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    So I didn't get the assistant manager position, and I promptly quit that job. Fortunately, I had my other job. And now the store owner is making me store manager and giving me free health insurance and Aflack. If the business ends up closing due to the pandemic, he said he'll just have me work at another one of his businesses. Funny how shit like this always happens.
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    And I've been informed I'd been included in the acknowledgements section. Needless to say, this is the first time this has happened, and I'm incredibly moved.
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    You had your shitty dumbass thread. Now you don't. Time to fuck off.
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    This muzzle, he has plenty, I’m sure 😆 (excuse the screenshot I’m having a senior moment)
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    First time she caught anything over 18
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    It's going to be a small town of 30 people with Skyrim as DLC.
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    But it happens. Thought this was interesting enough to share with y'all.
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    see, the point of this thread was to out those that are racist, facist, and believe they are above the law; primarily police officers. it has led to other stories of bigotry, primarily white people, being intolerant of persons of color (primarily black). there have been stories, youtube videos and news articles of white people, primarily white men, white~splaining, how persons of color, (primarily black), are wrong for demanding action against police brutality, bigotry, racism, and just a general disregard to persons of color (primarily black) and throughout this whole thread, people, such as yourself, believe that your opinion matters here. as a person of color, primarily black, i can tell you, that your opinion matters for naught, when it goes against the narrative of the BLM movement. you, in fact, have demonstrated, wholeheartedly, your lack of empathy, obtuse opinion, and honestly, bigot mentality to the BLM movement. i honestly do not care what your political affiliation is, because the bottom line is, it doesn't matter, if you can't see that the right to protest, NO MATTER HOW bothersome, inconvenient, or unimportant it is to you, is important to someone like me, than you're part of the problem. so....stay in your lane, and let the people do what they need to do.
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    I will keep my submission brief. Personally, I have changed my thinking significantly in the last year. Even more in the past 5 months. Most importantly, in the last month and a half. I am figuring out my position in all of this still, but I am speaking a lot more about the anger to people close to me. That is my contribution to centers of influence close to me. My wife and I attended a few gatherings in Philly, the one that hit me the most was on Fathers day.... the images on TV are shock value, but listening to the voices of the ones most impacted has been life changing for me. I grew up extremely poor. We had literally nothing and my mom worked 3 jobs to support two boys. She was afforded that ability to fortunately... own a business, sell real estate, and be a waitress at a social club.... and I know she only was able to be successful in all three because of her appearance.... and that sucks. My wife and I are listening. We feel anger. Edit... worth mentioning my mom is not a citizen. Green card holder of Ireland
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    No excuse. My banker boyfriend did plenty of work while I sucked his dick. I'm putting a derogatory mark in your dossier.
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    Why are you blaming those people for getting hit by that asshole when he purposely drove the wrong way up a ramp just so he could hit them? Do you also blame people who get shot by someone who decided they were going to kill them? What happened wasn't an accident and you are a piece of shit for trying to make it sound like it was.
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    This show was one of the most enjoyable anime experiences I've ever had. Super stoked for season 2.
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    USSR... Also, 44 of those US were fuggs and her new top clearance IT position.... 1 was Packard accidentally
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    After being on the old boards since 2006 and however long I've been here, I guess I'll finally post in one of these pic threads and show myself. Plus Idk what else to do today I already got my groceries. My other crown is off being polished to glisten in the summer sun.
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    If religious schools want tax money than they gotta teach the same things as public school, not have to be paid for to go to, and churches and other houses of worship should get taxed.
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    Nabs found a room with a working light that isn't the bathroom.
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    pls mods move the last 5 pages to DF
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    Personally I don't think they should get shows because they're loaded with T&A. But they shouldn't ignore shows that are great just because they are loaded with T&A.
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    I think I've already mentioned it, but my perspective has always been extremely self-centered. This past week was pretty nerve wracking because my gf had to quarantine and get two tests because she was exposed to COVID-19 (ironically at a gym of all places) after spending the past three Fridays and Sundays "volunteering" at a shelter. Being a city employee means that, as an educated black woman, she has a few more opportunities than she might have in the private sector. But, it's hard to not think of racism when she gets passed up for promotions because one panelist grades her lower simply because she doesn't think she can handle the politics of the position, or when she ends up being an assistant to and assigned all the work of someone that was promoted over her because they felt he was more experienced in the job than she was. Being asked to spend an extra 8 hours of overtime at a hotel, checking in homeless people who are coughing and not wearing masks just seem to fit into a pattern of her being unappreciated in a department and profession where black women aren't well represented. And the truth is that this is me putting that on her experience. She probably is experiencing racism, but it isn't defined by a blips in an otherwise upperly mobile career and it isn't defined by a middle aged white guy who thinks his girl is the only competent person in her office. That's the problem with white people, or at least the while people who are conscientious - they're looking for some kind of point of reference to gauge racism where no such point exists. At least part of this is to dodge the inevitable discrepancies in the systems we rely on. It's a hell of a lot easier to laugh at a prankster singing racist ditties than it is to accept the reality that any point in your life could have been a turning point if you hadn't had a white skin to give you an advantage. There is no way of addressing the fact that your life is a lie when you have a critical part without any agency in perpetuating that lie. However, at least part of it is also this need to control the narrative. It seems as if white people don't feel like they can understand something unless they can repeat it back in their own terms. Sometimes that means extreme things like strapping a yoke to your shoulders and using a literal experience to reframe a historical abuse. More often than not, its pedestrian efforts to organize boycotts and protests at things like Civil War and Catholic Missionary monuments or to post something pithy on a social media (or this board). It all amounts to white people telling black people what black people are experiencing, even if its from a genuine attempt to right wrongs, because they have no idea how to actually do right. Ultimately, I didn't say anything about racism to my gf because it wasn't my place, but it wasn't lost on me what was actually important. The fact that a civil engineer had to volunteer at a shelter on the City of LAs dime for what amounted to a full second shift says more about how society doesn't have a permanent solution for a massive wage gap and rents that are unsustainable. Racism now isn't really about the avowed bigotry as much as its a cog in a bigger machine that perpetuated an underclass of people.
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    Okay, so the city I live in: Its Wikipedia page links directly to the page on "White Flight" Used to, and by that I mean a few years after I moved here, had a Robert E. Lee Day parade Didn't give us off MLK Day as a federal holiday (It was usually teacher in-service) until my Junior year of High School Is still about 95% White according to the last Census data Had a Black Lives Matter protest march about three weeks ago. That's one of those "If THAT doesn't tell you something is wrong I don't know what to tell you" type things.
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    The police blocked the highway. The man illegally drove onto the highway by going the wrong way up an off ramp. He acted with a desire to kill people for invoking their right to peaceably assemble.
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    https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2020-07-02/dr-stone-anime-season-2-premieres-in-january-2021/.161366 Science is back on Toonami with the most popular animated misanthrope scientist since Dexter.
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    Do not be taken in by this charlatan's gift of gab. Instead, I am spearheading a campaign to raise underwearness. For pennies a day, you can get in on the ground floor of addressing this woeful pustule on our society.
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    making masks. looks like i'll be selling these too. and finally finished 'carol'
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    That’s the flaw in our HC system. There’s zero incentive for preventative care. I’m constantly fighting with my doctor for her to stop prescribing me shit. If we had universal HC there would be more prevention measures instead of “here take this”
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    In general, Cohen's schtick isn't my thing. I do find it funny though that the racist group who held that rally were the ones who had to put out the first statement about what happened. That does show that Cohen punking them is harmful in some kind of way if they have to come out hard doing damage control. Also that picture of Cohen in a second costume was an unintentional public self burn too. They live-streamed the interview afterwards, and a lady who might have been an activist watched it and quickly took a screenshot of Cohen when she recognized him and posted it on social media. That dumbass group deleted that video in a hurry which is why there's no video circulating of that interview right now(can't remember where I saw the tweets explaining this). I guess what made me laugh in pettiness was that this kind of concert or whatever is used to try and make them seem harmless and give them more credibility, and Cohen was able to deny them that. At least for that one day.
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    You couldn't be more wrong. He would indeed acknowledge systemic racism exists, except that it's aimed at whites.
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    Nobody is reading that.
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