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  1. None of these are funny. The Left doesn't know how to meme.
  2. The word "Nazi" gets thrown around so often these days that it's not even worth addressing. I could waste my time all day long saying that I'm not a Nazi; waste of time, doesn't matter. Morons will screech until the cows come home.
  3. We only get upset when we feel cloying, grubby mits trying to cover up the words coming out of our mouths. We're not going to bend the knee and shut up because you said so. Keep living in that authoritarian delusion though.
  4. Google is more akin to a modern public square than a private domicile. Keep advocating for the people that give you the bad feels to be dragged off into the shadows, though. That's the kind of future we should strive for. One where public discourse is policed and those who commit wrongthink are made examples of. Sorry, but you don't have any control over what other people think or feel or say; and if you think otherwise, congratulations, you are the antithesis of everything that makes this country the shining city on the hill and should move to China.
  5. I like how the people being censored are the fascists in your strange, inverted perception of reality. They cooked you good huh.
  6. That would be some masterful trolling if it was just a meta commentary on the whole clown world meme. 👌
  7. Is this going to be the Left's new tactic? You're exposing pedophiles ergo you must be a pedophile. Sad. Sad and pathetic.
  8. Same way a doctor has to see a tumor to be able to remove it.
  9. He's not removing his clothing and taking money from audience members. No. Avert your lying eyes.
  10. Yeah. It's not like they openly parade this shit out as a sick joke. No. That's definitely not a prepubescent boy, dressed up like a whore, dancing for audiences of adult men. Nothing to see here. Move along folks.
  11. I wonder how many of those rapists were victims themselves.
  12. Those Catholic priests are notorious for raping age-of-consent men aren't they. Or was it almost exclusively young boys. I get that mixed up all the time.
  13. Just ask the pederasts of ye olden times when it was practiced openly. Hell, ask any gay person if you can manage to work it into conversation. Nine times out of ten they'll gush about their abuse story, because it gives them attention and victim points. It's very rare to encounter someone who identifies as a homosexual that doesn't have deep rooted baggage caused by psychological and/or physical abuse as a child.
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