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Found 17 results

  1. Well, to be fair, not like the first season ever premiered on Toonami. I think the best we can hope for is for the second season to follow immediately after the graveyard slot rerun of the first season. (But certainly not in that timeslot!) https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2022-08-24/made-in-abyss-season-2-anime-reveals-english-dub-august-31-premiere-cast/.188955
  2. Before we get started, here's some adorable fan art of Nanachi and Mitty as actual people: Better keep looking at it, because this is gonna be the last time you're happy for a while... well, outside of the 90 minutes of Toonami content that comes on before this show. It's finally time to learn what Bondrewd's deal is, and based on the finale promo's suggestion that he sends these two innocent kids directly to Hell, it can't be anything good. 50% DBV this week; better hope your heart (and liver, obviously) can handle it, before Lupin arrives next weekend to steal it again. Woah!
  3. Well folks, we've only got 3 episodes of Made in Abyss left, and they're SURE to be disturbing as hell, but once they're done, Toonami has a gaping hole (no pun intended) in its schedule beginning on April 16th at 1:30 AM. So what will they use to fill it? I want the movie on Toonami, and Jason certainly hinted at that. Perhaps it would take a spot from Ass Class for a week and it would air at 1 AM, but then what after that? Have Sentai and Toonami gotten in on the ground floor with a simuldub of that? Then, there's always a potential return to Food Wars with Season 5. It got a head start on HBO Max earlier this month, so it would be a natural for a timeslot on Toonami, especially airing that late. Yashahime Season 2 is another potential taker for that slot. What do you think it will be? Of course, the big elephants in the room are Shenmue and Attack on Titan, which are down to 6 episodes each, which means they are likely to end April 30th, so we'll need some SERIOUS new blood on Toonami on May 7th!
  4. Last week's episode was something of a breather, as Riko was knocked out while Reg went to get the ingredients needed to free her. Oh, and Nanachi did some stuff. And their pet did some stuff also, but it was somewhat creepy. Now, after Reg has a strange vision of the grove where Lyza's supposed grave is, it seems like high time to discover some more info about the Abyss.
  5. We're only three episodes from the finish line, which I imagine Riko is going to limp over at this point. You don't just get your shit kicked in on the fourth layer and not learn some valuable life lessons from it, right? And now we have a new character to contend with in Nanachi. Just what makes them such an uncomfortable sight in the Abyss? Whatever it is, it shouldn't change the fact that they're inherently lovable.
  6. So I've been wondering exactly how to play up this current episode, but I don't want to be too spoilery about it. I guess you could say certain habits from the old days of this board (and even previous ones) don't die hard. So I guess I'll just say that things are gonna get particularly interesting as Reg and Riko airdrop into the fourth layer, the Goblets of Giants. If anything, Masquerade will be hyped.
  7. Our trip through the depths continues, as Reg and Riko find themselves at the lip of the Abyss's third layer, where a big vertical drop awaits them. How can they even get down? Find out at 1:30A on Toonami, just before we jump ahead an hour due to Daylight Saving Time. As a bonus, I'm going to try and pop into this forum (not just this thread, but Shenmue and maybe Cosmo Samurai too) and discuss the shows live.
  8. Okay, so I don't have much time. But that doesn't matter, because there ain't much to talk about for this episode... just Riko and Reg trying to survive at the outer reaches of the depths' second layer. You might be able to make a reasonable guess as to how all of this will go, but I don't want to play spoiler.
  9. We're now basically at the halfway point of the series, which is neat. The thing is, I can't remember most of what happens in this episode. The fact that the cable descriptions for each episode (at least on Xfinity) are really short doesn't help matters, and they're often spurious. Get a load of last week's: The latter is a misnomer since Reg never lost his arms; he just needed Ozen to throw them back, and that was immediately at the start of the episode. I'm not sure about the former, but while it's probably correct in the most literal sense (since Riko would thank Ozen from carrying her up from the Abyss), the adventuring party spent a lot more time in the ep with Marulk, that lovely kid. By the way, it seems to be canon that his gender is ambiguous, though I imagine everyone portrays him as a boy because crossdressing characters have always been a popular trend.
  10. Yup, it's me again. This week, we continue the adventures of Reg and Riko with them paying a visit to the Seeker Camp. I mean, it's not like they have any choice in the matter, now that Ozen the Unmovable has taken his extendable arms and is holding on tight. What mysterious secrets could this camp, and the blue-haired maid who lives here, hold? Perhaps they'll help us understand the Abyss just a little better...
  11. At this point, there's not a lot to say. Let's continue watching Reg and Riko's journey into the Abyss, as it gets progressively darker but stays rather beautiful. [remember kids: say no to dooming]
  12. Okay, now we're off to the races. It's time to finally enter Abyss, passing through the zeroth layer that Riko had been exploring as part of her training, and heading down into the unknown fraught depths below. Who knows what awaits Riko and Reg on their journey? At least they now have each other, as I believe the good theme song says. After finishing off Black Lotus and getting accustomed to Shenmue, make sure to stick around for lots of great animated content on Toonami, such as this show, which is now back at 1:30. Blame the high brass at Toonami for their forced micromanagement. [blasphemy against the hooooooly spirit]
  13. We now know that Riko sort of owes her life to the Abyss. And on top of that, the last episode ended on hell of a twist: her mother is seemingly still out there, or rather, down there. At this point, it seems inevitable that she'll begin her journey toward the bottom in an attempt to find Lyza as well as figure out Reg's origins.
  14. Now that we've gotten a cursory introduction to the bustling town of Orth and the gigantic pit that it surrounds, it's time to learn a little more about the Abyss, and exactly what is demanded of those who seek its treasures. Tellingly, Riko's only allowed to go down so far. And just what is up with Reg, anyway? He must be a particularly powerful relic of the Abyss, maybe even unique. Tune in at 1:00A for some good old-fashioned adventure, right before the return of One Piece.
  15. It is time once again. Prepare your asses for a show that has a little something extra, in multiple aspects. From the looks of it, even the content ratings will be overshot.
  16. Of course, this news is somewhat surprising, considering this is a Sentai show, and Sentai just got bought by Warner Media competitor AMC Networks. But it IS nice that Sentai is still willing to play ball with Toonami! Also interesting is the fact that this 2017 show is 13 episodes, but has a 2nd season coming in 2022...
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