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    I have suspended the treaty w/insect kind in regard to Halyomorpha Halys aka the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug. They will all die.
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    This. I can't do energy drinks - they just make me too jittery. I stick with coffee, as well
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    I wish you didn't capitalize the F in your name on this site so my brain would still read it as countryfrylock Happy bday nontheless.
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    Why would he, that's how they train them to act. The cop's personal safety above all else! If you end up murdering someone we'll protect you from any repercussions.
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    So, gen:LOCK. It was far from perfect, and many of the complaints I've heard make sense. But I liked it, and if a second season somehow finds its way into production past all that behind-the-scenes drama, I'd watch it. 8/10. Also, I'm pretty sure Titmouse produced stuff long before G.I. Joe Resolute came along. Megas XLR and Metalocalypse, anyone?
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    Wait, this isn't the Black Clover thread, so how in the world did THAT happen!?
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    Maki-Tamaki confusion in writing aside, it's fortunately pretty easy to tell them apart on-screen! https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/review/fire-force/episode-9/.150851 Rating: 2.5โ˜†. Hopefully the next story arc is better!
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    Lol AB. I wonder if we just witnessed the equivalent of butt fumbling your career....
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    I'm sorry you and your kids went through this. The cops don't give a shit about having any basic humanity anymore.
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    Still say beat cops shouldn't be issued lethal weapons. Think there's a situation that calls for lethal force? Call in specialists or something. People that actually know how to handle shit. Rules of de-escalation and all that. Hell, would probably weed out a lot of dickwads like that if they knew that becoming a cop doesn't automatically qualify them to wave guns around at scary people.
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    LOL, he was a Ferengi? But 50 is way too young to die....I didn't really read it. What killed him.
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    They could have at least laid off it during that serious fight and discussion of killing children.
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    even being unathletic the trial and error would bulk him up some, wouldn't it?
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    But the last episode isn't airing the same night, so doesn't make much sense. It's building up hype during ungodly hours and having to wait a week to watch the finale. What would make more sense is to do the marathon leading up the final episode, with the final episode airing at its usual time, and then you flow into the regular block. But Adult Swim wouldn't let Toonami take over all that time and people aren't accustomed to watching Toonami that early. So since this marathon is a nonsensical paradox that can't make sense no matter what they should just not air it at all!
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    Well not Charlotte, but definitely the others.
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