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Found 10 results

  1. https://variety.com/2020/tv/news/michael-b-jordan-hbo-max-genlock-season-2-writers-room-change-hollywood-initiative-1234770134/amp/?__twitter_impression=true Probably coming to Toonami in 2022...
  2. Episode 8: Identity Crisis Last time you remember, gen:LOCK 1 just got their Holons a SWEET upgrade, but will it be enough to take on and capture Nemesis, which judging from this video, apparently ALSO got one? Let's get gen:LOCKed and loaded one last time...at least for now... 11:30 PM tomorrow night (9/21)--ONLY TOONAMI!!
  3. Episode 7: "It Never Rains..." Next-to-last episode, get hype! OP: "Belgrade" by Battle Tapes FULL SONG WITH LYRICS 11:30 PM tonight (9/14). ONLY TOONAMI!!!
  4. Episode 6: "The Only Me I Know" OP: "Belgrade" by Battle Tapes OK Faithful, I gotta admit we've had it good lately. We got 2 episodes of gen:LOCK in a row with full OP, but now with a long runtime, what's Toonami gonna do?? And as for the actual content of the episode, what's up with Chase's dark side!? Find out tomorrow night (9/7) at 11:30! ONLY TOONAMI!!!
  5. This really bizarre news just in from FUNimation (well, actually, this news story is dated 9/5/19) regarding a screening of the final episode of Dragon Ball Super at New York Comic Con on Sunday, October 6th: https://www.funimation.com/blog/2019/09/05/my-hero-academia-new-york-guide-to-funimation-at-new-york-comic-con-nycc-2019/?utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=092019-cv-nycc2019&utm_source=&utm_content=blog&utm_nooverride=1 Now reading between the lines, it's probably a sneak peek, which means that the final episode of Dragon Ball Super will have to air on Toonami after that. So, it would be airing at 11 PM on October 12th if that's the case, with a brand new show, or maybe its 2nd episode, following at 11:30 (and that's probably Demon Slayer). Now, we've got only 4 episodes of DBS left, so how can that be done? The answer is I'm anticipating another "one-time cut" to Toonami, like what we saw with the April Fool's Day stunt in 2017 where they aired Rick & Morty Season 3's first episode all night, for "Pete Smith night". He retired from Adult Swim in 2017, and ever since, [as] has aired a mixture of Bob's Burgers (which they're losing soon-ish) and The Brak Show (so I guess after that it will just all be Brak) on September 28th. So, I posit that it's likely that Bob's Burgers and/or Brak will air before Toonami on 9/28, then Toonami will begin at Midnight on 9/28 (technically 9/29, not Pete Smith day anymore) with Dr. Stone. So, Pete Smith gets his night and Dr. Stone gets to begin Toonami for once at Midnight. But this would only happen for one night, as on October 5th, DBS returns with its next-to-last episode, probably followed by Demon Slayer at 11:30. And then on October 12th, we finally see the English Dub of the final episode of Dragon Ball Super, followed by Episode 2 of Demon Slayer. Meanwhile, Gundam The Origin would have ended at 3 AM on 9/28-9/29, so Lupin can move up to 3 AM on 10/5 and the rerun of MHA would follow at 3:30--BUT I DON'T THINK TOONAMI ENDS AT 4 AM! Instead, we would actually get DOUBLE MHA both that night and October 12th so Toonami stays with its 4:30 end for a while longer, and so MHA Season 3 can finish up its rerun leading to the dub premiere debut of MHA Season 4 at 11 PM on October 19th! As for what would happen to 3:30-4:30 AM on that night, reruns of gen:LOCK and AOT I guess??? So what do y'all think? It's contrived, but it actually kinda makes sense--maybe too much sense?
  6. Episode 5: The Best Defense OP: "Belgrade" Cammie lost her head last episode, sort of! Join us as she fights to get it back, well as much as she originally had it, anyway. 11:30 PM Tomorrow night (8/31), ONLY TOONAMI!!
  7. Episode 4: Training Daze The future is metal!! 11:30 tonight (8/24) ONLY TOONAMI!!
  8. More mechs and mind control! 11:30 PM Tomorrow night (8/17), ONLY TOONAMI!!!
  9. EPISODE #2: There's Always Tomorrow First, to get you ready, watch UNCUT Episode 1 NOW (no, seriously, watch the whole thing now): Then the full ED of that episode/OP going forward: Finally, here's a little sneak peek of what you'll see tomorrow night (8/10) 11:30 PM tomorrow night! ONLY TOONAMI!! [on tv anyway...]
  10. American Animation is BACK on Toonami!!! 11:30 PM Tomorrow (8/3)...
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