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Found 3 results

  1. Episode 12: "Buddies Back-To-Back" SCIENCE!!!! [and survival] ONLY TOONAMI!!
  2. FOOD WARS! Episode 12: "The Memory Of A Single Dish" Can Megumi save herself from expulsion with Soma's help? Or rather, since she prepared her dish already in the last episode, DID she?? Grab a midnight snack, wait an hour (unless you're in Central time), and then tune in at 1 AM to find out! Only TOONAMI!
  3. EPISODE 12 DISCUSSION Last time on Sword Art Online, Kirito and Eugeo were arrested for defending Tiese and Ronye from Humbert and Raios. Eugeo ended up chopping off Humbert's arm, and Kirito chopped off Raios hands, who bled out and glitched out. They were taken to the central tower prison by Alice, who is now an Integrity Knight and seems very cold, and having no memory of Eugeo. Kirito and Eugeo manage to escape from jail only to be confronted by Alice's apprentice, Eldrie. How will they fare in battle against him? Find out tonight, on Sword Art Online: Alicization, on Toonami!
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