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    talkin bout "uuuuh hey lol just uhh wanted to see how you doin lol. You uhh you too pretty to be sad lol" "lol why you ignore? LOL" "LOL" "You make me sad please respond" "BITCH" "EAT SHIT DIE HORE" *dick pic* "I'm sorry. I have cancer"
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    @1938 Packard I found a guest to enjoy your gourmet cooking!
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    Viper, no one wants to see your broken dick.
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    This is my favorite from my last trip My Brother, His Girlfriend, and I on the tour at Lambeau The best part is my Cousin took the picture and she's a Bears fan
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    I am a genius. I took a picture of the other phone. Also the picture is shitty but I spent so much time on this I don't care anymore.
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    No. I think there’s something deeper here. A desire for connection. A longing, even.
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    Oh no, Mr broken dick who got trolled by zeni so badly he flounced off and said he would never come back called me a fat virgin.
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    Dick pic yo! It's 1000% SFW
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    And his brother is Luigi Mario. That's why it's called Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros.
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    He was Mario Mario.
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    This cool shot would be fitting in Hellsing
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    I gots the hammock today!!!! The POWAH!!!
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    I could see a fine, maybe, but 10 days in jail because it delayed the trial 45 min?
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    This is actually kinda true. https://www.strongerbyscience.com/gender-differences-in-training-and-diet/ I hate to break it to y'all, but testosterone ain't the end all be all of sports skills. Growing up I was told that being a girl and having my body shape was eventually going to stop me from being able to smoke dudes in races(unofficial ones, I was too poor for track). Puberty came and went, dudes got taller, and I didn't stop beating their asses until 19 when my health issues started. While I don't have lean muscles, thick springy thighs turned out to be a physical advantage that let me compete with guys not just in running but also fighting. Having big wide feet probably gives me some other advantages too along with being very flexible. As that link points out, body composition plays a major part and so does size. It's not just about hormones. How your body is set up, your organs, and several other factors contributes to physical skills. There are differences to where I'd say that it'd be best to study the percentages closely and base categories of competitors by that, but even that's not perfect because again like in my case, it's really not impossible for women to beat dudes much larger than them. Sexism in sports is something that also needs to be factored in. It's harder for women to have access to the correct training regimen and nutrition needed to be at their best because we don't get the same kind of money being spent on studies for that. Another thing is that being an exceptional athlete can get you punished so having to push through barriers hurts the progress that some can achieve in their sport, i.e. Simone Biles who's receiving that treatment right now.
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    Loki takes it just a little too far... HIDE YOUR WIVES AND DAUGHTERS SET FIRE TO YOUR VALUABLES LOKI IS COMING AND HE IS SWINGIN’ DICK SERIOUSLY SHIT IS ABOUT TO GET REAL THIS IS A MYTH THAT IS LESS A MYTH AND MORE A RAP BATTLE BETWEEN LOKI AND EVERYONE Go read it yourself, it's too long to post, but it's hilarious. Also too, see the term "flyting." Also, too, plus, many more Norse myths on that site, given similar treatment.
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    You get what you give.
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    Very sorry for your split and the inevitable fact that mad thirsty ass dudes are about to blow up your inbox
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    I am locking this thread. If you still want to discuss this issue, you can start over and do it without the drama. Don't call people slurs, don't call them "mentally retarded" (which I will probably start treating equally like a slur in these folders). Don't make death threats or the like - you are sacrificing more than just the account you're using in the moment.
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    Well, we have a new development on this: This is presumably only for the last four episodes... and MHA's rerun also has that many remaining. I think you can put two and two together.
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    what a load of shit. fuck that judge.
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    I'm fine with that position. Not ideal, but it's not bad, either.
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    Aaron Disumke's "Eh heh heh" is hilarious somehow.
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    "I have a strong feeling that Senku is about to wipe the floor with you." LMAO
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    Felicia Angelle is Kohaku. Justin Briner voices the other blond. Not sure who the fourth guy is.
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    Senku finally let's his wood off of her after hours of her being on her back (2019)
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    "Who knows if it will be 13 episodes .... 20 episodes..."
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    Senku's got quite the imagination for a scientist.
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    it wouldn't have gotten us into the action soon enough and would dampen the suprise/suspense balance of these goings-on now. it's not asspull writing; it's careful emotional manipulation of the reader.
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    ..... this is great n all, but wouldn't it have killed the author to put all this AT THE BEGINNING of the story so it wouldn't be a flashback?
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    Tamaki fanservice is the only reason I care about this show at this point =P
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    No I'm not, I'm always saying that I'm gonna do my homework, then I get distracted...>_>
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    She also goes to Anime conventions in cosplay as masked characters and nobody knows it's her until she posts the after pics, and is apparently a Cammy Main in Street Fighter she's just genuinely a nerd
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