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Found 48 results

  1. Last week on Boruto, Suigetsu dropped a bombshell on Sarada, but Naruto has repaired her resolve as now they go on to rescue Sakura!! 11:30 PM tomorrow night (3/23), ONLY TOONAMI!!
  2. Grab another Green Beer or a Guinness (or just finish the one you started during Super, you alcoholic) and watch Sarada and her daddy team up to take on a fearsome new foe!! 11:30 PM tomorrow night (3/16), just before the East Coast rings in St. Paddy's Day!! ♧ ONLY TOONAMI!! ♧
  3. ep title: Sasuke and Sarada
  4. nobody made one ep title: the boy with the sharingan
  5. Ep title: Sarada Uchiha guess we get an episode with the character with an ACTUALLY BAD family situation this time
  6. Ep title: A Day in the life of the Uzumaki family Synopsis: When Himawari gets sick Boruto's Oedipus Complex for his dad comes to a head
  7. Episode 17: "Run, Sarada!" Get down with Bo, you know you wanna... Can ninja girls really stand on water? In this show, apparently so!! 11:30 PM Tonight (2/9), ONLY TOONAMI!!!
  8. Get fired up for Boruto!! 11:30 PM TONIGHT (2/2) ONLY 2NAMI!!
  9. Ghost mystery solved, Boruto embarks on an all-new adventure! 11:30 PM Tonight (1/26), ONLY TOONAMI!!
  10. Bort vs. Beast Continues!! 11:30 PM Tomorrow night (1/19)--ONLY TOONAMI!!!
  11. same story ep title: The demon Beast appears! HE IS A DEMON BEAST!
  12. EPISODE 12: Boruto & Mitsuki Learn more about the mysterious Mitsuki tonight at Boruto's new time, 11:30 PM! ONLY TOONAMI!
  13. Boruto Episodes 1-11 Marathon Discussion Thread Please note: this discussion is ONLY for the Boruto Marathon. The late-night stretch of Pop Team Epic, Gundam IBO, and Samurai Jack are handled in their respective rerun discussion threads!
  14. Episode 11: The Shadow Of The Mastermind Check out what Boruto's getting into this week, y'know? One last time at 10:30 PM before it gets pushed back an hour next year! ONLY TOONAMI!
  15. Episode 10 - The Ghost Incident: The Investigation Begins! Join Boruto tonight (12/8) at 10:30 for a ghost hunt! ONLY TOONAMI!!
  16. Shadows gather and threaten to envelop our young hero! Will he escape? Find out 10:30 PM 12/1! ONLY TOONAMI!!!
  17. What's Boruto up to? You've already waited 2 weeks, so find out tonight (11/24) at 10:30, ya know? ONLY TOONAMI!!!
  18. ep title: Love and Potato chips AEKA GETS BAD TOUCHED TONIGHT ON TOONAMI!!!
  19. Episode 6: The Final Lesson Holy crap, Boruto and pals' sensei is trying to KILL THEM!? What the hell!? Find out tomorrow (11/3) at 10:30. ONLY TOONAMI!!
  20. EPISODE 5: "The Mysterious Transfer Student!" Now that the Battle of the Sexes is over, here comes trouble! 10:30 PM tonight (10/27), ONLY TOONAMI!!
  21. ...not much else to say about this show. Get ready to know Sasuke's daughter, I guess??
  22. Hopefully this episode will be better than the trainwreck in the last... Alrighty then--I don't know what the hell that was, but check out more at 10:30 tomorrow night (10/6/18) -- ONLY TOONAMI!!
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