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  1. This movie has Zootopia vibes in that you know there's at least one LAN partier in every screening filling up on the hentai headcanon.
  2. I'm sorry for Donald's loss. It's rough when only the fake friends are left. But it's useless feeling schadenfreude because there are so many waiting to take his place. It's sort of like the Rush Limbaugh thing; yea of course he deserves to be eaten slowly by his tumor and the world will be a better place when drunks can use his headstone as a tailgate party urinal but there are so many other retiree slugs out there just waiting to fill the walrus chalk outline he leaves behind it hardly matters in the end.
  3. This song sums up my feelings. I'm sick of the plots and the fake friends.
  4. He has the energy of a shyster who sells timeshares in Boca or unbreakable infomercial steak knives. It's little wonder old people find him so comforting and familiar.
  5. In your hypothetical are you allowed to iterate through each integer and check for an individual "2" or do you have to treat "2222" as a block number that has to be altered by itself with one command?
  6. Was one of the questions on the CS midterm the location of the Caps Lock?
  7. In Liz's defense she's very accustomed to insisting she's still a part of a race that has nothing to do with her.
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