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  1. They're the only constituency outside of media with a reason to feel optimistic.
  2. That's the grade of cut only possible when the feet of your human capital stock have never touched the ground.
  3. Is "oversized purse" supposed to be a metaphor in this context?
  4. I wonder how many of those 3% even know they're doing it and just to forgot to disable the auto re-up. In any event I can't think of a bigger waste of money than donating to Biden's campaign so I'm surprised it's even that high. You're better off doing anything else with your money, even buying a bidet. It will help you more with Covid and be less full of shit.
  5. I don't get what the point of making a new thread was, other than some sort of hollow cucked gesture on the part of the mods.
  6. The best thing that Trump has done with the presidency.
  7. Think we will get to tax them like businesses now? Trick question, we already do in that they already don't pay taxes.
  8. What you need to understand is that white people who name-drop "Obama" at exponential rates count as more black than black people.
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