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    The good news is the chest pains we're not cardiac related but they think it was a bad case of acid reflux so I got some meds for that. Although there is chance I'll end up having a massive heart attack once I receive the bill
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    The real question is, will you fuck and tell us about how much the chick enjoyed it?
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    Stay frosty, bro. We'll get nabs out that mod chair sooner or later.
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    fortunately I am not a pregnant woman, and my teeth are beautiful maybe if my gf gets preggers I will tell her to lay off the tap water and hit up the hard liquor instead
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    Are the Proud Boys aware their name sounds like a gay nightclub?
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    Fuggz: Excuse me biiiiiiiiiitch, I left some expensive underwear in room 128, I would like someone to pick them up and hold them for me until I show up to get them. Hotel: Ma'am, this is Embassy Suites. We are a luxury hotel that is only built in classy metropolitan areas. We incinerated the room after finding those per our pursuit for excellence clause.
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    If any mod was so easily triggered by your little fits, you wouldn't last long enough to make additional threads that are posted purely to see how much you can push things before you get taken out yet again.
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    But when I do, the first thing I see is something about horse fucking. Keep on being unique.
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    LMAO, Yeah, sure glad those cops saved these kids a full block away from the shooting that was taking place from a subject that was intentionally shooting directly at police.....They were safer inside the fucking day care instead of being escorted out by targets. But yay boys in blue.....I'm actually surprised thy didn't accidentally open fire on the daycare themselves.
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    >.> I'm trying to figure out how I'm coming off to these people. Fucking old people are my weakness. I can't say no to them .... and babies I just found out you can hug babies at the hospital >.> I can't wait until I get older, established in my career and need something to do. I'm gonna hug the shit out of those babies
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    Probably killed himself after he saw his crotch, mate
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    They're not going to call you back because they threw them away lol I can only imagine what those people see
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    I totally believe you owe people money and they have taken litigation against you...That's not the part that sounds fake.
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    Not surprised in the slightest that you're quoting Andy Ngo. This is where you come up with some bullshit about how they were defending themselves with hammers from Antifa's very dangerous words.
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    Good ol' Danny....Always with the thievery. Couldn't she just ask for it....No, no....That's too normal. Gotta snag one, huh....Get the ol adrenal gland thumping
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    All white supremacists should be executed. Like, if they don't go out in a mass suicide, they should be turned into chum and fed to sharks.
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    The proud boys can go fuck themselves like all fascist should.
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    Doesn't sound like the best quote for a dating profile bio, but whatever works.
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    You have to admit the Akhal-Teke is a beautiful horse. That's a super fuckable horse. I'm not saying that I would fuck that horse. I'm just saying that if I was a horse, I would fuck that horse. So, to be clear, I, Mix the human, would not fuck that horse. Buuut Mix the horse would definitely fuck that horse. That's not weird. I'd be a horse. Horses fuck other horses all the time.
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    And speaking of negative Demarco memes courtesy of /co/...
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    clit measuring contest . . . another keeper. *kegelspasm*
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