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  1. Well...not fruit out of the can meaning a turd out of the butt. It doesn't go with that, but I've never tried it, so......you should test it out and tell me how it is. I'll pay you $20 to video it.
  2. For a while I thought you guys was talking in some Hollywood code but now I realize it's just jibberish about some stupid game so you're cool.
  3. Mmmmm....mmm....and it's good with fresh pie or fruit out of the can. Anybody that eats it straight is a freak.
  4. Naw, the plan will work...got a guy looking to buy into one of the companies at $10,000 for 2% of the company and he has connections to other people who may buy in at a higher rate, so I'm hoping it works out, if it don't whatever.
  5. You're right, I'm funding the companies. I'm in the hole about 8g right now. Gotta spend money to make money tho. I'll probably go about 1k more into the hole before I start making money too. I've got a plan to recoup it tho and if all else fails, I'll get a 0% interest credit card and put all my balances on it because my credit score is like 810.
  6. I got a perfect picture for this, but it's on a flash drive in the safe and somebody is sleeping in that room. *Morphs into strange new form*
  7. I think mine says stay at home parent or some shit. And I'm CEO of 2 companies.
  8. Better beat me to it. I'm buying all the alcohol in the USA with the fortune I've amassed selling a better mousetrap. Seriouly...drinking is bad for you and I care about you cyber. *Drinks a 2 liter of grape Crush in 5 minutes*
  9. WHAT!!!! People don't want to smell weed all the time!!!??? Yeah, I get the point.
  10. Lol, I smell like weed. That's my natural body odor...so I guess I'm like a skunk kinda.
  11. Yeah, that sucks. If a family member took a test, you're fucked.
  12. You gonna fry the meat to match your mood? Or do a raw deal?
  13. Ok then, I hate when people tell me I need to change clothes, my beard is too long, fingernails look like a vampires...etc...I will look however the fuck I want to look. Don't care what people think of appearances, etc...superficial stuff even tho it probably is important in this day and age.
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