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    The bit started with him saying stupid people should have to wear a sign and it basically turned into the things they do are the sign.
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    Dip in road Thanks for being lazy doomer so I don't feel bad about not looking for a pic.
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    16 years later, we still haven't forgotten!! Today is when [as] should have announced the new mini-season of ATHF, not when the Roiland bomb exploded!
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    I’m sure DeMarco has wanted to use DC films to patch holes as often as possible. I think this is just the first time WBD is willing to throw them a bone without something to promote. Nice to see WBD coming in clutch rather than Toonami having no options but doubling up One Piece and Naruto. Granted they can simply do that in March if nothing can be acquired before then. Yeah FLCL Grunge in March seems like a safe bet.
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    Why don't a lot of women's pants come with pockets or the pockets too shallow for anything other than a dime. That has always baffled me....like I get the purse angle but where I'm from, you had to be 40+ to carry a purse and it had to be huge.
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    never thereisnofourget never 5get
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    They'd have to make new shows instead and that's scary and expensive and they just end up failing right after they get canceled anyway because obviously none of them are ever going to be given the chance to build their audience if it doesn't happen by episode 3.
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    Okay, so now we know three QBs are the most QBs you can lose at one time before your offense runs into trouble.
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    yeah...its way too choppy like this. Hard to get into any kind of flow.
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    Pretty sure this is not how it happened. Sasuke wasn't there, for one thing haha.
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    Brook giving up the ghost. "At least I'll have plenty of company soon." 🤣
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    Her lungs would be in better shape if Sanji wasn't smoking! I don't think Nami's cardio is the only issue here!
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    Could that be the plan? Fart on Caesar Clown, then light his farts on fire and blow him up?? I don't know, but I have been laughing my ass off at this!
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    Faputa can be so cute and sweet and then gravely evil So aloof
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    I feel like if a famous, successful white man is getting hit with felony charges in California, there's probably some pretty fucking hard evidence that he did it. So like, yeah I think that's fair. But that's kinda beside the point. We're random schmucks on the internet, we don't have all the facts about why Adult Swim made that choice, and we're not entitled to that info. We don't know that they made a kneejerk reaction to fire him just because he got accused of something with absolutely zero further deliberation on their part, and there's no reason to assume that's the case. In my opinion, it seems a lot more likely that the felony was a flashing neon sign that made AS stop and think "Hey, this guy's pretty synonymous with our brand at this point and he's getting a lot of negative press right now. Maybe we should look into it and see if he's been a piece of shit in general?" And then they probably did, like, some absolute bare minimum amount of digging within the company and found enough evidence that yes, he is actually a piece of shit in general and they'd rather not work with him anymore. Is there any particular reason you seem to believe Roiland's been given a raw deal here and AS had no justification in cutting ties with him?
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    Hiring a cat to get your dog to smile for a picture...
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    I'm revisiting this because I've had some sleep and just read what I wrote last night. Now that I think about it the story is uninteresting because there's no story at all, I mean in my head there is but in actuality, no. HOWEVER! I shall embellish on my inquiry into unicycle porn and you shall see how uninteresting it was. THE STORY BEGINS but a decade ago [or maybe more, who can remember] IN A LAND of unrealistic expectations and unclear evolutionary explanations KNOWN AS...Midstoden! If you're in the Northern hemisphere. BUT TO THE REST OF THE WORLD IT IS CALLED...Thee Hub! AND IT IS THERE that our misguided and skeptical protagonist starts her journey. Itwentsomethinglikethis Him: Here. [adjusts laptop] Think of something, anything. It'll probably be here. Me: Okay. Felting! Him: What? Me: You know. Making things out of felt. Him: Okaaaay...yeah nothing on felting. But... Me: K. Then Unicycling! Him: Uh, there's bikes and...and I bet we could find clowns. Me: You said anything. All I see is the same thing. Him: I think you're missing the... Me: Gumball machines? Fish tanks. Ascot. Him: [sigh] Me: Cumquat? It's the perfect safeword! Him: Stop listing inanimate objects. Me: [silence] ... ... ... Dinosaurs. Why are you looking at me like that... Him: It astounds me how difficult you can be. Even with something like this. Me: Okay fine. ...Orthodontist. ... ... I swear I'm not being difficult! My first crush was on my orthodontist. Him: [sigh] Fine. [hits enter] Me: Oh. Whoa, no no. Taking that back, just put in mud wrestling or something and end whatever [gestures] this is. Actually...what is that... Him: This one? Me: Yeah that one there. And so her journey continued. But yeah, considering this was like over a decade ago it's quite possible the world may be over abundant in unicycle porn by now. I really don't know! Also THE END.
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    Yaaaaaay...is my prize that horse we beat to death?🤣 Nighty night, sleep well...I almost called you Steve for some reason and I have absolutely no fucken idea why, think I'm tired too
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    https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/35558060/sources-chargers-hiring-kellen-moore-new-oc WTF?!?!? This dude is still around?
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    Okay then, I guess we're done here because you're just straight up not reading the words I wrote. Great job, have fun dying on this hill.
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    Someone's gonna need to bitchslap your ass Madara
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    Brook about to be the ghost with the most....
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    come with us faputa. a powerful entity like her would be such a boon
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    I swear if we have to lose Mitty again after this I will have some heartbreak issues
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    He doesn't want that though.
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    Companies aren't courts. They don't need a legal verdict to take action. As long as they're covering their own asses, they're fully allowed to drop a hot piece of garbage. Companies also tend to know way more about any given situation than the public ever will, either by having covered it up for a while, or at least doing their own investigations. End of the day, you just gotta ask yourself: Do you really think they would go through with firing him on a whim? Someone that prominent, and financially crucial, isn't kicked just to save face. He's fired because the alternative is immensely worse.
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