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Found 149 results

  1. Naruto: Shippuden Episode 428: Where Tenten Belongs テンテンの居場所­ (Tenten no Ibasho) Tenten's own dreamworld continues to be explored all the while she begins to question herself in regards to her dream teammates. If there is any hope of escaping this false reality it will have to be with more understanding of genjutsu, a pretty powerful one as we know. In a Leaf Village so at peace Tenten should have no trouble seeking a way to break out of a high powered genjutsu while everyone thinks you are a bizarre traitor, right? Just remember even the sweetest of dreams can turn into a nightmare sometimes.
  2. NARUTO: SHIPPUDEN EPISODE 427 To the Dream World The Infinite Tsukuyomi has begun, triggering a dubiously canonical filler arc inside the dreams of all the shinobi on the battlefield! First up to reveal her manipulated subconscious is TenTen of the Leaf! She finds herself far from the battlefield in what appears to be a Hidden Leaf Village at peace; but while some things are eerily familiar, others are confusingly different! Is that Menma Namikaze??? ONLY TOONAMI
  3. NARUTO: SHIPPUDEN EPISODE 426 The Infinite Tsukuyomi Uchiha Madara has reflected the newly-revealed Rinne Sharingan onto the moon, successfully completing his generations-long plan for the ninja world! But is it truly the beginning of the end? Or is there a chance for Squad 7 to turn the tide? ONLY TOONAMI
  4. NARUTO: SHIPPUDEN EPISODE 425 The Infinite Dream Uchiha Madara and Uchiha Obito are reunited again, but now as enemies! And as Obito renews his vow to defeat his old master for the sake of his home village, Madara makes a revelation of his own -- one that unveils the true depth of his evil machinations! The final act of this Great Ninja War is beginning now; who will win...and who will survive? ONLY TOONAMI
  5. NARUTO: SHIPPUDEN EPISODE 424 To Rise Up Observing that Naruto and Sasuke have returned from the brink of death possessing new powers that match his own, Uchiha Madara shores up his strength for the next assault! Meanwhile, in the Kamui Dimension, Obito has an urgent request for Sakura; but can she manage this task before the war strikes at them through the veil? ONLY TOONAMI
  6. It's Episode 423 to kick off 2023!! TONIGHT, January 7-8, 2023 at 2 AM! ONLY TOONAMI!!
  7. NARUTO: SHIPPUDEN EPISODE 420 The Eight Inner Gates Formation Infused with the incredible power of the Eighth Gate: The Gate of Death, Might Guy begins his assault on Uchiha Madara! But with his life draining away and his body crumbling, will Guy have the will to see it through? Meanwhile, Naruto finds himself in an unknown realm alongside a mysterious old man...who has quite a story to tell... ONLY TOONAMI
  8. NARUTO: SHIPPUDEN EPISODE 417 You'll Be My Backup To rediscover his Will of Fire, Obito reflects on a time when he and Kakashi were comrades. And in the present day, the two former members of Team Minato must rediscover the teamwork of days long past. Two Leaf Shinobi. Two Mangekyou Sharingan. Can Uchiha Madara have finally met his match?
  9. Episode 415 (Season 20, Episode 2): "The Two Mangekyo" Episode 416 (Season 20, Episode 3): "The Formation of Team Minato" Not quite a "Science Fiction Double Feature", but these canon episodes should still have plenty of antici...pation! The Main Battle continues with the next 2 episodes of Final Season 20 tonight (10/22-23/22) at 2 AM!! Only Toonami!!
  10. NARUTO: SHIPPUDEN EPISODE 414 On the Brink of Death With the Nine-Tails finally extracted from his body, Naruto teeters on the brink of death! Likewise, Sasuke's fatal injury threatens to shuffle him off this mortal coil. Gaara and Sakura administer emergency aid as they shuttle Naruto to safety and the remaining members of Taka rush to rescue their leader. But will all their efforts be enough? Or will the Leaf lose its two heroes at once!? TONIGHT @ 2:30AM! Finally back to canon material!!!
  11. Take heart, because after tonight, we will only have 100 episodes of Naruto to go!! 2 AM tonight, ONLY TOONAMI!!
  12. Leave the political bullshit in Free-For-All, Rants/Editorials, and Dumpster Fires, if you would so kindly. The only complaining I wanna see here is about Filler Hell.
  13. Welcome to filler hell!! Tonight at 2:30; ONLY TOONAMI!!
  14. NARUTO SHIPPUDEN EPISODE 393 A True Ending Madara escalates his battle against the Tailed Beasts leading to great danger for Naruto and Sasuke. (Canon) Enjoy one last big canon episode for now, before we hit 20 weeks of filler! Tonight @ 2:30am!
  15. NARUTO SHIPPUDEN EPISODE 392 The Hidden Heart With his newly revived strength, Madara squares off against all of the Tailed Beasts! (Canon) Tonight @ 2:30am!
  16. NARUTO SHIPPUDEN EPISODE 391 Madara Uchiha Rises BACK TO CANON FOR THE NEXT 3 EPISODES! Tonight @ 2:30am!
  18. It turns out all of this was to remind Obito who he is... (and to stop Madara of course!) 3 AM TONIGHT; ONLY TOONAMI!!
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