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    like, do they really expect me to eat this burrito?
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    I’m so happy now, this was like 3 years in the making.
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    My grandfather teaching me how to ride a bike
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    I dyed my hair again. Tired of student housing but love the rooftop access we have, gives a good moment to stop and smoke and think about things. Also just love how the sun can give some good angles. XD
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    I say keep Smokey, but replace the cartoon with an actual bear in a ranger hat and make commercials where he mauls people who aren't following fire safety protocols. Change the tagline from "Only you can prevent forest fires/wildfires" to "fuck around and find out."
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    On topic, this is how your doctor feels about you
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    @cyberbully weirdly thought of you for this…
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    "It's always the final butthole that breaks the camels back." Sun Tzu
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    Accidentally said I wasn't voting for trump. She left. Lol still has a good set
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    He's best known for composing this theme and many others
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    Your comparison troubles me because you have not dated this woman. If anything it's coming off like saying she's pretty, smart, and has money and not treating her like she's her own person in this equation. You also appear to have many layers of contingencies for something you haven't even spoken into the world yet. Forgetting all these responses in your thread, it sounds like this woman doesn't even know you fancy her, meanwhile you've formulated how to keep your marriage hush hush should it ever occur and someone also questions it. This is all coming off to me as very one-sided. It's superficial attraction. Surface level. How can you love someone you don't know? You are attracted to her for her beauty, her money, and her intelligence. That's not real love, and even if it feels like it to you, you don't seem to be factoring her side into any of this because it's all fulfillment for you. The thought must be maddening to see someone like her and think to yourself that she could bail you out of your current life and propel you to something you've dreamed of, but this does not sound like love to me. She sounds like a catalyst, an ends to a means, to get what you want: a pretty partner with money and a mind to set you up nicely. Nothing wrong with fantasies, but I think you're leaning way too hard into this. If you really want to see what would happen, shoot your shot, ask her straight up. Just know that this will almost guarantee you will stop seeing her as a doctor, whether you are successful or not. Do you know if she's even single or open to a relationship in general? You're playing 20 steps ahead of a daydream here. From where I'm at this just comes off as a fun little distraction to get your mind off things and think "what if?" just like a lottery ticket can evoke thoughts of a new, exciting life if you win it big. It does not seem fair for her because it keeps looping back to how it will benefit you and not her. This is not to say you have no benefits to bring to the table, but from what I'm reading this is selfishly putting a lot of things on her shoulders to exclusively provide for you. If you want any legitimate advice here, then next time you see her, tell her you are thinking about dating but don't know where to start. Mention that she has helped you reach a point in your life where you feel comfortable, or even compelled, to put yourself out there, as a woman, but you could use some help. See if she'll give you any pointers or anecdotes. If she's actually interested in you, she may mention it here, but I will be brutally honest with you right now, I don't think she will be. Even so, I'm not you; I'm just a person behind a screen as far as your life is concerned.
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    Went on a backpacking trip for 1 night and 9mi hike with a bunch of white college students.
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    Nobody replies to comments anymore....they just click "Like" or whatever. GO BACK TO REPLYING TO EVERY SINGLE COMMENT!!!!! 😐😐😐😐😐
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    I'll preface this by saying I work at health facility ... so shit pops off all the time. This week however more than usual for me. So yesterday I thought I would be the usual level of annoyed but ... I'm waiting to be screened like everybody else and I notice Oh hey there's a new patient this morning. Cool. Continue to my desk, set my backpack down and I swear the minute it makes contact with the floor. The day fucking exploded The fucking new patient runs the fuck off. Just takes the fuck right off and down the road. They call the emergency code and then a horde of staff take off out the door That day I made the mistake of trying to be cute and doing my hair and putting on my nice clothes and wearing a pair of flat ass sperrys on my already flat ass feet but this is part of my job so I take off too Everybody else : Me: So then I realize .... I cant fucking breathe in this goddamn mask, my coworkers are stuck in the mud, falling in pot holes ... its just ... fucking terrible. One of the men finally catch up with him because he was apparently Kid Flash in a pair of socks and a Nike flip flops and the patient is just standing in oncoming traffic and the guy that caught him is like the nicest man in the whole building and he's pleading with him to get out of the street so he doesn't have to tackle him Several hours later I realize ... this fucking patient is in my group therapy session and he just keeps fucking getting up and walking so I have to stand at the door the entire time because I'm like .... you're not about to make me run AGAIN today. I'm too old and too fat for this ... got me out here running like Ice T in SVU. So DO YOU KNOW? This fucking jerk ... acts all cool this morning ... then casually ... runs the fuck off again today I'm just like .... I dont give a fuck, get hit in traffic So the police come and haul his ass away and I'm like thank god he's gone but I wore my running shoes just in case. So an hour before its time for me to leave ... they bring these 2 other patients back from a doctors appointment and THESE PEOPLE ARE CRAZY AS SHIT. They get out of the facility van and just fucking go nuts fighting and the staff have to pull them apart and restain them before they're calm enough to escort them back in the building like .... I just wanna go home. Im lying on this person's legs and then to top things off .... My stomach starts cramping like a bitch and I realize .... HOLY SHIT I'M STARTING MY PERIOD ... RIGHT NOW ... ON TOP OF THIS PERSON'S LEGS.
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    The secret’s out. I’m really a shit posting cat.
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    Disco fishing for a ghostrek
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    Celebrated full vaccination by cutting my year's worth of hair
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    No idea if this is true or not but lol
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAMILTON PROPERTY my gift is to hold off on the purge til later
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    Are you gonna give them 2 handjobs simultaneously like Donald Trump whenever he dances .... because thats what I came to see.
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    since idk when exactly in 2010 I started posting on asmb, now that 2020 is over, I can officially say for certain I've been posting 10 years. wow
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    Mistakenly came in here looking for anime. Ill see myself out
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    Thanks to Neko, I have a new mask to wear on freight days and traumatize my cat [ she doesn't know what to think about these things ] Thank you!
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    How about you don't talk about kids at all while you're here?
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    Cozy af with cats, candles, tea, and my new shark body pillow. ❤️🍎🥧🍁🍂🌽🦃☕🕯️🧣
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    Mochi is sweating somewhere
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