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    - "So your fetishes are Asian women and feet?" - "Yeah, as far back as I can remember." - "Asian feet or just women's feet in general?" - "Just feet in general." - "Even men's feet?" - "Yeah" - "So Asian women for favorite people, but just any feet for favorite bodypart?" - "Yup, that's pretty much how i'm wired" - "And you have no idea why?" - "No, but I start therapy tomorrow, so I should start figuring all that out pretty soon." - "Ok, that's good. That'll be twenty for the lap dance and let's call it eighty for the shoes." - "Yeah, sorry about that. That's never happened to me before."
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    Nababby has been banned for the non-crime of reporting abusive posts (which have since been removed) in a thread that I didn't create. I didn't realize you had to be the thread creator to report abuse in threads. Probably because that doesn't make any goddamn sense. Can I get a Real mod to overturn this absurd ban? Or the ban on my other account Nabarney? The one that has been banned for over three months for the non-crime of being a moderator? I would prefer this account be unbanned if I have a choice, but either one is fine. Looking for a response from real mods only. Fake mods need not reply here. Thank you for your time, and sorry about yall having to clean up this fake mod mess.
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    Brooooooo ...that shit pisses me off. My Ls said I was 6...but I guess I was wearing boots since I'm a December baby and that's when I renew. Well, I moved here and they got me at 5'11. So it wasn't that big of a deal to me...but I showed this girl at the time and she was like "you not even 6 feet😂" and I'm like, really...this is funny to you. My dick has met your tonsils, and you think jabbing at the inch off my head is gonna piss me off.... Well it did, fuck you bitch....hope you get 6 feet of herpes. We still talk occasionally.
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    Ain't nobody cleaning for dick. If you go over somebody house to bang and it's nasty ... guess what
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    Kirby Morrow also played Trowa Barton from Gundam Wing and the original Van Fanel from Escaflowne, among COUNTLESS other roles. Was a staple during the formative years of my anime fandom. Quite a great loss.
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    Yeah, among the best this show has to offer for sure!
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    The original Sesshomaru came back actually. But the original Kagome retired apparently, so we are stuck with the one from Final Act.
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    Miroku is now voiced by Ian James Corlett. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ian_James_Corlett
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    So yeah, all this time fans were guessing and theorizing like crazy about where Miroku and Sango were and what happened to them. It turned out they were just in another village.
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    You're even crazier than Himiko, you blue bitch!
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    @Raptorpat sorry to bother you but since I'm getting nowhere with this, can you please unban my Nabarney account? I didn't realize that stating the fact that I am a moderator who does in fact have moderation privileges in some areas of this forum, such as the Official Staff Folder, was actually against the rules. Just seemed like harmless fun to me, not something that could permanently cost me my account. I thought some insecure fakemods were feeling threatened by my status as the people's mod and were just making up reasons on the fly to throw their weight around and embarrass and get rid of me. At the time, it felt like a mockery of the forum justice that they (not letting myself type "we") are tasked to uphold. But, if saying I am a moderator is really causing this much stress and consternation amongst your most venerealable moderation team whomdst I have the utmost respect and toleration for, then I will altogether stop saying it, outside of the areas of this board where I do actually have mod powers. I don't care about the Nababby account that katt has recently banned for ?????????? (???????????????????????????????) I am annoyed that 1. it was permabanned given the circumstances of that thread, and 2. that by losing it I will no longer have control over my Official Staff Folder club, but oh the fuck well, it can stay banned. I just want my original name back. I will be good in general, better than ever, and if I ever once claim to be a mod, in any area of the forum in which I don't have moderator privileges, then when Misaka inevitably reports it I will accept the penalty of it being perma'd again forevermore & I won't say anything about it, now that I'm aware it is a real thing that can really happen for some reason. Since apparently it's such a gravely serious forum crime. I didn't think it was before, but I can pretend to now understand why it is and leave all that in the past, no slip-ups or third chances. If this is acceptable than I would appreciate Nabarney being unbanned so that I can resume posting with it, and I will be *very* careful to not cross any of the Real mods so that I won't lose it again, now that I am aware of how things here operate. Thank you for your time, and F the police.
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    That is not why you were banned. Play time with you is over and done. And consider the ban on your other account as being made permanent at this time for continuing the same claim in here that got it put in time out to begin with.
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    That ANN reviewer is a goof. He said he didn't even finish the original series, and didn't watch Final Act, so why is he even reviewing this? I stopped reading the first episode review as soon as I read that.
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    If you're going to lie on your dick, i've found it's best to lie big. A small lie turning a 5 to a 6 is embarrassing, but a big lie where you have a third leg that necessitates you buy the underwear with the special pouch is funny for all involved.... Sometimes
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    I think that's just a bleak reminder of how much people pay attention to you.
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    Pretty sure tiity skittles ain't suppose to make you shrink like that....
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    Meh, I don't think anyone should have them now that mine live....fuck them kids.
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    She's not a cleaner. That's why I'm doin' it. Might ask her to clean for sexual favors though still contemplating it.
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    Is she a legit cleaner or is she a hooker?
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