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About Me

Found 12 results

  1. I swear y'alls some lazy buttmunches!
  2. Episode #15: Wedding Bells With The Sound Of Gunfire Not a huge fan of this title. Oh well; check it out tonight at 1 AM on Toonami!
  3. Episode 11: The Truth And The Raven Post-Shenmue Marathon, Lupin the 3rd capers on with the main story! 12:30 AM TONIGHT, ONLY TOONAMI!!
  4. Well, let's all just watch some Lupin! 12:30 tomorrow night (6/25) ONLY TOONAMI!!
  5. The capers continue tomorrow night (6/18-19/22) an hour earlier, as Lupin steals 12:30 AM! ONLY TOONAMI!!
  6. Lupin is trying to discover who killed Watson! Tonight, 1 AM! Only Toonami!!
  7. Back to the main story showdown between Lupin and Sherlock Holmes!! 1 AM Tonight, ONLY TOONAMI!!
  8. Lupin's crazy fever dream continues, but can the Golden Mask avoid the Samurai Sword of his former probably confused partner? Find out tomorrow night (5/27-28/22) at 1 AM! ONLY TOONAMI!!
  9. Another crazy caper unfolds for Lupin and his crew! 1 AM Tonight, Only Toonami!!
  10. "The Imperial City Thieves of Dreams, Part 1" Another crazy caper unfolds for Lupin and his gang tonight at 1 AM! Only Toonami!!
  11. The good thing about being a thief is when it comes to clearing your name, you don't need to be in too big of a hurry! Watch Lupin the 3rd go on a new caper tonight at an earlier time: 12:30 AM! ONLY TOONAMI!!
  12. After last week's drunken Jigen-fest, let's get serious! It's Lupin vs. the greatest detective in history, beginning tonight (4/23-24/22) at 1:30 AM! ONLY TOONAMI!!
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