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    That's because when this started, it was VS the police. When the narrative shifted to VS Chauvin, they said "oh, fuck him" Which here's the thing....at it's core is EXACTLY what we want...law enforcement washing their hands of the murderers. It's all anyone ever wanted but they let it escalate to a point where it was damn near half a nation going fuck the police
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    I feel like every Ghostrek thread is like....
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    If Marjorie Taylor Greene actually believed in the type of 'Anglo Saxon Values' that the types of idiots she's catering to believe in, she'd be bare foot and pregnant in a trailer house somewhere and we wouldn't have to hear or see her except as an occasional catch-n-release photo on People of Walmart.
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    You should be reading every fucking post I post, links too. you have all the time in the world with your cum stain bf incarcerated
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    Yeah, but she really did say she was going to start a caucus focused on Anglo Saxon political values, so it's not just satire. And, to answer your question @ghostrek, her problem is that she's a stupid person who is playing up to other stupid people. THAT is the kind of woman you ask why she looks strange... before you fuck her brains out.
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    Make fun of the way I run LOL. Why do you have to run like that? Hey, the anime changed the angle of that Lucky Lecher Lure moment to be less perverted?! THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!
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    Fuck this asshole He better get what's coming to him. I need him to die satisfyingly.
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    So I've seen this gem from a couple of my more conservative fb friends in the last few days: Sadly hilarious fake flex to pat yourself on the back with. So this highly trained officer who is most concerned with saving their own skin can't stop this criminal with their gun OR their taser, OR their billyclub, OR their handcuffs, and somehow you're gonna fucking Arnold Schwarzenegger this criminal yourself, with what would most likely be your bare hands? And even if you conceal/open carry, the cop couldn't stop him with their gun, but you will? Yeah right, Superman. No, I don't think you'd get yourself killed, you'd run and cower just like anyone else. Sit the fuck down.
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    Kicks over cooler, throws playbook onto field.
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    Listen, the bumps on my dick I’ve been getting for a decade now are because of a vaccine I haven’t gotten yet and you can’t convince me of anything else
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    https://nypost.com/2021/04/20/herpes-infection-possibly-linked-to-covid-19-vaccine/ Report saying herpes a side effect of vaccine... lol ”nah baby, I got that from the vaccine not those slam pigs I’ve been raw dawwwwgin”
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    Episode 21: Enemy Contact The candle's almost burned down... Only 4 episodes left! Witness the carnage, at 2 AM tomorrow night! (4/17/21)! Only TOONAMI!!!
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    Anime: We're a mainstream medium that is safely universal toward all companies in every country. Also anime:
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    Erina - "I-it's not like I like your food or anything, baka!"
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    I found it, the Most Cursed Furby. Edit: I like that Twitter refuses to actually show that thing so I have to share it myself.
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    Gun laws need to be tightened up in NJ. My sociopathic cousin has a half dozen guns AT LEAST, and he shouldn’t have any cuz he’s a fuckin gangster wannabe, psycho, dumb ass. we all know how this is gonna go. Conservatives are gonna screech like banshees, declaring that “wE tOlD u dUmBoCrAts WeRe CuMmiN 4 yEr GuNs!!!!”””
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