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    I'm gonna stab u in the gums w/a rusty screwdriver
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    Fuck you and your Q Anon rumor bullshit. No one is lighting fires. Not that you would know, what with being on the opposite coast and all... Shut the fuck up and step off, you shit muppet.
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    Giving money to kids that don't work? Oh, it's a Fred Trump biography.
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    A year ago, I said I was so desperate to pass Calculus, that I would suck any dick. Well, the universe was like, "Bet?" And there is someone in my current student housing who is amazing at coding, and I am falling extremely behind in my coding class that he is also taking. And he helped me with some labs already, but when we were having a house dance, I ran away from him. 🤣 And he is ignoring my texts for help earlier this week. LMFAO!!! 🤣🤣🤣 So to clarify, I will not fuck anyone or suck dick for educational help, but maybe I fucking should cause then I would not fail my assignments!! 😆
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    packard when he comes in and sees us talking about how cool it is to have old tech
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    Here's the thing sweety.. if it was bio warfare, all the republicans are doing is making us vulnerable to that kind of attack from china or wherever. If someone wanted to hurt us, all theyd have to do is actually lock down, social distance, and wear masks. Then they could release whatever they wanted knowing it'll kill way more americans than their own. Yet you guys can't see that. If it's an invisible enemy, that's too much for you. Just going to let americans die instead of endure even mild hardship. It's really sad and pathetic. It makes me ashamed to be an american and it makes us look WEAK. Why can't you understand that?
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    Episode 3: Karma Time Don't you brandish that broken bottle at me! What goes around comes around, 1 AM tonight (9/12/2020)! ONLY TOONAMI!! [please refrain from posting spoilers]
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    Even the big words I do know, a lot of credit is due to video games and Frasier....
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    Every sixty seconds in Africa, a minute passes.
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    Not to mention that anglo-American culture is not in danger of going anywhere, and never has been. When minorities express that they just want to coexist with anglos, when anglos say it they don't want anything else to coexist. And before Ginguy goes "reeeeeeeeeeeeecist", again, anglo-American culture has never been in danger of not thriving, and anglos only say that shit when an attempt is made to make a minority culture visible. Minorities say that either because A) their culture is invisible and ignored by us, or B), like the Native Americans, which was depicted in the meme, their culture really actually has been decimated into almost not existing.
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    STFU, there is nothing odd....jackie made a hyperbolic statement, which after the opportunity arose she realized that there is no way she'd do what she thoughtlessly blurted out a while back....That's it, there is nothing odd about it. What is odd is that I still think the calculus dude is closer to getting his dick sucked than you'll ever be even after getting a hard nope.
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    I heard Trump wanted to show Biden up so he went out and voted twice.
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    Once every 1000 years, the Explosive Trees of Europe send a declaration of war to the Towering Sequoias of the Yo-Semites. SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY! December 2020...
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    my bf has old friends in a car club that put out a calendar every year these are some of the raw photos
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    I believe in life after love.
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    We would have also accepted "crooked as a politician"
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    It’s so fuckin depressing that we’re at the point where young voters are so disenfranchised with the system, that they’re willing to go through 4 more years of hell, because, in their minds (and I’m not sure they’re wrong), it will still be hell, but with different language if Biden wins. They are willing to risk it all burning to the ground because they think it will bring some light at the end of this tunnel. That just maybe, by voting 3rd party, politicians will finally listen to what they actually want, and not what 55 year old “experts” tell people that they want. Idk maybe I’m looking at it all wrong, and the optimism that they think it will matter should be the focus. What difference would it really make in our electoral system if Nabs, or distorted voted 3rd party? In one state Trump will win anyway, and the other, Biden. Idk. I just feel bad cuz it seems like we’re trying to guilt people to vote against their conscience ☹️
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    Yeah, no denying Biden did those things as a senator under the excuse that he wanted the states to do their own thing. Unfortunately you can’t count on all states to do the right thing. It’s so easy for politicians to make compromises about things that won’t directly impact them. I still shudder to think what 4 more years of Trump will bring. He’s not the only problem, but he is a problem we can deal with immediately by not letting him win.
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    Everybody do nothin cuz it’s all fucked anyway, might as well make your stand, it’s a good enough time as any.
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