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    Endeavor is such a shitty dad that he's out here traumatizing kids that aren't even his.
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    Those flames animation looked awesome Good job bones
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    he married a woman just so he could create "perfect" super babies through selective breeding and psychologically abused his wife until she had a nervous breakdown and threw boiling water on their "successful" experimental baby's face
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    That fat bald guy with the sunglasses looks like Krang's Body.
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    DeMarco tweeted that because of the tragedy, they held off on airing the Fire Force promo too, which was originally meant to air tonight.
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    bruh, i've been watching with such a sense of superiority, because i'm current with the manga, but that shook the fuck out of me....i do not remember him saying that....
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    Episode one title To You, in 2000 Years: The Fall of Shiganshina, Part 1
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    I've never seen any Monty Python movies or the tv shows
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    I need to go drop this in my never pile on Myanimelist.
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    https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/review/attack-on-titan/episode-58/.148237 Rating: 4.5⭐!! Turns out there's even more to this Titan power than we ever dreamed--and only one episode left until the LOOOOOOOOONG wait for Season 4 next year!!
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    "Not enough hate you say?" Flips food tray "what about now?"
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    Itachi seem like the most op villain here at the time lol
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    But Hinata's first mission would've been way before any war started? Naruto had to catch a cat or something. Break up a village dispute? Traveling to the border. How far is the Leaf Village from this village and the border and how big are the nations? Mitsuki having too many lulz at Sarada and Boruto lol. Who is this cutie?
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    naruto, don't even. you were even more arrogant and clueless than he is on your first mission
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    having seen several anime episodes get "postponed" and then NEVER air, I'm also somewhat concerned that the show's been outright cancelled Japan tends to permaban episodes of series if they're too reminiscent of real life tragedies, case in point, there's about 10 episodes of pokemon that have straight up been banned WORLDWIDE because of real life disasters that happened during their planned airings being too similar to the events of the episode
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    This show would be forgiven for everything if it was .... ya know.. funny.
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    I'm actually glad the Toonami broadcast censors the foodgasms slightly
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    well, duh. did you think he would talk that big game and NOT be able to back it up at all?? if you thought he was untalented, why'd you bother sabotaging him?
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    Did a naked girl just get a bunch of goo splashed all over her?
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    Pineapple, and Onion would have also tenderized the meat or you could just use bottled meat tenderizer like a normal fucking person
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    This. Also the first two eps were awesome. It was a good choice for Toonami when they picked it up. Also, it's so close to airdate that it's not like there was choice.
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    Well, to be fair, they weren't the greatest pictures, but Mom made Tang so we could feel like we were there.
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    If they didn't, then my Dad dragged my grade school butt outta bed to watch nothing.
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    No. Soul Eater and FIRE FORCE have the same writer.
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