi's sister's personal assistant blushing madly while trying not to look at it (and failing).

PROFANITY COUNT (#9): One use each of "asshole", "goddamn", "goddammit", "dumbass", "hell", "crap", and "maggots".
PROFANITY COUNT (#10): Three uses of "dammit", two each of "dumbass", "bastard", and "hell", and one each of "fuck", "shit", "shithead", and "damned".
PROFANITY COUNT (#11): The only profanity here is Sawada going against his earlier, better judgement and calling the normally creepy Inaba "so fuckin' cute".


Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! #2: Priestess... of the Melody


Yuuta has a dream where Nibutani calls him a "pervert" three times for probably looking at her chest, each accompanied with a more excessive means of splashing him with water. And I think Rikka gave Yuuta another barely suggestive-sounding request, too. And while the "violence" for the most part was all mental fantasy, the extravagance of said fantasy, plus the earlier presence of model guns (and Yuuta pretending to fire one in a surprise bout of chuuni relapse) influenced my decision to overrate.

PROFANITY COUNT: Two uses of "damn", and one use each of "pissed", "ass", and "hell".


Gungrave #9: Dispute


A flashback to Brandon shooting Sid in the head, Blood War shooting one of his more reluctant underlings in the chest, and then him doing the same to the rest of his henchmen to create test subjects for Lightning's "killer zombie army" project.

PROFANITY COUNT: Three uses of "hell", and one each of "bastard", "piss", and "damn".


Case No. 221: Kabukicho Sherlock #12: No More Nyan-Nyan


Being a breather episode to follow up the insanity of last week, there wasn't a whole lot of content worth in-depth mention. Easily, the worst of the bunch, excluding a gratuitous close-up ass-shake courtesy of Mrs. Hudson (which is a whole different kind of "worst"), was a quick flashback to Moriarty covered in Jack/Maki's blood, and an even briefer shot of the latter's body on the ground nearby with more after-the-fact blood beside it. After-the-fact, but too great in quantity to really "pass over".

PROFANITY COUNT: One use each of "shit", "bullshit", "goddamn", "bastard", and "crap".





Edited by PokeNirvash

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Kengan Ashura #12: Father and Son


EXPLICIT SEXUAL CONTENT: This one isn't really qualifiable for "explicit" by the standards of anyone other than Turner S&P, but as Muteba's walking to the tournament arena, there are no less than five barely clothed/naked women on the floor panting in exhaustion, implying that he fucked them all while waiting for his match.

GRAPHIC VIOLENCE: Now this one checks meets my standards for graphic violence. Muteba gouging out Meguro's right eye with just his fingers? Check. Multiple unflinching shots of the empty socket? Check. Muteba finishing off Meguro with a two-finger jab to said socket? You better believe that's a check.

PROFANITY TALLY: Three uses of "damn" (once as "dammit"), two each of "hell" and "crap", and one each of "fuckin'", "bullshit", "dick" (as in, "shrimp-dick"), "dumbass", and "suck".


Senran Kagura: Shinovi Master #12: HOMETOWN


A brief "transparent" shot of Asuka's breasts to show the Fuma Korin's effects on her body, complete with nipple, was the only piece of nudity, but I felt that was worth it, especially with the all-nude ending theme to take into consideration as well. (Thanks, Lupin, for proving that such recurring instances, even when censored, do have an effect on the final rating.) Imu calling Miyabi's sweat from training "beautiful" and Ryona claiming that training on Christmas is a kink that'll make your body go "jingle bells" pushed the suggestive dialogue boundary, but they were ultimately considered too tame and/or vague to be counted. No profanity.


Run with the Wind #18: And Then, Morning


All we have here is Yuuki announcing he bought liquor for the track team's Christmas party and Shindo getting red-faced drunk off at least one bottle of sake at said party. No profanity either.




Flowers of Evil #7: Episode 7


It didn't matter how many times, in flashback or real time, that Saeki supposedly wanting to sex Kasuga up was brought up, or that Kasuga was called a "pervert". Because the record 14 uses of the word "shit" - twelve spoken, two written, an unknown number as "shit-face(s)" - tipped the scales. As this was scheduled before [as] stopped bleeping "shit" on the regular (as far as I am able to confirm), this should've gotten a TV-14DL, but this was close enough to Toonami's Black Lagoon broadcast - hell, even the first documented uncensored-on-purpose s-bomb drops in Akira and Summer Wars - that I decided to count it anyways.

OTHER PROFANITIES: Two uses of "damn" and one of "dick-face".


Love, Chunibyo! & Other Delusions #3: The Heretical... Twintail


Elaborate chuuni fantasy battle aside, the closest thing to violence was Yuuta pointing his model pistol at Dekomori's head point-blank as a way of telling her to knock off the chuuni crap, which definitely would've been cut from a daytime Toonami run. No profanity here either.


The Qwaser of Stigmata #1: The Trembling Night


The opening scene where the masked, magnesium-manipulating serial killer releases a student's bra-less breasts from her uniform top - but not before running her blade along her panty-clad vag to make her piss herself ("golden waters", indeed) - plus whatever those rocket-thrusters on all those random victims' breasts were, would've been enough, but the rest of the sexual content abounding throughout the episode past the OP, from minor fare like Sasha grabbing at Tomo's breasts on two non-consecutive occasions and Hana getting her panties caught on a piece of table Sasha deleted with The Hand Cream Metallica, to extremities the likes of Sasha drinking the soma out of Teresa's breasts (with milk discharge!) and Teresa's lewd-looking pose as she recovers from being used like that the next morning (with gratuitous nipple closeup!), are just as worthy of mention.

Almost got a violence indicator for this one, but considering the worst of it was done off-screen, despite the blood being enough to coat an entire moth in the resultant splatter, I decided to edge myself on that for the time being.

PROFANITY TALLY: One use each of "bastard", "pisses", and "hell".


Because what else?



...I'm thinking about finding a higher quality video next time.



A little "rating schedule iteration" image. To be edited at a later date with an obligatory JoJo screencap.



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Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! #4: Regret of... the Scriptures of Darkness (Mabinogion)


This is kind of pushing it, but Rikka finding a girlie mag under Yuuta's bed, full-face blushing at the unseen contents within, and calling it "immoral" was worthy of consideration.

PROFANITY OF THE MOMENT: Nibutani reacts to her own chuuni past being discovered with a "This sucks".


Gungrave #10: Conflict


As to be expected from the beginning of a war arc, a lot of people died or at the very least got shot to hell. But, having aired on TV Tokyo instead of any other station, much of the violence was either off-screen or bloodless, with all blood coming after-the-fact. Still, of all the violent acts this episode, a group of Millennion soldiers filling Lightning's four Necrolyzed soldiers full of lead was the highlight.

PROFANITY TALLY: Two uses of "shit", five uses of "bastard", four of "hell", three of "damn", and one each of "dammit" and "a-holes".


Case No. 221: Kabukicho Sherlock #13: First Moonlit Night


All it took were the flashback shots of Alex's murder scene and Maki/Jack getting their throat slit to tip it over, but seeing how the latter's been seen twice already at varying violence levels, I decided to leave it in a compromise position.

PROFANITY TALLY: Two uses of "shit".





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Oh boy, it's been a while since I last touched this, hasn't it. Welp, no rest for the wicked.

Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! #1: The Greatest World!
Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! #2: The Eizouken Takes the Stage!
Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! #3: Let's Accomplish Something!
Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! #4: Hold That Machete Tight!


There isn't really a whole lot to say about this one, since it's a hard slice of life with zero sexual fanservice and plenty of fantasy violence. Really, it's all PG sets and minor profanity with this one. And in line with that...

Episode 1 had one use of "damn" by Asakura; episode 2 had Kanamori bring up the former's metaphorical "death" by falling from a rusted second-floor balcony (without injury); episode 3 was fantasy violence skewed in favor of the mature-seeming CN crowd since the show isn't as fantasy as the anime they're making; and episode 4 featured one use each of "damn", "dumbass", and "crap".

FINAL RATINGS: TV-PG (#1 through #4)

Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! #5: A Binding... Cross (Hard Study)


The PG set of the moment was a toss-up between Rikka pointing her model pistol at an imaginary enemy to get out of studying for a math test, and a game of house between Rikka's onee-san and the youngest of Yuuta's imoutos that resulted in marriage and subsequent divorce.


Gungrave #11: Heat


Being the climax of the Millennion vs. Lightning war arc, there was naturally gun violence throughout. The strongest examples of this were Harry shooting Vulcan multiple times to end his half of the war, while the other ended with Blood War shooting himself in the head before turning into an Orc-inspired Necrolyzed soldier (maybe that's why they call them Orcmen in the later episodes?) that has to be taken down by Bear's men before ultimately expiring.

PROFANITY TALLY: Eight uses of "hell", four uses of "damn", three of "bastard" (at least one plural), two S-words ("shitty" and "shithole"), and one of "ass".


Cinderella Boy #5: The Clockwork Poisoned Apple


We got the nips-out nude Rella from the OP, the flashback to bare-assed sideboob Rella falling from the sky at the end of episode 1, and an episode-original bathtime sequence that shows off Rella's breasts in full (sans nipples). Also, we got a little more indication that the annoying-voiced redhead that Ranma associated with back in episode 3 isn't actually a biological woman. (But my question is, pre-op or post-op?)

PROFANITY TALLY: Five variations of "damn" (including "dammit"), two uses of "bastard", and one each of "crap", "hell", "ass", and "B.S.".


Kengan Ashura #13: Convictions


After the gruesomeness that took place during Muteba vs. Meguro, it was only appropriate that Kiozan vs. Sekibayashi toned down the gore to mere "intense bloody violence" levels. And boyyyy, between the numerous blood spatters and pools, plus a flashback spray and post-fight coughing fit, the intense bloody violence was on full display.

PROFANITY TALLY: Six variations of "damn" (also including "dammit"), four uses of "hell", two variations of "piss" ("pissed" and "pisses"), two uses of "asshole", and one each of "shit" and "bastard".


AWOL: Absent WithOut Leave #1: Prelude to the Collapse


While there was undoubtedly loss of life in Solomon's terrorist attack on the capital city of Cyress, all the on-screen deaths were saved for Duran Gash's raid on the Gala Base to secure the PDP missiles. Namely, numerous employees shot up with blood saved for the stationary post-mortem shots, and the base's commander getting shot by Gash - impact offscreen, but blood visible around the bullethole wound - for asking one more question than he was allowed.

PROFANITY TALLY: One use of "damn".


Case File No. 221: Kabukicho Sherlock #14: Get Back Your Melon Heart
Case File No. 221: Kabukicho Sherlock #15: Where is He?
Case File No. 221: Kabukicho Sherlock #16: Michel and the Stupid Book


Episode 14: Kobayashi's use of the new video game system that plays an important part this episode involves groping the air while joyously exclaiming "All of the boobs!", in a room with posters of scantily clad women to boot. (I was tempted to edit one of Jam's two Kinky Kunoichi images into it, but I'll wait until I get an opportunity with better lighting.) PROFANITY TALLY: One use each of "hell" and "shitty".

Episode 15: Violence was admittedly tame in regards to blood spilled, but the "Vision Rain" test looking like blood, the guy who looked like the Morstan sisters' deadbeat dad but isn't scratching at his own throat in response to a Vision Rain injection, and Isshiki coughing up blood after biting down on his secret agent suicide tooth were too bold taken together to ignore. On the dialogue side of things, we had a couple of mentions of erectile dysfunction - one of the patrons of a brothel Dilan advertised claiming he brought back his "ED", and Kyogoku bemoaning that he couldn't get it up after visiting one that had Kobayashi's seal of approval - Kobayashi's love of boobs being mentioned by him and others, Mrs. Hudson suggesting that Lucy's "getting her pipe laid", if you know what they mean, and two uses of "pervert"; one by Kyogoku in reference to Sherlock, and one by Sherlock in reference to Isshiki. PROFANITY TALLY: Three uses of "shit", two uses each of "hell", "ass", and "bitch", and one each of "asshole" and "damn".

Episode 16: Again, the violence here wasn't too crazy. Takashi's death by knife to the chest was offscreen despite the after-the-fact blood on the knife and around his body - the stun gun to the back of the neck that was intended, that was onscreen - and while the stray knife slice above Erica's left eye in Michel's flashback was indeed distressing and bloody, we didn't see the actual slice as the focus during that was Michel punching the yakuza who had the knife to begin with. But we did get partial Erica nudity; she was topless when she found Takashi's body, and even moreso when in the shower beforehand, with a towel and soap suds covering the bits that matter in those two respective scenes. PROFANITY TALLY: Two uses of "damn", and one each of "fucked", "bastard", "pissing", "ass", "crap", and "hell".

FINAL RATINGS: TV-14DLS (#14), TV-14DLV (#15), TV-14LSV (#16)









A ratings schedule iteration screencap featuring the premiere of AWOL and some expert entry-level Photoshop tilt effects.



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Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! #5: An Iron Giant Appears!
Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! #6: Let's Do Better Than Last Time!


Profanity's upping these past two weeks. For #5, we had three uses of "damn" and Ono flipping the (censored) bird, while #6 had also three damns, plus one use each of "crap", "hell", and "dumbass". Not enough to technically reach a PGL by our various standards, but compared to the previous episodes, I felt it was only appropriate to make a close exception.


Kengan Ashura #14: Master and Pupil


INTENSELY SUGGESTIVE DIALOGUE: Rino flirts with Tomari, making the latter uncharacteristically uncomfortable, and even lets her know that she's a little bit bi. An under-rate.

INTENSE SEXUAL SITUATIONS: A shot of Muteba in his bedroom with numerous naked women, some straddling him and others laying beside him. Plenty of sideboob, underboob, and bare asses, but still no nipples. An over-rate to balance the under-rate.

INTENSE VIOLENCE: Ignoring the blood sprays from Oma's image training dream (where he fights Murobuchi, Dudley and Nico, and also flashbacks to his fights with Sekibayashi and Inaba), he has a sudden nosebleed he acts like he's shrugging off, then retreats to the bathroom to vomit up so much blood, some extra trails are leaking from his eyes.

PROFANITY TALLY: Two uses each of "shit" (one as "bullshit"), "damn", and "crap", and one each of "hell" and "ass".


Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! #6: The Atoned... Messiah (Innocent)


During art class, Rikka draws up a sketch of Yuuta showing him clutching his torso as it's bleeding. It appears for little more than a split second, and it's in black and white, but that's a pretty solid PG set. More solid than Yuuta's class reacting to the existence of a "hotness ranking" to them like they were all simultaneously molested, anyways. >_>


Gungrave #12: Kind


Brandon shoots a casino owner he and Harry are in a meeting with in the shoulder, with no blood. Bunji gets shot in the shoulder during a mission, this time with a visible blood spurt, and retaliates by shooting the guy in the arm, and then five times in the head. And finally, there's a shot of the leftover blood from Vulcan's murder during the flashback to Harry convincing Tokioka to continue with the Necrolyzation project.

PROFANITY TALLY: Three uses of "hell".


The Qwaser of Stigmata #1: The Trembling Night (rewatch)


There's really nothing to report here. I felt like watching the series in higher quality (with different subs), so to create consistency, I rewatched episode 1 and did a recount of the profanity. Not a single one to be found. Good news is, all the sexual content's still there. ;)




Case File No. 221: Kabukicho Sherlock #17: Looking Back on Saudade
Case File No. 221: Kabukicho Sherlock #18: Lots of Animals


For #17, Saizo slashes Sasuke (no relation) across the chest, causing a brief non-fatal blood spray, plus there's a flashback to Isshiki coughing up blood after his suicide maneuver in episode 15. There's also a scene where two of the Irregulars pull the "Thousand Years of Death" prank on Kyogoku and Kobayashi, but that's neither here nor there. Profanity includes two uses of "damn", and one use each of "suck", "bitch", and "bullshit".

Meanwhile, the violence in #18 barely reached "best rating" level, though the combination of the blood from Momotaro's naked corpse (from episode 4), crazed Momotaros fan Umi cutting herself in her specific flashback inset, and she and the other two crazed fangirls self-immolating in another number code-then-suicide maneuver that's more of a "Moriarty said their full names" thing than an "escaped prisoner cornered like a Lil' Slugger victim" thing was plenty to justify a 14 straight. The L is from Moriarty using the phrase "shitty editing". There was also one use of "hell", not that it matters after the S-bomb.

FINAL RATINGS: TV-14LV (#17), TV-14L (#18)






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Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! #7: I Have to Do it For Myself!


The bathhouse scene that was skipped last episode finally arrived, but despite a couple from-behind nudity scenes, there wasn't enough detail, inappropriate lingering, or anything to look at really to warrant anything higher than the base.

PROFANITY TALLY: One use of "hell".


The Qwaser of Stigmata #2: Masked Friendship


EXPLICIT SEXUAL CONTENT: This one goes without saying, but I'll say it anyways. You had Mafuyu's nightmare about her getting her breasts sucked by Sasha while in bondage gear. You had her waking up to Tomo doing the sucking. You had Tomo sucking her own breast just to prove she could. And you got Sasha and Ayana drinking from Teresa and Tomo respectively to get a soma-induced power boost, with the latter Qwaser teasing one of Tomo's inverted nipples to hardness before going for a second suck.

GRAPHIC VIOLENCE: But the real gem was Sasha impaling Ayana on his scythe, and the blood spray that ensued as she pulled herself off of it before self-immolating like the girls from last week's Kabukicho (only unlike them, she screamed). So I felt a rating to match was appropriate. You also had Sasha flashbacking to this one time he was injected with a heated syringe needle, for those of you who still think Eureka seveN #44 was TV-MAV due to the torture scene and not the Coralian guts spilling everywhere.




Case File No. 221: Kabukicho Sherlock #19: The Curtain Rises on the Grand Guignol


Despite another flashback to Isshiki coughing up blood as part of his suicide maneuver, Sherlock getting slightly bloodied from a kick to the face, and the car explosion to cap off this "shit just got real" episode, there wasn't enough to warrant a violence subrating. But for what it's worth, we did get two uses of "shit" (one as "shitting"), and one of "damn", so there's that.





Edited by PokeNirvash

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This is what a month of final exams does, it keeps prompting me to put off keeping this thread alive. If only Blatch bothered to stop in here to help spruce things up and inspire me to keep on schedule... Anywho, here's what you missed this past month!

Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! #8: The Grand Shibahama Festival!
Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! #9: Aim for Comet A!
Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! #10: Against Our Independent World!
Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! #11: Each Other's Existence!


#8: Three uses of "crap", one use each of "suck", "damn" and "hell", and a newspaper story saying that the production of a movie Tsubame's parents were acting in was put on indefinite hold because the director and writer teamed up to perform attempted murder by samurai sword on the producer.

#9: Three uses of "damn", one of "hell", and Kanamori mentioning the customers of her ancestors' bar wanting to get "hammered" for cheap.

#10: Two uses each of "damn" and "crap".

#11: Four uses of "hell", two of "damn", one each of "freaking" and "suck", and High School Obama getting tased in the chest by those fuckers on the Student Council.

FINAL RATINGS: TV-PG (8 through 10), TV-PGL (11)

Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! #7: Reminiscences... of Paradise Lost
Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! #8: Exiled... Just the Two of Them


#7: Kumin's breasts get some brief attention when Isshiki spots a mole near her cleavage, and Touka's get some as well when she's intimidating Dekomori into eating her cheese-"contaminated" salad.

#8: The token fantasy battle between Rikka and Touka being intercut with shots of Rikka actually getting physically abused - a slap to the face, a kick to the thigh - by her bitch of an older sister was enough to tip the scales, but the brief cleavage shots of Nibutani and Kumin in the bath, Dekomori's chest being a little more visible in another part of the bath, and Isshiki's use of the word "half-assed" deserve mention regardless.


Gungrave #13: Betrayal


Plenty of deaths this episode, as expected from an early-00's anime-"original", but while Randy and his subordinates were offed off-screen (pun unintended), the two guys Lee offs with his needles - three to the brain for one, one to the back for the other - had enough airtime to be considered intense. Profanity included one use each of "shit" and "damn".


Kengan Ashura #15: The Fisherman
Kengan Ashura #16: The Rakshasa
Kengan Ashura #17: The Devil's Lance


#15: Prominent violent moment of the episode: Saw Paing headbutting Karo's hand and fucking it up temporarily. A cause for concern towards the final rating: a shot of the anthropomorphic humanoid versions of the Kenganverse's equivalent to Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck in a homoerotic embrace in Akemi's sister's assistant's inner mind theater. Profanities included two uses each of "shit" and "bastard", and one of "hell".

#16: Prominent violent moments of the episode: the flashback to Muteba gouging out Meguro's eye and finishing him off by stabbing into the empty socket, and Kiryu landing two spiral-shaped wounds from Rakshasa's Palm on Nikaido during their match. A cause for concern towards the final rating before the former violent moment: Nezu bare-naked inside the Mockey mascot costume. Profanities included two uses of "damn" and one use each of "asshole", "bastard", and "hell".

#17: Prominent violent moment of the episode: Gensai stabs Lihito in the left armpit and right wrist with his bare fingers (sans thumbs), producing prominent wounds and a decent bloody discharge. Causes for concern that actually contributed to the final rating: Sawada calling Lihito a "shrimp-dick" in flashback, and Hatsumi flirting with Sayaka by offering her the chance to play some "grown-up games" with him. Other profanities included four uses of "damn" (one as "dammit"), three of "bastard", two each of "ass" (one as "dumbass") and "hell", and one each of "shit", "pussy", and "bitch-boy".

FINAL RATING: TV-14LV (15), TV-MA (16), TV-14DLV (17)

AWOL: Absent WithOut Leave #2: The Variation of Adversity


All of the anti-terrorist troops sent to retrieve the PDB missiles Solomon stole end up dead at the latter group's hands, though apart from a one-frame stain accompanying one troop's fatal stab wound, the deaths are either offscreen or bloodless. Too extreme for a PG, still.


Flowers of Evil #8: Episode 8


One use each of "shit", "bastard", and "damn". There were mentions of the word "pervert", but no association with what characters think the pervert in question is doing.


Run with the Wind #19: The Moment of Release


In a surprise upset no one could have predicted, this episode was completely bare of objectionable content. No swears, no drinking, no more-than-rude behaviors, not even a single cigarette smoked. It was a considerably wholesome start to the Ekiden, and as such, it has without a doubt earned the rarest non-TV-Y rating in my entire logbook.




Case File No. 221: Kabukicho Sherlock #20: Moriarty Savors
Case File No. 221: Kabukicho Sherlock #21: Not Breathing
Case File No. 221: Kabukicho Sherlock #22: The Thread Where We Talk About Yeast
Case File No. 221: Kabukicho Sherlock #23:
Everybody Be There at Eight


#20: As much as Moran's death by gunshot wound to the head, the bodies of the Moran family servants scattered throughout the entrance and upper floors, and Watson's off-screen being stabbed deserve mention, it was the flashback to both Alex's corpse (bloodstain on the crotch and all) and Moriarty killing Jack that earned it the MA. Profanities included three uses of "damn".

#21: Besides the aftermath of Watson getting non-fatally stabbed to trick Moriarty into thinking he was dead, the violence that contributed to the show's first and likely only instance of BEST RATING included Watson getting shot in the leg by Moriarty, Albert shooting himself in the head rendering his entire character pointless, and Sherlock strangling Moriarty in some of the last moments of their standoff. Profanities included three uses of "damn".

#22: Sherlock spends a good portion of the episode naked, the antics involved with such an unseemly state including his ass sticking up in the air after slipping as a result of too much lotion, and his "weiner" being called "cute" by the lotion saleswoman and "floppy" by a policeman. You can also see a brief bulge as he bum-rushes Kobayashi for his intel. On Watson's side of things, the readers of his metaphorical true tales refer to Sherlock (called "Champee") as a "pervert baker" and two of the other detectives, likely Kyogoku and Kobayashi, as "Virgin" and "Failed Dick" respectively, and he also shares the story of how he caused his parents' divorce after accidentally outing an affair his father was having with a female employee at their tea plantation. Both halves then converge on the end scene where Watson happens upon Sherlock holding a bloody knife over the even bloodier corpse of one of the escaped convicts, who just so happened to kidnap one of the two remaining background transvestites (who, based on their breasts, may actually be transitioning). Profanities include one use each of "shit" and "damn", and an awesome Engrish "goddamn" from Watson's mother.

#23: Flashbacks to Moriarty killing his dad and Watson getting shot in the leg seemed to be the chief violent moments, alongside the bloody aftermaths of Sherlock's supposed murders of the two escaped convicts he came across, but Watson getting his shoulder grazed by a bullet Sherlock tried to fire at his brother was pretty notable, if only in that it made Watson bleed and required gauze to patch him up. Concerning dialogue, Mrs. Hudson gives Watson a drink that she promises will "make him rock hard". ;) Profanities included two uses of "damn" and one each of "shit" and "crap".

FINAL RATINGS: TV-MA (20), TV-14V (21), TV-14DLSV (22), TV-14DLV (23)










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Posted (edited)

And here's some more after another two-week delay.

Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! #12: Shibahama UFO Wars!


This might have been an over-rate, but with all of the UFOs shooting each other down in the Eizouken's third animation, with the dramatic music and show-don't-tell storytelling implying that it's more than just fantasy violence maybe sorta kinda definitely influenced the up in the rating.


AWOL: Absent WithOut Leave #3: Fugue of Return


Some standard non-explosive terrorist/anti-terrorist violence. The biggest moments were a guard getting knifed in the chest off-screen with after-the-fact bloody results, the bloody results of one of the terrorist guards' fatal headshot wound, and the bullethole Hyatt puts in the leader's skull.

PROFANITY TALLY: One use of "damn".


The Qwaser of Stigmata #3: Those Who Seek


The graphic violence this time around was a little more off-screen than Ayana's wound last episode, but with greater blood spillage. Three male, fully clothed terrorists attempting to steal the doll Katja is capable of controlling with her copper Qwaser abilities end up getting killed by it; one of them gets beheaded, while the other two are at least stabbed hard and deep enough to send blood flying everywhere.

SEXUAL CONTENT LISTING: Sasha gropes Tomo's breasts and exposes one of them while she's sleeping, almost getting a suck in before Mafuyu interrupts. Sasha later squeezes one of Miyuri's breasts and then calls them inferior to Tomo's. Mafuyu and Tomo are naked during their bath scene. Sasha sucks Teresa's tits for a soma refill in the church. And Katja, in favor of confronting Sasha as an enemy Qwaser like any sane person still watching this would expect, offers Hana the chance to kiss "an even better place" than the back of her shoulder if she admits to being a dirty lolicon.

PROFANITY TALLY: One use each of "damn" and "hell".




I actually posted the second image here in a 4chan thread about weird/cringy shit, admitting to my fascination/obsession with applying TV content ratings to anime. Much to my surprise, some of the people thought it was really neat! On point, even. 😁

Mobile Suit Gundam #1: Gundam Rising
Mobile Suit Gundam #2: Destroy Gundam!


Even at the start when this show was just a half-hour advertisement for model kits, Tomino made no bones about showing the horrors of war, even without the visible shedding of blood. The explosions that destroy the transport trucks at Side 7's military base and take out several evacuees (including Fraw's mother) are enough proof of that. There's also Amuro using the Gundam to destroy two of the enemy Zaku's: one by bisection, the other by precise impalement. And that all was just episode 1! Episode 2 had Amuro take out another Zaku pilot with a single shot of a beam rifle, coupled with the commander of White Base getting injured by flying shrapnel and spending the rest of the episode in a condition that leaves him groaning in pain after every sentence he says.


Case File No. 221: Kabukicho Sherlock #24: See You in Kabukicho!


This might've been overkill in hindsight, but considering how much bloodiness we got this episode - Alex's corpse and Moriarty killing Jack in obvious flashback, Mayor Moran getting shot in the forehead in a less obvious flashback, and Brutus stabbing himself in the neck with a broken beer bottle in front of Sherlock in a never-before-seen flashback - I felt the convergence of those moments into one last big rating to match the surprisingly strong ending I honestly wasn't expecting out of this show's inferior back half was well-deserved.

PROFANITY TALLY: One use of "hell".




And now for the usual rundown regarding these screencap dealies.

AND ALL THE REST: TV-14DL (2), TV-14DLSV (2), TV-14LV (2), TV-14 (1), TV-MALSV (1), TV-14DLS (1), TV-14LSV (1), TV-14V (1), TV-MAV (1)
_JAME: 8020163810

John H. Watson: 17 (2B, 3A, 8A, 9A, 9B, 10A, 10B [shoulder], 11B, 13A, 14A, 14B, 17A, 17B, 22B, 23A, 23B, 24B)
Sherlock Holmes: 11 (3B, 8A, 9A, 9B, 13A [obscured], 17A, 18B, 19B, 21A, 23A, 24B)
James Moriarty: 10 (10B, 11A [from behind], 11B, 13B [young, reflection], 15A, 17B, 18B, 19A, 19B [shoulder], 21B [hand])
Lucy Morstan: 5 (5A [young], 5B [from behind], 11B, 17A, 20A [from behind])
Irene Adler: 5 (8A, 9A, 9B, 11B, 22B [hip and hand])
Fuyuto Kyogoku: 4 (1B, 9A, 11B, 17A)
Torataro Kobayashi: 4 (4, 6A, 11B, 17A)
Mary Morstan: 4 (5A [young], 11B, 12B, 17A)
Sebastian Moran: 4 (7A, 12A, 18A [onscreen], 20A)
Mrs. Hudson: 4 (9A [classic], 11B [classic], 13A [geisha edition], 17A [green hair])
Alexandra Moran: 3 (1A, 3A, 11A)
Michel Belmont: 3 (11B, 16B, 17A)
Boss Kaneko: 1 (5B)
Gregory Lestrade: 1 (11B)
Yoshio: 1 (11B)
Renko: 1 (11B)
Yuuya: 1 (11B [mostly hidden])
Juri: 1 (11B)
Saburoo: 1 (11B)
Raichi: 1 (11B)
Pipe: 1 (11B)
Diana Oldoini: 1 (23A [close-up of side])
Kate Carlyle: 1 (23B [from behind])

BIG LOSERS (Main or Recurring Only): Mycroft Holmes, Maki Horaki/Jack the Ripper, Albert Trevor, Masumi Chinkill

One-shot Characters: 6 (3B [B-Zo Uchida], 6B [Sugimoto], 8B [Agatha Kuroki], 15B [Kimiko Goshogawara], 17B [Chiyo], 18A [Umi, Nao, and Kiko])

Miscellaneous: 16 (1B [Sayuri Onoue's corpse], 3A [other doctors], 4 [client], 5B [Kaneko's goons], 7B [moving people and security guards], 12A [reporters], 12B [customer and waitress], 14B [hospital staff] 15B [VTY staff and seminar attendees], 16A [debtor], 18A [pedestrians], 18B [reporters], 19A [attendant], 20A [crowd], 21A [passersby and spies]. 23A [Karl Jackson's corpse])

Nobody at All: 3 (2A [Kabukicho 221st Ave gate], 22A [text message board], 24A [ambulance])

Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! #9: A Confused... First Love Frustration (Chaos Heart)
Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! #10: Holy Mother's... Lunch Box (Pandora's Box)


#9: One use each of "frickin'" and "dammit", plus a slight fanservicey shot on one of Yuuta's girlie mags, as found by Touka.

#10: Isshiki somehow talks Yuuta into imagining him and Rikka about to have their "first time" together, where the both of them admit to being completely inexperienced in "matters of the flesh".

FINAL RATING: TV-PG (ep 9), TV-PGD (ep 10)

Gungrave #14: Die
Gungrave #15: Harry


#14: The biggest and perhaps the only important piece of objectionable content here was, as the episode title implies, Brandon's death by being shot multiple times by Harry in an elevator. There were plenty of blood splatters, plus the finisher of getting shot in the eye (hence the sick eyepatch he has as Beyond the Grave). Profanities include two uses of "bastard", and one use each of "hell" and "damn".

#15: In off-screen violence matters, Bunji shoots up an entire family inside the apartment of his hitman squad's main target, with blood splatters in the hall visible upon finish, and Harry shoots the manager of a restaurant in town after learning he was beating the busboy for making mistakes. Onscreen, a bunch of Orcmen that escaped their tanks kill numerous doctors and guards, with head-squeezing being the favored method, and an introduced-way-earlier-than-I thought-he'd-be Grave!Brandon shooting some of them in the burning lab, with visible holes present from the bullets fired. Profanities include four uses of "hell", two of "damn", and one each of "bullshit", "bastard", and "son of a bitch".


My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! #1: I Recalled the Memories of My Past Life...


SUGGESTIVE DIALOGUE: Two minor matters, but the description of Keith as a playboy who fools around with multiple girls (at least, in the Fortune Lover game) and Catarina's mother assuming Keith was her father's bastard child (as conveyed by Catarina herself) stuck out enough. Really, I'd consider this an over-rate to counterbalance the under-rate of...

MODERATE VIOLENCE: ...the bloodier moments. The result of Catarina's past-life-memory-jogging head wound is far from an indicator of violence - apart from one or two episodes, I never gave Your Lie in April a violence subrating from Kosei getting injured, no matter how much blood there was - but the still image of Geordo slicing open Katarina's chest with a sword, bloody spray included, in the game CGs for Fortune Lover's Geordo route bad end felt a little much for a PG-V. Still, since the injury was done in the front and Catarina was shown from behind in that moment, I think I can get away with the PG-V this time. At least.

PROFANITY TALLY: One use of "crap".


In case you're wondering what series I'm gonna do screencaps for next, it'll be the new P.A. Works original series Appare-Ranman!, officially coming out in its designated timeslot this Friday.

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Posted (edited)

Oh wow, I've left this thing sitting for quite a while, haven't I? Welp, when your Saturday nights are occupied with /co/'s weekly Toonami discussion and new episodes of Greg Gutfeld, you're bound to lose track of routine eventually. I'm getting back on it, and instead of the irregular order, here's everything alphabetically (according to MAL).

Flowers of Evil #9: Episode 9
Flowers of Evil #10: Episode 10


#9: It was chiefly dialogue, with reference to Kasuga being a pervert both directly by Nakamura and indirectly by classmates who know there's a pervert. ("I Wonder what that gym uniform went through," one of them said.) Also, Nakamura telling Saeki that she told Kasuga that the latter wanted to sex him up. Only profanity was "sucks", and though "shit-face" was used in the next-episode preview, I decided not to count it.

#10: This one had a surprisingly good MA set in the form of Nakamura once again undressing Kasuga, this time in front of Saeki, due to the prolonged side-view presence of his bush. But it was six uses of "shit", a number of them as the aforementioned "shit-face", that tipped the scales. Other profanities were just two uses of "damn".

FINAL RATINGS: TV-14D (#9) and TV-MAL (#10)

Appare-Ranman! #1: Sunny, With Occasional Showers
Appare-Ranman! #2: In the Dark
Appare-Ranman! #3: Duel


I may have picked the wrong series to do screencaps for, because compared to Gleipnir below, this original anime where anything can happen and the audience can never guess for sure is... actually pretty tame. Profanities aside, the first episode just had references to hypothetical death, which isn't really much to tip the scales. The second had a little more violence, with Xiaoleng (or is it Xialian?) roundhouse-kicking Kosame in the face as the big factor, but it was the attempted gun violence on token Native American boy Hototo by a couple ruffians and a flashback to blood from a young Kosame's mother splattering on his face after she took an off-screen sword blow for him that brought things to moderate levels. #3 kept it up with a flashback to Hototo's village getting attacked by bandits, notably his father getting shot in the chest with after-the-fact (ATF) blood on the wound.

From this point forward, I expect the ratings for each episode to only increase sparingly.

PROFANITIES: For #1, two uses of "hell" and one of "damn". For #2, one use each of "damn" and "dumbasses". For #3, one use each of "hell" and "damn".

FINAL RATINGS: TV-PG (#1) and TV-PGV (#2 and #3)







AWOL: Absent WithOut Leave #4: Those Who Command


A surprisingly light episode on the violence front, with the only real loss of life being an attack on the interplanetary government's 7th Fleet by their own defense system that didn't show a single corpse. Balance that out with Hyatt testing the reflexes of one of his team recruits by doing some equally impromptu non-contact sparring, and firearms usage during the training exercises Hyatt oversaw before recruiting Bishop, and you've got yourself some fine moderate violence.

PROFANITY TALLY: Two uses of "damn".


Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! #11: One-Winged Fallen Angel
Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! #12: Final Heavenly Contract (Eternal Engage)
Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! #13: Glimmering... Explosive Festival (Slapstick Noel)


#11: A simple PG set in the form of Rikka's model Luger pistol being seen amongst her boxed-up belongings.

#12: Nibutani distracts a cop from apprehending Yuuta (in just one part of the most contrived misunderstanding yet) by claiming that Isshiki's a "pervert", with Isshiki playing up the role by asking to "cop a feel".

#13: Alongside a couple of mild bloody moments - a silhouetted blood spray from Isshiki's hand after being scratched by Chimera, and both Yuuta and Isshiki getting minor blood loss from the impact of the giant bells at the end of Dekomori's pigtails - it was the accidental kiss between Dekomori and Nibutani, the former later accusing the latter of looking at her "with lecherous eyes", that brought things to their final point.

FINAL RATINGS: TV-PG (#11) and TV-PGD (#12 and #13)

Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! Heart Throb #1: The Revival of... the Wicked Eye
Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! Heart Throb #2: Dolphin Ring Striker (The Dolphin's... Lover's Contract)
Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! Heart Throb #3: Magical Devil Girl... In Pursuit


#1: Rikka points out a love hotel to Yuuta, describing it as a castle-looking building with "cheap rates for couples", though Yuuta guides her away from it physically and mentally before it can be explored further; Nibutani and Dekomori accuse each other of having a dirty mind concerning Yuuta and Rikka "shacking up"; and Dekomori calls Nibutani a "big-boobed freak".

#2: Classmate and love expert Kannagi jokingly tells Yuuta that she's into girls, and is infatuated with Rikka at that; and while this can be interpreted in any number of ways, I felt Rikka's claim that "regular physical contact is inevitable" in her relationship with Yuuta was broad enough to include intercourse in the future.

#3: The opening scene did everything in, with Yuuta dreaming about a naked Rikka (arms covering the boobs) in bed with him, asking him to "fulfill [their] contract", with a flashback to said dream during the walk to school. Additional details include one use of "freakin'" and some blood from Isshiki as Yuuta, dressed as a Magical Garment Girl (wig included, panties not), kicks him in immediate vengeance for snapping pics of him in said outfit.

FINAL RATINGS: TV-PGD (#1 and #2) and TV-PGS (#3)

Cinderella Boy #6: How to Cook the Three Little Pigs
Cinderella Boy #7: Once Upon a Time, in a Town Full of Garbage


In the former episode, the weekly stakes for our "never the twain shall meet but during the eclipse" couple in the already-deadly locale of Kirin Town got even deadlier as Ranma/Rella went up against the Mad Pig Brothers, known for being particularly stabby. The opening shots of them having killed an entire mansion's worth of family, servants, posted guards with ATF blood all over the place was already enough to set off my "best rating" warning signals, and they were satisfied with moments of bloodless but in-the-moment violence that puts some of the incidents from earlier episodes to shame. The train line operator getting impaled by one of the brute Pig Brother's extend-o-finger and plot-relevant observer/machinator Alice shooting all three Brothers with her trusty handgun - plus Rella sending the red-headed stepchild's "blade-in-a-ball" into the brute's neck to finish him off for good - were the key moments in that decision. Honorable mentions that would've triggered D and S subratings on the PG level, if not serving as outright 14 sets, were the scene where the shrimpy Brother decides to harass Rella by ripping off her dress to expose her underboob and telling her to "strip" and "get in the mood".

The latter episode, meanwhile, dialed back the violence to standard levels. Every death in this flashback episode was either mentioned after-the-fact, like the three drug dealers that got successfully doxxed; off-screen, where Lao got executed on the spot by Son Taijin's men for screwing things up; and failing to stick, like the gunshot-to-the-back fate that met Ranma's former partner Akira (voiced by Nobuyuki Hiyama, hypothetical Japanese-dub star of Kinky Kunoichi (now on DeviantArt!)), bloodless due to A) the low animation budget, and B) the bulletproof vest he wore saving his life. As for how it prevented a shot to the back, it's best to write it off as a special vest that's best worn in as unpredictable a place as Kirin Town.

PROFANITIES: For #6, two uses each of "bastard", "dammit" and "crap", and one each of "bitch", "ass" and "hell". For #7, three uses of "dammit", two each of "shit" and "bastard", and one of "son of a bitch".

FINAL RATINGS: TV-14LV (#6) and TV-14L (#7)

Part 2 coming in a moment.

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Gleipnir #1: Something Inside of Me
Gleipnir #2: What it Means to Be Empty
Gleipnir #3: Elena

Gleipnir #4: I Wish I Was Someone Else
Gleipnir #5: Crazy Enemies
Gleipnir #6: Gatherers
Gleipnir #7: Metamorphosis


Hoo boy, this is gonna be a ride.

When I went into Gleipnir, I went in with the expectation (of others) that it was a rote "death game" anime. Much like how the standard trappings of the genre were defied in this series that's more about the matter of identity and the shlocky fun that comes with it than any required fatality, the first episode started off tame on the violence front. Much of the objectionable content, instead, was sexual in nature. From minor incidentalism like Shuichi absent-mindedly staring at a female classmate's panties to the fursuiter deviancy of him pulling down Clair's panties after saving her from the burning warehouse, plus Clair referring to Shuichi as "the monster who violated me" and him reacting to her oddly casual undressing and sideboob by referring to his unspoken-of boner as a "natural male reaction" to fill out the dialogue quota. Even Hikawa's ambush at the end was surprisingly free of blood! Not bad for a first episode in your genre, Gleipnir! Profanities consisted of four uses of "hell".

The second episode, meanwhile, upped the ante in all respects. Sexual content was the lesser, with Clair being metaphorically represented with exposed sideboob while explaining the coins and her referring to the inside of Shuichi's mascot suit form as "sticky and moist". Violence, however, got the highlight, with Clair-in-Shuichi laying the beatdown on Hikawa during their fight, from pummeling her face to breaking her leg with one hand and finally shooting her through the torso, all with bloody results but not enough to count as being graphic. The profanity tally was upped too, with seven uses of "shit" (two as "shitheads"), five of "bitch", and one each of "fuck", "pissed", "damn", and "hell".

For #3, the profanity was dialed back to just four uses of "hell", like in the first episode, but the rest stayed consistent. Dialogue ranged from some innuendos on Clair's part (i.e. "[my clothes will] get your slimy liquid all over them"), her assumptions that Shuichi has a swimsuit fetish, and some stakeout conversation including the question of whether or not her sister is a slut and the reveal that she's actually a virgin for being so promiscuous. Sexual content was just censored full nudity and nipple-free sideboob (both from Clair), and violence was just a flashback to Hikawa getting shot.

#4 kept up the pace by managing to have a sweet spot combination of all four ratings in a minimal number of objectionable moments. These included the Alien reaching out for Clair's breast and asking to touch it, asking her for a "hair down there" only to be told they haven't grown in yet, turning into a naked version of Clair after eating one of her head-hairs, complete with sideboob, exposed ass, and some breast caresses, another flashback to the moment Hikawa gets killed, and profanity consisting of two uses of "hell" and one each of "shit" and "bitch".

The next one was a daring maneuver as far as sexual content went. Despite some lingering shots on Clair's panty-clad crotch and ass, and the ugly mofo Gatherer telling Clair he plans on making her "feel real special", the episode managed to avoid either a D or an S. Violence, meanwhile, was in good supply with Clair/Shuichi vs. Sanbe, the bloodiest moment being the latter transforming back into human form to reveal a bleeding gunshot wound on his arm where the former two nailed him in his transformed mode earlier. Sanbe killing the aforementioned ugly mofo by slicing him in half with plenty of ATF blood pretty much sealed the deal if it wasn't already sealed. (Still not sure how to classify him imagine Clair's neck breaking from the recoil of Shuichi's oversized six-shooter.) Profanities consisted of two uses of "hell" and one use each of "shit" and "dumbass".

The next two brought things back to "mature" territory, but for better reason than the [as] justification of multiple S-bombs. As a prelude to their "pact", Sayaka has a bit of fun with Clair, which really consists of just some chest-groping and hand-over-crotch action. That would've been enough to make me consider upping it to MA in general, but the flashback to Sayaka being taken to second and third base at the same time by the teacher she used to have a fling with in high school was enough to put the up to S in consideration, and it was an up I felt had to be done. Cat-eared Gatherer Yoshioka getting naked was a nice bonus too. Profanity consisted of two uses of "hell".

And the most recent episode (as of the time this post was made/last edited) threw the last MA subrating into the ring with what happened to Shuichi and Yoshioka during their run-in with Subaru but before their merger upgrade. Crushed to near-death with major blood spillage, Shuichi rendered to half his mascot state and Yoshioka reduced to a bloodied head and half a body with the arm on the missing half all chewed up. Absolutely savage. I almost considered pitching in an S, what with Yoshioka still being naked when not temporarily dead/merged with Shuichi, and the female half of Subaru's summon having her tits hanging out (with nipples not shown but clearly outlined), but since there wasn't any body-to-body contact, I decided against it. Profanities consisted of three uses each of "shit" (some plural) and "fuck", two of "hell", and one of "piss".

Seriously, if I knew the things I know now two months ago, I'd have done Gleipnir over Appare-Ranman! for my seasonal rating screencaps. But I guess I'm stuck with the latter. Such is life living by strange rules that only make sense to you.

FINAL RATINGS: TV-14DS (#1), TV-MAL (#2), TV-14DSV (#3), TV-14DLSV (#4), TV-14LV (#5), TV-MAS (#6), and TV-MAV (#7)

And as a little bonus, I made another schedule screencap for a certain iteration I posted in the Anime Watching thread, only with Gleipnir as the image series instead of Bakarina.


Gungrave #16: Letter
Gungrave #17: Mika
Gungrave #18: Grave
Gungrave #19: Superior
Gungrave #20: Brother


#16: Harry emptying an entire magazine of bullets into Big Daddy during the climax of the otherwise verbal confrontation took the top prize here. Profanities consisted of three uses of "bastard" and two of "hell".

#17: And this one had an Orgman punching the head off a policeman, Bunji shooting a Millennion mook who talks too much in the back of the head, and Maria getting fatally shot by a different group of mooks, the former having a blood splatter and the latter some ATF spillage.

#18: Being essentially a replay of the first episode with some extra footage, there wasn't a whole lot to go on about here. Just Grave shooting up some Orgmen, plus some flashbacks to Maria getting shot and the bloodied bodies of Jolis and Nathan from way back in episodes 2 and 3.

#19: Grave vs. the Orgmen on the lawn of one of Millennion's party mansions, and Grave vs. Superior!Bob following shortly after. And while there was no blood, Bob's arm was hanging by some flesh at one point, plus there were plenty of visible holes in him. So it counted. Profanities consisted of one use each of "asshole", "bastard", "bitch", and "hell".

#20. I felt I could get away with no violence subrating this time, with all the flashbacks limited to Grave shooting Orgmen, and present-day violence limited to exploding buildings, body-paralyzing paintball arounds being shot at three of Grave's limbs, Bunji getting punched in the face multiple times, and Anime Demarco narrowly avoiding getting shot for Toonami crimes. Profanities consisted of one use each of "jackshit" and "damn".

FINAL RATINGS: TV-14LV (#16 and #19), TV-14V (#17 and #18), and TV-14L (#20)

Kengan Ashura #18: Oddities
Kengan Ashura #19: Volition

Kengan Ashura #20: Champions
Kengan Ashura #21: The Abyss


#18: As bloody as the finisher of Hatsumi vs. Chiba was, some of the body horrors Hanafusa performed on himself that he showed off during his fight with Bando took the cake, but even they were topped by his fingers getting mangled bad enough to expose bone after stabbing Bando there, and his neck getting broken (non-fatally) during the exchange of final blows. Profanities consisted of one use each of "damn" and "hell".

#19: As part of a greater show that puts down TV Tropes' bold claim that Dumbbells isn't serious about encouraging body improvement and getting stronger through its characters, Kaneda manages to bleed quite a bit from a number of Kaolan's strikes, from the mouth at least twice and the nose once. He still did good, for all the blood he shed. Profanities consisted of just one "bastard".

#20: Holy shit, Kanoh vs. Okubo had a lot of impact-induced nosebleeds. At least the blood pool around Okubo after his KO and Ohma experiencing some blood loss from a one-hit defeat by Kanoh post-match helped spice things up. Profanities consisted of three uses of "hell", two of "goddamn", and one of regular "damn".

#21: Akoya vs. Cosmo had some pretty intense moments, including Akoya slicing Cosmo's forearm and cheek with his knuckle, the former digging his fingers into the latter's arms, and a bite to the leg to show that the brakes were off, all with notable blood. We even got a brief flash of the sketchy flashback scene from episode 9 where he assassinated those yakuza in that unique way, but since it went by quick, I thought it would be better to leave it be. Profanities consisted of five variations of "damn", four uses of "hell", two uses of "bullshit", and one of "ass".

FINAL RATINGS: TV-MA (#18), TV-14V (#19), and TV-14LV (#20 and #21)

Run with the Wind #20: Even If I Break


Nothing special, just two uses of "damn" and some beers on the table at Shindo's family's Hakone Ekiden watch party.




My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! #2: A Prince Challenged Me to a Fight...
My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! #3: I Met a Beautiful Brother and Sister...
My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! #4: I Enrolled in the Magic Academy...
My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! #5: I Visited the Heroine's Parents' House...
My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! #6: I Had Fun Over Summer Vacation...
My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! #7: I Entered a Dangerous Dungeon...
My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! #8: I Became Engulfed by Desire...


Expect these ones to fly by quickly.

#2: Alan accuses Catarina of seducing Mary, with the implication of presumed girl-on-girl affection.

#3: Geordo flirts with Catarina during their portion of the post-timeskip dance roulette, with such lines as "With you like this, I could easily take you at any time" and "but someday, I will help myself to all of you".

#4: Catarina describes "hitting on" a girl as talking her into "doing immortal things", while the Fortune Lover version of Keith playfully tells Maria to "have some fun with [him]" if she wants her hankerchief back. Profanity consists of one use of "hell".

#5: Some village girls call Maria a "noble's illegitimate child"...

#6: ...and some of Keith's childhood bullies call him a "mistress's child" in his nightmare. (And one use of "crap".)

#7: Here we have the simple PG set of Catarina's former self dying offscreen, and her friend Acchan (who may or may not actually be Sophia) attending the funeral.

#8: With the plot of this episode being all about most of the cast living out their inner fantasies with Catarina, there was bound to be some innuendo on Geordo's end, fulfilled with such subtle claims as "you'll be alone with me until morning" and "it makes me want to make you even more uncomfortable". Sophia kabedon-ing Catarina in her family library and almost confessing to her was a bonus, as was Mary realizing she and Maria (the only ones not trapped in the cursed book) had to let everyone "do all kinds of things to Catarina" in order to free them from said book.

FINAL RATINGS: TV-PGD (#2, #3, #4, and #8) and TV-PG (#5, #6, and #7)


Out of curiosity (and the fact that I haven't seen any dubbed versions of my subbed seasonal shows in a while), I thought I'd give the first episode of Bakarina a look in spoken English. It was actually pretty good; standard stilted delivery issues, but I've gotten used to that in my dubs. I'm most impressed at Bryce Papenbrook actually managing to come up with a fitting deeper-register voice for Alan over anything, really. No real changes in rating, but two uses of the phrase "suck(s)" may have pushed it up to TV-PGDLV back in the days where I took "sucks" more seriously as a curse.

The Qwaser of Stigmata #4: The Queen and I


SEXUAL CONTENT LISTING: Katja bares her crotch to Hana in a recap of last episode, but covers it up before Hana can actually kiss it. Katja uses her doll to tear open Hana's top and then sucks her breasts for a Soma power boost. Mafuyu imagines Sasha sucking on Teresa's tits with the latter wearing a front-hook bra for easier access. The group of random pornographers tickle-torture Teresa while pinching at Tomo's nipple with one of those claw-grabber thingies I used to have when I was a kid. Sasha actually does suck on Teresa for a Soma boost (with leaking milk) during the battle with Katja. Katja teasing Hana by pinching both her nipples. And, of course, the infamous "Hana eats out Katja's pussy" scene.

OBLIGATORY BLOODY VIOLENCE: One of the Adepts kills and crucifies the store clerk in league with the pornographers, the act off-screen but plenty of blood visible in the aftermath.

PROFANITY TALLY: Four uses of "bitch", two each of "bastard" and "hell", and one of "piss".





Edited by PokeNirvash

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Appleseed OVA


As mentioned in the standard anime watching thread, I rewatched this OVA from the SyFy Ani-Mondays era (rated TV-14LV) so I could have something of substance to write about in my collection of Word documents describing my thoughts on each of the anime I've been/am/deciding to log ratings for. So for this one, I'm just listing out the profanities.

Twenty uses of "fuck" and its variations, thirteen uses of "shit" and its variations, seven of "bastard", five of "hell", three each of "asshole", "bitch", and "goddamn", two each of "ass", "damn", and "piss", and one each of "friggin'" and "cocksucker".

AWOL: Absent WithOut Leave #5: Shiver of Discord


There was no blood at all this episode, but despite that, the fact that everyone on Hyatt's put-together team got shot with live ammo during a training exercise designed to be as close to the real thing as possible (even they were surprised at how realistic it all was), I felt it was too much to keep it as just moderate violence. Sole profanity was a single "damn".


Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! Heart Throb #4: Innocent... Student Council President Election (Queen Maker)


This one actually could've gotten away with a TV-G, or maybe even a TV-Y7FV... if not for the brief nudity on Rikka, Nibutani, Kumin and Dekomori in the ending credits animation.


Gleipnir #8: Shadows in Memory
Gleipnir #9: Staked Claims
Gleipnir #10: Beautiful Flower


#8: This one had a little bit of everything. Dialogue, in the form of Yota calling Sayaka a "total lesbo" and saying Aihara's invisibility power would be good for doing "all kinds of naughty stuff"; nudity, featured through multiple actual and metaphorical nude scenes for Yoshioka, plus a nude Clair and semi-nude Elena; profanity, with a single use of "shithead"; and blood/violence, with yet another flashback to Hikawa's death and the giant green dude's corpse. Ultimately, it was the featureless nudity (and maybe Clair putting her hand on her crotch while describing Yoshioka piloting Shuichi's fursuit form) that pushed it over.

#9: Morita, one of Madoka's goons, grabs a hold of Sayaka and gropes her breasts because that's what obvious villains do. (Don't worry, Demarco, it was "over-the-bikini" groping.) And then Yota breaks his wrists and pummels him in the face to the point of knocking his jaw off, with decent levels of blood resulting. Profanities include four uses of "shit", three of "hell", and one each of "fucking" and "asshole".

#10: A flashback to Yota crushing Morita's wrists, and Ikeuchi stupidly activating the self-decapitator Sayaka placed around his neck in an attempt at defecting. Profanities include seven uses of "hell", three of "shit" (two as "shitheads"), and one each of "bastard" and "damn".

FINAL RATINGS: TV-MA (#8), TV-14LSV (#9), TV-14LV (#10)

And here's another Rating Schedule Iteration image I made, this time using a vector of the old ACTN logo from 2005 I found on DeviantArt.


Kengan Ashura #22: Deathmatch
Kengan Ashura #23: The Devil


#22: Akoya bites off a piece of Cosmo's leg and chews on it, much to the revulsion of the commentators. He also jabs his thumb into Cosmo's side to break multiple ribs. In one of many paybacks during the turnaround, Cosmo kicks Akoya in the eye to blind him with his blood, but it's unclear whose it is and if it was a result or mere residue. There's also a representative shot of a samurai being sliced down in a duel. DIALOGUE OF THE MOMENT: "He was aiming for the testicles." t. Akoya commenting on an attack Cosmo attempted but failed to connect with. PROFANITY TALLY: One use each of "dammit" and "frickin'".

#23: Oma vs. Raian, part 1, had quite a bit of blood splatters from all the punches, kicks, and ground slams. Special note goes to a representative shot of the Kure clan's strength by showing a member no-selling a slice to the chest then standing atop a pile of bloodied bodies, a number of which are impaled, while gripping the neck of his clearly dead adversary. DIALOGUE OF THE MOMENT: "I will say that nutshot did some work, though." t. Raian commenting on an attack Oma attempted and connected with. PROFANITY TALLY: Four ass-words (including "dumbass", three uses of "damn" and "shit" (at least one as "bullshit"), and one of "hell".

FINAL RATINGS: TV-14V (#22), TV-14LV (#23)

Run with the Wind #21: Goodbye, Beautiful World


Yuki ends up running so fast on his section that by the time he stops, his feet are bleeding into his sneakers. Profanity includes eight uses of "damn", seven of which are saved for the last several seconds before the ED.




Mobile Suit Gundam #3: Vote to Attack


Plenty more mech-on-mech violence in the second skirmish between Amuro and the Zekes, but special mention goes to Ryu's fighter craft shooting a turret operator away in one scene, and killing a Zeon soldier bloodlessly in another. The fact that there were no bullet wounds despite the obvious death allowed it to stay as moderate violence.


My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! #9: Things Got Crazy at a Slumber Party...
My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! #10: The Moment of My Doom Arrived... Part 1
My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! #11: The Moment of My Doom Arrived... Part 2


#9: Either a couple shots of Anne's scar from when her house burned down or the maid's acknowledgement of Mary being in lesbians with Catarina.

#10: Mentions of death, namely the assumed threat of Catarina being killed as part of her "doom ending" and the actual threat of Sirius plotting the deaths of Catarina and her friends.

#11: One use of "crap", and a brief spot of blood on young Keith's cheek in the flashback to another flashback from episode 1.

FINAL RATINGS: TV-PG (all three)

The Qwaser of Stigmata #5: White Lilies of the Battlefield


SEXUAL CONTENT LISTING: Teresa's nightmare features Wilma, a nun from the convent where she lived before coming to St. Mikhailov, getting stripped naked and molested by black butterflies and their apparent master. Katja uses a breast pump to forcibly milk Hana of her soma. Katja later lifts up Hana's skirt to remark on her lack of underwear, teases her crotch with a touch and licks her fingers clean, and says she'll pleasure her while their classmates inadvertently listen in. (She probably actually did it, too.) The nuns from Teresa's old convent, Wilma included, get stripped during Croa's attack, but aren't molested any before getting killed by chlorine gas. ("It's funny because it's poisonous!" 🐙) Present-day Croa gropes and exposes Tomo's breast, but doesn't get around to licking it. Sasha gets a soma boost from Teresa with the usual sucking.

OBLIGATORY BLOODY VIOLENCE: Croa spits up blood after getting kicked by Teresa, then gets sliced in two by Sasha with all blood brief and silhouetted out.

PROFANITY TALLY: One use of "damn".





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Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! Heart Throb #5: The Illusive... Siesta Labyrinth
Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! Heart Throb #6: Hesitant... Tsukushi Island Tour (Tsukushino Island Travelling)
Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! Heart Throb #7: Volcano Triangle (Passing... Heart Pattern)


#5: Nibutani assumes Rikka's moaning during the club's practice for the napping competition is lewd, with Dekomori bringing up "wicked and indecent thoughts" to the former, though I can't remember if those thoughts were Nibutani's or Rikka's. Profanity consisted of one use of "freaking".

#6: The dialogue here, meanwhile, was very subtle. At the least, it was the unspoken implications surrounding a failed attempt by Isshiki and some other boys trying to sneak into the women's bath. At the most, there were some of said boys asking Yuuta "how far he's gotten" with Rikka, and the implications surrounding whether or not they took the next step. It's unclear whether it was kissing or sex, but hey, it pays to be safe.

#7: Just a single utterance of "freakin'".

FINAL RATINGS: TV-PGD (eps 5 and 6), TV-PG (ep 7)

Cinderella Boy #8: Angel of El Dorado
Cinderella Boy #9: Bouquet for a Fallen Angel


#8: This two-parter starts off with Amano, former bodyguard to Rella's family, shooting a man in the chest, then leaving behind some blood on the Shirayuki clan residence's keypad, and a trail that leads Rella right to him. Non-violencewise, there was also one of the Koroshione Clan's hitmen referring to Wendy (from Club Papillon) as "the mister-sister in the gay bar", which pretty much confirms that they're either trans or just a crossdresser with an oddly feminine appearance and voice. Profanity consisted of two uses of "dammit" and one of "S.O.B."

#9: The violence in the second half of this mini-arc, meanwhile, was on the slightly greater side, from after-the-fact moments like the flashback shot of the dead Koroshione boss and the bloodstain on Amano's shoulder, to more in-the-moment events like Rella's mom and the man who killed her getting shot in a flashback, multiple Koroshione goons getting shot down by Amano, and Carlos fatally shooting Amano in the back, with all the blood being saved for after he expires. Oh, and there was a Rella shower scene, but locks of her hair were covering her breasts for easy censorship purposes. Profanity consisted of three uses of "hell", two "ass" words ("dumbass" and "jackass"), and one use each of "bastard", "damn", and "crap".

FINAL RATINGS: TV-14 (ep 8), TV-14V (ep 9)

Gleipnir #11: The Price of Resolve
Gleipnir #12: Where the Promise Was Made
Gleipnir #13: We Two Are One


#11: Despite the brief presence of mild innuendo - Aihara offering to lay with Sayaka by using the convenience store clerk lingo "heat this up", and Clair suggesting she and Shuichi "fool around" after a possible movie watch - Gleipnir finally managed to achieve best rating through two scenes: Shuichi shooting Taguchi, the blind swordsman of Madoka's group, in the back, and Kaito using Honoka's "spirit" to behead a bunch of enemy Gatherers who made it to the crash site with a broadsword. The latter definitely had enough blood for it. Profanity consisted of a single use of "ass".

#12: This one didn't have nearly as much onscreen violence, though the scene where Kaito strangles Honoka, having taken the form of Aiko, to death with a rope certainly wasn't PG level, what with the lack of sound emphasizing the pained response. Profanity consisted of three uses of "hell", two written-only uses of "bitch", and one each of "pisses" and "damn".

#13: INTENSE VIOLENCE: Elena strikes Shuichi hard enough to cause his fursuit form - and Clair inside him - to bleed, and some bloody effects from Shuichi shooting a physical and multiple mental Honoka apparitions. SEXUAL SITUATIONS: Shuichi rips open Clair's shirt in a seemingly instinctive frenzy, but doesn't do anything beyond that even after her sad acceptance of him doing whatever he wants with her like that, followed by multiple metaphorical nude shots of Clair and one of Elena. DIALOGUE OF THE MOMENT: Aihara calls Clair a "fucking slut". Other profanities consisted of two uses of "damn" and one of "bitch".

FINAL RATINGS: TV-14V (ep 11), TV-14 (ep 12), TV-14LSV (ep 13)

Gungrave #21: Duty
Gungrave #22: Remorse


#21: The most violent scene in the episode by far, despite most of the impacts taking place just off-screen, was Gary and Widge's deaths at the hands of Lee, which involved impalement and blood graffiti. More minor moments included Dr. T's contact getting shot by Millennion blacksuits and Bunji spitting blood in the face of a bouncer denying him access to the club. Profanity included three uses of "hell", two of "damn", and one of "asshole".

#22: Grave vs. Lee was the violence highlight of this episode, with the former getting impaled by the latter's leg-blade at the start, several smaller curved blades he dishes out in his Superior mode getting stuck in him - with one managing to mortally wound Dr. T while no one was looking - and the latter's back-blade stabbing right through Grave's hand, with small but notable amounts of blood. Dr. T's final moments especially, since he was bleeding pretty heavily from his wound without it going to needlessly graphic levels. Honorable mentions in blood-letting go to Lee grazing Mika's cheek with his natural blade in one instance, and poking at her throat with it in another. Profanity consisted of two uses of "bastard" (at least one of which was plural), and one each of "damn" and "hell".


Ikebukuro West Gate Park (J-Drama) #1: Strawberry Episode


That's right, I'm doing these for live-action now. Thought it'd be a different change of pace.

As with most premiere episodes of network TV hour dramas worthy of a "viewer discretion advised" warning, this episode had plenty for a TV-14DLSV. Seriously, it had everything. Profanity, brief nudity, women getting strangled, one of them getting their ear cut off, a guy punching a Doberman to death, that same guy getting his ass beat by a gang leader to the point of dripping blood from his nose, references to underage sex at a massage parlor (it was /ss/, thankfully), the gang leader's dad asking the MC if he has pubes yet and in literally the next line telling him to wash his dick well before getting in the bath or else, a policeman groping a rape/attempted murder victim's tits, and a detective punching someone in the face while checking the time on his watch. But out of all that, it was Shun's drawings that tipped the scales over from "Family Guy at its worst" to "series premiere of Brooklyn South". Pretty much all of them were of dead women, and the one that was just a head was the least objectionable, if you can believe it. The ones that still had their bodies - or in one case, was just their body - were nude, with drawn nipples and undetailed crotches. One of the one's I remember having nipples had a snake going through her body - out the mouth at one end, poking through a tear in the chest at the other - and another was given a "Brazilian smile" (mouth sliced from ear-to-ear). Nasty stuff, even for drawings, so I think my decision to play the TV-mature card was pretty well-justified.

Specific profanities include nine "ass" words - six uses of "ass" and three of "dumbass" - seven uses of "crap", six of "bitch" (one as "son of a bitch"), five variations of "fuck" (two as "fucker", one of those pluralized), five uses of "hell', three uses each of "shit", "assholes" (one plural), "piss" (two as "pissed", one as "pissing"), and "sucks", and two of "damn".


And here are some screencaps I made for it, complete with the fansubbers' watermark and fansubs whose quality comes out poor no matter whether or not you press pause before taking the base picture.





[i'm lovin' it]

Kengan Ashura #24: Father


As one might expect, there was plenty of blood present in the tonally fitting finale fight that was Oma vs. Raian, with lots of in-the-moment blood spatters and after-the-fact streaks across both fighters' bodies as the combat reached its limit. There was also a scene of Karura getting naked as part of her way of celebrating Oma's victory - that is, tracking him down and having him breed her right then and there - but nothing was really scene, with the most being some very brief from-the-front sideboob. Profanity consisted of two uses of "hell", and one each of "bastard", "dammit", "damn", and "crap".


My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! #12: The Final Event Has Begun...


Leave it to the final episode of Bakarina to make the ratings interesting again after several episodes of aggressive flirting at the worst. Sirius/Raphael's backstory had a fair amount of violence to it, between his mother getting stabbed to enact the dark magic ritual, and the guy who stabbed her getting stabbed himself, both with moderate amounts of blood. Profanity consisted of a single use of "hell".




Three rating schedule iteration caps this time. First is one featuring a particularly beautiful-looking shot from Chunibyo...


Next is a shot from the Kengan finale worthy of being a Toonami Faithful trending rundown header image...


And lastly, IWGP playin' it simple (and dropping a hint at another upcoming watch...)



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Flowers of Evil #11: Episode 11


It's strange that after so many episodes of s-bombs, perversion, and unwanted male nudity, this is perhaps Aku no Hana's tamest effort yet. With three uses of "pervert", one of which was from the next episode preview, and ineffectual minor character Kojima commenting on the size of Saeki's tits, it was easy to rate this episode the way I did. And not even a single profanity to be found, despite Nakamura having presence!


Appare-Ranman! #4: Let it Go
Appare-Ranman! #5: The Eve, and...


These two were also pretty easy, all thanks to a little thing I like to call "fifteened subtitles". The former of the pair had three uses of "shit" - with Kosame actually being reprimanded by Sophia for his sole use - while the latter had just one from Dylan, with the honorable mention of Crazy TJ calling him a "closet pervert". Other profanities included two uses each of "ass" and "hell" for #4, and two each of "damn" and "hell" for #5.






AWOL: Absent WithOut Leave #6: The Appearing and Disappearing Victory Song
AWOL: Absent WithOut Leave #7: Soundless Yell


#6: Violence here was once again mild but assuredly fatal, with the PLP shooting at and destroying several of the manned ships sent out to stop Solomon, and several more before being shot at by the hacked decoy ships. Profanity included two uses of "damn".

#7: In an admitted over-rate, we had brief explosions on both the satellite military base (from the PLP) and the planet Tosca (from a PDB missile), as well as two possible innuendos: Culten telling an on-edge Amanda (Solomon's second-in-command) that he'll "make things interesting" for her while groping the air with both hands, and Nelson expressing a rather elated (and maybe aroused?) reaction to the explosive results of a homemade bomb, complete with tongue sticking out for a brief moment. Profanity was just one use of "damn".


Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! Heart Throb #8: The False... Spiritual Virgin (Mori Summer)
Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! Heart Throb #9: Ultimate Mystery... on the Shore (Resort Last Resort)
Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! Heart Throb #10: Gauntlet of Rain (A Midsummer Night's... Rain and Whip)


Episode 8 of Heart Throb is perhaps the most curiously rated of the Chunibyo episodes since the start of season 1 (when Touka whacking people with her trusty ladle counted as moderate violence), namely in how it ties into a theme that KyoAni, while playing it for laughs, draws attention to. Namely, the idea that chuunibyou can be taken advantage of for the purpose of preying on underage targets, like the culmination of the relationship between "Morisummer" and Dekomori. By the midpoint of the episode's second act, it's undoubtedly clear that Morisummer has a one-sided romantic crush on Dekomori, to the point of trying to "purify" her. While the most she gets in her molestation is a Haruhi-style ear nipping, there's still an air of seriousness to it, between Kumin's uncomfortability around Morisummer long before the happening takes place, and Dekomori being so not into it that she's desperate enough to call out to Nibutani - the fake Morisummer, in her eyes - to save her. (The fact that Morisummer's chuuniverse mode has a tentacle attack doesn't really help.) In the day and age content this technically safe could be viewed in, you can never be too careful.

Comparatively, the other episodes were much tamer. Even with episode 9 having a shoulders-up topless Shichimiya and the pun of "stripping off 30%" from an order, and episode 10 featuring Shichimiya's top almost falling off.

FINAL RATINGS: TV-14 (#8), TV-PG (#9 and #10)

Gungrave #23: Daughter
Gungrave #24: Last Bullet


#23: Harry's top Orgmen soldier kills multiple Millennion executives bold enough to disagree with his way of running the organization, with only mild blood; and Grave takes out Bear with anti-Superior bullets, producing no blood but a hole in the latter's forehead. Profanity was just one use of "hell".

#24: Grave shoots multiple Orgmen while raiding the Necrolyzation facility. The Overkills shoot Harry's butler in the back. The Overkills get in a shootout with enemy executives, resulting in multiple deaths by gunshot wounds and exploding cars. Grave shoots off Bunji's hand, only for it to grow back like he's a freaking regenerative man of clay. All that, and the only blood this episode came from the after-effects of Sherry taking a fatal bullet wound meant for Harry. Oddly enough, no profanity.


UNPOPULAR OPINION THEATRE: I'm honestly disappointed that someone as old-fashioned as Bear had to go down the route of Superiorization - a move that screamed "game advertisement", I'm sure - even though it doesn't detract from my overall score on the series. Meanwhile, Bunji, I believe, didn't get Superiorized. That's the implication, but we never hear it outright said that he was undergoing or had been Superiorized. Also, his powers took a major backseat to gun violence while fighting Grave, and it's odd that after his "death", his clothes disappeared with him, which doesn't happen when Superiors shatter. I believe Bunji's still wandering around alive somewhere - a subtle advertisement for his Necrolyzation in future Gungrave games - and we just don't know that because Tsuru wants us to believe he's dead.

Ikebukuro West Gate Park (J-Drama) #2: Carrot Episode
Ikebukuro West Gate Park (J-Drama) #3: Mandarin Orange Episode


#2: Suggestive dialogue included a drunken salaryman asking Shun to draw him so his dick "looks longer than it is"; Chiaki mentions her employment at a sex-related shop, some gyaru at the stand selling Rika memorial shirts saying she was "selling her body", and Su-chan admitting that chewing Rika's used gum made his penis stiff. Intense violence included a laceration around the neck of one of the Strangler's victims, and Takashi slicing through the Strangler's nostrils as an interrogation tactic (and mentioning the cop from Bakabon in the process). The sexual content was a bit of a gray area, with a woman looking like she was going down on her date's crotch in the "couple kissa" cafe Makoto and Hikaru were staking out from inside, but with the POV being from behind the man's back and the woman's head not going down low enough, I decided to leave it as 14-level sexual content. Profanities included nine uses of "bitch" (four as "son of a bitch"), eight variations of "fuck" (three as "motherfucker"), four of "asshole" (one plural), four of "hell", and one each of "jackass", "goddamn", "sucks", and "Jesus".

#3: Even with early-on moments like Shun sketching another dead girl (this time the upper part of a torso with exposed nipples), the culprit of the week in his Bones-style first act cameo slicing the leg of a homeless man with prominent bloody results, and the photo album of the men "Princess" Mao has slept with - several of them being S&M scenarios - everything else besides the obligatory profanity count went out the window the moment we were introduced to the B-plot of Yokoyama, Yoshioka and Hamaguchi investigating the distribution of hardcore porn VHS tapes (y'know, 2000) by watching rape videos of varying legitimacy. The first one caught the end of the fictitious (as "confirmed" by Hamaguchi) rape, with the creepy shirtless guy on top of the sobbing equally shirtless girl; and the second, while still in the "pre-game assault" phase, was identified as being a legitimate rape (also by Hamaguchi, natch). The tape of Mao's assault seen near the end was devoid of nudity or penetration (y'know, broadcast TV), but still had that rapey feel. Long story short, if two minutes cut from SAO's most infamous sexual assault episode still gets you a TV-MAS minimum, regardless of whether or not Demarco thinks it's sexual content, then this episode at its most uncut should get the same minimum. Profanities included seven uses of "fuck" (one as "motherfucker"), four of "bitch" (two as "son of a bitch"), two each of "pissed" and "hell", and one each of "bullshit", "asshole", "goddamn", "damn", "crap", and "ass".










Run with the Wind #22: Embrace Your Loneliness


Seven recapped uses of "damn" and one all-new use of "pissed", all from King.




Mayo Chiki! #1: The End of the Earth
Mayo Chiki! #2: I Fell in Love!


#1: This was about what I estimated this episode as being back when I test-watched it in its far-off premiere year of 2011, give or take an L. Dialogue ran across a wide range, including six uses of "pervert", Kinjiro's guy friend asking if he's into guys, him also bringing up their habit of sharing porn with one another, Kinjiro complaining to Subaru she needs to bind her breasts more, and preview dialogue mentioning "perverted things" and "perverted play". Sexual content all comes down to that scene where Kinjirou falls on top of Subaru only to somehow undo her top and breast wrappings and cop a feel (with three reflexive squeezes), though Subaru being caught in the school bathroom with her panties down and Kinjirou walking in on her naked in his bathroom are also worthy of mention on the nudity front. The winner of the "sexual gesture" award, meanwhile, goes to Kanade moving her hand to Kinjirou's crotch, suggesting sexual activity but telling him it'd be "castration". Profanity included four uses of "damn" and two of "hell".

#2: Much like IWGP J-Drama 3, Kanade's family cook Kosame groping Subaru's tits from behind and exclaiming that she's a "high-class gourmet of tiny breasts and little sister figures" was quickly outshone as the most objectionable piece of content this episode by the imaginationland possibilites of Kinjirou using one of Kanade's "butler tickets" on Subaru. Subaru licking liquid honey off her topless breasts, wearing a catgirl/schoolgirl cosplay while Kinjirou's head is under her skirt, and offering to "lick it" as she's kneeling before him were the most suggestive of the bunch, with quick flashes back to those three plus the included others - one of which was Subaru in a dominatrix outfit 😘 - sealing the deal so I could enjoy the rest of the episode in earnest. Err, minus Kinjirou's mother abusing him in chibi mode, that is. Profanity included one use each of "bastard" and "damn".


Mobile Suit Gundam #4: Escape from Luna II


In somewhat of a balance for the latter AWOL, the violence in this first Gundam in months was downplayed. And for decent reason, as it amounted to Zeon soldiers shooting some Luna II guards at a distance far enough that no sound but the BGM could be heard, the RX-78 offscreening one of Char's back-up Zakus, and the other back-up getting blasted by the Guncannon.


The Qwaser of Stigmata #6: Imperial Princess in the Making (a.k.a. The Queen's Egg)


SEXUAL CONTENT RUNDOWN: Mafuyu tries getting Tomo's breasts to fit in a too-small bra, initially framed as if she's either milking her breasts or fucking her with either a strap-on or futanari dick. Hana bound and gagged in a bathroom stall and then tickle-tortured by Katja's copper doll. Miyuri stripping for the Russian soldiers with her arm over her breast. Katja bridging the gap between it and the obligatory Qwaser asskicking by going onstage and drinking Miyuri's some from her tits. (No milk, but a decent amount of loli-mouth-to-teen-nipple action.) And, of course, nipples.

OBLIGATORY VIOLENCE: Katja's copper doll tears apart most of the Russian soldiers, with the carnage and any possible blood obscured in silhouette.

PROFANITY TALLY: Two uses of "bastard" (one plural), and one each of "pisses", "ass", and "hell".






Two this time. First, one of my rating schedule iterations as portrayed through a Mayo Chiki! screen...


...and second, a censored version of the Qwaser/12 oz. Mouse crossover image I posted in the Nice Picture thread, with some [ahem] appropriate censor marks.


[the imperial princess cruiser knows]


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Flowers of Evil #12: Episode 12
Flowers of Evil #13: Episode 13


#12: Profanity consisted of two uses of "shit" (one as "shit-face"), repeated in the OP-animation preview, and one written use in the form of "Keep out, shit-faces!" scrawled across Nakamura's bedroom door. Honorable mention goes to one use of the word "pervert" in Kasuga's essay.

#13: Profanity consisted of eight uses of "shit" - one as "dipshit", one as "piece of shit", and six as "shit-face", four of which were plural - and one use each of "hell", "damn", and "crap". There's also a brief shot of a girl - Nakamura, maybe? - leaking blood from under her skirt as part of the "season 2 never" flash-forward montage.

FINAL RATINGS: TV-14L (#12), TV-MAL (#13)

Appare-Ranman! #6: I am Gil!
Appare-Ranman! #7: FAKE
Appare-Ranman! #8: HEAVY RAIN
Appare-Ranman! #9: short break


#6: In an unprecedented move, we had six drops of the S-bomb; three from Kosame, and one each from Chase, Al and Appare. Dang, FUNimation, cool it with the fifteened subtitles! Other profanities were two uses of "hell" and one of "damn".

#7: There's another flashback to Kosame's mother getting killed, this time with a shot of her body, slowly growing pool of blood included; during the climax of the episode, Hototo takes a rock to the head, with some brief bloody results; and the next episode preview shows the bloodied bodies of the no-name racers. Profanity consisted of two uses of "shit", two of "damn" (one as "dammit"), and one of "ass".

#8: Beyond the flashback to Kosame's mom getting killed and some further in-color shots of the dead no-name racers (with Richard bleeding down the side of his face), the biggest moment of violence was Kosame's takedown of Gil's henchman - the man who killed Hototo's dad - by way of slicing across his chest, with a bloody splash as the result. His hypothetical flashback where his present self takes down his mom's assassin is also fairly bloody, despite a lack of onscreen wounds. Profanity consisted of five uses of "damn" (one as "dammit"), two of "shit" (one plural), and one of "suck".

#9: Just the flashback to Kosame taking down Gil's henchman, nude Kosame and Appare at the clothing-required hot spring, and the sole uses of "damn" and "asses" that made up the profanity for this episode.

FINAL RATINGS: TV-MAL (#6), TV-14LV (#7 and #8), TV-PGV (#9)









AWOL: Absent WithOut Leave #8: Noise of a Chance of Success


While Zack bleeding from his leg as the result of some internal spacecraft damage stood out among the PLP laser blasts and enemy shipfire from Solomon's army, the winner was Bishop dropping the series' first S-bomb. Other profanity consisted of two uses of "damn".


Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! Heart Throb #11: Blue Moon Ragnarok (Final Battle of... the Blue Moon)
Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! Heart Throb #12: Twilight of... Advanced Contract (Higher Engage)
Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! Heart Throb #13: Playback of... The Wicked Eye's Apocalypse (The Rikka Wars)


#11: A couple death references; first one of the occasional dub inclusions of Dekomori's "death" verbal tic from the original Japanese, and then Yuuta telling Shichimiya she could've died while standing on her inflatable raft down by the river.

#12: SUGGESTIVE DIALOGUE: Kannagi and Dekomori assume Yuuta and Rikka did it over summer break, with Dekomori claiming Yuuta "defiled" Rikka. Following that are her assumptions that the "Superior Contract" involves sex and not just further stuff between first and second base. Dekomori tells Nibutani not to be "so vulgar" when she tells Yuuta and Rikka to let them (plus Kumin and Shichimiya) watch them "do it" (by which she means kissing). And the less said about Chihiro's homosexual attraction to Isshiki (the new spokesboy for Black Lives Matter), the better. SEXUAL SITUATIONS: Nudity in the bathhouse, including Rikka's sideboob being briefly visible while Nibutani and Kumin compare her "size" to Dekomori's. PROFANITY COUNT: Just one use of "sucks".

#13: This OVA's first act centers around the mystery of what contents comprise the flash drive Isshiki slipped Yuuta. Though it turns out to be images of a retired model, all the girls in the Magical Napping Society assume it's something indecent, even called "smut" at one point. Rikka even reacts to the images with a "Boobies!" and by calling Yuuta a "dirty little filthy pervert". Profanity consisted of one use of "bullcrap".

FINAL RATINGS: TV-PG (#11), TV-PGDS (#12), TV-PGD (#13)

Cinderella Boy #10: Lying Red Riding Hood and the True Wolf
Cinderella Boy #11: The Missing Wizard


#10: Profanity was the key factor here. The biggest was one use of "assholes", delivered by Wendy in reference to the bumbling criminal duo of the episode. Others included six uses of "dammit" and one each of "dumbass" and "crap".

#11: There's a brief flash of topless Rella from when she and Ranma were on Dr. Grimm's operating tables back in episode 1, but there wasn't enough exposure for it to be considered a nude scene. Profanity consisted of three uses of "dammit", two of "shit", and one of "ass".


The Millionaire Detective: Balance Unlimited #1: I came, I saw, I sponsored
The Millionaire Detective: Balance Unlimited #2: Love does much, money does everything


#1: Profanity consisted of one use each of "prick" and "bastard", five uses of "damn", and nine of "hell". Beyond that were a bloody violence fake-out - Kamei apparently gets shot but it's just a red paint bullet - and some porn pop-up audio from Kamei's computer.

#2: Kato sneaks into a drug party to swipe some evidence, and during his walk in, some suggestive poses can be briefly visible, including a man with his hands on a woman's breasts, and a woman with her hand over a man's crotch. Better safe than sorry, in this case. Profanity consisted of six uses of "hell", four of "damn", and one of "bastard".






Gungrave #25: Then
Gungrave #26: Twilight of the Destroyers


#25: Multiple Millennion goons shoot and kill the last of Harry's Orgmen, with some after-the-fact splatter of their blood present on some flowers. There are also some flashbacks Harry has of him killing Brandon (and Brandon killing Sid), both with bloody results. Profanity consisted of four uses of "damn" (one as "dammit"), three of "hell", and one each of "shit", "bastards", and "freakin'".

#26: The shootout between Grave, Harry, and several of Millennion's goons results in a lot of bullets taken and blood shed, the latter most prominent with everyone but Grave. Harry gets it especially hard, getting shot in the side early on and multiple times in the chest, yet through all the bleeding, survives enough to have one last ambiguous close-range stand-off with Grave. Profanity consisted of one use of "bullshit", two of "son of a bitch", three of "hell", and one each of "bastard" and "dammit".


Ikebukuro West Gate Park (J-Drama) #4: Shiitake Mushroom Episode
Ikebukuro West Gate Park (J-Drama) #5: GORILLA Episode
Ikebukuro West Gate Park (J-Drama) #6: TBS Episode


#4: This one was a tough call, treading the line between 14 and MA. You had a streaking scene, Doberman Yamai getting one of his fingers cut off with pliers offscreen, and simulated sex noises, plus the usual profanity. It could've easily been somewhere in the range of a high 14. But what tipped the scales for me personally after much deliberation was some dialogue between Makoto and Chiaki about the former's dick, namely in how it isn't "getting stiff" and how it could be broken. Such straightforward references to erections helped influence the final decision, even you must admit. Profanity consisted of thirteen uses of "bitch" (two as "son of a bitch"), five uses of "fuck" (one as "motherfucker"), three of "asshole", two each of "dick" and "crap", and one each of "shitting",  "piss", "jackass", and "hell".

#5: SUGGESTIVE DIALOGUE: Though never confirmed as the exact phrase, it's made very clear that episode-specific character Sho is a trans man. When catching up with Makoto, Sho reveals that he still has no dick but he had chest surgery so he has no boobs. In regards to the peeping tom site he's in charge of, he asks Makoto if he "got stiff" and if he's "impotent". One of Gomi-san's (the stalker's) messages to Asumi is the possible innuendo of, "Why don't you realize how precious it is until you lose it?" Gomi-san asks Asumi in person to show him "more of your boobs". While posing as Makoto's girlfriend, Asumi claims to "have sex all day long" with him. She also calls Gomi-san a pervert. Makoto uses the word "dyke" twice in reference to Sho, though in reference to what others may call him. Sho tells Makoto to "touch" the hostesses at the club he takes him to. Ritsuko claims to the new hire at the fruit shop that Makoto is impotent. SEXUAL SITUATIONS: While checking out the peeping tom site, Makoto gets shirtless, grabs a tissue box, and pulls down his pants, claiming to "get ready just in case"; he's interrupted before he can make good on that masturbatory intent. The aforementioned hostess club has a "Gorilla Gorilla" event where, whenever someone buys you a bottle of brandy, a bunch of hostesses with gorilla masks resting atop their heads mob you with their breasts in your face while saying a nonsense chant; this happens to Makoto twice. :D INTENSE VIOLENCE: Gomi-san leaves a bunch of bloody pigeon corpses and body parts littered around various protagonist locales: Makoto's car, Shun's bedroom, the trash bin at Radio Boy's convenience store, and all over the fruit shop. The confrontation between him and Sho at Asumi's apartment has the most violence: him hitting his head on a table, getting whacked in the head with a golf club by Sho, him strangling Sho before Asumi gets a shot at his head with the club, and him getting beaten off-screen with a crowbar by Sho, the screams audible enough to suggest brutality (and to convince Yokoyama to bring him into the station). PROFANITY COUNT: Six uses of "bitch" (two as "son of a bitch"), five of "fuck", four each of "ass" and "asshole", three of "shit" (two as "bullshit"), two each of "crap" and "goddamn", and one each of "bastard" and "hell".

#6: This one also could've been a TV-14 level episode. With plenty of violence both slapstick (Takashi whacking Hamaguchi in the head with his own nightstick) and serious (the Tada Clan leader beating his son Erito severely with some sort of crystal ashtray offscreen and the very bloody results), plus the profanity tally at the end, it could've passed. But what tipped the scales was one scene that had nothing to do with the "Makoto tries to save the autistic boy he just befriended" plotline and its many branches: Hamaguchi quietly reading aloud from an erotic novel to pass the time. What text is heard describes a man named Kankuro inserting his "Wild Black Stallion" into his lover Nami's "crevice", spread open, pushing up, getting wider... If that doesn't sound like a penis thrusting into a vagina, then you're a blinder idiot than whoever at Turner S&P looked at Asuna getting molested by a tentacle slug and decided, "Yep, this is TV-PGL material". Profanity consisted of five uses of "fuck", three uses each of "bitch" (one as "son of a bitch") and "hell", two each of "ass", "crap", and "asshole", and one each of "bastards", "goddamn", and "damn".

FINAL RATINGS: TV-MA (#4 and #6), TV-14DLSV (#5)













Run with the Wind #23: In the Wind


Kakaeru and Haiji each get metaphorical nudes of themselves running, references are made to Haiji taking legal painkillers for his section of the Ekiden, and later he brings some booze with him to the 3-years-later team reunion.




To commemorate the finale, here are some visual stats. I also made a schedule iteration screencap I'd have included in the bonus images, but I got the iteration number wrong, so nuts to that action.



Mayo Chiki! #3: It is, Without a Doubt, In Bed
Mayo Chiki! #4: Don't Stare so Much...


#3: SUGGESTIVE DIALOGUE: Subaru mentions Kinjirou grabbing her breast when telling him of her dad's reaction to the incident, and Kureha exclaims to Subaru that, thanks to Kanade's pathological liar tendencies, she thought Kinjirou had raped her. SEXUAL SITUATIONS: Yet another flashback to the breast grope from episode 1, two squeezes. PROFANITY COUNT: Five variations of "damn", some of which were "dammit".

#4: This was a surprisingly tame one with a number of 14 sets. Kinjirou proclaims his excitement to spend his week (later adjusted to morning) alone with his "faithful partner"; actually ramen, but implied at first to be his dick. Subaru misinterprets Kinjirou telling her he's going to sleep as a "perverted request". Subaru's towel-covered breasts press up against Kinjirou's back with boingy sound effects. Subaru says "I don't think you should do perverted things" during one of the eyecatches. Finally, Kureha lets out a suggestive moan from Kanade's shoulder massage. Profanity consisted of two uses of "damn" and one of "crap".

FINAL RATINGS: TV-14DS (#3), TV-14 (#4)



A hypothetical promotional image and ACTN bump for Millionaire Detective, both images from episode 1...



...a hypothetical ACTN bump for Appare-Ranman!, from episode 8...


...and a cinegrid for Gungrave's final episode.



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Because saving this for later would ruin things.

Air #1: Breeze
Air #2: Town


To pick up after Flowers of Evil, here's another series I previously put on indefinite hold and am resuming to finish now. Content was light, but nevertheless prominent. The debut episode's big piece of objectionable content was Michiru claiming that Yukito was a "pervert who likes kidnapping young girls for kicks" - Serena Varghese tried to warn us about Vic, but we didn't listen - while the second's are just a very brief partial nude shot of the Winged Maiden and two scenes with semi-purposeful prominence on Michiru's loli butt. My standards were a little skewed back in 2008, no doubt. No profanities for either.

FINAL RATINGS: TV-14D (#1), TV-14 (#2)

Appare-Ranman! #10: The Bridge to Hell
Appare-Ranman! #11: Rain in the Dark Night
Appare-Ranman! #12: WE WILL STOP YOU!!


#10: Oh boy, intense violence out the wazoo on this one, and it's the most intense yet, to match the real Gil finally entering the fray. Gil's henchmen (known as the Snakes) shoot a sheriff and his deputy on the TAWR business train, the token female Snake slits an engineer's throat while another male Snake stabs the other in the side, Gil shoots one of his own henchmen in the chest because he's just that evil, Gill shoots at Appare and grazes his cheek, and Kosame takes a bullet wound for Appare that leads to major blood loss, capping off the bloody results of all that came before. Mixed in there was a hilarious bit of suggestive dialogue, with TJ telling Gil to "go home and suck [his] mama's titties" for dropping out of the race. Profanity consisted of two uses each of "shit" and "bastard", and one each of "damn" and "dammit".

#11: This wound up being a literal toss-up - done by way of one of the presidential dollar coins I got as change from the district DOT break room vending machine - between a TV-14LV and a TV-MAL, based on how many times the word "shit" was uttered. One by Chase, one by TJ, and two by Seth. Three in the first act, one in the second. Twice as an expletive, twice as an improper noun. And with how Turner S&P's been giving MAL subratings to episodes of JoJo clocking in at under five shits per half hour, I concluded that maybe they're working on a "three shits per fifteen minutes" minimum as opposed to the "six shits per half hour minimum" I assumed they were. The coin was flipped, and with the results of both the "toss in the air and catch" method and "it only counts if it literally flips in midair and you catch" method being tails, a new standard for my personal ratings guidelines was set. Everything scheduled in 2019 onwards will be rated either TV-14L or TV-MAL based on the "three shits per fifteen minutes" minimum requirement. Other profanity consisted of four uses of "damn" (one as "dammit") and one of "ass".

#12: INTENSE VIOLENCE: Many of Gil's Snakes get incapacitated or outright killed by our protags as they raid Stone Hill - or as I like to call it, Ghost Town Hermann - with results ranging from bloody to not. And yet it's Gil's acts of violence that are most prominent, with him forcing one hostage to shoot another for his freedom, shooting that hostage in the back as he escapes, and filling his gunslinger goon (one of the more dangerous ones, mind you) with holes that are left unseen. I'd also throw in Chase seemingly getting shot in the chest with bloody results, but that was just a ruse, so tough luck. SUGGESTIVE DIALOGUE: The female Snake teases Al by claiming that Sofia's "probably screaming [his] name while the men have their way" with her, which, while not as straightforward as TJ's remark from episode 10, is notable enough to get the subrating. Profanity consisted of five uses of "hell", two each of "shit" and "ass" (one as "dumbass"), and one each of "suck" and "bitch". Non-profanity tallies include two uses of "trump card" and one of "maggots".

FINAL RATINGS: TV-14DLV (#10 and #12), TV-MAL (#11)







I like how caps #3 through #5 pretty much tell their own story.

Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! Take On Me


First movie for this thread, all right. Being a KyoAni wrap-up movie, there was far from an abundance of content, but there was enough to get on my radar. Some of this was dialogue, most notably an imagine spot where Nibutani and Dekomori are rumored to be "totally lesbians", but with the mostly context-free scene of Yuuta and Rikka in the lobby of a love hotel making a valiant effort. Sexual content was just some of Rika's butt being visible under the hem of a kid-sized nightgown, and Dekomori's head resting against Nibutani's breasts just enough for there to be a notable deformation in the boob meat. Profanity consisted of one use each of "sucks" and "hell".


Cinderella Boy #12: Who Has the Blue Bird?


SUGGESTIVE DIALOGUE: Everyone's favorite female-looking, female-sounding "mister-sister" Wendy was shown stuffing "her" bra with tomatoes (a TV-14 set by itself), right after wondering if she'd be able to seduce her "daddy" Son Taijin with her "luscious red fruit", one of which she later threw in the face of an enemy organization tank driver in frustration. Later, Dr. Grimm mentions wanting to "have fun with geishas" while hiding out in Japan. INTENSE VIOLENCE: Jackal shoots Ranma in the shoulder, causing a brief bloodstain as he's shot, and leading to a downwards trail as he sinks to the bottom of a nearby pool. Profanity consisted of five uses of "hell", three of "bastards", three of "damn" (one as "dammit"), two variations of "ass" ("dumbass" and "jackass"), and one use of "bitch".


The Millionaire Detective: Balance Unlimited #3: The sinews of war are infinite money


Kato's "I fucked up and got demoted" flashback shows him shooting an attempted bank robber in the arm, and the teller who picked up his gun and almost used it herself in the chest, both with bloody results. Profanity consisted of three uses of "damn" and two of "hell".




Ikebukuro West Gate Park (J-Drama) #7: Youshichi Episode
Ikebukuro West Gate Park (J-Drama) #8: Youhachi Episode


#7: INTENSE VIOLENCE: Kyoichi bashes Radio Boy's head against a glass foodwarmer (for fried chicken) almost indiscriminately, resulting in bleeding from the latter's head that stains through the bandage he wears over the wound when he later asks Makoto for help. Later, Takashi stabs Kyoichi in the arm with a fork, drawing some blood. HONORABLE MENTIONS: The assumptions that Makoto was cheating on Hikaru with Kana were too mild to be considered 14-level dialogue, while the ABDL scenario Makoto walks in on - with minor yakuza boss Hasunuma as the little and Kana as the caretaker - was too WTF for me to even classify, so I'm leaving it as a 14 set. Profanity consisted of six variations of "fuck" (three of which were "motherfucker"), four uses of "goddamn", three of "shit" (one as "bullshit"), two each of "bitch", "bastard" and "ass", and one each of "asshole", "pissed", and "crap".

#8: SUGGESTIVE DIALOGUE: The A-plot of this episode kicks off when a group of ganguros accuse Masa of impregnating their 15-year old friend - who he does admit to having sex with - and demanding he pay them cash for an abortion plus reparations for the number of times he screwed her (which was 14), so this was a gimme. Other bits include Makoto coming over to Chiaki's place of work with the intent of going home once he "gets hard", Hikaru claiming Makoto can't have sex with anybody if he can't have sex with her, one of the aforementioned ganguros saying she wants to fuck Makoto, Kana telling Makoto she doesn't want to "have sex with an angry guy", and Makoto questioning why he's hard after Kana kisses him mouth-to-mouth. SEXUAL SITUATIONS: Not too much; consider this a compromise between Makoto making out with Kana and then hanging out in bed post-coitus, and Shun's sketch of Takashi done in the style of the Statue of David, exposed genitals and all. INTENSE VIOLENCE: Another balance, this time between moods. First, the ganguros fill Masa's mouth with rocks then punch him in the face, with bloody results. Second, a masked member of the G-Boys surreptitiously stabs Kana while walking past, leading to blood loss from the after-the-fact wound. Profanity consisted of fifteen variations of "fuck" (three of them as "fucked", and four as "motherfucker"), two variations of "shit" (one as "bullshit"), two variations of "bitch" (one as "son of a bitch"), four variations of "piss" (two as "pisses" and one as "pissed"), three uses of "crap", two each of "asshole", "goddamn", and "ass", and one of "damn".










Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 #1: NO NOISE NO LIFE


Despite a spirited exchange of gunfire and wrecked vehicles in the first-act shootout between Section 9 (the Major, Batou, Ishikawa, Saito, and Keith Silverstein in his blackest role yet) and a group of out-of-work nomads, no blood was shed, so it remained more PGV to 14 no subratings in its violence level. Ditto for Togusa taser-subduing a hacker in his underwear who may or may not have shit himself. And while the OP animation's latest attempt at recreating the famous opening of the 1995 GITS movie shows the Major "nude" with nipple indentations, I'm not counting it. You gotta have jiggle like Fujiko in the Lupin Part 5 OP to get the default 14S per episode, and if there's no jiggle, you're stuck in the same ballpark as nips-out Rella in the Cinderella Boy OP. Profanity consisted of one use each (that I could tell) of "shit", "suck", "dammit", "crappy", and "hell".


Mobile Suit Gundam #5: Re-Entry to Earth


Amuro takes out another two enemy Zakus while a third burns up upon re-entry. As the reactions from the pilots upon realizing their demise were all shown, I felt it appropriate to throw in the subrating I skimped out on last time.


Corpse Princess #1: The Dead Dance


This one's another rewatch I'm doing, this one a little more complex: subbed version by myself, dubbed version with my uncle. Between the 2008-era first rate and the 2020-era second rate, you can see how I've grown.

The original subbed version was given best rating, based entirely on the use of violence. Most notably, Makina's battle with Hagino, which includes multiple gunshots to various parts of his body, his arm getting shot off, and the finishing bullets going straight into his head, much of which had bloody results. The bloody trails from Hagino's bites to the necks of his lady victims and the gashes permanently decorating Makina's body also contributed to the show's inclusion of violence. Profanity consisted of one use each of "shit" (as an expletive) and "hell". Since "shit" was a minor concern for my personal ratings back then - as I often ignored it to get in more ratings variety for a hypothetical [as] run of South Park's first twelve seasons - I didn't count it.

What I should've counted, however, were the girlie mags Keisei stuffed in one of Ouri's "moving out" boxes. Most had the girls in their swimsuits, but one had a large-breasted woman with a cat-ear headband covering her bare tits with her hands - the "hand-bra", as later GAINAX work Medaka Box called it - and a bottom that, while still on, had one of the strings torn enough to show the thigh and some slight crotch. Makina's shower scenes - steam obscuring the ass, arms covering any sideboob - could avoid a sexual content subrating by current standards, but not those girlie mags (one of which actually flew under the radar when I rated Gungrave #2).

The dubbed version left the violence rating in place, but was updated to reflect the girlie mag nudity. Profanity there consisted of one use each of "bullshit" (this time an obvious 14L default), "dammit", "hell" and "crap".

FINAL RATINGS: TV-14V (subbed), TV-14LSV (dubbed)



Yeah, I'm conveying some of these through tweets this time. First up, the thread for my discussion on Millionaire Detective 3.

Next, three clips I made using the Windows 10 video editor that are part of a series I like to call, "IWGP Out of Context".


Then, some still-image bumps I made out of Air's first two episodes. Video versions coming soon, with half complete as of this writing.

Finally, an experiment I did using VSDC (for picture-in-picture) and HandBrake (for processing the VSDC projects for Twitter use), using the beginning clip Air's first episode as its base.

If the next couple work out, clips like these may become as regular a thing as the screencaps, if not their straight-up replacement.


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On 9/19/2020 at 4:03 PM, PokeNirvash said:

(one of which actually flew under the radar when I rated Gungrave #2)

Speaking of, do you have your ratings of the first 6 episodes somewhere?

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1 hour ago, Ghost said:

Speaking of, do you have your ratings of the first 6 episodes somewhere?

Right here, friend.

1. TV-14V
2. TV-14DLV (should've been TV-14DLSV, 'cause of the aforementioned missed girlie mag)
3. TV-14LV
4. TV-14L
5. TV-14LV
6. TV-14

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Yet another fortnightly affair.

Air #3: Whisper
Air #4: Plume


#3: SUGGESTIVE DIALOGUE: Hijiri performs off-screen "palpations" on Kano's chest, claiming it to be a legit medical thing but at the same time playfully mentioning how she's "growing so fast", not to mention Kano's own embarrassment over such a thing. INTENSE VIOLENCE: Kano, possessed by Shiraho's tortured spirit, strangling Yukito near the end of the episode. FIRST PROFANITY: Yukito reacting to Michiru greeting him with violence once again by asking what her "freakin' problem" is.

#4: Kano strangling Yukito in the recap for last episode (and leaving a bruise), plus the after-the-fact bloody results of her actually slitting her wrists while under Shiraho's influence (maybe) were the big motivators towards best rating back in the day. Some bloodless feudal era soldier deaths in Shiraho's backstory also contributed, though Shiraho's actual suicide was half-offscreen, half-symbolic, so that doesn't count (as much).

FINAL RATINGS: TV-14DV (#3), TV-14V (#4)

Appare-Ranman! #13: OVER THE MOON


Much of the violence this episode that wasn't recapped wasn't too serious, unfortunately, even in the big final battle among the members of the Thousand Three. Gil grabbing a sword Appare used to attack him and Kosame's wound re-opening after the stopping of the runaway train were as far as any blood spillage went. Profanity consisted of four uses of "shit" and one each of "pisses" and "hell", and after observing the results of the last two Toonami-aired JoJo episodes - six S-bombs in one act but no L, and four S-bombs in the first and one in the second with an L - I decided that four S-bombs per quarter-hour (which this episode did not have) would be the new graphic language criterion.

As times change, the rules change with them. Which is why this show's dub is having blacks voice blacks, Asians voice Asians, and vice versa in both regards.




And now for the rundown.


Kosame Isshiki: 11 (2A, 2B, 3B, 4A, 5B, 6B, 9A, 10B, 11A, 11B [sheet over face], 12A)
Appare Sorano: 9 (1B [distant], 2A, 3B, 4A, 5A, 9B, 10A, 11A [hair], 11B)
Xialian Jing: 7 (2B, 3A, 4B, 5A, 7A, 10B, 11A [hands])
Dylan G. Oldin: 4 (6A, 7A, 7B, 10B)
Al Lyon: 3 (4A, 7A, 10B)
Crazy TJ: 2 (6A, 7A)
Gil T. Cigar: 2 (10B, 13A)
Chase the Bad: 1 (8A)
Tristan the Bad: 1 (8A)

BIG LOSERS: Hototo, Sophia Taylor, Seth Rich Carter, the race announcer, Appare's family, Kosame's sister... pretty much anybody else that isn't listed below.

Miscellaneous: 4 (8B [Gil's henchman who killed Hototo's father], 9A [see previous], 12B [Gil's Snakes and dog], 13B [crowds of people at NYC finish line])

Nobody at All: 1 (1A [Los Angeles starting line])

The Millionaire Detective: Balance Unlimited #4: Nothing makes a man so adventurous as an empty pocket


What would've been a profanity-free PG straight with only Kambe cutting his finger and him and Kato getting wasted on potato soju at worst was upped with the police procedural they were watching killing off the police chief character, the impact not shown to us but the results fairly bloody.




Ikebukuro West Gate Park (J-Drama) #9: Kyushu Episode
Ikebukuro West Gate Park (J-Drama) #10: Jitte Episode


#9: SUGGESTIVE DIALOGUE: A child brought in to try and identify Kana's stabber does as children do and randomly exclaims "Boobies!", and Ritsuko assumes the Black Angels' war declaration video is "a porno with a black guy". INTENSE VIOLENCE: Well, you had Yoshioka and Yokoyama smacking one of the G-Boys in the face to the point of bleeding, Yamai stabbing another G-Boy in the back of his leg, Makoto getting punched in the gut hard enough by one of the Kyogoku-kai's goons that he's bleeding from the mouth and in pretty bad pain most of the rest of the episode, and Shun getting killed in an unseen and unspecified manner, but with a blood trickle from his mouth as the most visible result. Profanity consisted of seven uses of "fuck" (three as "motherfucker", one as just "fucker", and one as "fucking"), five uses of "shit" - three in the first act, two in the fourth, one of the former grouping as "bullshit" - three uses of "bitch" (two as "son of a bitch", the other as "bitched"), two each of "asshole", "piss" (as "pisses" and "pissed"), and "crap", adn one each of "goddamn", "bastard", "ass", "hell", and "Jesus Christ".

#10: You had loads and loads of gang violence, another named (but minor compared to Shun) character getting murdered, Yokoyama's wife (in flashback) being shown bleeding out severely, and the reveal that Hikaru was molested by her dad (with school swimsuit in his office drawer for proof), so would you believe that this episode's rating was courtesy of another erotic novel recitation? This one was done by Yoshioka, and it abandoned all subtlety; out go the black stallions and crevices, in comes and "super-sized dick" and a plain ol' "vagina". Couple that with Hamaguchi - in bed as the result of an earlier offscreen but bloody beating by the Black Angels - looking aroused as usual and apparently even groping his crotch area, and it was too much for even an MA straight. Profanity consisted of six uses of "bitch" (four as "son of a bitch"), five of "fuck" (two as "motherfucker", one more without the "mother"), four of "goddamn", three each of "ass" and "crap", two of "shit", and one each of "bastard", "damn", and "hell".










Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 #2: AT YOUR OWN RISK
Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 #3: MAVERICK


#2: You'd think all the risky maneuvers GHOST did in their skirmish against the college football dropouts and their robot guard dog, missile-firing drone, and big as hell tank would've accounted for some violence, but no serious casualties were made, even with an on-screen tank explosion to contend with. Well, there was that mansion that exploded, but it was in the distance, so... Profanity consisted of eight uses of "hell" (two as "hellfires", as a proper noun), five of "damn" (one as "dammit"), four of "ass" (three pluralized, one of those plurals as "badasses"), two each of "shit" and "crap", and one each of "bastards" and "suck".

#3: INTENSE VIOLENCE: Keeping in tone with the lesser violence levels from the first two episodes, Togusa punches out one of the masked cyberspace guys and gets guns pointed at him point-blank twice - first by the other masked cyberspace guys, then by Obsidian's CEO - but it was Standard getting head-shotted with brief bloody results during the training simulator Smith puts the members of GHOST through that counted for the first real V. Profanity consisted of seven uses of "hell", four uses of "shit" (one as "bullshit"), and one each of "pissed", "badasses", and "dammit".

FINAL RATINGS: TV-14L (#2), TV-14LV (#3)

Mayo Chiki! #5: Go Out With Me


I might've played things a little loose with this one. Despite two uses of "pervert" - both by new cast member Usami - and a scene where Jiro accidentally sees her topless (breasts obscured) - there wasn't enough explicity in the dialogue to warrant a dialogue subrating. Nope, not even fantasy!Jiro's "if you rub me like that, I'll start seeing another world!" as he imagines the different S&M-esque scenarios that matched his sleep-talk qualified. I'm thinking I might over-rate the next episode to compensate, depending on how violence the war between the S4 and Warm Watch gets. Profanity consisted of two uses of "damn".


The Qwaser of Stigmata #7: Drifting Maria


Funny thing, I was actually prepping myself to rate this one without subratings. While there was plenty of sexual content present throughout the first fifteen minutes, be it incidental nudity like Mafuyu and Tomo's bathtime in the cold opening, or a little more playful like Lizzie grabbing Mafuyu's breasts in a freeze-frame while both were nude, it wasn't until Lizzie took a drink of Miyuri's soma to power up her Qwaser abilities - something I was honestly not expecting - that the obligatory sexual content conditions were satisfied. Profanity consisted of one use each of "shit", "bitch", and "hell".




Corpse Princess: Aka #2: The Game Continues
Corpse Princess: Aka #3: Voice of Night


#2: Makina gets impaled through by Shikabane!Hikaru with bloody results, and both she and Minai destroy the other two child Shikabane on-screen with differently-colored bloody results. No profanities in the sub, dub consisted of one use of "hell".

#3: INTENSE VIOLENCE: Two of the women-turned-quasi-Shikabane end up dead in a pool of what's initially believed to be their own blood, but is actually pastel-colored Shikabane fluid. Makina shoots and manages to hit the real Shikabane of the week, with black smoke billowing out in place of blood or fluid. The real bloodiness comes at the end when Dr. Rokuoka is killed by what appears to be an enemy weapon that failed detection. SEXUAL SITUATIONS: Ouri's trippy dream sequence (which my uncle claims is a flashback) shows Keisei exorcising a naked green girl whose breasts are out, their presence brief enough to nearly go under detection. But between it and the erect nips on the swimsuit-clad model in the gravure mag Keisei leaves under Ouri's pillow (and maybe also the breasts on the Shikabane of the week), I feel that it couldn't go ignored by my 2020 standards. No profanities in the sub, dub consisted of one use each of "dammit" and "hell". HONORABLE MENTION: Shouta and Hina running by while calling Ouri a perv (sub)/pervert (dub) over the aforementioned gravure mag.

FINAL RATINGS: TV-14V (#2 both versions, #3 sub), TV-14SV (#3 dub)



First, two more content rating clips. Air #3, act 1 only comes from an edit I did to the episode file in VSDC - meaning the rating is there in the clip source...

...and second are clip alternates for Millionaire Detective #4, where the clips were isolated, the ratings added, and the final video processed before posting. (Pay no mind to the screencap repeats.)

Next are two more IWGP Out of Context clips. One that might come off as a little racist...

...and one that definitely comes off as self-promotion for my badass hypothetical anime.

Right here is a poster mock-up for Millionaire Detective, complete with [as] logo for extra hypotheticalness.


Finally, here's a random thing I made out of a TF2 meme template to "celebrate" Eiken's arrival on Crunchyroll.


The number one threat to America, indeed.

Next seasonal anime to get the rating screencap treatment is Ikebukuro West Gate Park's anime adaptation, only they won't be screencaps, but explicitly video clips. I'm moving up in the world, I am. 😬

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Air #5: Wing
Air #6: Star


No profanities, no suggestive dialogue, no intense violence... nothing that could really stop me from giving these two some subrating-free TV-PGs. But by the will of my ratings schedule, I'm rating these by my late 2000's-era, "heavy and depressing content is a TV-14 set" standards. For episode 5, it was the second act focusing around the fact that Minagi's mother miscarried her second child, and for the latter, it was Michiru's goodbye to Yukito and Minagi being framed as if she was going to jump off the school roof.

FINAL RATINGS: TV-14 (#5 and #6)

Rating clip is for #5 only.

Cinderella Boy #13: Cinderella Never Sleeps



Apart from the recap shot of Jackal shooting Ranma in the shoulder, the only other moments of intense enough violence were Peter (the Neverland Foundation's prototype superhuman) falling back onto a sharp piece of shrapnel (which he survived) and then getting shot with lasers by multiple security robots (which he... didn't), both without blood. There was also a scene with Alice swimming down to save Ranma in the nude - with brief breast exposure, even! - but based on the nudity standards of earlier episodes, I didn't count it. Consider this counterbalance for both the previous episode overstepping on dialogue, and the Lupin episode in the same rating schedule iteration overstepping on sexual content.


Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle: Rhyme Anima #1: As soon as man is born he begins to die.
Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle: Rhyme Anima #2: Speak of the devil and he will appear.
Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle: Rhyme Anima #3: Two heads are better than one.


This being my first "bishounen boys sing songs for a female target audience" anime, you can't blame me for going in and expecting something easy. But since this is a rap battle anime, it's no surprise that profanity would crop up. At least, it's no surprise compared to the parental advisory warnings at the start of each episode. First time I've seen those built into the episode since Happy Sugar Life.

So here's the breakdown:

OBLIGATORY PROFANITY: Buster Bros.' portion of the OP has Ichiro say the word "bullshit" in English, so... yeah. That's an automatic.

EPISODE 1 PROFANITY TALLY: Eight variations of "fuck" - half of which as "fucking", with all but one limited to Mad Trigger Crew's intro scene - three variations of "shit" ("shitting", "dipshit", and "shitload"), three uses each of "damn" and "hell", two of "bastards", and one each "piss", "ass", and "maggot".

EPISODE 2 PROFANITY TALLY: Ten variations of "fuck" (seven as "fucking", four of those with the 'g' dropped), four uses of "shit" - two for the first act, two for the second, one of the latter two as "shitload" - four uses of "hell", three each of "bastard", "ass" (as "smartass", "sweetass", and "ass-kickin'"), and "damn", and two of "crap" (one as "dog-crap").

EPISODE 3: PROFANITY TALLY: One use of "shit", four uses each of "freakin'" and "hell", two of "bastard" (one plural), and one of "ass".

FINAL RATINGS: TV-14L (#1, #2, AND #3)

Ikebukuro West Gate Park (J-Drama) #11: Samurai Episode



SUGGESTIVE DIALOGUE: Chiaki tries to get Makoto out of the bathroom by saying she'll show him her boobs if he does. Ritsuko follows up by asking him the emasculating question of if he has a "dick". In the epilogue, Ritsuko tells Yoshioka she won't have sex with him after their dinner date to celebrate his promotion.

INTENSE VIOLENCE: Multiple flashbacks during Dark Hikaru's explanation of how she was behind everything shows Yamai strangling Rika and Shun stabbing Kana. Dark Hikaru tries to stab Makoto, but settles for choking him after he stops her from making contact with the knife, after which he knocks her out with his camcorder. Takashi and Kyoichi punch each other during their fight, some of the blows producing after-the-fact blood from their mouths. Takashi punches Makoto in the face until he's a bruised and bloody mess. The little sister of the young Black Angels member who got hospitalized last episode stabs Takashi in the gut with bloody results. (He lives.)

SEXUAL CONTENT HONORABLE MENTION: The statue of Takashi a la David is finally erected, genitals and all. No sexual content subrating for this one, though, thanks to the lack of supporting sex stuff.

PROFANITY TALLY: Eight uses of "bitch" (two as "son of a bitch"), six variations of "fuck" (one as "motherfucker"), five "ass" words (one as "dumbass"), three uses each of "bullshit", "goddamn", and "pissed", and one use each of "bastards", "sucks", "hell", and "crap".






Ikebukuro West Gate Park (Anime) #1: North Gate Smoke Tower
Ikebukuro West Gate Park (Anime) #2: Nishi Ichibangai Shady Job


Inferior to the J-drama in more ways than one, but still somewhat interesting in its own right.

#1: Drug references aside, this one was generally profanity-based. Two uses of "shit", and one each of "ass" and "damn". Also of note, the oddly enough translated ending lyrics feature the word "hell" twice, but compared to the "bullshit" from the HypMic OP, it's not worth worrying over. Just an automatic PG set.

#2: MODERATE VIOLENCE: While the beatings the goons hired by OK Holdings give any employees looking to sue happened off-screen, their own beatdown by the G-Boys and Red Angels (because black is apparently too edgy) is presented on-screen in all its averagely animated glory. Highlights include Hiroto (the G-Boys #2) tasering a guy in the throat with his own weapon, Takashi punching the leader of the goons enough times to male him bleed from the mouth, and Masaru kicking the switchblade-wielding goon in the face with brief blood spackling. PROFANITY TALLY: One use each of "asshole", "pissed", and "suck". "Asshole" has always been a 14L minimum word in the past - why else would [as] have censored it on certain shows? - but after some thought in the form of looking at the surrounding profanities and realizing Outlaw Star had multiple episodes get away with using the word at the PG level, I decided it was a change worth holding onto.

FINAL RATINGS: TV-14L (#1) and TV-PGLV (#2)

Corpse Princess #4: Hymn of Tragedy


INTENSE VIOLENCE: The first victim of Kun's that we see is already dead, hanging from the ceiling and dripping blood all over the floor. Makina shoots Shikabane!Kun's arm off her shoulder, and later shoots up her head, the former with bloody results but the latter with little.

SUGGESTIVE DIALOGUE: Keisei suggesting that Ouri spend some alone time with the anime posters and figures that he decorated his apartment bedroom with is fairly vague in both languages, though FUNi's dub has him tell him the "lotion's in the basket" for extra innuendo points. In both languages, Makina refers to said posters and/or figurines as "perverted".

PROFANITY TALLY: Sub profanities include two uses of "hell" and one of "bitch". Dub profanities include six uses of "hell", two of "ass", and one each of "shit", "son of a bitch", "damn", and "bullcrap".

OTHER SUB/DUB DIFFERENCES: After Ouri turns down his offer to go with him to the Kun Osaki concert, Ushijima goes from deciding to take Sumitori instead to complaining about having to go with his sister as the alternative. The orphans bother Ouri by calling him a "wussy" instead of "Hanagami". In an improvement, Makina mentions her whole family dying in the arson that claimed their house, instead of just her parents and herself (leaving the fourth name on the family grave ignored). But then she calls Kun a "rock star" even though her sound is clearly more aligned with J-pop, so...

FINAL RATINGS: TV-14V (sub), TV-14DLV (dub)



A rating schedule iteration screencap for Hypnosis Mic ep 1.


Content rating clips are located under the relevant tabs that have them (read: Air and IWGP the anime).

This is the dawning of a new age. Except where Qwaser stands, because consistency.

Edited by PokeNirvash

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We've got some new ones here.

Air #7: Dream
Air #8: Summer


#7: The confirmation of the whole "Misuzu was born to die (world is a fuck)" thing was enough for a 2008-era 14 set, but it was a combination of the Girl in the Sky's (as an older Misuzu) nude form and Yukito getting slashed across the back by a phantasm (no blood but scar wound) as part of his half of the curse that solidified it.

#8: And now we reach the arc where ADV's decision to blanket-rate this show TV-14V feels justified. While Ryuya kills neither the guards around his traveling party's origin nor the warrior monks blocking passage to their destination (as per Kanna's orders), he does get slashed across the back by one of the monks, with minor in-the-moment blood splashes and a notable after-the-fact wound on his back. Other moments include Ryuya having a quick grab Kanna's ass to tease her, and Kanna disrobing to show her wings to her mother, with the nudity blotted out by a blinding light.

FINAL RATINGS: TV-14 (#7), TV-14V (#8)

Akudama Drive #1: SE7EN
Akudama Drive #2: RESERVOIR DOGS



Oh man, this series passed the three-episode rule and thensome, even while wearing its "Darkness Induced Audience Apathy" badge loud and proud on its sleeve for the whole world to see.

#1: While the first act featured such violent moments as a severed head (blacked out for broadcast) flying out of a warehouse Courier delivered a bomb to, and Doctor killing a whole bus car's worth of nosy bystanders while performing surgery on a heart attack victim without anisthetic (which had plenty of blood itself), the violence really picked up when Cutthroat beheaded the chief of police (who kind of deserved it for being a hypocritical asshat?), and while that was unfortunately censored with anime light beams, his into scene showing him beheading so many test dummies (with stylized color for the blood sprays) wasn't, and neither was a guard getting his head exploded off his body while trying to remove a bomb collar Cutthroat placed around him for the fun of it. Profanity consisted of seven uses of "shit" (one plural, two as "shithead"), all limited to the second act, five uses of "hell", two of "damn" (one as "dammit"), and one each of "ass" and "asshole".

#2: The pile of police robots at the bus station contain several human bodies as well, though the stump points for the disembodied heads and headless bodies are conveniently covered up. The end result of the slaughter of numerous guards at the hotel involves massive blood splatters on the walls, plus a nearby sign glitching out to read "gore" because what is subtlety, anyways? The closest in-the-moment violence had was Pupil slicing off Doctor's hand and slitting her throat, both with bloody results (but not so fatal she couldn't patch herself up right after), but it was enough. SUGGESTIVE DIALOGUE OF THE MOMENT: Doctor reacts to Cutthroat's refusal to give her one of his cigs/have sex with him to convince him by asking him if he's gay. Profanity consisted of eight uses of "shit" (four as "shithead", one of those plural, and one of "shitbrain"), with seven in the first act and one in the second, four uses of "hell", two uses each of "damn" and "freakin'", and one of "asses".

#3: But alas, this one was light on the violence and profanity - for the former, just a hypothetical situation where a guard gets shot in the chest and bleeds out, and for the latter, two uses of "shit" (one as "shithead"), split evenly between both acts, three uses of "hell" and two of "damn" - but hey, these easy moments are what makes content rating things so great, if you ask me.

FINAL RATINGS: TV-MALV (#1 and #2), TV-14LV (#3)

AWOL: Absent WithOut Leave #9: An Area Unaccompanied by Music


With Hyatt's team finally making landfall on the planet where Solomon's home base is located, it's no surprise that the level of human-on-human violence picks up again. While Hyatt and Bishop's distance shooting of some grunts are without blood, many of the casualties from after the decoy squad shows up to weaken them before Gash's finishing strike on them take the form of bloody chest-shots. Though it's not like Hyatt's team avoids injury themselves; Zack's leg wound reopens under his bandage and Chris gets his own leg grazed by enemy gunfire, both with bloodstain results. Profanity consisted of a single use of "damn".


The Millionaire Detective: Balance Unlimited #5: If money be not thy servant, it will be thy master.


Despite the bloody pools around both the chef and Ricardo following the former's murder and latter's suicide getting there first, the biggest 14 set would be the reveal that the predictable spare key around the janitor's neck was made so he could masturbate in private during work hours, but with its only mention being as "things he shouldn't have" been doing and a visual of a bag of masturbatory aids. Profanity consisted of three uses of "hell" and two of "damn".




Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle: Rhyme Anima #4: A friend in need is a friend indeed.
Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle: Rhyme Anima #5: Seeing is believing.


#4 PROFANITY TALLY: A whopping sixteen variations of "fuck" (seven regular, eight as "fuckin'", and one as "fucked"), four each of "ass" (one each as "rabbity-ass" and "dumbass") and "damn" (one as "damned"), three each of "asshole" (two plural), "bastard" (again, two plural), and "hell" (one as "helluva"), and one each of "shitty", "prick", "goddamn", "piss", "crap", and "maggots". One of the "fucks" was even featured in the on-screen lyrics for MTC's rap number, albeit with the middle two letters censored out. It was quite a bit for me to just let slide with the default, so I made a daring move and upped the ante, as one does.

#5 PROFANITY TALLY: Two uses of "damn" and one each of "shit" and "badasses". There's also some after-the-fact (fake) blood on some of the costumed partygoers Ramuda runs into (and freaks out over), which I let slide for obvious reasons.

FINAL RATINGS: TV-MA (#4), TV-14L (#5)

Ikebukuro West Gate Park (Anime) #3: ZettaMovier @ Metropolitan Theater
Ikebukuro West Gate Park (Anime) #4: Waltz for Baby

Ikebukuro West Gate Park (Anime) #5: Dragon Tears


#3: Profanity consisted of just one use each of "shit" and "ass", though the Todabashi Destroyer Z referring to 140 Ryuusei as the "Onion Whore" - three times vocally, four times in writing - is admittedly debatable.

#4: In an understandable overshoot on the violence, we have two after-the-fact shots of Toshi bleeding from the head after his fall down the stairs, both with context and without, and Makoto's fight with some Ueno thugs leaving him bruised and with stitches for the rest of the episode. And that's without mentioning Toshi hitting women being a point of subject matter too heavy for a PG. Profanity consisted of one use each of "shitty" and "asshole".

#5: And yet, despite ocusing on immigrants escaping their home country's ceaseless poverty in hopes of a better life and the serious troubles within, plus a namedrop of the sex industry complete with two exterior shots of such "soaplands", this episode managed to get off scot-free with a rating that's only exciting when the other episodes are Y7. Profanity consisted of two uses of "hell" (one as "hellish"), and one use each of "half-assed" and "dammit".

FINAL RATINGS: TV-14L (#3), TV-14LV (#4), TV-PG (#5)

Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 #4: SACRIFICIAL PAWN
Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 #5: PATRICK HUGE
Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 #6: DISCLOSURE


#4: To make money for parts to repair the broken one of them, the two other Tachikomas set up a brothel in the wrecked-out town from the first couple of episodes, with Togusa even pointing it out as such. Profanity consisted of three uses of "hell", and one use each of "goddamn" and regular "damn".

#5: Under predictable circumstances, I'd just point to the infamous "naked backflip up the stairs" scene everyone knows about and leave it at that, but when the battle with the titular Huge ends with Saito sniping him so hard from far away that his head just explodes into a bloody mess - with a shot of the stump point later on - you have to mention it in reflection of the final rating. Also, profanity consisted of six variations of "damn" (three as "dammit" and one as "damned"), five of "hell", two each of "shit" and "asses", and one each of "goddamn", "bastard", and "son of a bitch".

#6: And then we have our second post-human, Gary Hart. While the exposed (and blue) brain matter following the Army's confrontation of him was enough to consider an MA set, and the security footage showing him getting his arm shot off and sustaining the head shot that left said brain matter exposed teased the prospect further, it was Batou finally killing him with a pipe blow to the head, complete with impressively large blood splatter, that put it over the top. Profanity consisted of four uses of "hell", two variations of "damn" ("dammit" and "damned"), and one each of "shit", "suck", and "ass".

FINAL RATINGS: TV-14 (#4), TV-MAV (#5 and #6)

Mayo Chiki! #6: Let's Start a War


SUGGESTIVE DIALOGUE: Kanade responds to a question on raw food in the "Mayo Chiki! now continues" eyecatch with an innuendo-tastic "Yeah, I like it raw." A random member of the Warm Watch assumes Jirou's bisexual when he claims that Kanade was his first kiss and not Jirou to avoid a reverse-color lynching. In the preview, Subaru tries to tell Jirou she wants to "do it" in vague terms that he doesn't quite pick up on.

MISCELLANEOUS FANSERVICE: One of Usami's classmates wears a swimsuit top only covering the very bottoms of her breasts (nips included), with another classmate pointing out that it's a "bit revealing". Usami undresses behind a table, said fixture covering up her ass. Usami and Subaru press their breasts against Jirou in a move of competition, while Kanade does the same much later on with boingy sound effects. And let's not forget Warm Watch president Nakuru making a relatively tasteful glasses-centric yaoi doujin shipping Jirou with Subaru...

PROFANITY TALLY: Two uses each of "damn" and "hell", and one use each of "bastard" and "crap".


The Qwaser of Stigmata #8: Atomis of Twin Masks, Part 1


SEXUAL CONTENT RUNDOWN: Yu tears open Aoi's top as she's hanging from what I can only describe as a "ritual suspension device" and gropes one while sucking the other for a soma boost. Lizzie (who the subs I'm watching are convinced is called "Niche") gropes Tomo's tits twice; once at dinner, and again in the bath. Tomoyo, Lizzie and Miyuri all have their breasts exposed during the bath sequence, while Mafuyu only gets some partially obscured sideboob. Miyuri, under the impression that Lizzie is a guy, pre-emptively freaks out about seeing her dick only to realize it isn't there. Lizzie sucking Miyuri's breast for a power boost last episode is flashbacked to. Hana's personal angel and devil both have openings in their outfits for each individual breast, and Devil!Hana later makes dry-humping motions towards Regular!Hana teasingly. After kidnapping Hana and sticking her in her skimpy catgirl outfit (which I'm personally surprised wasn't Katja's idea), he sucks on her breasts in three separate shots, the first two watched by Katja while she herself is in the nude, though with her long hair covering up the naughty bits.

PROFANITY TALLY: Four uses of "bastard" and one of "bitch".




Corpse Princess: Aka #5: Traitor Monk
Corpse Princess: Aka #6: At the End of the Dangerous Run
Corpse Princess: Aka #7: The False Power of Words


#5: The teenagers killed by the haunted Lincoln Navigator Shikabane don't bleed, but we only see said blood leaking out of the back of the car as Akasha collects it for later use. Non-violence wise, Keisei lists prices for supposedly Makina's (but actually fictitious magical girl Zenbu-nose's) measurements, and in the sub only, Ushijima claims that Itsuki has "more than enough Holstein in her" for their class. (The dub changed it to "spunk", which is... better, I guess?) Profanities in the sub consisted of one use of "hell", while the dub had one use of "damn" instead.

#6: Oh boy, check out all the violence on this one. Makina shoots the underside of the Lincoln Navigator Shikabane, causing blood to splash out from the underside. Keisei chops off Makina's arm to free her from the grasp of the Shikabane, the impact unseen but the end result clear as day. Makina shoots both the aforementioned Shikabane (to death) and the Zadan Shikabane that Akasha created (not so much). Keisei blocks Akasha's blade with his own Zadan cube, but gets stabbed through his hand anyways. And finally, the blood stored within the cube splashes out after it shatters onto both men before the weight of regrets within said blood take effect. No profanities for the sub, while the dub has three uses of "hell" and one of "damn".

#7: Mitsuyoshi deflects a delinquent onto the train tracks, after which he's run over by said train (offscreen, technically). Minai's fight with Mitsuyoshi's Shikabane form includes her tearing off his feeler-arms, while Isaki stabs him in one of his legs (which has effects on his wrist) and Makina shoots up his legs and off his arm (which have effects on her leg only), all with fairly bloody results. Nothing too out of the ordinary violence-wise, but it was the flashback to Akasha holding his severely damaged Shikabane Hime (while crying blood) that played a role in this week's ratings difference. It wasn't until I saw the dub version that I realized she was torn in two and those bloody gibs dripping from the wounds those bugs were gathering around were parts of her guts. Considering I was rating graphically violent episodes of Berserk as intensely violent (as per SyFy standards) when I first started Corpse Princess, I feel I can get away with best rating for the sub. The dub... not so much. Profanities in the sub consisted of two uses of "damn" and one use each of "bastard" and "hell", while the dub had two extra "hells", one less "damn", and two "craps" for good measure. Not that it matters... ¬¬

FINAL RATINGS (subbed): TV-14 (#5), TV-14V (#6 and #7)

FINAL RATINGS (dubbed): TV-14 (#5), TV-14V (#6), TV-MA (#7)

Wild 7 Another #1: Sea-jack


INTENSE VIOLENCE: One of the corrupt cops at the bar in the opening scene shoots a monkey in the arm, leading to it dripping blood into the river below; elbows the bartender in the face hard enough that he bleeds from the nose; and pistol-whips Japo across the face, making him bleed from the mouth. Later, some of the Ancient Militia terrorists shoot at some passengers trying to evacuate the ship and then some people in their rooms, and while it's suggested they kill them, no blood is shown due to the animation budget being slightly above that of Genma Wars: Eve of Mythology (same studio) but remaining in the same price range.

SEXUAL SITUATIONS: During Japo's encounter with the above mentioned cop and his partner, the equally corrupt police chief messes around with the wife of a jailbird on a docked boat, chasing her half-naked form around the deck before groping at her breasts while giving her neck a "lovebite".

PROFANITY TALLY: One use each of "asshole", "bastards", and "hell".


Tune in next time for when Japo jumps a shark!

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