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Found 74 results

  1. Episodio 30: Green Tea and Sanctuary, Part 1 JoJo continues this week, but will no doubt leave us with a ridiculous cliffhanger before taking a 3 week break for Toonami's Dark (K)nights! 12:30 AM tonight (8/8/20), ONLY TOONAMI!!!
  2. Episodio 29: Get To The Roman Coliseum! (Verso il Colosseo di Roma) GioGio's back, baby!! And at a brand new less bizarre time: 12:30 AM, this (8/1-8/2) and every Saturday night, after a classic episode of Dragon Ball Super!! Only Toonami!!!
  3. Episodio 28 - Beneath A Sky On The Verge Of Falling The sad tale of Doppio is over; now it's back to the main action!! 2 AM 2MORO night (5/30-5/31)!! Only 2NAMI!!
  4. Episodio 27: Emperor Crimson vs. Metallic(a?) It may be a holiday weekend, but the Modern Crusaders continue their conquest!!! 2 AM 2MORO NITE (5/23/20-5/24/20) ONLY 2NAMI!!!
  5. 2 AM Tomorrow Night (5/16/20-5/17/20) ONLY TOONAMI!!!
  6. Episodio 22: The "G" in Guts (ガッツの「Gジー」 Gattsu no "Jī") Toonami air date: April 19th, 2020 at 2:00am Team Bucciarati minus one have now officially turned on the Boss, and every mafioso under his leadership now have 6 targets on their list. Deciding to follow along Bucciarati and Giorno's plan of betrayal was hard enough for the team, but now as everyone is heading through the canals the next level of danger begins. Time may be running out for Team Bucciarati, especially with King Crimson's abilities in mind. Opening: "Uragirimono no Requiem" performed by Daisuke Hasegawa Ending: "Modern Crusaders" By Enigma Dub premiere only on Toonami
  7. Episodio 21: "The Mystery of Emperor Crimson" One last episode until who knows when, thanks to the coronavirus. 2 AM TONIGHT (4/4/2020) Only Toonami!
  8. Episodio 20: The Final Mission From The Boss Enjoy the next-to-last episode of JoJo you'll see before the pandemic hiatus! 2 AM TOMORROW NIGHT (3/28-3/29); ONLY TOONAMI!!!
  9. Things are getting really bizarre these days, but JoJo is pretty much the same. Enjoy it at 2 AM Tomorrow night! ONLY TOONAMI!!!
  10. Episodio 15: "The Thankful Death, Part 1" Let's all be GRATEFUL we're not DEAD and enjoy some JoJo!! 2 AM 2/22/20 Only 2NAMI!!! ED: Freek'n You Version 2?
  11. Dr. Stone - Best Protagonist (Senku) Demon Slayer - Best Boy (Tanjiro), Best Fight, & Anime Of The Year The Promised Neverland - Best Fantasy & Best Antagonist (Isabella) Attack On Titan Season 3 - Best Direction JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind - Best Japanese VA
  12. Episode 12: The Second Mission From The Boss Now that Trish's female needs are out of the way, The Boss has a new mission for the gang. Retrieve secret data relating to where to take his daughter next. How well will Giorno, Abbacio and Fugo get along paired together? Find out tonight at 2AM. Also, this week on Stand Abs Online
  13. Episodio 09: "The First Mission From The Boss" 2:30 AM Tomorrow Night (1/11), ONLY TOONAMI!! [ciao]
  14. Episodio 08: "Six Bullets Appears, Part 2" The bullet-bending Six Bullets Stand makes its stand against this fearsome foe! 2:30 AM this Saturday night (1/4-1/5), ONLY TOONAMI!!!
  15. Episodio 07: Six Bullets Appears, GioGio is on the hunt for Mafioza!! 2:30 AM Tomorrow night (12/14-15) ONLY TOONAMI!!!
  16. Episodio 06: "Moody Jazz's Counterattack" ED: "Freek'n You" by Jodeci WHO "JUST" STABBED GIOGIO? Find out tomorrow night at 2:30 AM (12/7-8) ...maybe! ONLY TOONAMI!!
  17. Episodio 02: "Bucciarati Is Coming" A mighty wind blows at 2:30 AM tonight ON TOONAMI!!!
  18. Episode #38: "Shining D (Diamond) Is Unbreakable, Part 2" It's our next-to-last chance to party like it's 1999!! 1 AM Tomorrow night (6/1) ONLY TOONAMI!! Fun fact, I actually kinda found Morioh's logo hanging out in my town! First, the original... Now, the "look-alike"! Close, huh???
  19. EPISODE 37: "D (Diamond) Is Unbreakable, Part 1" Josuke is on a collision course with Kira in the worst Friday ever, that poor Hayato is forced to live over and over and over! Can he break the spell of "Bites the Dust?" Find out tomorrow night (5/25) at 1 AM...MAYBE! ONLY TOONAMI!!
  20. Episode 36: "Bites The Dust, Part 2" The time looping craziness continues! (Eat your heart out, Endless 8!) 1 AM Tomorrow night (5/18), ONLY TOONAMI!!!
  21. Episode 35: "Bites The Dust, Part 1" Kira's menace continues on July 16, 1999! But you can see it TONIGHT (5/11/19) at 1 AM! ONLY TOONAMI!!!
  22. Episode 34: July 15 (Thurs), Part 4 The worst day ever for Morioh continues! 1 AM tomorrow night (5/4) ONLY TOONAMI!!
  23. Episode 33: July 15 (Thurs), Part 3 The worst day ever for Morioh continues! 1 AM tomorrow night (4/27) ONLY TOONAMI!!
  24. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable Episode 32 "July 15 (Thurs), Part 2" The strange stand user in the electrical tower may have been vanquished, but the LONG day for Josuke and crew continues! 1 AM tomorrow night (4/20), ONLY TOONAMI!!
  25. JoJo moves up a spot to 1 AM tomorrow night (4/13) Only 9 episodes remain, and we're getting down to the wire! Time to stop fooling around with nonsensical plot lines (plant cat!? COME ON!) and get to the POINT already. The final showdown with Kira looms in the not-too-distant future, but who knows if we'll get any closer to it tonight? [we probably will]
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