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Found 31 results

  1. NARUTO: SHIPPUDEN EPISODE 427 To the Dream World The Infinite Tsukuyomi has begun, triggering a dubiously canonical filler arc inside the dreams of all the shinobi on the battlefield! First up to reveal her manipulated subconscious is TenTen of the Leaf! She finds herself far from the battlefield in what appears to be a Hidden Leaf Village at peace; but while some things are eerily familiar, others are confusingly different! Is that Menma Namikaze??? ONLY TOONAMI
  2. NARUTO: SHIPPUDEN EPISODE 426 The Infinite Tsukuyomi Uchiha Madara has reflected the newly-revealed Rinne Sharingan onto the moon, successfully completing his generations-long plan for the ninja world! But is it truly the beginning of the end? Or is there a chance for Squad 7 to turn the tide? ONLY TOONAMI
  3. NARUTO: SHIPPUDEN EPISODE 425 The Infinite Dream Uchiha Madara and Uchiha Obito are reunited again, but now as enemies! And as Obito renews his vow to defeat his old master for the sake of his home village, Madara makes a revelation of his own -- one that unveils the true depth of his evil machinations! The final act of this Great Ninja War is beginning now; who will win...and who will survive? ONLY TOONAMI
  4. NARUTO: SHIPPUDEN EPISODE 424 To Rise Up Observing that Naruto and Sasuke have returned from the brink of death possessing new powers that match his own, Uchiha Madara shores up his strength for the next assault! Meanwhile, in the Kamui Dimension, Obito has an urgent request for Sakura; but can she manage this task before the war strikes at them through the veil? ONLY TOONAMI
  5. NARUTO: SHIPPUDEN EPISODE 420 The Eight Inner Gates Formation Infused with the incredible power of the Eighth Gate: The Gate of Death, Might Guy begins his assault on Uchiha Madara! But with his life draining away and his body crumbling, will Guy have the will to see it through? Meanwhile, Naruto finds himself in an unknown realm alongside a mysterious old man...who has quite a story to tell... ONLY TOONAMI
  6. NARUTO: SHIPPUDEN EPISODE 418 The Blue Beast vs. Six Paths Madara As Orochimaru and his team reach Sasuke, they realize why Karin couldn't identify the person close to his location. Meanwhile, Guy powers up thinking back to his past as he prepares to face off against the deadly Madara.
  7. NARUTO: SHIPPUDEN EPISODE 417 You'll Be My Backup To rediscover his Will of Fire, Obito reflects on a time when he and Kakashi were comrades. And in the present day, the two former members of Team Minato must rediscover the teamwork of days long past. Two Leaf Shinobi. Two Mangekyou Sharingan. Can Uchiha Madara have finally met his match?
  8. NARUTO: SHIPPUDEN EPISODE 414 On the Brink of Death With the Nine-Tails finally extracted from his body, Naruto teeters on the brink of death! Likewise, Sasuke's fatal injury threatens to shuffle him off this mortal coil. Gaara and Sakura administer emergency aid as they shuttle Naruto to safety and the remaining members of Taka rush to rescue their leader. But will all their efforts be enough? Or will the Leaf lose its two heroes at once!? TONIGHT @ 2:30AM! Finally back to canon material!!!
  9. NARUTO SHIPPUDEN EPISODE 413 Hopes Entrusted to the Future As the Sand ninja search for their Kazekage, Gaara appears and orders for the continuation of the Chunin Exams. TONIGHT @ 2:30AM! Last episode before we finally get a little canon!
  10. NARUTO SHIPPUDEN EPISODE 412 Neji's Judgment After her unsuccessful rescue attempt, both Gaara and Fu are trapped and continue to endure as their tailed beast chakra is extracted. Meanwhile, Team Guy runs into Matsuri who informs them of the danger. TONIGHT @ 2:30AM! Only 2 more episodes to go until we finally get a little canon!
  11. NARUTO SHIPPUDEN EPISODE 411 THE TARGETED TAILED BEAST Asuma, Kurenai and Guy look over the sandstorm, noting that postponing the Chunin Exams is a wise decision. However, as the three approach the desert, they are stopped by several Sand shinobi. Meanwhile, Gaara arrives at Team Matsuri's location and Temari, Kankuro, and the Sand Village's Exploration Group (containing shinobi tasked with maintaining the detection barrier around the village) set out to locate and lead as many of the genin as possible out of the storm safely. TONIGHT @ 2:30AM! Only 3 more episodes to go until we finally get a little canon!
  12. NARUTO SHIPPUDEN EPISODE 410 The Hidden Plot Set Into Motion Sand Jonin Fugi sneaks into the Demon Desert and creates a massive sandstorm in order to assassinate Gaara, the Fifth Kazekage. Due to the magnitude of the storm, the Second Exam is postponed for safety. Then Matsuri and the Hidden Sand team fall into quicksand! Unaware of the sinister trap, Gaara ignores everyone's warnings and sets out to rescue Matsuri's team. Tonight @ 2:30AM Only 4 more episodes to go until we finally get a little canon!
  13. NARUTO SHIPPUDEN EPISODE 409 THEIR BACKS Sakura renews her resolve and growing comradery with Team Asuma as she, Ino, and Choji continue their battle against the tricky Team Saya in the new Chunin Exams. Tonight @ 2:30AM Only 5 more episodes to go until we finally get a little canon!
  14. NARUTO SHIPPUDEN EPISODE 404 Tenten's Troubles The Chunin Exams' second phase in the Sand Village continues as Team Ajisai (from Yahiko, Nagato, and Konan's Village Hidden in the Rain) and Konoha's Team Komugi face off for a scroll. Meanwhile, as Team Guy decides to make camp and eat, Lee unintentionally angers Tenten, prompting her to recall her earlier training with Might Guy. Settle in for the back half of the lineup with another episode of the second Chunin Exams with Team Guy! Tonight @ 2:30am
  15. NARUTO SHIPPUDEN EPISODE 403 Unwavering Gutsiness Hinata, Kiba, Akamaru, and Shino renew their pursuit of Team Kazami. With them out of Hinata's range of vision, Kiba puts his nose to use to get them back on the trail. Only one episode tonight, but it sounds like it should be an action packed addition to these second Chunin Exams. Tonight @ 2:30am
  16. This week's episode NARUTO SHIPPUDEN EPISODE 380 The Day Naruto Was Born The Birth of the Ten-Tails' Jinchuriki Arc continues tonight at 4AM
  17. This week's episode NARUTO SHIPPUDEN EPISODE 379 An Opening The Birth of the Ten-Tails' Jinchuriki Arc continues tonight at 3AM
  18. It's time for NARUTO SHIPPUDEN EPISODE 378 The Ten Tails' Jinchuriki Yes, we're back in canon baby!
  19. NARUTO SHIPPUDEN EPISODE 321 DISCUSSION Reinforcements Arrive The Fourth Shinobi World War continues proper as we finally return to canon for episodes 321-346. Toonami on Adult Swim @ 2:30AM
  20. NARUTO SHIPPUDEN EPISODE 316 DISCUSSION The Reanimated Allied Forces In an attempt to recover his most powerful pawns, Kabuto deploys some of his weakest reincarnated shinobi to ambush the Allied Shinobi Forces. Tonight we continue our trip through filler hell, but at least we're back in the war.... Toonami on Adult Swim @ 2:30AM
  21. NARUTO SHIPPUDEN EPISODE 310 DISCUSSION The Fallen Castle Continuing from last time Team Asuma takes custody of Shu which actually gives him the rare opportunity to relax and enjoy things. Meanwhile, Naruto has a difficult time continuing to impersonate the real Shu as Akatsuki members Deidara and Sasori bicker while closing in on the city. The Fourth Shinobi World War continues into filler hell! Toonami on Adult Swim @ 2:30AM
  22. NARUTO SHIPPUDEN EPISODE 311 DISCUSSION Prologue of Road to Ninja The "Infinite Tsukuyomi," Naruto's desires, and.... (as Misato would say) fanservice! A special episode serving as a prologue to the 9th Naruto movie/6th Shippuden movie - Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie. Tonight we take a brief filler detour for a prologue of a movie we won't actually be watching on Toonami. Toonami on Adult Swim @ 2:30AM
  23. NARUTO SHIPPUDEN EPISODE 309 DISCUSSION An A-Rank Mission: The Contest While assisting Karui's team in the Allied Shinobi forces, Naruto recognizes their latest reincarnated opponent and recalls back to a mission when Tsunade assigned Team Asuma and himself to go to the Land of This, a small country bordering the Land of Fire, to kidnap Shu, the son of the daimyo under a treaty. The Fourth Shinobi World War continues into filler hell! Toonami on Adult Swim @ 2:30AM
  24. NARUTO SHIPPUDEN EPISODE 307 DISCUSSION Fade into the Moonlight With a break in the fighting, the Allied Shinobi Forces tend to the dead and injured. The Logistical Support and Medical Division camp is ablaze with activity as the medical ninja, as well as a former Anbu, try their best to save their comrades. Elsewhere, Kabuto notes the body count of the war climbing and decides to take further action to exploit the situation. The Fourth Shinobi World War continues. Toonami on Adult Swim @ 2:30AM
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