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Trunks Thread 19.1: A New New Frontier

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9 hours ago, EmpressAngel said:

Titan- I like that everyone just sees Eren acting wacky and just goes "Eh, puberty."

Food Wars- Bakugo did that speech better.

Hero- Endeavor is such a shitty dad he traumatizes kids that aren't even his.

I unironically love that chuunibyou syndrome is apparently a thing in the backwoods of the Titanverse. Bakugo's too egotistical to have stage fight, so of course he'd have the advantage over Soma. I assume that's what you meant to say.

DRAGON BALL SUPER - Is it bad that I was expecting the 3rd to get eliminated in one episode like the 4th was last week? Considering we only have 11 episodes left of this, probably not.

ATTACK ON TITAN - When I first heard about it, I thought the rule that Titan Shifters only have 13 years left to live after gaining their powers was kinda B.S. I've come to accept that now. I saw an image a while back that set the scene of Historia reading Ymir's letter (I bet FUNi loved dubbing something that LGBT-friendly) to the Netflix subs of Kaworu telling Shinji he likes him, but I can't seem to find it, so... someone help me out there, please?

LUPIN THE 3RD - So this was a Pink Jacket episode, huh. Definitely wacky, I'll give you that much. It definitely works with this show's style more than the off-model style the actual Pink Jacket series used.

FOOD WARS! - The trope of the protagonist's classmates staring daggers at him en masse is easily my least favorite in all of anime. At least here, they stared at Soma more in the way one stares at Bakugo than at your standard lawlharem protagonist. (Though Soma's admittedly more cut out to be the latter.) I respect Sentai's lack of fear in giving their characters accents, be they appropriate like Chappelle's French twang or not so like Erina's Valley speak. This week in "comments from my dad", he misheard "Commence a cuire!" as "Commence the queer!", and the fact that Soma apparently misheard it the same way made it even better. I loved those two guys who tried to sabotage their dish getting hoist by their own petard. That little card at the end showing up was strange; Toonami must like seeing what kinds of fluids Soma likes mixing with dried squid, rape metaphors included or no.

BLACK CLOVER - Sol was much better when she was younger and had longer hair. I can only wonder what happened to change her stance on the male gender so drastically. Meanwhile, Magna's disappearing fireball technique is One Outs levels of bullshit baseball strategy and I love it. I'm just gonna guess Mimosa planted her seed on Sol's golem while she was having her heart-to-heart with Kirsch down in the fun pit.

BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS - Naruto's right about no mission being a piece of cake. Even pulling weeds can be difficult, because you might take someone's home-grown herbs out with them by mistake.

NARUTO SHIPPUDEN - Sasuke and Naruto did the tsundere marriage before Himawari and Sakurako made it cool.

MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM: THE ORIGIN - Ramba Ral is such a badass, no wonder he's a meme character in Build Fighters. Shame about his dad, though. I liked the young Amuro cameo in the airport, especially with his Haro asking "why are you doing this?" Could someone who's actually seen Gundam tell me the relevance of that Japanese guy's daughter? There's no reason she'd be there outside of post-relevance cameo purposes.

MY HERO ACADEMIA - I didn't realize that you had to take a test to get in on recommendation. That's something new. And how cruel of the show to leave us on the cliffhanger of who got in and who didn't.

Also, after seeing the promo for it, I'm thinking about actually watching gen:LOCK. It's only eight episodes (so far), can't be too painful.

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Tonight on Toonami, the 7th Universe continues to struggle against the remaining combatants of the 3rd, the Scouts go public with the truth behind the Titans and the world beyond the walls in the season finale of Attack on Titan (and the series finale, as far as WIT's involvement is concerned), another shounen protagonist that I'm sure Angel will dislike joins up with a group of supernatural firefighters, Lupin is tapped to steal a famous art forger's progeny's piece back from a mysterious millionaire, Soma learns that even in dorm life there's no reprieve from being harassed by his self-absorbed classmates, it's sibling rivalry round 2 as Finral and Langris engage one another in their second round battle, Team 7 gets separated from Konohamaru as they try to located Kiri's abductors, behold: Sasuke's official start of darkness!, Casval and Artesia's move to the Texas Colony brings opportunity for the former and tragedy for the latter, and Class 1-A learns of their success or lack thereof in the provisional license exam.

11:00 - Dragonball Super #121 - All Out War! The Ultimate Four-Fold Union vs. The 7th Universe's Total Offensive - TV-14
11:30 - Attack on Titan #59 - The Other Side of the Wall - TV-14LV

12:00 - Fire Force #1 - Shinra Kusakabe Enlists - TV-14SV

12:30 - Lupin the 3rd: Part 5 #7 - His Name is Albert - TV-14S

1:00 - Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma #4 - Sacred Mother of Kyokusei - TV-MAS

1:30 - Black Clover #80 - Special Little Brother vs. Failed Big Brother - TV-14

2:00 - Boruto: Naruto Next Generations #41 - Strength in Unity - TV-PG

2:30 - Naruto Shippuden #260 - Parting - TV-PGL

3:00 - Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin #4 - Goodbye, Artesia - TV-14LSV

3:30 - My Hero Academia #60 - A Talk About Your Quirk - TV-14

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Ang wrote:
Sword Art... Does Kirito remember that this is all just a video game?

Clover... No seriously, we're supposed to like Noelle? Yeah sure this  backstory is sad but she's still and unlikable sack of crap... Maybe the shit siblings will kill each other. Of course I'm not that lucky.
The fat woman is named Angel, which is obviously this series just going out of its way to insult me now.

Hero.. It never occurred to me that there'd be professional bystanders but that makes sense.
Remember to scream "I AM HERE" as confidently as you can... Dangit Deku, get your shit together! ... Remember to smile!
Todoroki what the hell do you need with firewood?

Perhaps not. He did wake up there with at least partial amnesia from the brain damage, and even if he did, this simulation has been his daily life for years from his perspective, much like the world of Aincrad was in the first series.

I want to say that her bad attitude toward others, and especially "commoners" who are her teammates, is called redirection, but I'm not sure if that's the right psychiatric term. Maybe it's transferance. Really, though, she probably has a mental health disorder from the years of mental and physical abuse. It makes me wonder where her dad was during all of this instead of being there to look out for his youngest child and raise his other children not to be abusive jerks. Wait. Maybe he was there, and the other children learned it all from him. That would be an even worse situation for the young Noelle. In that case, it'd be a wonder that she'd ever treat anyone not terribly.
Ah, so it was an insult via trying to put your name into the show at all, thereby tarnishing your reputation by association.

It'd be like the support companies in that they'd only exist because of the market existing in the super-powered society that is the world of MHA.
For someone who had seen the All Might rescue videos as many times as he had, one would think that he'd spot All Might's actions and words for the examples they were.
He needs something to keep burning so he can do stuff other than stand there and continuously emit flames.

Poke wrote:
[regarding Gang Orca] ...let's just say he's got lungs instead of gills.

BLACK CLOVER... All of Noelle's siblings are pricks, but Solid's easily the worst; it's one thing to tell your sister she's worthless, it's another to ruin her dinner just because she forgot to let you eat first.

Like an actual orca, right? Also, he and Selkie make me think of chimeras.

That's something about fancy etiquette I never learned, waiting turns before starting a meal. I can understand a guest waiting for the host(s) to start eating before starting their own meal, but younger siblings needing to wait on birth-order is taking it too far. Additionally, didn't Solid blame Noelle, who had no say in being conceived or carried to term, to her face for their mother's death? I forget whether he said some variation on "I wish you were never born," but that is worse than splattering her food to my thinking.

DBS - Sooo... lots of Namekians fused to make these two. When we remember that Namekian fusion can't be undone, it says good things about the Namekian people that they'd be willing to give up their individuality for the chance to help defend their Universe.

I call shenanigans on the power of love "singularity." That was just their version of the Spirit Bomb, and they clearly didn't take enough energy from the inhabitants of their Universe, because 17, 18 and Goku were able to withstand and overcome it. I found it funny that Goku's stated path to power was fury, meaning righteous indignation in the world of Dragonball is something love can't conquer.

AoT 3: Third time's a charm - I haven't watched any more of these yet.

TPN - I watched the fourth episode. It was a roller coaster for me and the children. We went from suspecting people to trusting them to wondering if we were wrong to trust them to finding out that we were right to trust in one case and wrong to trust all along in another. I was glad that Gilda, who Krone tried to recruit, not only chose allegiance to Emma and the other children, but she also chose to tell Krone a plausible lie in an attempt to deflect Krone's suspicions. However, Isabella had another informant, but I'm not sure whether she has more than one. Norman ran a triple-test, and Ray failed, but I can't be sure whether Don passed. I want to believe that Don is trustworthy, but I don't know, and neither do the other children.

I'm torn on the trio telling Don and Gilda a story which was close to the truth, but not the truth. I'm dismayed that these 11-ish-year-old children know what human trafficking is, but they do, and if they can be convinced that Isabella has been lying to them for years about the fates of the "adopted" orphans, then that's good enough for the immediate term. I can also appreciate that the real truth is too outlandish, but at some point, they'll need to know the real truth if they're to survive in the outside world.

We saw a world map, and of course that caught my attention. I'm not sure whether the map is wrong or I have an incorrect understanding of what something means. I thought that calling the contiguous land mass with many hundreds of miles of land border Eurasia was simply treating Asia and Europe as one continent, but this map seems to indicate that Eurasia is the middle ground between distinct continents Asia and Europe. Also, I had heard that some consider Australia to be the largest island in the group of thousands of islands comprising Melanesia, Micronesia, Polynesia, etc., and those collectively are the continent Oceania. However, I've read that there is research in tectonic circles about whether there is another continent called Zealandia, of which the islands of New Zealand are the majority of the land area, which might lay claim to some of the island clusters currently grouped into Oceania.

The team-based training seemed to go well. Phil was good for his age, but his high test scores indicate that he's smart, and that probably helps him. As for Norman wanting to move up the timetable, I understand that every day they spend there is another day for Isabella to discover their plans, but I'm not sure the younger children are really ready to go.

My takeaway from Emma and Norman discussing what to do with an informant is that Emma good heart. She's willing look out for the safety of even a traitor, and she gave insightful rationale for it. Now the question is what Norman will do with Ray. Norman could use Emma's reasoning to try to persuade Ray to misinform Isabella or to convince him come along anyway. I'm not sure how Norman will try to play it.

When Isabella and Krone were in the office, it was unnerving how much Isabella knew. Now I want to know how she knew what Krone knows and her plan. The simple answer would be physical eavesdropping, because Krone wasn't exactly quiet when talking out her plan to her doll, but there could also be numerous surveillance devices in the house and around the farm. It's also possible that Isabella is simply an adult genius and reasoned it out from reading Krone's employee file. The problem is that any of those scenarios has bad implications for the children planning clandestinely and trying to outwit Isabella.

SAO: A - I didn't make notes for this episode soon after watching it, so I'll probably put some things which actually happened here in the spot for the next episode and vice versa.

Cardinal tried to fight Quinella, but she just didn't have the skills, so she offered her life for those of the others, but of course Quinella went back on the promise, because the others attacked her afterward.

Eugeo offered to become a sword, and Cardinal did as she was asked. Sword!Eugeo could also fly, because why not? The lights in the ceiling were the sealed memories of the Sword Golem constituents and the Knights. Fine, whatever. I'm not sure whether the sealed memories Eugeo grabbed to power his sword form were his own or Alice's, but regardless of which ones they were, how did he know which memory crystal to grab? Was that explained? Anyway, Eugeo beat the Sword Golem, but failed to kill Quinella, because she has too much hax at her disposal. His sword form breaking didn't bode well for his reversion to a human form.

Lupin - I haven't watched these yet.

Food - I set this to record, but it didn't. I don't know why, because the shows around it did. I haven't sought the episode on my own yet, but I do have the third one on the dvr, and if I like what I see there, then I'll go find the first two (the second one recorded, but it disappeared from the dvr without me watching it).

BC - I smiled when Luck one-hit his opponents' crystal by kicking a guy into it.

I thought it was mildly amusing that Noelle and Yuno bickered over "ownership" of the look of disdain. Plus, Yuno hit the nail on head that Asta's personality is rubbing off on her.

It was a big gamble by Solid's team to put all three mages on one attack run and leave their crystal unguarded. I think I remember something from Shippuden about Water Style being weak against Earth Style, and it played out here.

Solid was a bigger nozzle to young Noelle than even Nozel was, and that's a weak homophone for the latter's name. In contrast, the tired Praying Mantis guy was a remarkably decent dude, and he gave her some good encouragement. Both Noelle and Solid have water magic, but Noelle's bigger attack connected.

Haaa, the tired Praying Mantis guy used talking 'shroom magic. I thought it was hilarious that they were literal magic mushrooms.

In Yuno v. Alecdora, I'll agree that manifesting a spell inside an opponent's spell took tremendous skill on Yuno's part. Vangeance was good to Alec at some point in the past, and that inspired great loyalty from Alec. It'll really suck for Alec when Vangeance finally reveals himself to be Licht.

Boruto - Team assignments happened, and no one was shocked that Ino-Shika-Cho remained intact. I think that the team of Denki, Iwabe, and Metal would work well, with them balancing some skills, but focusing mostly on direct combat situations given Iwabe and Metal's strengths.

Of course Sarada didn't want to be teamed with Boruto and tried for a direct appeal. However, Mirai (Asuma and Kurenai's daughter) was too much for Sarada to defeat alone, and so she had to cooperate with her new teammates and take some advice from her jonin, Konohamaru, proving the point of them being grouped together.

Hm, Naruto was busy aiding a training exercise. I'm not sure how much other Hokages have done in that regard, but he does have levels of power which most of them didn't possess.

Hm, Asuma's baby girl grew up cute. I'm willing to credit both parents with that, but I'd be very surprised if a pretty lady like Kurenai had a daughter who wasn't pretty. Also, jerk move, Konohamaru, leaving your cousin literally hanging like that. She owes you a good wallop at the next extended family dinner for that one.

Shippuden - At least the recap was slightly less mopey than the original episodes of Naruto covered were. However, I feel like it robbed Hiruzen of the grandfatherly warmth and guidance we know that he tried to provide to the young orphan Naruto.

MSG: Origin - I haven't watched it yet.

MHA - The professional rescuee was right about Izuku's attitude, but I feel like he wasn't necessarily right about someone needing rescue being in the worst day of their life. There are a lot of other things which could've happened in the rescuee's life which could be worse than their current situation, both physically and psychologically.

I remember from my First Aid class that the first thing in the first-responder protocol is to determine if the scene is safe. In, say, an active shooter situation, if there's someone in the field of fire needing help, but there isn't adequate cover or concealment for the responder to reach them, then they're really not supposed to try to reach them. Think of the Poker Face episode of GitS, when, in Saito's story, he deliberately wounded one man to draw out others to get kill shots on them. That wasn't a safe scene. Similarly, Momo, Sero, and others working with Ochako was an instance of recognizing that the scene wasn't safe, so they did what they could to make it safe to reach the person and extricate them.

Another consideration in a rescue situation is triage. The responder needs to determine what injuries are the most serious. Some people will truly need help at the scene, and others may only need directions to where they can wait for treatment after others who need it immediately or be sent for a more comprehensive examination of their injuries. A broken arm is painful, but unlikely to be fatal, provided the bones aren't protruding through the skin. Bakugo exercised this principle, but he didn't state it very diplomatically, so he could've done better there.

I'm not a fan of scoring on a deduction system. Yes, if you do things wrong, you need to have some kind of consequences to teach you the importance of doing things right, but the standard there isn't understanding or putting knowledge into action. The standard is perfection, and almost no one, if anyone, will get that.

Yoarashi showed astounding control of each object in his wind stream to make the scene safe and get the rescuees to a position where they could be treated.

Gang Orca suddenly attacked, and since this was framed as a terrorist attack, then yes, it would be plausible that the heroes would need to defend those who can't flee from still-present aggressors. This strikes me as a test of their ability to cooperate and coordinate with people they don't necessarily know.

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Titan- Alright Historia you're gonna have to use him as a horse. Well this info is definitely getting out to the public now. Okay so how many of these people are actually gonna believe this wacky shit. I have no idea who this old man is. I kinda gotta agree we should have saved Erwin instead. Shut up Eren you're the worst one here. This guy with the stupid hair does make a lot of good points. On the other side of the wall is rabid dogs that will maul you to death. Congratulations, you all get your very own ugly bolo ties. Eren let go of her you're making this weird. This is going suspiciously well. Hange looks cool with the eyepatch. Birds! Oh that's looking funky. Get a haircut Eren I thought you were Mikasa. Soooo y'all are just gonna leave that thing here to creep towards the walls? Armin looks even more like a girl now with the longer hair. Okay so who here knows how to swim. :D Salt water. Levi could not give less of a fuck. Team effort to drown Jean back there. Alright any of y'all know how to build a boat? Man i can't wait for Sasha to discover that dish are edible.

Fire Force- Spontaneous combustion is never a fun time. Oh, it's a demon. Random nun there. Wizard girl is cute. And then they died. Showoff. I'm afraid to say any of these dudes are cute because we know that never goes well when there's fire involved. Okay  this OP slaps. Alright which of these men am I gonna get killed. QUIRK, you say? Titties. Me too, Maki. Ass. Boner alert. Glasses guy takes no shit. So do they only put out magic fires or regular fires too. This flashback seems familiar. Oh, she exploded. Yes the capri fire pants are practical but they look dumb as shit. I'm gonna get that buff unpowered leader dude burned to death aren't I? Sorry about your wife, buddy. I AM HERE. Time for some PTSD. Oh yeah this guy is definitely going to die. Ouch. Okay no way is his missing brother dead. Wake up bitch we got shit to do. Let me AXE you a question. Deku would approve. I do not hate this main character as much as I expected to. Ass.

Lupin- Aw crap who died. Noooo oooone shakes like Gaston, takes back fakes like Gaston. What's in the book is it Fujiko nudes? Oh, I guess a fancy old book is good too. HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO FUJIKO. :D Oh my god. Lupin definitely had to suck a dick for those eye and fingerprint scans. Yup that's Picasso alright. Aww that's sweet of grandpa. I'm kinda rooting for these homo Euro-FBI agents. Mole. Yes go into the hidden crime basement with this guy. Is it just me or does this guy also sound exactly like Gaston. Run faster! PLANT. And this guy learns the most important rule, never bring a gun to a gun fight with Jigen. Check his phone for nudes. This episode is just 75% gruff old man voices. Aw hell they're all in on it. Lupin wears a wig, confirmed. POCKET LIGHT, SHA SHA. Hmmmmm. Howdy there, big nose. Haaa, it's a Jigen. Dude definitely shit his pants right there. Background titties. Oooh, that's juicy. Maybe he just really wanted his grandson's painting back. Aw crap Gaston is dead isn't he. DANGIT. Wait what. Oh it's a cliffhanger.

Food Wars- CAW. Well that place is definitely haunted. What the fuck. I can respect this old woman who hates all the children. What kind of shit dorm makes you do a bonus exam to live on campus? Read your goddamn paperwork you bastard. That sounds disgusting. And here's an old lady having an orgasm over canned fish. Please tell me he used up all the squid and we don't have to see the weird tentacle hentai moments anymore. Dang, granny was a looker. GET IT, GRANNY. This is getting weird. Rubber duck is best character. Oh goddammit. I hope his dad is having a better time than this. Oh what the fuck. I'm going to hate all these kids. Oh shut up. Have some moonshine, bitch boy. Hoot hoot motherfucker. That sounds like an awful form of school organization. What kind of Dr Seuss method of communication is this. Oh, that's creepy. Oh yeah they're definitely just drinking juice. Okay the Bros are by far the most tolerable kids in this show. If you pull out squid I'm gonna fucking kill you. SON OF A BITCH. Ass. Oh my god put some clothes on before you cook, that's disgusting. There's definitely pubes in that fish now. I'm so tired.

Clover- I hate you all. Why has the sister fucker not been violently executed yet. His hair looks awful. Charmy continues to be the single bright spot in this arc. Yami took one look at these shenanigans and fucked off to get drunk. Jesus christ Yami get some more fiber in your diet. Maybe I'll luck out and they'll all kill each other. I agree, he sucks and his brother objectively superior to him. She's cute and she looks like she doesn't talk much, I can fuck with that. Oh honey, have some standards. Between the two of them they make a whole Todoroki. You have fire you dumb bastard. It's a tracker you stupid idiot. I hate everything. Aaand he's crazy. Okay being able to change the weather is so much cooler. Okay so he's definitely evil and maybe somebody should step in here. You lost, you failure. Sooo we're just not gonna do anything about this guy being possessed by the devil? Oh hey, somebody finally noticed this shit ain't right.

Hero- I'M SO PROUD OF YOU. Yaaay all my kids passed! Yeah windyboy no shit you failed after that. They both kinda earned that failure. EXTREME BOW. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Bakugo failed too. Go away Mineta. Iida is here to keep the class gremlin in line. They let them continue just to see how this was gonna play out. Oh sweet now they can jump into back alley knife fights without getting in trouble. Bakugo's so fucking angry. Welcome to summer school, kiddos. Now let that man take a nap. Awwwwwwww. Aizawa I am begging you to get me her number. :D At least he apologized. OH FUCK that's not who that is. Whelp, she got his blood. No don't talk to him. Just shoot him. Aww look at Small Might in that costume. How can you even see him you eyeless fuck? All for One is the woooorst. Fuck you and your overdramatic opera music. Well yeah, everyone knows that everybody hates Endeavor. So I guess her power is shapeshifting  via blood. Turn off his oxygen and see how much gloating he can do. If Fuckhands even looks at my son I will kill him myself. Don't fuck with All Might. AWWWWWWWW. Heeee he's saved as "Young Midoriya" in his phone. Oh look, Bakugo's angry. Dammit boy this is why you weren't supposed to say anything! Oh my god they were so cute. To be fair, you didn't fail because of your quirk you failed because of your personality. Aw fuck he figured it out. Hey don't call her an old cat lady. KICK HIS ASS.

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Went to the state fair today - ate some food, bought a Piccolo keychain, fun times - so it doesn't look like I'll get this week's shows watched within the same 24-hour timespan. That's why I'll be posting them later this week. Expect the usual.

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Objectively every character in Fire Force is likable, with the exceptions of Shinra's grandmother and those gossipy housewives with the overly animated shadows. My personal faves are Captain Obi 'cause of his voice and bro personality, and Iris because you know damn well why. That fire-retardant nun outfit + gas mask combo = relevant to my goddamn interests. 🤩 I kinda want Shinra to bang her, if only because I want Asta (same seiyuu) to get lucky with a nun in at least one timeline.

On a semi-related topic, I've been bouncing around a Black Clover fanfic idea in my head where Asta comes to terms with the fact that he has a nun fetish. The scary part? I might actually go through with it.

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Don't worry, no honest-to-God celibate nuns will be banged in the process. That sort of fetishism's all about aesthetic, you see...

DRAGON BALL SUPER - Oh wow, the 3rd Universe actually took their erasure from existence in greater stride than I expected. Also, neat foreshadowing about there being a tiny guy inside the robot Destroyer God.

ATTACK ON TITAN - This will be one of those season finales that's talked about ten years after the fact. I know I'll be talking about it in a decade, probably to some other commune of anime fans.

FIRE FORCE - Given this show's popularity, its pickup by Toonami was predictable, and that's disappointing. My discovery that FUNimation was on the production committee like they were for Dimension W made things a little better. But then I sat down and watched the first episode, and... oh my lordy, I think I have a new favorite show. No matter much I end up loving or hating gen:LOCK, this will be the perfect chaser regardless.

LUPIN THE 3RD: PART 5 - Non-serious slapstick Lupin is good, yes, but semi-serious plot Lupin is just as fun, albeit in a different manner. Lupin disguising himself as Fujiko is a strange yet familiar boner. I'm not sure whether I should like this Albert guy, but at least I like his smugness.

MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM: THE ORIGIN - Anyone remember that Sunrise show from a decade back where if you met your doppelganger, you died? Had the same character designer as Freezing. Well, it appears UC Gundam works on the same principle, albeit with a longer delay between meeting and death for one of the two halves. Sucks to be you, Character Previously Known as Char. I do like that we got an explanation for Char's iconic sunglasses and mask, though. Eye color can make all the difference.

MY HERO ACADEMIA - Sometimes it's easy to forget that Bakugo's actually pretty smart, he just hangs out with dumb people. I'm proud for everyone besides him and Todoroki getting their licenses though, good for them! 🎉 Turns out Camie was Toga all along, and I don't know what to think of that, honestly. I wanted All Might to smash through that thick-ass glass and punch All for One in the face too, but in the end I'm glad he refrained.

The Pierrot Power Hour and a Half of Pain plus Demarco's biggest pickup regret since GXP will come on Saturday as a prelude to the weekly schedule.

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9 hours ago, PokeNirvash said:

The Pierrot Power Hour and a Half of Pain plus Demarco's biggest pickup regret since GXP will come on Saturday as a prelude to the weekly schedule.

What show are you referring to with that "biggest pickup regret since GXP?" Food Wars! or Gundam?

Because Gundam is definitely turning out NOT to be like that at all. It beat Lupin AND Food Wars! 

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Food Wars! because of the massive amounts of fanservice, which Demarco hates. Keep in mind that when he expressed his regret over GXP, he pointed fingers not at the fanservice or lawlharem bullshit (the latter of which Tenchi in Tokyo did just as bad, if not worse), but at its lacking focus on action and the repetitive nature of Seina's constant bad luck as a vehicle for comedy.

Besides, I already covered Gundam in my post, so that obviously wasn't it.

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6 hours ago, PokeNirvash said:

Food Wars! because of the massive amounts of fanservice, which Demarco hates. Keep in mind that when he expressed his regret over GXP, he pointed fingers not at the fanservice or lawlharem bullshit (the latter of which Tenchi in Tokyo did just as bad, if not worse), but at its lacking focus on action and the repetitive nature of Seina's constant bad luck as a vehicle for comedy.

Besides, I already covered Gundam in my post, so that obviously wasn't it.

Oh yeah. At this point, Gundam and MHA are definitely "buried treasure!"

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Yeah I have no idea how Food Wars got approved, it must of been shoved down their throat or something.

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1 hour ago, CAC said:

Yeah I have no idea how Food Wars got approved, it must of been shoved down their throat or something.

Because it's kind of totally hilarious?

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I'd say it's more the two shows they were going to announce at Momocon but didn't (both of which apparently either have female protags or are LGBT-friendly) suddenly fell through and they needed something to replace one of the concluding shows fast. The fact that it was Shonen Jump and over 50 episodes likely caught Demarco's eye above any other, more widely regarded pick from Sentai's cache of shows.

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Yeah, I think Food Wars! almost solely made it to air because of its length. DeMarco might not like the fanservice, but it's a small price to pay for being able to lock down a slot for more than a year.

That being said... the fact that every episode has been rated TV-MAS so far (even if it's more fitting than what Akame got) suggests that maybe this show was acquired in a package deal, there's another one from Sentai coming, and it's going to have the S&P treatment done properly. I'd like to see that happen.

[content ratings: the revenge]

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On 7/31/2019 at 11:25 PM, Top Gun said:

Because it's kind of totally hilarious?

And it's kinda EDUCATIONAL!! Like, how many Toonami faithful actually became better cooks from the first 4 episodes of this show???

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Yo are you implying that I'm a terrible cook? I mean, I'm not as skilled or high-tone as those Totsuki snobs, but I'm capable of putting out a decent dish for myself every once in a while.

BLACK CLOVER - Once again, Ian Sinclair's performance as Magna is the only thing getting me through the Black Bulls' usual full-frontal assault of one-note character tics. Though Finral and Vanessa not acting like caricatures of themselves helped with that. But at least they're good comrades to one another, and that's what truly matters. Eat shit, Not!Bakugo.

BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS - All I'll say is that arc was shorter than I was expecting to be. And while it ain't no Great Naruto Bridge, Team 7.1 having a rest stop named after them is honorable, if not a little embarrassing.

NARUTO SHIPPUDEN - Oh wow, I actually don't remember the Sasuke Retrieval Arc as well as I thought I did.

FOOD WARS! - I can't believe the token Greg Ayres character is more tolerable than the feuding dudebros. The shaggy-haired dude is the best though, probably because he isn't loud like everyone else. Naked Apron Man being one of the Elite 10 - higher in the rankings than Erina, even! - was a good twist to end the episode on, even if it was hidden in the post-credits sequence that people more often than not skip over.

Also, I need to know who animated this week's music video, the director's name isn't enough in this case.

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Next up, tonight's schedule. Hopefully I'm more on the mark with these than past weeks.

Tonight on Toonami, the Tournament of Power comes down to an Elite Eight battle royale between the 7th and 11th Universes, an autocracy that's taken over most of Earth lays seige to where else but New York City, the Fire Force recruits a new member who Shinra instantly becomes rivals with, Lupin tries to find out more about the mysterious notebook he acquired and why he was hired to steal it, Satoshi showed Soma his so now Soma has to do the same for him (no, not bare his ass), the rest of the second round is interrupted by the first third-round match between Team Asta and Team Langris, Boruto finds himself longing for excitement after a series of low-stress D-rank missions, Gaara shows off his own Talk no Jutsu as tensions within the Allied Shinobi Forces start to come about, Char decides to make friends with the heir to the Zabi regime, and Bakugo challenges Deku to a street fight that will determine which one of them has the truly stronger quirk.

11:00 - Dragonball Super #122 - With His Pride on the Line! Vegeta's Challenge to Be the Strongest! - TV-PG
11:30 - gen:LOCK #1 - The Pilot - TV-14LV

12:00 - Fire Force #2 - The Heart of a Fire Soldier - TV-14V

12:30 - Lupin the 3rd: Part 5 #8 - Who Has the Black Notebook? - TV-14LSV

1:00 - Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma #5 - The Ice Queen and the Spring Storm - TV-MAS

1:30 - Black Clover #81 - The Life of a Certain Man - TV-14

2:00 - Boruto: Naruto Next Generations #42 - A Ninja's Job - TV-PGL

2:30 - Naruto Shippuden #261 - For My Friend - TV-PG

3:00 - Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin #5 - Char and Garma - TV-14LV

3:30 - My Hero Academia #61 - Deku vs. Kacchan, Part 2 - TV-14L

[new york city!?]

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GenLock- I agree, cookies make everything better. I like his sister. I got a real bad feeling that one of them is going to die. I like these idiots already and that never bodes well for anyone. Oh no. Please don't shoot the innocent bystanders. If Independence Day taught us anything, it's that you can solve any airfight by sacrificing a single drunk redneck who needs to redeem himself in the eyes of his estranged children. Oh I don't like where this is going. Whelp. NO YOU IDIOT DON'T DO IT. Okay when I said one of them was gonna die I didnt' think it would be this early. This is not my fault. Timeskip ahoy. I kinda love this giant dork. Scotland intensifies. I like his robot friend. This rescue mission is obviously going to go wrong. Oh look, the rescue mission is going wrong. YOLO, MOTHERFUCKER. Oh shit, he ain't dead? Never trust a mecha spider. And now he's  Cyborg. So what kinda dick does he got now. Okay I'm digging this.

Fire Force- And now another dude I'm definitely gonna get killed. Welcome to Soul Eater. Sports festival arc, go! I find it hilarious that he has to wear capri pants at all times to avoid setting himself on fire. Calcifer! Oh that thing is adorable. Sputter? I dislike this guy already. Bitches be crazy, Shinra. CALCIFER NO. Kick his ass, glasses guy. Kick his ass, Maki! Maki is my girlfriend. EXCALIBUUUUUR, EXCALIBUUUUR. She's my wife and I'm going to kill you. Sputter? Helloooo witch Maki. Bobobobobobobo? Noooo stop killing the adorable fire babies. I also like things extra firm, Captain. GUNAXE. That's a light saber. Someone hug that girl. Yes murder the shit out of that fire ghost as gently as you can. Fuck you kids, do what your hot boss says. Ohhh I am gonna get this guy killed by the end of the season. Aw shit who the hell is this. I got a real bad feeling about this. Well at least he seems friendly? Well this is depressing. Aw fuck what now. Please don't kill him I love him. Wow, this guy has the most punchable face I've seen in a long time. Please date me. Shut up and go back to the captain. I'm liking this show more than I expected.

Lupin- Sorry I almost shot you, old dude. Noooo one lies like Gaston, swindles guys like Gaston, no one sets up mysteries and dies like Gaston. Grandpa here is high as fuck. False alarm, he's just got super eyes. Is that you, Da Vinci? I don't know where this whole thing is going but this ride sure is fun. MY BAR. Why is Goemon having a phone so funny to me. IT'S HIGH NOON. Sorry grandpa you're on your own here. What just happened why did I just see a man get shot by a gay rodeo clown? How is he alive and also so chill right now. Ohhh, now this is starting to make sense. And then he died. Those are some great disguises. Lupin has run clean out of fucks to give. Howdy, hoes. I am so confused by Lupin in hot lady disguises. Oh hey Goemon. Awww the kids like him. :D He is worse at phones than my parents. This ain't gonna end well. WHAT. Hey Jigen this would be a good time to show up and help. Wow he fucked up real hard on this one didn't he. Whelp, show's over.

Food Wars- Yes you dumbass he literally just said he was on the council. I miss his hot dad.  I don't even remember this other boy being there. Still insisting that was juice, huh. No, tell this disgusting fuck to cover his balls in the kitchen. Sanji intensifies. Can we visit his hot dad again? It's just fish and rice it's not worth an orgasm. Bros continue to be the least terrible. I'm still concerned about you waving your dick around all the food, you lunatic. I feel old. I hate her. BUNNY. I do like Granny. Welcome to Iron Chef. This show still does not know how jackets fit on boobs and it's not sexy. She really is the fucking worst. I don't care, show. Hippos are adorable. No seriously, are we supposed to not wish she'd get hit by a bus? AMERI-TITS. Meat master, really.

Clover- To be fair I don't think your brother's gonna be holding much from now on. I'll admit, that sheep magic is adorable. Yeah maybe somebody should step in on the guy literally about to murder his brother. Uh king dude you're really just gonna let this go down? I hate you all. Hey there Cap'n Sexy. So you're not gonna tell them that this little fucker tried to legit murder someone? Kill them all, Hisoka. Oh yeah this was a great plan. Lookin' kinda batshit crazy there, dude. Joke's on you, Wizard King has no plan and just wants to see some carnage. Kill him, Hisoka. I literally do not give half a shit about any backstory in this show. One day I'm going to die and I'll have to justify all the time I've wasted watching this show.

Hero- Time for some Rowdy Boys. Aizawa is going to murder you both. THE TINY BOYS ARE SO CUTE. Kick his ass, Deku! Aizawa is pissed. Look at my tiny boys. Bakugo doesn't wear socks and that's gross considering how much he must sweat. Cry harder, bitch boy. Kick him right in the dick. This boy is so fucking angry. FUCK YEAH, EIGHT PERCENT. I love my kids. See, this is a rival fight I can actually enjoy. EAT FIST, MOTHERFUCKER. Okay Aizawa you might wanna step in before they kill each other. Hey All Might nice of you to join us. All Might is best dad. HUGGING. Well the important thing is that nobody died. You keep your goddamn mouth shut, Sparky. I love these kids. Aizawa's still mad. Ohhh, I'm into this. Punish me next, Aizawa. For the love of god somebody get Bakugo on some meds. Aww, he's not such a complete bastard after all.

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14 hours ago, EmpressAngel said:

Fire Force- Welcome to Soul Eater. Bobobobobobobo?

Lupin- I am so confused by Lupin in hot lady disguises.

Food Wars- Meat master, really.

They're from the same creator, so not inaccurate. Actually, it's spelled Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo.

As am I, Angel. As am I.

Yeah, "Meat Mistress" would be a more appropriate title, if you're asking for my opinion.

DRAGON BALL SUPER - Frieza's tail is both a blessing and a curse. At least Dyspo didn't bite down on it like Goku did that one time.

GEN:LOCK - Apart from some overdesigned background characters and my not being used enough to David Tennant to appreciate his character's goofier attributes, this actually wasn't so bad. I'll definitely be sticking around for more.

FIRE FORCE - Guess the schedule rundown inaccuracies continue, because apparently Shinra and Arthur were already rivals before the episode even started. Obi's still the best, I fear that something will happen to him in the next couple of episodes.

LUPIN THE 3RD PART 5 - His name is Albert and he is most definitely GAY. I just about lost it at Goemon getting frustrated with the smartphone. 🤣 This arc's really scratching my female masking itch, it helps that the masks and suits are realistic enough to not seem like the kind of thing only psychos would be into. It should be interesting seeing what history Lupin has with Albert, especially with how the latter's able to outfox him at seemingly every turn.

FOOD WARS! - I might have let Erina's breast-bounding slide in the one episode where we actually saw them do that, but her chef uniform conforming near-perfectly around them? My inner Foley's calling shenanigans on that. Oh well, at least we've got delicious brown waifubait now. Let's hope her personality isn't as disappointing as Sol's. 🤜🌲

BLACK CLOVER - I forgot to mention this last week, but Langris sounded like Bakugo so much at times, that I was hoping he'd call someone a "damn nerd". Y'all might not care about Troll Prince JYB 2.0's tragic backstory, but I like it. His dad gets purposely friendly-fired and insulted at his gravesite by former "comrades", so what does he do? He dresses up like the doll he was given and starts beating the shit out of asshole Magic Knights like some kind of bondage gear Batman. I bet that Purple Orca - the real Xerx - he beat up before the selection test was the one who killed his dad, which would make him stealing his identity and making people think less of the actual man with his general trickery even more hilarious.

BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS - I've been putting off pre-scripting my Kinky Kunoichi sequel for a while now, and after Boruto's bank robbery fantasy reminding me of a semi-similar situation taking place in the premiere ep, I'm seriously thinking of getting back to it.

NARUTO SHIPPUDEN - Gaara's pretty good at the Talk no Jutsu, almost as good as Naruto is. I'm proud of him for coming so far since the days when he was actually edgier than Sasuke.

MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM: THE ORIGIN - He wears the sunglasses to hide his identity. The people who know him thinks he wears them because his eyes are bad. Those who don't know him thinks he wears them because he's a stylish prick. Oh, if only the other half knew how right they were with that theory...

MY HERO ACADEMIA - Easily the better half of "Clifford Chapin Fight Night", both in animation and in storytelling impact. I hate to say it after over a year of watching this show, but I think I actually legitimately like Bakugo now. Still, I consider their fight a draw, no matter how much Bakugo insists that he was the winner.

[it means knock on wood]

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Tonight on Toonami, Goku resumes battling Jiren after Vegeta's failed attempt at striking him down, Dr. Weller explains just how in the hell Chase survived what should have been an assured fatality, Shinra and Arthur show off their skills in the Fire Force's annual competition for rookies, Lupin reveals to his comrades his secret past with Albert, Soma gets drawn into his first Food War against one of Erina's lackeys, leave it to Pierrot to interrupt the plot with inappropriately placed filler, Team 7 investigates a series of honest-to-god bank robberies, the Fourth Great Ninja War officially starts when Deidara and Sasori ambush the commando unit in a re-enactment of Shippuden's first arc, Char and Garma lead the students of Zeon's top military academt in an assault against the Earth Federation, and we get a look at how the villain underworld is reacting to All Might's retirement fight against All For One.

11:00 - Dragonball Super #123 - Body, Soul and Power Unleashed! Goku and Vegeta! - TV-PGLV
11:30 - gen:LOCK #2 - There's Always Tomorrow - TV-14LV

12:00 - Fire Force #3 - The Rookie Fire Soldier Games - TV-14V

12:30 - Lupin the 3rd: Part 5 #9 - The Man Who Abandoned Lupin - TV-14SV

1:00 - Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma #6 - The Meat Aggressor - TV-MAS

1:30 - Black Clover #82 - Clover Clips: The Nightmarish Charmy Special! - TV-14

2:00 - Boruto: Naruto Next Generations #43 - The Byakuya Gang Surfaces! - TV-PGL

2:30 - Naruto Shippuden #262 - War Begins - TV-PGL

3:00 - Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin #6 - Garma Rising - TV-14LV

3:30 - My Hero Academia #62 - A Season for Encounters - TV-14LV

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I let the dvr get too full, so I had to forego writing last week to clear out some space. This is the first of two weeks of posts.

AoT 3: Third time's a charm - I haven't watched any more of these yet.

DBS - The illusion dude for the Fourth Universe was a cute little guy, despite the spikes on his head. It's a shame illusions were all he had. The invisible guy did well to poach Vegeta's win, but yeah, seeing the distortion when he was surrounded by dust gave him away. The fighting insect was remarkably strong for his size (even ants would be impressed), but once 17 saw the tiny dust trail, he made it look easy. However, I was disappointed that the insect managed to get the drop on Piccolo. He should've known better than to stay that close to the edge.

Three universes are down in two episodes. They're dropping like flies.

TPN - I watched another one, and most of it seemed like mental wrangling for advantage and seeking opportunity between Norman and Ray. I've tried not to read other's comments on this show so I wouldn't be spoiled, but one short sentence I did catch has made me suspect that Isabella is already grooming her next informant, since Ray is reaching the age limit. Even if he's deemed sufficiently intelligent, selfish and devious enough to join the group of adults who run the farm system, he'll still need to leave that farm for the sake of keeping up appearances for the other children, and so it would make sense that there's another informant.

As for Norman doubting that the trackers could even be destroyed, I do think he was right to doubt Ray's "work" in that area, but, again, I think that removal would be preferable.

I think it was foolish for Don and Gilda to search Isabella's room to find her communications equipment, and that was a very tense cliffhanger for how they would escape detection. Still, it was clever how they deduced from simple measurements that there was a secret room off of  her room. The existence of the room would be easy to calculate, but hiding it relied on the thoroughness of the lie of the orphanage, in that no one would think to look for it.

SAO: A - Quinella's estimate of what it would take to repel the Dark Territory's invasion is another reason why not to give A.I.s autonomous kill authority. She had an appalling idea of what constituted acceptable losses (50% of the human realm's population) to defend the realm, pursue the threat, and eradicate it. To any sane and empathetic person, that would be a sign that the plan was a bad plan, and another plan was needed, because that wouldn't be 50% total losses. That was just how many people would need to be brain-jacked into becoming Sword Golems. I very much doubt that there would be no other human casualties in the invasion, so the hundreds or thousands of personal violations of the sanctity of the mind aside, there would probably be hundreds or thousands of other dead from the initial attacks in the invasion. Yes, I remember these are A.I.s, but the principle extends to how a weaponized A.I. like Quinella would operate in the field. She would deem losing half or more of the human force she supported to be within parameters for considering a mission successful, provided the other designated objective(s) were achieved.

Of course Eugeo was dying. His lower body from the waist down was severed. Frankly, he should've died sooner than he did. It looked like Eugeo had Alice's memories, and he was able to reunite mentally with the person she was. That's how he learned that his and Kirito's memories were also manipulated following Alice being taken. It was nice that he saw that a memory Quinella used to turn him wasn't the whole story, since Alice and Kirito were really making Eugeo a birthday present in secret for a surprise. What I want to know is whether Alice can be restored now. It looked like Eugeo integrated her sealed memories and then died, so I would presume there would be no other copy of the memories for her to re-integrate and regain what was taken from her.

Quinella said that no metal sword can hurt her. Um, why not? Did I miss that explanation? Oh well. The joke was on her, because both Eugeo's and Kirito's swords were made from things other than metal, so they did notable damage to her. I was fine with Kirito donning his Aincrad attire for the fight and bringing back dual-wielding using the blood-ice of Eugeo's sword. It was a little disappointing that the fight ended with mutual maimings, which they both somehow survived. I think they each used a spell to stop the bleeding, but I don't really remember.

Quinella tried to escape by using an admin terminal, but to where? I would think to either a device or another server linked to the simulation, but not part of it. I'm iffy on Chudelkin going after her. On one hand, how could he tell where she was when he had no eyes? On the other hand, it was acceptable to see her meet her supposed demise by something as simple as a corruption of the data transfer. When Kirito used the  terminal to communicate with the outside and we heard gunfire, I initially thought that Quinella succeeded in making it out of the simulation (despite Chudelkin's actions), took over one of the robot bodies, and went Terminator on the humans, but it turned out to be an Eva ripoff raid instead. I'll go with the presumption that Kirito manages to log out of the simulation before he gets brain-fried (did these people learn nothing about safety protocols after the Aincrad incident and the thousands of dead it produced?).

Lupin - I haven't watched these yet.

Food - I know I set the first episode to record, and it didn't show on the list of recorded shows. The second week (this episode), it recorded, but when I went back to look for it later in the week, it was off the list of recorded shows, and I know I wasn't down to the last five percent of dvr space, so the dvr shouldn't have kicked it off to make space.

BC - Ah, so Zora did set traps the night ahead, meaning he was serious about needing a nap in the first match.

Asta's anti-magic tornado move did a good job of countering Kirsch's Shadow Clones, but it also removed all of Zora's traps. Still, Asta had a good point that Zora can't beat the Midnight Sun alone simply through craftiness and planning. It will take real teamwork, and Zora begrudgingly agreed to try it, so of course it worked. Zora's quick traps worked to funnel Kirsch to the pit Asta dug by muscle power, which I'll accept given the furiously-paced physical training we've seen Asta do. I thoroughly enjoyed Asta's mocking tone about nobility in luring Kirsch into the cave.

Boruto - Mitsuki's past was odd. In an amnesiac state, he had to decide between trusting either his clone predecessor or his progenitor, and he chose to trust himself, I think. I'm not really sure. It's been over a week since I watched this to when I'm writing about it. I do remember that he's fascinated with Boruto for some reason.

Shippuden - Anko sure was hot back in the day. That is all.

MSG: Origin - I haven't watched these yet.

MHA - This was so over-the-top and cheesy that it was hilarious. I loved that the deduced storyline between villain!All Might and Midnight was telenovela-level dramatic. Still, Aizawa had a point that they didn't restrain the villain, and thus allowed him to escape. However, I feel like trying to get the students to do the work of the police was beyond the scope of what heroes should do. In this situation, I think the real responsibility of the heroes would be to secure the scene for the police to conduct the investigation. I mean, there would be officers right outside to start the investigation almost immediately. Further, in a real situation, they wouldn't need to deduce that All Might laughing when his nose was tickled was a sign that he was alive; they could simply check his pulse instead and determine that he was alive, and thus he needed to be secured to make it safe(r) for paramedics to stabilize him. To my consideration, the students failed because it was a fake situation and they tried to do more than they truly needed to do.

Oh, hey. The daughter of All Might's friend from his time abroad is pretty. It's tempting to hope that Izuku would get a little play from her during the movie, but I really want him to end up with Ochako, because she's such a good person in addition to being cute.

"An e-mail is here! An e-mail is here!" 😄

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1 hour ago, PokeNirvash said:

I was under the impression it said "sheets".

Oh shit you're right. The "shirt" shirt is when All Might goes to his apartment to talk to his mom. 


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Here's the second week of posts.

DBS - In facing the robot fighters, I liked how 17 and 18 relentlessly bombarded the "invincible" one. It was still making sound when it went out of bounds, so I'm presuming it was still "alive." Thinking about it, though, would destroying them even be a rules violation? If they're manufactured rather than born, are they truly alive? If their bodies are destroyed, but their memory bank survives, it could be put into another manufactured body and would continue to "live," so I'm not sure that destroying the robot fighters would get anyone disqualified.

That was dumb. The robots already saw the peril of combining fighters into one, but they did it anyway.

Gohan did well to hold off the combined robot while Goku and Vegeta recovered. I was fine with those two providing an assist once they had caught their breath, but I'm glad they let Gohan finish it, since he had done most of the heavy lifting in the fight. Uh oh. Even Beerus was pleased with Gohan's performance. That can't be good for his prospects.

AoT 3: Third time's a charm - I haven't watched any more of these yet.

TPN - I haven't watched any more of these yet.

Lupin - I haven't watched these yet.

Food - I'm not sure I'll continue watching this. The premise strikes me as so very absurd, but it is fun in a cheap laughs kind of way.

I am by no means a student of culinary arts, but I'll admit I was surprised to learn that honey will break down the connective tissues of meat. At least I think that's what they said it did. Hm.

The blue-haired girl from a small town is cute, and I feel sorry for her.

BC - Magna's disappearing fireball attack was neat, but it can't have much power, or I feel like the disappearing part wouldn't work. Still, it had enough power to damage the crystal. By the end of their face-off, I'm not sure whether Asta got the hang of swatting the attacks or just got lucky in hitting some of them.

Mimosa was sneaky, and I liked it. It made sense that the seed took time to sprout and take control of Sol's golem, but it seems like Mimosa's plant magic is perfect for fighting Earth Style.

Sol's backstory struck me as tedious. Blah, blah, sexism. Yadda, yadda, empowered females are at least as capable as menfolk. Whatever. I feel like the real equalizer in that raid would've been the townsfolk being proficient with traditional weapons, but we must remember that the right to self-defense doesn't have the same consideration either in Japan or across cultures in the feudal societies of years past (upon which the show was ostensibly modeled) that it does in America. I've covered that at some point in regard to the history of the word "army."

How was Kirsch ready to fight? He spent several minutes with one of Asta's anti-magic swords lying on him. It should've drained his mana to practically zero. Even Julius noted in a previous episode how much mana he could feel being drawn out of him just from holding it for a few seconds.

Boruto - I liked that Boruto asked Hinata about her first mission before going on his, and she was honest about how nervous she was. It's a good thing he didn't ask his dad, though, because I don't think he'd like the similarity between them in hindsight.

Haaa, the Uzumaki family still has a frog clock in the house.

I feel like part of Konohamaru's admonition about respecting teammates was pointed at Sarada, but she missed it.

Of course the mission was more complicated and higher ranking than Team 7 was initially led to believe. There's a traitor in the village, and there are rogue shinobi involved. I can readily believe that this village was ripe for attack, because they made a supposedly untrained teenage girl their leader, when she was not ready to be the village champion like her father was.

Shippuden - I enjoyed young Sauce, feeling smug about the damage his Chidori did to the water tank going into it compared to the smaller dent and tiny entry hole of Naruto's Rasengan, having the rug pulled out from under him at seeing the other side of Naruto's tank and how much of it wasn't there anymore.

MSG: Origin - I haven't watched these yet.

MHA - Tsuyu can generate optical camouflage with her Quirk now. I so proud of her for improving/increasing her skills.

Shoto and Yoarashi did not work well together. They not only showed no coordination, but each inadvertently, though actively, interfered with the other's efforts when attempting simultaneous attacks. One simply saying to the other to go first would've eliminated that. What I would like to know is how much they were penalized for it. It was only one type of error, but they committed it multiple times, so I'm curious to know whether they lost points each time the error was repeated. I guess I can see the logic for dinging them repeatedly, since it showed a failure to learn from their mistake.

Izuku strikes me as being good at plucking people out of danger, provided the person can be moved without further injury due to nature of their distress. He also works well with directions, but is shaky on taking the initiative. Several times he was told by someone else how to help the efforts with the resucees.

I'm not sure about Gang Orca's sonic attack. My understanding is that real orcas stun their prey with the sheer force of the biting attack. They may have a form of echolocation/sonar to assist in finding or ranging their prey, but I don't think it disorients their prey or overloads their senses.

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Gen Lock- Not the time for jokes now, buddy. I like this wacky scientist guy. Oh is he s a cyborg now? Oh, cool. I know I've seen this kind of mecha-mind thing somewhere else but I don't remember where. I wonder how long he spent making this fancy PowerPoint. Go talk to your girlfriend, dude. Yikes there's only half of him in there. :( He's stuck in the fish bowl forever I guess. I'd be way too dumb to take care of any of this so good luck, mustache dude. Hi new people. That girl has some kind of tiny robot kitten sidekick and I love it. I guess that guy knows English but can't speak it. So can she fuck the hologram or what. Oh, I guess not. Surely this will end well. No wonder he's the spy he's the blandest man I've ever seen. Whelp, y'all fucked that up. KNIFE. Can't shoot a hologram, fucker! Goddammit science man. Dr Science is my favorite character so far. Heee he's the robot now. No don't break his tank. In no way will this come back to bite that guy right in the ass. Oh look, you're dead now.

Fire Force- I don't think I like this universe's Dandy. You leave buff captain alone you bastard. Titties. I like the mascots. Eyepatch grandpa has arrived. Dude he's not gonna remember one fire when it happens every damn week. Oh my god just close your shirt you dumbass. I kinda hate this girl already. Try not to kill that guy. Aw crap. Yeah sure go ahead and trust what this guy says. Oh what the hell. Whelp, you're screwed. Wow what a shock I never expected his brother's alive. HERO DEVIL. I like it when heroes just tell the villain to fuck off and ignore everything they say. Fanservice girl's single trait of being fansevice is getting real old already. Whelp, they're gonna die. Just let her fall, eyepatch grandpa. Hiii captain. So uh did they win? Oh yeah they're definitely hiding shit. Can I also volunteer for midnight guard duty with the captain? It seems real counterproductive to not share information among each other. Our motive is just to be hot and buff. God this man is doomed.

Lupin- Last time, Lupin died. Speedboat Jigen, go! Yeah shoot at Goemon that'll work. YEET. Y'all might wanna get Lupin to a hospital now. The hell? I have no idea what just happened. Flashback, go! I don't know how young Lupin's supposed to be when he looks exactly the same. Oh that's good, he's recovering in a filthy sewer. SNAKE. Those are some fangs on that lady. No seriously, who the hell are these people. Automail. Mmm delicious snake meat. So what are they brothers? You can't just steal France! And then shit blew up. I feel like it was probably a bad idea to write down an extensive list of all the shady shit you've done for decades. Window, go! And then Lupin killed a bunch of dudes. There's something really funny about Goemon putting on a helmet after all this. Oh he's gonna be bleeding out. Don't let her near your dick. Is it time to fake your death again? Oh you dick. Is it Fujiko, is Flashback Fuji after the same diamond. GUN. I'm sure this plan will go off without a hitch. Lupin you're awfully confident dealing with a dude who just shot you multiple times and left you for dead.

Food Wars- I'm too old for this shit. CHAINSAW. I do like chickens. Why are you naked. I miss his hot dad. I'm hungry. Dimestore Josuke is depressed. MANLY. Hold up, is this a character who's not fucking intolerable? WHY DO HER TITS MAKE AUDIABLE PUDDING NOISES. There are so many jokes I could make about her status as Meat Master but this show isn't worth it. Meat and rice, that's not a vague enough description to go off of. This jiggling is just painfully excessive and unfunny, and I say that as someone who literally gets distracted by my own tits. How the fuck are you gonna help, you're the worst student in the school. Ha, his hair is bandaged. I could go for some meat right now. "Can you really beat such incredible meat?" I have nothing to complain about, that line was gold. Dad wants you to starve and I don't blame him. If you bring out that squid thing again I'm going to kill you. Alright that actually does sound pretty good. I kinda hate that I genuinely laughed at "CAN WE BEAT HER MEAT?"

Clover- Okay, a filler episode where Charmy is tripping balls sounds a lot better than the actual show. This is infinitely better than canon. God help me, I actually laughed at this. It turns out that the key to making Black Clover a decent show is just to turn it into Pop Team Epic. No fuck you don't go back to the real plot.

Hero- Hello there, new guy? Oh shit is that Twice? I love that everyone hates garbage dilf. It kinda worries me that people are searching up Endeavor's kids. Meanwhile, shit going down. :D Is that a sea captain hero? Whelp, that guy's dead. Haaa, Reservoir Dogs. Aw shit he's going crazy. Dabi's probably off setting people on fire. And then Dabi set a bunch of people on fire. Oh, that's a horrifying backstory. :( Twice needs a hug. Who's this edgelord plague mask douche? I got a bad feeling about this guy. And now we switch to my wholesome children. Shut up douche Rogue. Awww she's adorable. Oh hey tired boy. I goddamn love Principal Mouse. I'm sure these new kids won't be important. :D Hound Dog is best teacher. Nah I don't think these work studies will be important. Calm down sweetie. Present Mic appearing from behind the door is unreasonably funny to me. :D IIda doing the Deku voice. :D:D What. And then Vault Boy was here. Calm down, kiddo. Damn, Tin Tin's got some meat on those arms. S-Sasuke?

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Splitting this week's shows up into two halves. Five shows today, five on Wednesday.

DRAGON BALL SUPER - Nope, I've got nothing. Sorry.

GEN:LOCK - Why am I not surprised that the white male without an accent was the villain this episode? Ah well, the other new characters were likeable enough that I wasn't bothered by it. BLEEP COUNT: 1.

LUPIN THE 3RD PART 5 - I wonder what inspired Jose to staff his crew with henchwomen instead of henchmen. Also, I was expecting blonde tonfa Alucard - whose gender I still don't know - to have died after being literally shocked, so I'm surprised they're still around.

MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM: THE ORIGIN - Damn cable guide episode description spoiled me on Char setting up the one guy who knows who he really is for death. That family moment between Degwin and Garma was a little awkward. Speaking of Garma, Chris Niosi did a great job as him, I hope the current controversy surrounding him won't be the end of his career like it was for Vic. And now we know who Mineva's parents are. (Dozle and Zenna, for those not paying attention.)

MY HERO ACADEMIA - I liked how the first half of the episode was all about Twice's backstory and his perspective on society's response to All Might's retirement. Fine stuff. I still hate Monoma's guts to the point of wanting to punch him in the face until he's dead, and yet I thank him for starting Bakugo down the path of likability despite still being the biggest problem child in all of shounen. And now we have a third moody kid with black hair and a specific style to join Sasuke and Ray in that little clique. Oh, and Angel's third MHA husbando, I guess.

I'd have watched Fire Force instead of Gundam, but after hearing that they cut a scene because "fanservice is icky" - editing two minutes of sexual assault out of SAO, I can understand, but this is just bullshit - I decided I needed some time to get past that, so I'll be watching it with Food Wars and the Pierrot Power Hour and a Half of Pain later this week.

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FIRE FORCE - Huh, things were actually less edited down than I anticipated they'd be. They actually played the whole "Shinra groping Tamaki" scene in full, they just used stills in place of the pans down to the hand-to-naughty-bits contact. Those Reddit motherfuckers tricked me into thinking they cut the scene altogether like SyFy would've! Still, even without the scene at its fullest, this show remains better than it should be, and I'm glad to continue watching it. Welcome to the Dandyverse, Mad Scientist Dandy.

FOOD WARS! - This show remains more fun than it should be too. I'm pleased to see that with only one episode of real screentime so far and half of said screentime spent on being sensual af, Mito's already a better delicious brown character than Sol. If Totsuki has a gluten-free research society, I'd join it in a heartbeat. All in all, I think I'm gonna make myself a rice bowl on Saturday. First thing's first, I need rice. Guess that's another trip to the Japanese grocery store in the rich Republican part of town for me... 🚗

BLACK CLOVER - Charmy is a rather conflicting character. Her one-note gag is usually annoying when put up with the rest of the Bulls' one-note gags, especially Luck wanting to fight everyone and Gauche nosebleeding over his sister, but on it's own it's actually an odd kind of charming (hence the name). Plus she's got plenty of good gags unrelated to her foodie-ness, and you can easily tell her VA is having a blast voicing her. So in short, you could say my thoughts on her tend to vary. Onto the actual episode, I'm guessing they only did this because the regular animators needed a break.

BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS - I had a feeling Temari was gonna get the fan, and I'm glad to see I was right. Shikadai's new shogi buddy is obviously the owl-mask dude from the Byakuya Gang, but with the latter sounding more like JYB than the former, it's no surprise that I was thrown off for the second where my guard was down there.

NARUTO SHIPPUDEN - War is bombing the forest until you get all of the ninjas.

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And now replies to others' comments.

On 8/10/2019 at 5:01 PM, FoleyisGood149 said:

Food - I'm not sure I'll continue watching this. The premise strikes me as so very absurd, but it is fun in a cheap laughs kind of way.

BC - Sol's backstory struck me as tedious. Blah, blah, sexism. Yadda, yadda, empowered females are at least as capable as menfolk. Whatever.

Even Foley thinks Food Wars was a poor pickup choice! :P

I like backstory Sol more than I do present-day Sol, but I agree that the backstory itself was awfully heavy-handed with the whole gender inequality thing. That nerdy-looking kid from the village telling Sol "let us men handle the defense" while looking like he couldn't even handle a 5-lb dumbbell was downright laughable, especially when he got his ass handed to him by the bandits later on.

On 8/11/2019 at 3:59 AM, EmpressAngel said:

Gen Lock- No wonder he's the spy he's the blandest man I've ever seen.


Clover- Okay, a filler episode where Charmy is tripping balls sounds a lot better than the actual show. This is infinitely better than canon. God help me, I actually laughed at this. It turns out that the key to making Black Clover a decent show is just to turn it into Pop Team Epic. No fuck you don't go back to the real plot.

Yes, Not!Sinclair looking underdesigned compared some of the other gen:LOCK pilots was also a valid hint he was actually a bad guy.


Huh, I was actually expecting you to dislike Clover Clips: The Motion Picture. Hell, I was expecting you to have physically keeled over in pain during the short where Gauche made his own harem of imouto clones. Oh well, I'm glad I was proven wrong.

[we really need more people up in this biz]

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My parents are out of town for the weekend, picking up my sister from her non-paid summer internship in Tax-achusetts, so I'm staying up late to watch the block tonight. So go to the episode discussion threads for my usual comments, here I'll be posting favorites from the /co/ discussion threads. Be warned: they like Food Wars and hate gen:LOCK. Gundam, they can go either way on.

Tonight on Toonami, Gohan subs in for Frieza in battling Dyspo, the new gen:LOCK recruits do some practice runs in their Holons as the wait for the Union's next attack continues, Shinra and Arthur get stuck on pet rescue duty while the rest of the team respond to a fire at the courthouse, Lupin and Albert team up to steal the Little Black Book back from Jose and his henchwomen, Soma puts his three days' worth of preptime to the test in a beef bowl Food War against "Meat Mistress Master" Ikumi Mito, Asta taps into his demon powers to help Zora in his assault against Langris as the first semifinal match concludes, the new generation of genin find themselves at odds regarding whether they should stop the Byakuya Gang, Kankuro fights Sasori with his own puppet body, Char meets his first Newtype while blowing off steam on Earth, and the Big Three of U.A. High show their stuff to Class 1-A in the third season finale of My Hero Academia.

11:00 - Dragonball Super #124 - A Storm-and-Stress Assault! Gohan's Last Stand! - TV-PGV
11:30 - gen:LOCK #3 - Second Birthday - TV-14L

12:00 - Fire Force #4 - The Hero and the Princess - TV-14LV

12:30 - Lupin the 3rd: Part 5 #10 - Thief and Thief - TV-14LSV

1:00 - Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma #7 - The Silent Bowl, The Eloquent Bowl - TV-MAS

1:30 - Black Clover #83 - Burn It Into You - TV-PGL

2:00 - Boruto: Naruto Next Generations #44 - Shikadai's Doubts - TV-PG

2:30 - Naruto Shippuden #263 - Sai and Shin - TV-PG

3:00 - Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin #7 - Encounter with Lalah - TV-14LV

3:30 - My Hero Academia #63 - Unrivaled - TV-14DLS

[insert wolf-whistle here]

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Ang wrote:
Food Wars... put some clothes on before you cook, that's disgusting. There's definitely pubes in that fish now.

Hero... Iida is here to keep the class gremlin in line.
No don't talk to him. Just shoot him... How can you even see him you eyeless fuck? All for One is the woooorst... Turn off his oxygen and see how much gloating he can do.

Agreed. There's no way that guy isn't violating the health code and probably also school regulations by cooking functionally nude.

It's a full-time job, and I doubt he's truly ready for such responsibility.
Those are all valid points.

Poke wrote:
Sometimes it's easy to forget that Bakugo's actually pretty smart, he just hangs out with dumb people.

It is easy to equate his furious attitude with someone being dumb and lashing out at the world around them when they don't understand something, which is clearly not the case here.

Blatch wrote:
Yeah, I think Food Wars! almost solely made it to air because of its length. DeMarco might not like the fanservice, but it's a small price to pay for being able to lock down a slot for more than a year.

I tend not to think about things from the programming side, because that has little bearing on my enjoyment or lack thereof with a show, but when things don't pan out, quick decisions aren't always bad. That said, after seeing the third and fourth episode, I don't think I'm missing much if I don't go back and watch the first two on my own.

This is part one of another two-week posting.

DBS - I liked everyone teaming up on the giant cyborg fusion of the guy and the robots, but how did it get so big with just adding a normal-sized dude? Also, how was it flying? It had wings, but it didn't flap them. Even the pterosaurs back in DB and DBZ had to flap their wings occasionally, even when they mostly glided.

Well, crap, it can fight multiple people simultaneously. Sure, let's call it sonar. Why not?

I'm fine with 18 making the calculated decision to sacrifice herself to throw 17 back into the ring.

Hm, even Frieza joined in to fight. I feel like their combined energy attacks should've been more than enough to overpower this cyborg, but I'll take that effort providing the interference for 17 to break through and damage its power matrix thing so the others could blast it out of the ring.

There was a tiny dude in the Universe 3 Destroyer robot. Does this mean all the robots were really piloted suits all along?

AoT 3: Third time's a charm - I haven't watched any more of these yet.

TPN - I haven't watched any more of these yet.

Fire - I haven't watched these yet.

Lupin - I haven't watched these yet.

Food - Of course Soma dropped the letter about there being a dorm entrance exam, which is nonsense to have such a thing, but I feel like nonsense will be par for the course with this show. Sure, he made something great with leftovers and a few fresh ingredients from the kitchen. Why not?

The dorm mother was hot back in the day.

Yeah, sure that was only "juice" from rice.

Poor Megumi saw more than she ever wanted to see. It looked to me like she was sitting low in the bath, so hopefully Soma didn't see much for the sake of her mental state.

This truly is a dorm of weirdos, and especially the girl who keeps live animals to butcher for ultimate freshness.

This Council of Ten strikes me as more nonsense, like the student council at school in KLK, but without the offensive might of Goku Uniforms.

BC - In the history of Finral and Langris, Langris is the son of a second wife. That makes me wonder what happen to first one. Finral's stepmom was a terrible person, and his dad tried to use shame as a motivator. That was a pretty lady brought in for an arranged marriage, and she and Finral got along well. For her sake, I hope she hasn't had to marry Langris yet.

Wait a minute, author. If Augustus is this lady's great-uncle, that means he's the brother of her grandparent. In that case, how is Augustus king? For one, he doesn't look old enough to have a great-niece her age several years ago, which would indicate that he was a younger sibling to her grandparent. If he is the younger sibling, then his sibling's child, the lady's parent, would be ahead of him in the order of succession, and, frankly, she would be as well. Unless Augustus' sibling was younger and had their child, the lady's parent, at a very young age, and so did that parent for her, then I find it very hard to believe that she is his great-niece. His niece, perhaps, but not another generation down.

Finral cancelled Langris' spatial spells with his own. Cool. Unfortunately, the big volley of attacks was too much. I seriously doubt Finral would've survived his wounds. There were pieces of his body, including part of his torso, which weren't there anymore. He'd bleed out rapidly from such wounds.

I didn't expect Langris to move in for the kill over a perceived insult in Finral saying he wasn't inferior to him. I did very much like the trio of Finral's teammates being poised to strike down Langris at the slightest sign of aggression. I spotted that their body positions were such that they wouldn't hit their comrades on the other sides. It looked like Asta was set for an upward stab, Luck was ready to fry Langris' heart, and Magna would've torched his head.

In lighter developments, poor Sekke. Yami, my advice is for you to include more fruits and vegetables in your diet and to drink way more water.

Boruto - Those rogue ninja were thoroughly untrustworthy. Not only did they kill their client (when he wasn't even sic-ing more hired muscle on them), but they also tried a double-cross at the exchange. At least they predictably were defeated.

I wonder how much of Konohamaru's chakra was used for that Rasengan.

Yep, teamwork was essential again, because each member of the team lacks something one or more of the others have, so they truly complement each other's skills.

I chuckled at the return of "Cha!". As for Sarada having monster strength, it's easy to forget she's also Sakura's daughter, and her mom could've taught her what she (Sakura) learned from Tsunade. It also appears that Sarada is the medic of her team, even if she's not an actual medical ninja at this point. At least her First Aid skills helped the girl to stop leaving a blood trail for the enemies to follow.

Shippuden - Yeah, the combined effort to retrieve Sauce back in the day failed, because Naruto couldn't overpower Sauce's Curse Mark Level 2 with the one-tailed form of the Nine-Tails cloak (I think that means that this form of Sauce would have a chance in a fight with Shukaku). Consider that now Naruto is trying to master the use of the full cloak. In that state, Naruto would struggle not to shred Curse Mark Level 2 Sauce's body with a single attack.  

MSG: Origin - I haven't watched it yet.

MHA - If my math is correct, the result of the exam is that 89 people passed. I'll agree with Izuku's feedback that he needs better presence (he does want to be an inspiring hero like All Might, after all) and to take more initiative.

Bakugo, Shoto and Yoarashi all failed, largely because this test was intended to focus on teamwork and communication, since they're unlikely to find another complete package like All Might any time soon. As the bureaucrats said in the previous episode and we saw in Yoarashi's memory, Endeavor is strong, but he stinks at p.r.

At the meeting between All Might and All for One in prison, I liked the safeguards, but I feel like the best one is that All for One will die without the life-support equipment. This means he can't escape alone; he must be retrieved by allies bringing a mobile life-support system like the one he had at Tomino. While that's all well and good, I don't understand why he didn't get a death penalty. He willfully created mass destruction with every expectation that there were people in the area who could die from injuries sustained in the carnage. If anyone did die at Tomino, that would be felony murder. Plus, he created, made available, and sent all those Nomus, so he's at least partially culpable for the damages and injuries they caused.

I must recognize Bakugo's cleverness in figuring out Izuku's secret from his own encounter with All for One and the fact that Ragdoll can't use her Quirk anymore. However, I feel like it would be an oversight not to notice what this tells us about the nature of All for One's basic Quirk. It doesn't just copy a power. Instead, it would need to re-write the DNA of both the other person to extract their Quirk and his own or someone else's to implant it. Given how much he's done that to himself, I feel like not all of his appearance is due solely to All Might pummeling him years ago. It wouldn't surprise me if all that genetic tampering on himself over the years has left him riddled with cancers which, frankly, he doesn't know how to undo or write out with his power. Recall Deadpool's disfigured appearance and that, as they put it in the second movie, the basis of his power is unbridled cancer. It wouldn't surprise me if Horikoshi took inspiration for All for One's face from the Deadpool comics.

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Here's part two. If I can pull this off again, I'll be caught up on comments, if not the shows.

DBS - I very, very much enjoyed that Vegeta took what Jiren intended to be a shaming comment about his (Vegeta's) pride and took it as motivation to fight harder. I also like that Vegeta chose to shun Instinct as a way to fight, choosing instead to rely on his hard-earned fighting skills.

Dispo is fast. I'm not sure even Golden Frieza is up to catching him alone.

I'm torn on what Gohan should do. I feel like he could team with either 17 or, much more grudgingly, Frieza to fight either Top or Dispo, respectively. Sure, either Trooper would decry such double-teaming as underhanded (whereas Jiren is so confident in his strength that he doesn't care how many opponents fight him simultaneously, but Vegeta is the arrogant one >.> ), but Gohan knows he's fighting for the lives of his wife and daughter, and I guess his mom and brother as well, so if sneakiness is what it takes to win, then so be it.

Gen: LOCK - I haven't watched it yet.

AoT 3: Third time's a charm - I haven't watched any more of these yet.

TPN - I haven't watched any more of these yet.

Fire - I haven't watched these yet.

Lupin - I haven't watched these yet.

Food - I haven't watched this one yet.

BC - Finral should be dying rapidly from blood loss through his large open wounds. Julius should've used his time freeze to stop the bleeding while waiting for the magic doctor to get there and start working.

Given what Asta said later about needing to wait for his cool-down period from using the demon power to end, I think he wasn't truly  ready to go for the next round, but his impulsiveness got the better of him.

I can understand why Julius felt he had to intervene, but at that range, I feel like he saved Langris from more trouble than Asta. Even though the edges of the demon swords aren't sharp, Asta could easily have caused life-threatening internal injuries with a strike to Langris' torso.

Once they got new crystals ready and postponed rest of the second round for this fight, I can't say I was surprised that Asta wasn't able to block all the ranged attacks. It's a good thing he can summon the demon power again, because he was taking damage faster than Mimosa could heal it.

As for Zora's backstory, yeah, I'd say he has a legitimate ax to grind against the Purple Orcas and their previous Captain, but he's likely rotting in a cell somewhere for his pattern of corruption. Good luck learning that the Captain who overlooked your father's murder has been ousted and replaced, Zora. Plus, I would be inclined to use stronger language than "jerks" to describe people who went out of their way to visit a grave for the purpose of disrespecting the dead person and attacking their headstone.

Boruto - The bank robber wasn't a robber, but a game designer looking to commit suicide, I guess. Of course Boruto talked him out of it. What I want to know is how the guy's unscrupulous boss got "proof" of his supposed theft of intellectual property. I feel like a real investigation into alleged email contact would show it was fabricated, and I find it very hard to believe that the boss had access to the guy's financial records to alter them to show incriminating activity. Oh well.

It was a little funny that Boruto used Lightning Style to disable the suicide vest after the switch failed, but I feel like that could've easily blown up both of them immediately.

Shippuden - Yep, the allied troops needed to be reminded of their common enemy in the Akatsuki in order to put aside their individual grudges toward the other Villages. Good work, Gaara.

So, it seems that the resurrected shinobi have their own minds for the time being, but how will Kabuto manage to suppress so many consciousnesses simultaneously when it's time for the fighting to start? I feel like that would take more chakra than he would have, given how weak he was in fighting Anko, despite having a poison to which she isn't immune.

MSG: Origin - I haven't watched it yet.

MHA - Bakugo v. Izuku wasn't just a good fight. Those boys got all the emotions out there, clearing the air between them as it were. I must credit Bakugo for how tough he was to take those hits, especially the punch to the face, and keep fighting, even going so far as to grapple Izuku into an untenable position and win by effective submission, even though Izuku never actually admitted defeat prior to All Might's arrival.

One thing that really hit me when reading the corresponding manga chapters was how upset Bakugo was over the consequence of All Might fighting All for One. I hadn't considered that Bakugo would blame himself for putting All Might into that situation by being "too weak" to prevent his capture or escape on his own much sooner than the raid and rescue run, and the V.A. did a good job of bringing the raw emotion to that sense of failure and guilt here. I feel like it was good for Bakugo to learn from All Might's own mouth that his (All Might's ) days of heroing were numbered even before transferring One for All to Izuku, but that kind of guilt won't go away quite that easily. Bakugo will likely be a while in making peace with what he learned.

I think it was in the corresponding manga material, but something wasn't said in the dub quite the way it was in the manga, and I really liked how the manga put it. All Might said the world would need the kind of hero that both of them were. He called Izuku a hero who wins by saving and Bakugo a hero who saves by winning. However, I feel like the dub did a better job of wording Izuku's improvement with using One for All. He can use a little more of the power now safely than he could previously, because his body is stronger and more capable of withstanding the stresses due to his training.

I feel like the house arrest wouldn't be in effect for Bakugo to go to his extra lessons. Also, Bakugo gave Izuku some good constructive criticism of the Shoot Style. He told him what his weakness with it was and hinted at what he could do to improve it.

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18 hours ago, PokeNirvash said:

[insert wolf-whistle here]

[insert me yelling "PHASE THAT DICK OVER HERE, TIN TIN" here]

Gen Lock- Calm down, Merida. I like the Russian bitch. Sorry science man you have to leave. I like her robo-kitten. The research is fighting. May we all go out in such a good way. Whelp, sounds like you better get that shit going now. MECHA. One day we will all be mecha. Get in the robot. I like that they're still friends. Oh shit she got a new boyfriend. Just relax as we fry your brain like a bad Sword Art prototype. Find out what manga she's got before you accept it. Please tell me she can link her cat with it. Thank you for not putting tits on the robots. BALL. MY TRUCK. To be fair, I'd act just as stupid if you put me in a robot. Well the important thing is you tried. Somebody's jealous and just trying to show off. Oh those planes look important. Well that's depressing. Dude the first thing that was gonna get used for was either weapons or porn. I enjoy this idiot girl. Haaa the AI sings now.

Fire Force- I like the mascots. Helloooooo tits. I want her to be friends with Midnight. Oh that's just not right. Maki is my girlfriend. Save the dog at all costs. :D What. Hooray. Well that's shitty. That's some bullshit. Karma, bitch. That is probably not a good thing. GUN. Glasses Man is pissed. Punish me next. Hey that's only okay when Deku does it to All Might. He looks like a Nomu. YEET. He's right how dare you make things rough for dog mag. CALCIFER NO. Yeah this'll work out great for you. He was just that much of a dick. GUN. Okay but he's a total bastard so it doesn't count. Hey now, math is hard. RIP car. I can't stop staring at her boobs. Don't trust him, kill him now. Hey remember how they told you not to listen to anything he says? Goddamn I'm into this. This is just like 20 different fetishes for you, isn't it Poke? So they're all just terrible people. Hey Cap'n Sexy. Don't trust her. Wow, go fuck yourself. I'm gonna fight him myself. Oh god he is so doomed.

Lupin- RIP wall. Y'all are on surprisingly good terms considering you were trying to kill eacho ther like two days ago. AXE. Oh hey guys. Goemon's ability to Donkey Kong around moving vehicles is an underrated skil. Hey I think she likes you. He's got a point there, may as well take the easy way. Get it, Goemon. You shot me, motherfucker. When in doubt, hurl a grenade. IT'S HIGH NOON. Not today, bitch! Oh god her eyes. Uh, I think you got her. Meanwhile, NUNCHUCKS. I see your nunchucks and I raise you GUNCHUCKS. Lucky for you we found the Hall of Medievan Torture Devices. Nobody expects the Iron Maiden. Albert's not doing too well on his end. Oh yeah I'm sure he's dead. Convenient chair, right at the perfect falling spot. CATCH THESE HANDS, MOTHERFUCKER. Surprise, Albert's not dead. Jesus what is WITH this episode and eye trauma? And then he blew up. Maybe go to a hospital now. Is he about to drop dead? GOTCHA. I miss Fujiko.

Food Wars- I hate you, pudding tits. Yoko wants her top back, you six piece Chicken McNothing. Sleep is for the weak. I could just be watching Iron Chef right now. Yep, all these characters are terrible. Why the hell WOULDN'T we hate him. I hate you all. ALLEZ CUISINE. Is...is she gonna fuck that beef. That outfit also seems distractingly impractical for the kitchen. Saitama would be proud. "She knows exactly what the meat needs." At least the script writers had a great time here. NO ORGASMS IN THE KITCHEN, YOU DISGUSTING WEIRDOS. Eat her meat flower. Now I want steak. Tne rice says you're a bitch. I don't care about the traumatic backstories, show. I hope the sanitation crew at this school gets paid obscenely well. "Don of Bowl Club" isn't the absolute least impressive title I've ever heard but it's pretty low on the list. This is exhausting.

Clover- Son of a fuck we're back to our regularly-scheduled bullshit. Be as risky as you want, if you die you don't have to be in Black Clover anymore. He's in full Angry Bakugo mode now. Someone just kill this guy already. We're halfway through the episode and exactly one thing has happened. Nyoom. Please tell me both of them are disqualified and I don't have to watch them anymore. Kill him, Hisoka. Yeah nearly murdering your brother during a tantrum puts a damper on people's respect for you. Dimestore Hisoka is shooting up the "not a terrible character" list. To be fair, I wouldn't trust Asta with a boiled egg. Is your plan to just shock the shit out of this kid? I genuinely hope this plan works out just so we can move this shit along. Zeus says no. I have literally no memory of this other team existing. Noelle continues to be goddamn terrible. Send mushroom guy out. Tinkerbell is also goddamn terrible. Oh thank god it's almost over.

Hero- Goddammit Mineta. :D Why is he naked. You okay there, Sasuke? Aww he's shy. Okay he's kind of adorable I'm sorry I called him Sasuke. I kinda love her already. SOMEONE CONTROL THIS GREMLIN. I like Vault Boy he seems nice. FIGHT ME. Oh yeah, totes real. Mina is suffering. :DHE REALLY FIGHTS NAKED I LOVE HIM. He is buff as SHIT, sorry Aizawa you're getting demoted. NAKED MAN FISTS 18 FRESHMEN. He can punch out a rock hard Kirishima, be very afraid. Don't apologize, show me your dick. That's called physics! Oooh that's a cool power. Oh, that's horrifying. I'd like to announce Naked Tin Tin as All Might's true successor as my boyfriend. I love my kids. I love how Aizawa let this entire fight happen knowing full well all his students were gonna get their ass kicked by a dude with his wang out. God I want to watch Bakugo get his shit kicked by a naked guy. Hi Granpa! Wait what, sidekick? Titties. I don't even know this guy but he can fuck right the hell off. Never trust a guy wearing a plague mask for no reason. I really hope the other class got the same lesson, because the idea of Douche Rogue using that quirk and then falling through the floor while naked and screaming is really friggin funny.

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6 hours ago, EmpressAngel said:

[Fire Force- This is just like 20 different fetishes for you, isn't it Poke?

Clover- I have literally no memory of this other team existing.

Hero- I really hope the other class got the same lesson, because the idea of Douche Rogue using that quirk and then falling through the floor while naked and screaming is really friggin funny.

Yes, and somehow, none of them are clicking. Guess she appeals more to "first year of college" Poke than she does to "last year of college" Poke.

Nor should you, they skipped their battle during the first round because they're just that irrelevant compared to the other teams that were obviously going to lose.

He deserves it and more. :D

Here's a list of assorted comments from the /co/ discussion threads in place of a retread of actual thoughts from me. Boldface denotes advertisements, as per usual.

  • What if Goku and Vegeta just throw four punches at once? Jiren only has two arms, he can't possibly block them all. It's a foolproof strategy.
  • Your speed is second to none. And I once employed the "Fastest man in the Universe"
  • Jirenwank is annoying, but it's hardly the worst thing about the tournament.
    That would be Babygod 1 and Babygod 2 going "WOW, A THING HAPPENED" "YES, A THING REALLY DID HAPPEN" "WASN'T THAT COOL" "YES, IT WAS VERY COOL"
    Shut the FUCK up you retarded babies. I have eyes. I can see what's happening. Dragon Ball is not a complex show.
  • So it looks like we are getting Dr. Stone huh. Hopefully they don't censor whatever's in it.
  • >About to tell girl you love her
    >Get rock hard

    Well at least the premise isnt new
  • You know, in a more interesting series, fights would involve characters developing new tactics to combat techniques they can't fight, instead of revealing they can just do the same thing, but better, and keep repeating that pattern over and over again.
  • WEAK. Did Gohan really need to sacrifice himself? C'mon.
  • Is there, like, any plot to this? It seems like it's all just a paper-thin excuse to animate fights.
  • >each character has a signature color and accent
    this is what autism looks like
  • calling them Genlock candidates reminds me of that shitshow called Pilot Candidate
    • Hey, I liked Pilot Candidate! It was Knights of Sidonia before Knights of Sidonia was even a sketch in Nihei's sketchbook.
  • >cucked
    >by the WHITE GUY

  • You guys are such fucking drama queens holy shit, the WORST thing this is is boring. SAO was worse than this. Bort was worse. You hate this mainly because it's from Rooster Teeth and that one statement about Diversity they said being the inspiration.
    Bite my ass, this is just barely passable at worse, you said this would be a titanic shit and you got my hopes up.
  • This show is so dull, I forgot the TV was on.
  • >Truvado commercial during genlock
  • >He's japanese that must mean he's an otaku
    That's racist.
  • >Just because he's Japanese, she assumes he reads manga.
    It's getting pretty racist up in here.
  • So racism is okay when a Scottish girl is doing it?
  • >tossing giant pieces of scrap weighing multiple tons
    >they aren't even on a closed course, someone was literally almost crushed to death by one of them

    Who wrote this shit?
  • >Black guy starts fighting
    >Rap music

    It feels like a parody.
  • Jesus, can they ever play some SOUL music when someone black does something for a change? Or is taste forbidden?
  • if hip hop plays every time the black guy shows off, will bagpipes blare when the scottish chick does something impressive?
    • That would be unironically funny and will never happen
  • I like how nothing in the preview happened in the episode
  • What's wrong with diversity in a show?
    • Nothing, but oftentimes, people use it as a substitute for actual good writing. You're allowed to have both, but you can't have just Diversity, come on
  • >fanservice censored
    >femdom left in
  • >none of this is censored because the woman is the one in full sexual control
    I see how this works.
  • Something something lewd the nun
  • Please tell me they don't do something grimdark with the mascots and have one of the people inside turn into an infernal.
  • For a fire demon who was already a spree killer as a human, this guy certainly doesn't seem to be barbecuing as many civilians as you'd expect. He hasn't even burnt the courthouse down.
  • Fighting fire WITH A GUN
  • >If you kill me, you'll be just as bad as I am
    >No, that's dumb

    Well that was nice.
  • I can't believe Colleen Clinkenbeard can still do such a sexy voice after all the screaming she's done as Luffy.
  • >Fire soldiers are supposed to protect people he says as he kicks his dangerous fire feet at their faces.
  • >have no problem with femdom
    >hate footfaggotry with a passion

    goddammit anime
  • David Productions does poses so well
  • Something about how this show is paced feels weird.
    Like it's really good to look at and I get the story, but things just feel kind of disjointed for some reason.
  • This season of Lupin gives me Venture Bros vibes
  • Cheetah women are real
  • >Lupin killing a goddamn werejaguar is left as a flashback
    That got a laugh
  • nuns are for marrying and breeding for rest of your life.
    Change my mind.
    • You're early Asta
  • Imagine the smell of the Adult Swim Festival...
  • >lupin dodged this chick effortlessl-
  • >this scene with the red mage and lupin in the torture-
    oh i was about to ask why a horse was in the backround but then toture room
  • >My wires can't be cut
    >my wirecutters are made of a special alloy!

    They're playing like kids, i love it
  • >pops get shotgunned in the gut
    >people dropping left and right
    >Goemon splits a girl in 2
    >Lupin fucking Iron Maidens a motherfucker

    This arc is brutal
  • Was eye patch kid a boy or a girl, also what the fuck is it with the eyes and sharp objects killing people this episode
  • >kid gets crucified
  • >The chuuni edgelords die gruesome deaths.
  • Reminder not to fap to this ED, it's really Lupin disguised as Fujiko.
  • It is time
  • >two fucking characters had their eyes stabbed out tonight
    >in the same show
    >in Lupin of all shows

    I wasn't prepared for this tonight.
  • >the delicious brown trifecta
    Did Demarco finally get taste or is this a happy accident?
  • >Boob SFX
    Stop that!
  • >I am the cutest thing to walk this Earth
    You're also voiced by a 40 year old woman
  • >Udders
    Great, now we're getting cow-play into the mix. How many fetishes does this show have?
  • >frying meat without a shirt
  • >wasting your time doing iron chef cook-offs
    >when you can just stab a nigga with a kitchen knife

    there's just an utter finality to it all
  • With all of these meat jokes, I would be genuinely surprised if there was no futa art of this chick. It genuinely feels like the show is making dick jokes.
  • I like just how dedicated the protagonist is to trolling these snobs who are only capable of cooking for super-rich weirdos.
  • I thought the eyeballs were the most sensitive of the human body
  • >Sonata of meat
  • I really, really fucking hate these talking head commercials...
    Something about them just pisses me off.
  • I can't imagine Meato being anymore naked than she is now.
  • >she lost so hard that she flashed back to her childhood
  • >when you think of something REALLY inappropriate right before you cum
    I know this feel.
  • >Sentai
    >Despite gave a C/D tier voice actor roster filled with literal whos pump out enjoyable dubs with enjoyable funny dialogue and VA performances
    >want to be on Toonami but DeMarco ignores them
    >Ever since like 2015 their performances have been going down hill with shitty dubs and pointless censorship
    >their VAs get in petty twitter drama
    >String DeMarco like a good little cuck with their Hulu deal knowing he's desperate for programming

    Maybe Sentai were the good guys all along
  • She's hotter with the shirt on to be honest.
  • Black Asta's strongest ability is to lower the animation quality
  • Wait, how did their crystal break just now? The one that didn't just have a dude slammed into it.
  • When is Vanessa finally going to stop playing around and let Finral lose his virginity to her?
  • >Cobb, can you create portals in a dignified and sophisticated manner?
  • >countered the lightning with a painting of Zeus
  • >Ben, Brad, and Eric
    >En, Noelle, and Yuno

    So it's the jocks vs the weebs?
  • How many times have we heard "But he's/you're just a commoner!" in this show?
    • Too much to count and may die from alcohol poisoning if I were to drink every time I hear that word.
  • The best Charmy is Smarmy Charmy
  • It's so fucking stupid to have a tournament plot and have people in the semi-finals not even know anything about other people in the tournament that everyone is shown to be spectating
  • >Naruto fought other ninjas to the death at their age.
    >We don't want you to fight the enemy.

    What the fuck happened?
  • Everything's always gotta come back to your daddy issues, doesn't it, Bort?
  • >"Why didn't Dad just help those people?"
    >"Sometimes it's not that simple"
    >all that one village needed was their water pump fixed

    sometimes it is pretty fucking simple
  • I love Johnny Yong Bosch. I don't understand why some people hate him.
  • >Shikadai's own mom is telling him to suck less
  • How the fuck did Sasori turn himself into a doll anyway?
    • "The easy part was getting the brain out, the hard part was getting the brain out."
  • How the fuck could you look into your illness without Danzo realizing it?
    This flashback doesn't make any goddamn sense.
  • ...Kabuto really half-assed the resurrection ritual, didn't he?
  • >They defeat the zombies by talking about their feelings with them.
    How did Naruto come to this?
  • >tfw Mr.Rogers could end this war all by himself
  • >More cute brown girls
    Oh me oh my, we are certainly blessed this night
  • >Go to the moon
    It's funny how in such a world that'd be a casual request to make
  • While I'm not liking the new characterization for Lalah, I am liking how crazy they are making Amuro's dad
  • Literally what's happening? I feel like I missed an episode. One minute we were in space Vegas, now everyone getting killed in a mecha battle.
  • So what makes these freaks the top three? Like by what metric?
    • They are the sexiest students in the school. Conventionally sexy, muscles, curves, pretty emo dude, they're all sexy as fuck. Now some freaks like Pink girl and Froppy are sexy if you're into that kinda stuff but these 3 are sexy to normal people.
  • >tfw you get your ass beat by a streaker
  • I wish Bakugo had been here to get his ass kicked.
  • >Bakugo was conveniently excluded from this fight because of his punishment so he wouldn't lose.
  • God, Izuku really has no ability ot think outside the box when it comes to hero stuff does he?
...I feel like I might have gone a little overboard.

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Tonight on Toonami, Top decides to stop holding back as the end of the tournament continues to near, I bet you anything the footage from the promo for last week's episode was actually from this week's, a high school boy's love confession to his classmate is interrupted by the whole world turning to stone of all things, Iris pays an impromptu visit to Princess Hibana's neck of the woods, Soma reaches his first ceiling as he and the rest of the Kyokusei dorm undergo rigorous training, Yuno and Rill face off in the surprise final round of the Royal Knights Selection Test, Ryogi reflects on how he joined the Byakuya Gang in light of his recent befriending of Shikadai, Kabuto uses Danzo's bodyguards to demonstrate how the Edo Tensei works, Tem Ray officially introduces his proposed alternative to the Federation's farce of a mobile suit in the form of the OG Gundam, Lupin races against an indestructible car for the right to a famous South American kingpin's treasure, and not only is MHA rerunning for some reason, but it's also starting from somewhere besides the beginning. 🤔

11:00 - Dragonball Super #125 - A Commanding Presence! The Advent of Top the Destroyer! - TV-14L
11:30 - gen:LOCK #4 - Training Daze - TV-14LV

12:00 - Dr. Stone #1 - Stone World - TV-14LV

12:30 - Fire Force #5 - The Battle Begins - TV-14LV

1:00 - Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma #8 - A Concerto of Concept and Creation - TV-MAS

1:30 - Black Clover #84 - The Victors - TV-PG

2:00 - Boruto: Naruto Next Generations #45 - Memories from the Day of Snow - TV-PGL

2:30 - Naruto Shippuden #264 - Secrets of the Reanimation Jutsu - TV-PGV

3:00 - Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin #8 - Independence of the Principality of Zeon - TV-14LV

3:30 - Lupin the 3rd: Part 5 #11 - Get Pablo's Collection - TV-14DS

4:00 - My Hero Academia #54 - Shiketsu High Lurking - TV-14S

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Huh, normally there's more people here this time of weekend... Whatever.

DRAGON BALL SUPER - It's amazing how Frieza can be so entertaining despite being the evillest motherfucker in the multiverse. Further proof that the phrase "unlikable" is a subjective construct that I wish would just blip out of existence at this point.

GEN:LOCK - I had a feeling the promo for last week's episode was actually advertising this week's. Hopefully Toonami got their heads out of their ass from this point on. As for the whole "Val/entina being genderfluid" thing, it was actually handled quite well and easily understandable. Though I'm still unclear as to whether they're biologically female like they initially stated, or if it's a case of Schrodinger's dick like they later claimed. And with the messy yet captivating action choreography, combined with more cars being thrown around as weapons, this show still has me.

DR. STONE - Dear god, I don't think I've seen a show break for commercial this early since that one Shippuden filler episode. Oh well, that nitpick aside, I'm liking what I'm seeing so far. Ah, the tedious yet ultimately satisfying joys of the scientific process. And booze-making, too!

FIRE FORCE - Part of me's feeling this show's too wacky to be a 10/10. Obi going beyond 11 with his weight training, Hinawa's weird hat, Albert not letting up on the chuuni gig for a single second, and of course Hibana proving herself more unlikable than Esdeath (somehow) despite ticking all my boxes and thensome. No, the reveal that she used to be a nun-in-training alongside Iris isn't going to magically make me like her, show. Oh well, at least the visual direction and action scenes are still fun.

FOOD WARS! - It is my personal headcanon that Soma's rival and his big-ass brother are half-Japanese, hence why they have Japanese given names while hailing from Italy. And with zero female foodgasms this episode and only two nude dudes, it's further proof that Turner S&P is incapable of doing their jobs properly, unlike me and my personal methods.

BLACK CLOVER - When I die, I'll have to justify all the time I spent watching Black Clover. For me, that justification would have to be sakuga episodes just like this one. From Naruto to Bleach, and Black Clover to my headcanon contribution to their catalog, when Pierrot does good animation, they do it right.

BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS - I'm honestly a little disappointed that Shikadai didn't use Ryogi's ice jutsu as proof of him being that Byakuya Gang member he ran into.

NARUTO SHIPPUDEN - I forgot about Orochimaru trying to summon the 4th Hokage in his battle with the 3rd. I do remember Zaku and Kin from the Sound team being used as vessels for the 1st and 2nd, though.

MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM: THE ORIGIN - In tune with this episode introducing the OG Gundam, just about half of it was all about the OG Gundam protag, Amuro Ray. And for some reason, about a quarter of the remaining time was spent on two foolish lovebirds who are so transparently going to die in the famous colony drop that took out a good chunk of Australia in every single Gundam timeline.

LUPIN THE 3RD: PART 5 - I'm digging Fujiko in the jungle adventurer getup. This has to be the first time in a while where I looked at her tits and went, "Nice".

Also, while Toonami doing a Steven Universe movie promo just for the hell of it was cool and fun and all... it also makes me glad I never got into watching that show.

Edited by PokeNirvash

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I was gone all weekend, let's do this shit.

Gen Lock- Yeah this is just Pacific Rim only longer. I mean to be fair, he was a goddamn Futurama brain in a jar for a couple years. I like the Scottish girl she's adorable. I'm sure the internet immediately accepted the genderfluid character with rational minds and open arms and every related comment section isn't a dystopian hellscape. This is absolutely a trap and somebody's about to die. Well, at least she didn't die.

Dr Stone- I know he's a grown adult but every time I hear Aaron Dismuke in a role I feel like a proud aunt seeing her favorite nephew at Thanksgiving and finding out what he's been up to. This boy is precious. Oh fuuuuck. THESE TWO WERE SO CUTE TOGETHER. As long as she's not broken I hope she can come back. Awwww he finally got to tell her. Thank god this guy's smart. I love these boys. Oh my god you idiot don't eat that. Alright start rubbing bat shit all over people. BOOZE TIME. :D That beard scene cracked me up. YOU GOT A BIRD.  Alright I am here for this science stuff.

Fire Force- Oh, she was a nun too I guess. God that captain can get it. I love that this guy's answer to problems is just GUN. I don't like this bitch. What IS it with this block and the creepy nun fetish? Maki is my girlfriend. GUNS are really the MVP of this mission. Killer Deadly Queen has no weakness. This is just a straight up Jojo fight. Where is my boyfriend? Did...did this kid forget what hand to use?

Food Wars- I genuinely hate all of you. I agree with all these people who hate him. Go fuck yourself, bring on the swarthy chefs. Oh look, more people for me to hate. Alright I can respect this judge lady who truly does not give a fuck about their rivalry. I'm truly happy for whoever writes the script for this show because they're obviously having a better time at work than me.

Black Clover- How is mushroom guy not the worst person here? RIP fungus giant, you were the best character. I hate that fucking fairy so much. You fucking suck. Gee I wonder if at least 18 of those 20 slots will be filled by people we know and hate. I'm sure that would be a twist if I gave even half a shit about anything here. 

Lupin- Aww we missed Christmas. HI FUJIKO. Yesss she's coming with us. TITTIES. She could rob me blind and I'd thank her and apologize for not having more to steal. Potholes! This episode is really doing its best to make up for the lack of boobs in the past couple weeks. Fujiko what the fuck kind of shoes are those. Okay so how the hell do you get those cars out? :D IT WAS GHOSTS. Haa, they all tried to run off alone. Poor Fujiko's having a bad day.

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Oh shit, I forgot I had to do one of these this week!

Y'know what? Forget the synopsis snippets, I'll add them in later.

11:00 - Dragonball Super #126 - Surpass Even a God! Vegeta's Sacrifice Strike! - TV-14L
11:30 - gen:LOCK #5 - The Best Defense - TV-14DLV

12:00 - Dr. Stone #2 - King of the Stone World - TV-MAS

12:30 - Fire Force #6 - The Spark of Promise - TV-14V

1:00 - Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma #9 - The Breading That Showcases the Mountains - TV-MAS

1:30 - Black Clover #85 - Together in the Bath - TV-14

2:00 - Boruto: Naruto Next Generations #46 - Go! The Crest of Night Strategy - TV-PGL

2:30 - Naruto Shippuden #265 - An Old Nemesis Returns - TV-PGLV

3:00 - Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin #9 - Colony Drop - TV-14LV

3:30 - Lupin the 3rd: Part 5 #12 - The Extravagance of Goemon Ishikawa XIII - TV-14SV

4:00 - My Hero Academia #55 - Class 1-A - TV-14LV

Ugh, that's the last time I spend the evening reading through a Japanese history buff's twelve-part sporking of an anime for ephebophiles...

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I'm not even gonna ask about that.

Gen Lock- Oh, that's freaky. Cool she gets sweet robo-bunny legs now. I like his guitar. She's having some issues. Yeah just ignore those warning popups that'll end well. Calm down there, kiddo. Uh you maybe wanna shut her down now. At least he's having fun. I love her little robot fox/cat/whatever it is. If your dream doesn't invovle tits what's even the point. Tell me more about the robot sex dreams. Surely this operation will go off without a hitch. Well he's basically just a torso right now so I don't think he's coming back anytime soon. Cool, he gets a sword. Oh dang he gets wings. So her new boyfriend is definitely gonna die to get him out of the way, right? HEY KOOL-AID MAN. This is going too well. None of them have been maimed in this job and that concerns me. Gotta agree, heat vision would be cooler. Oh look, it's the demon mech. YEET. Well, none of this seems like a good thing.

Dr. Stone- Revive your girlfriend! Dude that's creepy. Taiju is a good boy and I love him. :D Oh my god. Oh no please don't drop her. And now you gotta fight a lion. Oh shit there's wild animals all over the place. Stop being bros and run faster! Oh yeah this looks like someone you want to wake up and deal with. Good morning, now fight these fucking lions. Dude is just weirdly cool with all this. Nice ass. Well hey you made a friend. :D Taiju is the best. Never turn down free meat. Okay this is literally just Kars, you woke up Kars. Now can we wake up your girlfriend? I also dream about meat in my mouth. SHIT LOOK AT HIM GO. I'm kinda into this, not gonna lie. Thank god for Science Boy. FUCK THIS ROCK. Oh hey there was a girl there. I love these boys. Science boner ahoy. Soap is pretty important. Are...are you hitting on him? Guard your ass, Senku. Oh no whats the secret fourth thing. SHELLS SHELLS SHELLS SHELLS SHELLS. Hey fuck you that's my shell. Tragic backstory, go! Sorry about your dead sister, buddy. Ya just killed a dude. Goddamn baby boomers. Good job boys, literally the first person you revived is the psychotic murderer. You're a good boy, Senku.

Fire Force- No really, why ARE you doing this? I keep getting distracted by her boobs. You fucking failed. Where is Captain Boyfriend. Maybe don't explain your power outright, lady. Smack a Bitch Up Man is a great hero persona. Eyelids are for the weak, after all. At least it's a pretty tree that's made out of hellfire. I genuinely have no idea what the point of this subplot is. Scatter, Senbonzakura. Eat shit, bitch. Tragic backstory, go! Is it worse to have your gang of orphans burn to death or be eaten by monsters? "As if something like fire could ever be pretty," don't you kinkshame me here in my own house, lady. I still hate her. Sooo was there a point at all to this story other than "sadistic fire bitch is secretly sad" or nah? GUN. Where the fuck is my boyfriend. Hi boyfriend!

Food Wars- That one Italian chef in Jojo was cute, I miss him. I'm so tired, show. I just want him to lose for once and take his ego down a peg. Leave those chickens alone. Here's to another challenge of Megumi standing there doing damn near nothing while douche boy does all the work. I sit here shit-talking this show as I eat two-day old mac n' cheese doused in ranch dressing. This is a really weird mermaid fetish, lady. Of course he wins because fuck you, everyone else. You goddamn dingbat. I'm glad that the script writers are having fun. Why the hell is she tired, she didn't do anything. Oh hey, it's the Body Improvement Club. Literally just make a big pot of shit for these bastards. I'm so tired, show. I miss his dad.

Clover- Can we keep catatonic version of him. Again I ask why sister fucker is allowed to live. No I vote for pummeling him with a brick. Bitch be drunk. I hate all of you with the possible exception of Charmy. I just can't stop thinking about Hellshake Yuno. Hey there Cap'n Sexy. This show manages to ruin bath time with the naked, buff as shit Sabat character and that's a goddamn tragedy. Okay I can accept flashback Yami time. Hey, free sandwiches. I can respect a man who demands naps. Kill them all, sexy. Oh I'm into this. Oh, it's that guy who's obviously evil. Still don't trust Dimestore Griffin. Are they gonna fuck or what. But did he get his nap?

Lupin- Welcome to Comic Con. Goemon hates Comic Con. Oh, she's pretty. Let's split up, gang! I bet she's in that fursuit. Aww he has a fanboy. Well this mystery has been solved in record time. Seduce her, Goemon. Hi, Tokoyami. Kid your mom is a goddamn scam artist. Save the girl and win her love. This child does the Naruto run. Haa, he's popular. Goemon's a good dude. Lupin's having a good time. Just let this man sleep, goddammit. The plot, it thickens. I'm not confident on Bruno's survival odds here. Let the man rest, child! The wine is drugged isn't it. YOU NEVER TRUST THE WINE. Lupin what the fuck. Gee maybe you shouldn't have drugged your friend up to the gills. You're getting fired, Bruno. Goemon is not  fucking around today. :D Lupin what the fuck. Aww that's sweet. Bill it all to Lupin.

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DRAGON BALL SUPER - I'm disappointed that Vegeta hadn't come up with a name for his human grenade attack yet. That's the kind of finishing move that's just begging for one!

GEN:LOCK - I thought it was great that Kazu was the only one not concerned about Maximum Confidence Cammy beating on him in that sparring match. :D The Union's special secret weapon mech is already freaky enough, but him playing back recordings of Chase's voice as a taunt takes it right into disturbing territory. Even so, the drama between Chase and Madison concerning this reveal they previewed for next week seems manufactured as hell.

DR. STONE - I hereby christen this freakishly strong high schooler, Kars Dandy. If Fire Force has the OP of the season, then Dr. Stone wins out the ED category.

FIRE FORCE - I normally don't condone violence against women, but Hibana getting socked in the face for two and a half episodes of straight-up bitchery that even my femdom-loving ass can't get behind was much appreciated. It's nice to see she's got the potential to move past her "worst girl" stigma, but it's gonna take a lot more than that for me to start liking her again. Referring to those below her as something other than "gravel" or "dung" is a good first step. But the important thing is, did one nun turn Infernal and burn the rest, did they all turn infernal at once, or was it just random fire that had nothing to do with Infernals?

FOOD WARS - Oh look, another reason for Mochi to despise this show. Hinako's so nice to allow them multiple do-overs. The creativity of Soma's dish was impressive, yes, but I give him bonus points for using a food he knew Hinako liked from his few hours of knowing her as an ingredient; a sort of personal appeal, if you will. REPLY TO ANGEL: "Here's to another challenge of Megumi standing there doing damn near nothing while douche boy does all the work. Why the hell is she tired, she didn't do anything." ...Did you not see her making the sauce? NICE BULK. I'm relieved that Soma ran into Erina while she was coming out of the bath instead of walking in on her while she was still unclothed.

BLACK CLOVER - It took me four whole minutes before realizing that Charmy wasn't there, and a few seconds later, there she was. If Vangeance is Dimestore Griffith, then I guess that makes Yami Dimestore Guts. Still a truer Black Swordsman than Kirito tho.

BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS - I've got nothing, so allow me to instead pray that the TV-MAS they picked out for next episode is just some dreadful mistake.

NARUTO SHIPPUDEN - I miss the days when Toshiyuki Tsuru used to actually direct stuff. His occasional style was part of what made OG Naruto so dang cool back in the day, and one of the few remaining cool things about it now.

MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM: THE ORIGIN - I'm not sure if using poison hypothermia to kill the colonists was a good or bad thing, but I digress. Dozle proves himself the most likable of the bloodthirstier Zabis, with his soft side that he's trying to bury in favor of doing as his family does. (Yes, that baby is the main girl from Unicorn.) I can't not love Char being a total prick to his peerage.

LUPIN THE 3RD PART 5 - This show could use more Goemon filler. Or maybe that's just the completionist part of me saying I should get back to finishing Part II already.

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After last week's forgetfulness, I've decided to take a break from the episodic synopses for a while. Instead, it's just single comments. Like, what is in the water at Turner S&P that makes them think rating Boruto like that is okay?

11:00 - Dragonball Super #127 - The Approaching Wall! A Hopeful Final Barrier! - TV-14L
11:30 - gen:LOCK #6 - The Only Me I Know - TV-14LV

12:00 - Dr. Stone #3 - Weapons of Science - TV-14LV

12:30 - Fire Force #7 - The Investigation of the 1st Commences - TV-MAS

1:00 - Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma #10 - The Supreme Recette - TV-MAS

1:30 - Black Clover #86 - Dimestore Guts and Dimestore Griffith (a.k.a. Yami and Vangeance) - TV-14

2:00 - Boruto: Naruto Next Generations #47 - The Figure I Want to Be - TV-MAS

2:30 - Naruto Shippuden #266 - The First and Last Opponent - TV-14V

3:00 - Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin #10 - Red Mobile Suit - TV-14LV

3:30 - Lupin the 3rd: Part 5 #13 - The Bow, the Princess, and the Terrorist - TV-14DSV

4:00 - My Hero Academia #56 - RUSH! - TV-14L

Prepare yourself for a Sexy Jutsu unlike any other.

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Gen Lock- Y'know what Chase you can do better, find someone who appreciates you. I don't know if Val just got that cape or if they always had it and I never noticed but it's cool. Well this is an awkward conversation. So uh you're twins now. That is probably not a good thing. Yeah this is gonna end well. RUN AWAY, DEER! Yeah somebody's about to die. Oh they fucking. You're gonna get your ass kicked because you won't combine. This could be going better. Whelp, he's doomed. Save the guitar at all costs. I don't think dad's coming with you, kids. Not my fault. Just throw a cat at a motherfucker. Yeah that's a great idea just drive right past the mecha fight. Not today, missle! That's a lot of nanobots swarming all over the place. Sooo, that happened.

Dr Stone- I'm kinda with Kars here, let's ditch the baby boomers. GODDAMMIT SWEET BOY. You heard nothing it's just vodka. Aww he made her a dresss. I love this sweet idiot. No don't let Kars get it. "Revival Juice" is also what I call good booze. Honey no we can't trust him. I love these boys. Oh no please work. YAY IT WORKED. I'm so happy for them. AWWWWWWWW. They're all good kids. Aw fuck Kars is back. You stay away from my kids. SWEET BOY NO. Oh shit he's got a crossbow. FUCK. He's so fucking stupid I love him. Oh fuck you Kars. Taiju broke. Man we're really living in a golden age for likable shounen protagonists. Fuck these pots. Y'all probably wanna sit her down and explain everything to her. I would be absolutely fucked without directions. Thank you Buddha. Awww. Just let him have this, Science Boy. DON'T HURT THE GREAT BUDDHA. Oh right we don't get meat anymore without Kars. Look at him go. Oh no is she re-stoning? Oh, those are cracks. Goddammit Kars is smart. Smartphones?! GUN.

Fire Force- None of you are hot enough for me to care about. Hi boyfriend! MEAT. I'm so tired, show. Maki is my girlfriend. You're a terrible person and nobody likes you. I live in constant fear for this man's life. She's awful but I can't stop staring at her boobs. High five! What is WITH the nun fetish. MAKI IS MY GIRLFRIEND. This'll end well. That is one fancy building. I hate this guy already. Words are words. Nothing more subtle than naming your fire villain Captain Burns. So his long lost brother is somewhere in this squad, right? Try not to burn down the church. Calm down Captain maybe you should lift weights without a shirt for awhile. Is she wearing a maid outfit? Okay I enjoy this overly enthuiastic guy and the panicky one. More cowbell. Combined they make a whole Todoroki. Yeah sure I'm gonna assume this is scientifically sound. I fucking hate her. Uh dude your eye's on fire. I'm sure he'll win against a captain on his first try. Lightsaber denied. I'm rooting for eyepatch daddy here. No molestation for you today, girl! I swear I'm trying to like this show.

Food Wars- The Body Improvement Club is pleased by this meal. Yes how disgraceful that someone heard you humming. I hate everyone. Oh hey, is this buff guy actually decent? When the meteor comes, this man is tentatively allowed to survive. Great, she was always intolerable. Show me his dick you cowards. Titties. Today's theme is lesbian shower hijinks. Stop humping the bed you weirdo. This kid's a mood. Megumi's a pathetic sadsack, we get it. No way you idiots have to follow an actual recipe, that's impossible? Sorry girl you can't just stand there and stammer your way out of this one. What part of not talking do you dumb shits not understand? Of course he passes, because fuck you. Please fail her. This seems like an obvious fakeout. Nobody cares what you think, kid. Please expel him too. Oh come the fuck on.

Clover- Sorry show not even flashback Yami can make me care about anyone's backstory. Still don't trust Dimestore Griffith. I do enjoy watching Yami kill things. Okay that giant mole thing is adorable. Go beyond, plus ultra, whatever. No not the adorable dirt mole! Come on show the least you could do is rip his shirt off for me. So are they fucking or what. No he's golden Griffith, you're the Guts ripoff here. Was this filler? Oh it's the angry lady.

Lupin- Ami's back! Aww she's making friends...or y'know, not I guess. Make friends with the archer girl. TOKOYAMI NO. I like her. Ooh it's shiny I want it. It's goddamn weird to see Lupin in a hoodie. HI FUJIKO. Soup's ready! I feel like this plot is not going to end well for them. Whales of Liberation isn't exactly the most fearsome name. SHE'S GOT A BOW. Oh, well now we have to kill them. Please go save the girls. Time to kill some people, Fujiko. Man this princess has balls of steel. I'm uncomfortable with this. THANK YOU FUJIKO. Doma is a fucking badass. HELLOOOO FUJIKO. Thank you show. God I'm gay. Aww Uncle Lupin. Oh fuck. Oh, I see we've hit the "plot takes a sharp turn into weird places" part of the show already.

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9 hours ago, EmpressAngel said:

Dr Stone- Man we're really living in a golden age for likable shounen protagonists.

Fire Force- You're a terrible person and nobody likes you.

Apparently after Asta came on the scene, everyone else actually started putting in effort to avoid another... him.

Yeah, about that... 💦

DRAGON BALL SUPER - Ugh, just get to the good part of this tournament so we can just end it already!

GEN:LOCK - Behold, winner #1 of the evening. I was thinking the identity drama Miranda was bringing up in the teaser was forced, but after the big reveal that the Julian we know is just the backed-up memories of the real one - so this is the effect going into something blind has on viewers... - I can understand the legitimacy. That said, the drama was effective, the action was on-point (I particularly liked Val helping Kazu out with fighting some of the enemy forces by way of an awesomely choreographed if not slightly Ho Yay battle tango), and the moments that made this a real wham episode were certainly worthy of the title. Where to go from here, we wonder? BLEEP COUNT: 2.

DR. STONE - :D I love all of these idiots and geniuses, that's all that needs to be said.

FIRE FORCE - I had a feeling Hibana would get on my good side eventually. Glad to see it was just a case of an extremely poor first impression, like it was with Mako's family back when I first watched KLK subbed. That said, with the 5th Company arc behind us, I can safely say that Fire Force has its groove back. Though what the hell is up with that 2nd Company guy? I'm not sure how his body proportions are even supposed to work...

FOOD WARS - And winner #2. It's very nice to see Megumi actually doing stuff on her own and even taking a page out of Soma's book, it's a shame that the universe (read: Shinomiya) had to set her up to fail once again. Extra #10F is right, I wanna punch him in his Epitaph too. (Might I also note how he somehow didn't foodgasm at Soma's dish?) Gin's a surprisingly cool guy for being a part of the stupidly strict chef crowd proctoring all these students. And Hair-Down Yuki... man. If she were of legal age, I would.

BLACK CLOVER - My DVR apparently stopped automatically recording it, so I'm gonna catch it online later today. Thoughts will resume next week.

BORUTO - I believe S&P gave this episode a TV-MAS just to trick people into watching it. Truly a desecration of the rating establishment, but hey, if it worked for Food Wars after its sub-200k debut...

NARUTO SHIPPUDEN - How shameful, that I know these swords from Boruto first.

MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM: THE ORIGIN - I see that military school has failed to make Garma less of a pussy. :D

LUPIN THE 3RD: PART 5 - Fuck you CIA guy, Ami was just trying to be Dolma's friend. Your claim about Fujiko wasn't inaccurate, though.

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