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    I usually get "nothing" as a response....or maybe its "nutting" Either way, over the years ive discovered not to ask for clarity
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    Aging like a slice of american cheese that got lost behind the fridge
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    In the morning I will have pancakes....Decided just now.
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    video games and being a psychological menace.
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    I have never heard that question asked without the answer being drugs. It's like a math equation. Hell y'all doin' + in here = drugs drugs = hell y'all doin' + in here
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    Ew, you use the light mode
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    Whatcha up to? @RedemptionZeni
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    Even if I was law enforcement, i'd be the awesome kind of law enforcement... Like, i'd give you the keys to my car so you could make a run for it at the end of the movie... Then, i'd switch sides and join you as a criminal for the next fifteen to twenty sequels....
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    I go to a different strip club every month. Not as a customer, but as a dancer. Not for the money, but for the attention. They kick me out pretty quick '>.>
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    I knew I didn't like you, but now you've showed your ass so You done showed yo whole ass !! Also these expressions typed out lol
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