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Found 3 results

  1. Episode 2 Discussion On the premiere of War of Underworld, we caught up with Alice several months after the battle in the tower. Kirito is in a catatonic state due to the attack on the Ocean Turtle, and Alice has retired and living a humble life outside her home Rulid Village, spending time with Selka, doing menial work. But it seems this peaceful life has come to an end, as the Forces of Darkness have attacked Rulid Village. Find out how Alice responds to this, tonight, on War of Underworld, on Toonami!
  2. Episode 8: Who Has The Black Notebook? 12:30 PM tomorrow night (8/3), ONLY TOONAMI!!!
  3. EPISODE 2 DISCUSSION Last time, on the special one hour premiere of Sword Art Online: Alicization, we find a young Kirito working in a medieval village as a lumberjack trying to chop down the Gigas Cedar, a tree that's taken hundreds of years just to make a small indentation in the side. It seems Kirito and Eugeo will at this for quite a while. Along with their friend Alice, they decide to collect some ice from a cave to preserve food in the village. Things go sour when Alice touches the Dark Territory and is arrested by an Integrity Knight for violating the Taboo Index, to be carried off and seemingly executed. Kirito and Eugeo are both helpless to do anything, as Kirito is held down by fellow villagers, and Eugeo seemingly paralyzed as a strange warning symbol appears in his eye. We then see Kirito wake up from what we can presume is a full dive machine. But this one is different. Kirito can't remember anything he does in the virtual world, and it's impossible to distinguish from the real world. Kirito wants to see where the technology is going and find out what Kayaba was planning. Just after Asuna says she will move to America with Kirito to join him on his quest, they are attacked by the last member of Laughing Coffin and the other half of the Death Gun Duo, Johnny Black. What happens next?! Find out tonight, on Toonami, on Sword Art Online: Alicization! This jammin OP was cut by Toonami last time, where it plays at the end of the first episode. Hopefully we'll get to see it in full at least once on Toonami tonight. The ED should be premiering as well.
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