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    I dont know what you're talking about. The real world is full of assholes .... just like it is here
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    This is like 3 years old, but new to me. I'm kinda surprised there were enough soundbites that early on to make it. Packs a punch anyway, so to speak.
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    It doesn't bode well for anybody when we have a compromised federal government that refuses to hold the executive branch accountable.
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    Helps, if you actually believe the garbage spewed from the DNC and shitheads like Clinton than you really are an idiot.
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    I read that as the sexy kind and I thought bucket decided to take this character in a different direction.
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    This is what it's like when quackers quacks.
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    Commercials. Sometimes I wind up at people's houses who have regular TV and I like to sit through the commercials. Where else can you see a dude with a skunk trying to sell you a car at your local Tom Billingsly Ford.
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    The graph at the end of the episode.
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    Makes sense, it's whatever is eating you up. Work used to make me anxietic when I was in sales and never made my goals. I should be anxietic about school, but I got a pretty weird enthusiasm coursing through my veins right now. Plus I like being competitive lol
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    Hilary Clinton is the best evidence i have seen in favor of David ike's batshit theory that the ruling class are all demonic lizard people. she can fuck right off into the void.
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    That sounds a lot like Misaka
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    He was always doing dumb petty shit I feel like Starscream was always kinda waiting for Megatron to get killed .... he's like ... Ill assist you .... but not really lol
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    You know you're fucked up when you're posting "See? there wasn't mass violence!" and considering it a win.
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    The hell are you on about, Vanilla Coke is bae.
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    I thought this was gonna be about Zeni.
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    No you don't. You really, really don't. I have most of my stuff in dresser drawers, or cabinets... even have a bunch of DVDs stuffed away in rubbermaid containers. I'm hoping in the coming year I can finally clean out some space so I can organize everything better, but the way it is now, if you were to name a random title in my collection, I'd probably have trouble finding it, even if you gave me like half an hour to do so. ­čśĽ
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    *bops you across the knee* stop resisting
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    To think that humans are the only possible life in the entirety of this universe is ridiculous. This isn't the only planet that falls within what is considered the habitable zone, new potentials are discovered all the time as our ability to scan and interpret the data received gets better. And that's just zones suitable for carbon-based lifeforms. When you consider that we have organisms that thrive in volcanic vents and gross spiders in Antarctica, things get a little more exciting. Actually visiting here is suspect though. This solar system isn't on the galactic plane [ we are slightly above the plane and at an angle ] and we aren't part of the nearest spiral. We are also surrounded by an Oort cloud which I sometimes wonder if it doesn't insulate some of our radio waves from traveling outwards. So traveling here would be a pain in the ass and entirely out of the way of any potential routes. To get here, they'd have to bring their own fuel to make the round trip because they wouldn't know if there was anything here that would work as fuel for the trip back. It's basically the same problem we have just sending anyone to Mars - it's a 2 year trip there with no gas stations along the way. Our only bonus in that is that we know most of the composition of Mars at least. An outer system visitor wouldn't know for sure what they might be able to use here. Summary - Earth is the Deliverance of planets and no one really would visit here willingly.
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    Okay. I know we've joked about this for many, many years in TinyChat, but good grief, man! You really do look like you somehow time traveled from the Roman Empire era to the present. Nice job.
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