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What Tv show are you Watching on Cable, Netflix, Hulu, etc?

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Stranger Things S3 ep 7


I loved the scenes with Back to the Future.  They were so good.  Still feel nostalgic for malls watching these episodes.


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Black Dynamite Pilot

For those of you who've seen some of my recent posts in the anime equivalent of this thread, I've been watching various things as part of a "direction analysis" for season 2 of my current hypothetical anime writing project Kinky Kunoichi. And since season 2's equally hypothetical staff includes the very much American animation studio Titmouse, I thought I'd include some Western-created things to analyze the direction of as well. The U.S. side of my direction analysis is starting with Juno Lee, a creative director at Titmouse who's worked on numerous shows I've watched and have been thinking about watching, but because I'm waiting until HBO Max pulls through in bringing the Venture Bros. back from its unceremonious cancellation for one last hurrah until I pay it a revisit, I decided to go for the pilot of Black Dynamite instead as the inaugural "rewatch" analysis. Lots of fun action with shaky-cam mechanics, and some neat color and lighting decisions to appropriately match the mood. Truly a more than fine start.

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