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    Narrator: They didnt Trumps not about to go out with any sort of dignity, and the people who continue to say he won are pretty awful as well.
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    Kept my cool and answered all questions adequately, apparently this retail gig has its own chef for lunch breaks too.
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    This year is horse shit. RIP buddy, thanks for all the good times.
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    That shit is annoying even with less severe health issues. Zeni does look sick, I'll give him that. But I'm with Pooh on this. He should get all the medical help he needs, but also fuck him.
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    That sign interpreter is emoting what we're all thinking.
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    Hate is strong, I thought, and think he’s a fuckin idiot. He played stupid games his entire adolescence, and still does into adulthood. Stalking and hitting on “legal age teens” isn’t funny. Now that his idiocy led to consequences that are scaring the shit out of him we are supposed to take him seriously? Nah. I’ll pass. It could all be bullshit anyway.
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    I think in your example here it shuold be "Leninist". Leningrad is a city.
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    Really wish folks wouldn't look at nabs and distorted's terrible reasoning and hitch it automatically to liberal democratic socialism in general. Here's the facts- the united states is insanely conservative when compared to the rest of the world on several key issues. The right-most of right parties in European countries don't want to replace their socialist healthcare systems with a business-themed one because thats fucking ridiculous. I know nabs is an idiot, but don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. The united states needs socialized healthcare. The united states needs a progressive tax structure. The united states needs to make investments into infrastructure- most notably in the forms of green energy, public transportation, and creating the internet into a public utility.
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    It’s funny in a scary way that no one in the conservative camp sees anything wrong with having to placate the POTUS just to get him to admit defeat and start the transition process. It’s like this is totally normal and happens everyday in their world. Geraldo just really needs to stfu. Maybe sit in front of another empty vault and completely embarrass himself again.
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    Episode 15 - "Instigation" With no time to mourn Bercouli, the War of Underworld rages on!! 12:30 AM Tonight (11/21-22/20) ONLY TOONAMI!!!
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    Contempt is not the same as hate.
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    I liked an MD post. I need to cry in a shower until I forget.
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    Oh well fuck y'all. Wait for her, i aint saying shit
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    Let us know when he posts he died. When you’re an alpha male warrior you can post from beyond the grave.
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    It also translates into negative turnout, which is more powerful. Joe Biden didn't stand for anything extreme, so the attacks claiming he was a socialist fell flat and the Republican-leaning, upperclass suburbanites were willing to split tickets for him, which combined with the anti-Trump enthusiasm on the other side was enough to flip AZ, GA, NE-2 etc. This whole line of conversation makes no sense at all. The most frustrating aspect of folks who trot out the argument that progressives won and moderates lost is that no one who does makes any effort to distinguish races in safe D seats from those in toss-up or red-leaning seats. That AOC won her general election as a progressive in Queens is irrelevant to Max Rose losing his general as a moderate on Staten Island. And whether or not she had a competitive primary (she didn't) in her safe D district is also irrelevant to how political ideology impacts the actual competitive, partisan general elections. It's frustrating because it's made by people I'd like to agree with, but the consistent omission by thought leaders is either disingenuous or demonstrates a lack of electoral knowledge.
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    No, nabs is a closeted conservative who is too scared to come out.
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    I like that nabs has conveniently forgotten how much he complained about the lock down and that everything should open up.
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    Specifically, the damage you end up doing is that you encourage people to be lax in rigidly adhering to protocols meant to curb the disease's spread. People who are under the misconception that a disease is not potentially deadly do things like not wear masks, gather in groups of any size outside of their household, and don't self quarantine any time they are exposed to someone who has tested positive.
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    It's pretty amazing you turned owning a lava lamp into something stressful.
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    No, change it to Rudy the incredible melting man.
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    the future is never as cool as you think it'll be
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    Well, if he is, at least we know that it's not from an STD.
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    Surprise, surprise, the mold gremlin that alleges to dry his clothing in a sweltering car wasn't on top of male hygiene.....Surely you jest
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    Not all speech is free. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_free_speech_exceptions man MD is bending over backwards to support people who defend white supremacy and dangerous anti-science ideas. Not surprising. Anyway, if a school allows someone who is anti-intelligence and anti-science to speak on their campuses, it probably says a lot about the quality of that school.
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