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    Our dear Kudasai, he died as he lived. Tired of everybody's shit
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    no one is going to click your videos either
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    The Obama regime was warned. Thats why they had a pandemic task force, an extensive playbook to strategically combat an outbreak, and gave extensive briefings on the threat posed by infectious diseases, and stationed a CDC official in China to watch for any potential outbreaks. Unfortunately Trump disbanded the task force, destroyed the playbook, fired the CDC guy, and also fired everyone who was at the briefing. Zing.
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    Y'ever lift up the toilet seat and start peeing, only you didn't quite get the toilet seat 100% perfect and it falls back down after a second? So now you're reflexively trying to grab it before it crosses your stream, and now you're flapping piss everywhere and you don't catch it anyways and it crashes down loudly?
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    This is a good summary of the issue: https://www.factcheck.org/2020/03/trumps-misleading-ventilator-counter-punch-at-cuomo/ There was a 2015 task force report that said in part that the state was 15,000 ventilators short to handle the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic if it were to happen in the present, and made recommendations for surge capacity (which I believe are the methods currently being used) to handle a pandemic apex. No one offered to sell the state 15,000 ventilators and no one offered to sell them at a discount. Trump insists on it because he heard it after it popped up on a right wing propaganda site as a distortion of the truth. He probably believes it because distortions of the truth that reinforce a narrative are much more effective than outright lies.
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    Yea that'd require you to write something yourself
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    This morning at approximately 4:17am I encountered a foreign bra in my bedroom. Being the person with the smallest boobs in the house I can only imagine they assumed it was mine. It however, does not belong to me ... ....... so .... WHOSE GODDAMN BRA IS IT?!
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    Shkreli is the hero we need, but do NOT deserve. https://arstechnica.com/science/2020/04/shkrelis-plea-from-prison-free-me-and-ill-cure-covid-19/
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    https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2020/04/07/israel-health-minister-coronavirus-punishment-homosexuality-positive-covid-19-yaakov-litzman/ Him and his wife tested positive for Covid... hope they check his Boyfriend too.
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    *lays down on the couch* I dunno. It just seems like we're all gonna die, ya know? The doomsaying is getting way over the top and people everywhere are wearing masks and gloves and the stores have big barriers out front herding people in and spraying them down like dirty sheep. My own family is buying into it and I'm just like "Guys, just stay away from other people and wash your goddamn hands." But they don't wanna listen. Nobody wants to listen. Everyone is going psycho and it's just 2012/2001/2000 all over again with the armageddon worship. Like people want the world to end so they can have an excuse to panic. I mean, I get that folks are bored as hell and anything is better than nothing at all when it comes to something to talk about. But fuck. I just wanna buy some damn cheese, ya know? The store has no decent cheese. Hell, it doesn't even have ass cheese. Somebody went in there and saw the good cheese was gone and decided to buy all the ass cheese just so they can be happy in knowing they have any sort of cheese. I'm talking that 58 cent oil based crap you couldn't feed to a goat. And those bastards eat anything you put in their face. That cheese is that wretched. Nobody buys that cheese. But right now they are crazy enough that owning that terrible cheese is something they feel is necessary. The world is ending and they want to be sure they have cheese. Even if that cheese is terrible.
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    Some great news. https://covid19.healthdata.org/projections PA, and a lot of the country, are showing very positive projections with social distancing and stay at home orders. Looks to be working for sure.
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    The new normal, hey I guess it's an improvement since I've been told that my face makes women cry
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    Honestly, reading that just makes me think of the game 'Sinistar' only with little golf carts circling the giant head
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    "In hard-hit New York City, police arrested the owner of an illegal Brooklyn speakeasy where a dozen people were found drinking and gambling after someone called 311 with a tip." It really is the 20s...
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    "You're gonna love my nuts"
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    Sorta related.... people in PA are asking if they can get $500 for a unborn kid because it has a heartbeat.
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    You mean this story. The story corrected immediately to reflect this and not what you just said, which also was false this is the corrected story. The original made it sound like they gave Israel the masks. They assisted with escorting them. Neither story mentioned our federal stockpile https://m.jpost.com/israel-news/us-department-of-defense-give-1-million-masks-to-idf-for-coronavirus-use-623976/amp
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    You could say they are... trained professionals. >.> <.<
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    Saw a guy driving a new corvette with a prolife license plate... I guess that's a thing in PA. Now, if I am to assume that is his car, and he chose that license plate (spent extra money for it too), how fucking ignorant do you think he is with probably everything in life? He must be a trip at Christmas dinners. He was texting while driving too... but who am I to judge. Anyways.... that's my rant.
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    Hmmmmm, as he blames the libs for trying to ban vidja games....He shows an article saying trump tried to ban vidja games
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