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About Me

Found 2 results

  1. Dr. Stone - Best Protagonist (Senku) Demon Slayer - Best Boy (Tanjiro), Best Fight, & Anime Of The Year The Promised Neverland - Best Fantasy & Best Antagonist (Isabella) Attack On Titan Season 3 - Best Direction JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind - Best Japanese VA
  2. My idea here is to create categories for the year 2017 and allow the community to do a closed ballot vote for who they think fits said category the best. Categories I'd like to include in the poll: 1. UEMB Comic (has made the funniest posts/responses on a consistent basis across the year) 2. UEMB Scholar (has delivered the most informative responses/posts consistently across the year, things which have strong educational value) 3. UEMB Talent (includes drawing, music, writing) 4. UEMB True Friend (someone who has been consistently helpful and good spirited towards other users or has helped other members in big ways, such as donations, advice, and moral support) 5. UEMB Hero We Need (someone who has delivered epic, touching, or inspiring moments across the year) 6. UEMB Beautiful Mind (someone who has delivered consistent clever wit and out of the box thinking in their replies and posts) 7. UEMB Special Agent (someone who has shown extraordinary expertise in a nerdy topic, talking about anime, conventions, movies and tv, trivia, and pop-culture) 8. UEMB Sassy Pants (someone who has consistently excelled and playful banter, teasing, and sassy responses for the year) There will be one vote per member per category, it will be a blind vote (cannot see who voted for who), and nominations will be taken prior. In order to be nominated for a category, someone needs to be proposed for that specific category and have two seconds from separate users. Don't nominate people here, this thread is to decide whether this good spirited event is a great idea and should go forward or not. It's also for suggestions to better categories or rules, so post any you might have below. If this idea goes forward with consensus, I'll attempt to get a nominations thread pinned which will stay open for about a week.
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