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    I didn’t even know Geno smith was still in football just turned the game on for a second and watched him get planted like a tree. 😬
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    Hahahahaha we suck. We are probably a bottom 5 team in the NFL right now. Those first 3 wins masked how bad we are.
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    Who can ever forget his famous catchphrase, "I'm doing my part!"?
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    what i say? grudens play calling was holding us back. what a great win after everything that had happened this last week. 4-2 with a solid win in denver. feels so good to see them rally like that.
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    Nooope. They didn't let my sister or step dad go to work when the miniature exposed them and they were all vaccinated, had negative tests, and we were only there like an hour. We live in different households and everybody was on 10 day staycation
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    Stargate is pretty good, but I prefer the Firefly spin-off Battlestar Galactica. Luke Skywalker is such a great character in that one.
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    Blessed with a bye week cuz r-tard teams get earlier byes than teams expected to make playoff runs a lot of good games today couple of blowouts and some OTs I’d say overall it was an exciting day of football. was hilarious I was watching the rams ravens game when it suddenly switched to KC WFT game cuz it was like 3-100 or some mess 😆
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    You think Floridians haven't tried AND FAILED to live at one of those Disney attractions time and time again? They stopped tasing people in '05. They just shoot 'em now. You're gonna get found and you're gonna get shot. That's the best case scenario, btw. You could end up being lobotomized and placed in a Mickey suit.
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    Read and review my fanfictions.
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    I got new glasses tell me what you think
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    Fox is showing infomercials instead of the Packers/Bears game here I had to find a livestream to watch it
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    @dudeco No, I'm not gonna legit tag that dude
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