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    In the long, long ago, the Noise Folder was at general peace. Babbling, Incoherent Babbling, and Rants all had their own regions, but lived in harmony. Then the RIF nation attacked, cracking the fragile foundation the peace was based upon. Incoherent Babbling became a den of chaos, as the more coherent IBers fled to the calmer lands of Babbling. The Babblers who felt inundated with this new influx of people they felt above fled to Rants to feed into their rage, and in turn the Ranters who were being outnumbered either colonized IB or left the ASMB entirely. The old camps of Arm Meat, GELLHA, and the Bumpers watched the chaos unfold. Sometimes they joined in and reveled in the havoc, other times they hid away. Before long, the chaos became the new order, and thus the Age of the Fan Collective could begin. ...at least that's the story according to the scriptures of the old lurkers, spanning the time post-Prospero and the genesis of Lithium.
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    Next week I'm moving into a friend's house instead of my mom's house! Adulting omg! Job and rent and groceries and bills and such fuck me runnin!
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    I wanna congratulate my coworker for scoring a big tiddy goth gf. Ya did good kid.
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    Really did not like how prevalent rankism and reg-date-ism were for a good long while on the boards. Motherfuckers just spamming nothing replies or making those simple game/reply threads for the explicit intent of ranking up then talking shit on people with less minutes or posts. And this weird reverence for 2003 accounts, even when you could literally steal one by signing up for a dormant account's name alone. Shit was weird. Pod 6 is jerks. Clap for the shoehand. Flaming stapler. Anime is teh s uck. Bah humbug.
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    Thanks! Pride was great. Charlotte and I cuddled together riding the bus both ways. The bus dropped us off at Union Square and we stuck near there watching the parade. We also bought some Pride stuff from vendors. She got a pansexual flag button and some other stuff, including a dessert we shared. I got trans and lesbian flag buttons and a bracelet. For lunch, we ate at Little Italy Pizza; best pizza I've ever had. The stuff we have in DE doesn't compare. That's a hill I'm willing to die on. I would definitely go there again, Pride or otherwise. After we got back to DE, Charlotte and I went on a post-Pride date. We hit a gay bar and one other bar and had drinks. This one guy she briefly dated came up and tried to back the mack on her until he saw us holding hands at our table. That's when I turned on my bitch face and told him he had a better chance of throwing a baseball with enough force to reach escape velocity and land in a precise spot on the heart of Pluto. After we left the second bar, we sat on a bench on the boardwalk and made out like a pair of teenagers. Charlotte got on top of me, put her tongue down my throat, then asked if I'd be her girlfriend. I said yes! So as of 26-VI-2022, we're now officially an item! I'm so happy with her I could burst!
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    Let’s talk about anything… I was at the rescue league today and I got to walk 13 dogs… and it was magical.
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    My entire family has this creepy crud shit… and I got pink eye(s) … which when I told the doctor I didn’t touch my eyes with poo she didn’t even crack a smile… she’s a bitch… fo sho
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