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    We should all show this to politicians.
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    We'll be right back with divorce court
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    You get a harem. And you get a harem. And you get a harem...
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    Haha Cooking them might have just saved his bacon
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    You're misreading a lot today....Buddy didn't say anything about a car.....he will literally teleport over there
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    This guy who has been in my prep class that I have been hanging out with during the semester has a really cool person to talk to. And we are going to be taking the same classes next semester so we have been planning to study more. He also took me to the rave concert earlier in the year. Anyways, he literally just texted me, hey I can't study at 3 cause I'm going out of town for a bit but will be back at 8, I got you a gift, can I meet you at your place if you want. And my dumb ass this morning thought that he couldn't meet at all, so I told him to meet me tomorrow at school. 😐 HOW CAN I BE THIS STUPID?!?!?!? I actually wouldn't mind hanging out with him. >_> God, I'm such an airhead lately
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    Holy shit I'm actually tearing up for real here
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    Pharmacist fetishes for crying out loud.
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    Wow that looked a tad sexual didn't it?
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    Cilantro lime and Honey caramel are all you need to make Cola actually you also need Cola Nuts and Cocaine >_>
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    cooking drugs with senku try this, kids at home
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    scientific principle of leverage
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    "ones from the US" lmao of course our drugs are world famous
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    Just found this. In that promo, Kohaku diving in her cave girl undies. Oh yeah baby. Will they finally actually make the fucking medicine and give it to Ruri?! She's only been literally dying the whole show! And if Ruri ends up dying before they can give it to her or the medicine doesn't end up working I'm going to rage.
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    Every little thing is pissing me off. It's day two so I know there's only one more shit day after this then I'm done with smoking. Then everything will be fine. Until then I hate everyone and everything. God fucking damnit. Never start smoking. It stinks, kills you, and makes you want to die when you want it to stop killing you.
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    Episode 18: The Secrets of Pyrokinesis OP: "MAYDAY" by Coldrain feat. Ryo FULL VERSION! 12:30 AM Tomorrow Night (12/7-8) ONLY TOONAMI!!
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    Oh damn this got intense quick
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    our trio of blonde ladies look lovely in the same shot!
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    Oh he has some screwing in mind
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    ... is it me or is Bakugo ONLY getting more and more annoyed the more we see him?
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    MHA, where villains can be understood.
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    plus it shows absolutely any hero we root for has the chance to become a villain too. Just great stuff.
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    Gotta get paid, and if the labels say "do this" then they do it. That's why I don't listen to most modern artists.
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    Can't that be the show instead? And then after they fuck maybe they have a delicious snack?
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