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  1. You tell me. I know a 1/4 acre commercial lot is like 50 grand here.
  2. I need it. Are any of u capable of giving it? Just wanting to know if it flows from line to line good. Will post a pic of the ad if ur interested. Hell postin it now.
  4. I can understand you. Are you unforgiven too?
  5. None of the above. Put a bikini on and Go roll on the ground at a busy intersection. Scream the noodles are burning and i can't make stuffing will you help me when the cops show up. U down?
  6. Cool. They'd be ok for me. Sucks they only do like 65 but whatever. I saw them and liked their old jeep style look. You said they had a deal with jeep so thats why they look like that i guess.
  7. 1950's gay. New age gays welcome.
  8. You mean a netty pot? Or is manchine code for your gay fantasy?
  9. Sweet. I dont know anything about stuff like that. Will upping the torq up the horsepower and top speed or is that trans/gearing? Anyway, Heres some shitty pics of them out of a magazine.
  10. t scout or whatev..... Be ready if they go for it and be ready 2 schedule appointments. Or you could just get tn the point and be like hey gurl i ganked superwomans dildo while we were a thing. I've tried it on other women but they couldnt handle it. Apparently they weren't super enough. wana see if you have superpowers? You look super to me. Ayyy...wtf just happened?
  11. I can do it. $217.32 plus tax.
  12. I was wrong. YOU pull out a sharpie and give them autographs. Hand them a business card that says you're a famous talent scout or whatev..... Be ready if they go for it and be ready 2 schedule appointments.
  13. I like em. They're basically big 4x4 4wheelers with about a 60hp engine. 18 grand for new. Wonder if they can go on the interstate.
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