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    When jingo likes your comment you should really reevaluate your life.
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    Its like 1am ... and I'm watching Yuri on Ice. I swear I started this like forever ago in Japanese but ... now its in English and all I can hear is Kyo from Fruits Basket pretending to have a Russian accent.
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    Gonna start work at a fucking Wendy's
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    But it looks like Bobby Hill.
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    Merry Christmas, I hope you're well-nourished for the holidays!
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    Me and Satou are fine but gurl I'll be yo partner 😘
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    if my paired partner has a solid Amazon wishlist sure :3 I'm in
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    @Ginguy id say that Nunes memo is working out about as well for him as it is for you. Tell me if you recognize this behavior.
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    So ... there's no chance of me leading this conversation into a discussion about Yuri on Ice? Any chance at all? >.>
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    Me gathering the force to obtain wheat bread.
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    @GreatBallsOfJizz I was trying to find pics of an 11' christmas tree we had one year when I came across these and realized Imma dirty liar. I ttly posted pics on the old boards 😅
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    Pay off my student loans. Buy a professional recording studio and hire professional audio engineers and producers to help me and my band record all of my music. ALL of it.
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    But Captain Hook is so much more twisted yet very much a lonely miss understood child...much more interesting.
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    Yuri on Ice I'm about to start Love Stage, so I don't know how good that one is. Edited to add that I second Nodame Cantabile if you haven't seen it yet.
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    Gotta get paid, and if the labels say "do this" then they do it. That's why I don't listen to most modern artists.
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    My Love Story. Love and Lies. Haganai Bloom Into You Watakoi: Love Is Hard For an Otaku
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    I like a large variety. It kind of just depends on my mood. I found a pretty amazing one last week. It was called Domestic sister. It should have been called a series of extremely bad choices. I loved Rascal senpai does not dream of bunny girl. That series and specifically the move was just so gut wrenchingly amazing. I was in the mood for a straight up rom com tonight but haven't been able to find it yet.
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    I would buy more money. I would buy all the money.
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    It's the only legal way to watch the dub of Land of the Lustrous, as well as other shows I'm interested in.
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    can you tell me how to delete the entire website?
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    https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/obituaries/rene-auberjonois-actor-featured-in-star-trek-and-altman-films-dies-at-79/2019/12/08/3f59c822-1a0d-11ea-b4c1-fd0d91b60d9e_story.html so sad who next from the ds9 cast is going to die
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