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Found 3 results

  1. Episode 24: Sesshomaru's Daughter You've waited patiently for it, and now it's finally here!! No, not the year 2022, the Season 1 finale of Yashahime! Oh, who the hell am I kidding. You probably streamed it weeks ago on Hulu, but still, no spoilers, please. Tomorrow night, 1/1-2/2022, 12:30 AM. ONLY (yeah right. Who am I kidding?) TOONAMI!! [some of us actually waited]
  2. Episode 26: "New Mission" Don't miss the finale of the first season of the best new anime in 2019! 12:30 AM Tomorrow Night (5/2-5/3/20) ONLY TOONAMI!!!
  3. Episode 12: 011546 It's been a crazy ride, full of mystery, dread, and despair, but will the sun rise on a new tomorrow for Emma and her siblings? Find out tomorrow night at Midnight! ONLY TOONAMI!!
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