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Found 3 results

  1. I got a free Prime trial just to watch the movie and it made me ugly-cry. It's not as confusing as Part 3, and the pre-opening recap of the first three movies was very welcome. Mari kicking ass and using the Eiffel Tower to explode an entire army of Evas was rad af, I got sad when Ayanami got tanged, and all the batshit insane stuff about spears, Unit 13, the Imaginary Eva, and everything turned into set dressing when it boiled down to Shinji overcoming his depression. Like, Gendo acknowledging how he failed and finally seeing how Shinji had his mother's spirit and accepting her death was heart wrenching but at the same time inspiring. Shinji letting go of Rei and Asuka and Kaworu was just so beautiful. I had read an article where Anno said he feels like he doesn't need to see Shinji anymore, and I get it. Shinji made it through his darkest times and came out the other side better for it, and I love it. Damn it's a good movie.
  2. Not joking, serious possible spoilers about the whole season and not just episode 1. My buddy shot retakes for them. This thread will also be for the weekly episode show discussions.
  3. Okay, so I've noticed people have been putting spoiler tags in their posts, specifically those with the words "reveal hidden contents". How the fuck do I do that?
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