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    This is closest thing that feels like old ASMB/IB to me. And I always said I'd post when this finally happened. As of about 8 hours ago MirokusTwinSister and I are married.
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    Found out over a week ago in an email but got my package in the mail today! Cali community colleges have great transfer programs into CSUs and UCs.
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    personally I think katt is the best decision any UEMB admin ever made, though don't tell her I said that. it's not our fault you said something bigoted against trans folks almost a couple weeks after getting banned for saying something bigoted against trans folks, a week after getting banned for racist stuff, a month after getting banned for other racist stuff, etc. etc. I'm tired and I hate banning people. but you've been on a tear lately, it's plainly obvious that you're grind all sorts of axes more than normal. you were frankly already on thin ice from a moderation standpoint for continuously doing the things you previously got banned for, and if you are that intent on self-destructing, I don't know what I can do to really help you.
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    So I’m traveling again, kinda a farewell trip because probably won’t be able to do it for awhile. We have a savings for an apartment, hopefully close to my new school this summer. Also Eldy finally got to take a vacay. We doing that weeb shit in Kyoto, Japan. Inari Shrine
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    I'm literally only awake because I ate Taco Bell and my stomach wanted to party. Haha. But seriously. First of all I'd like to say you are more than entitled to your opinion the same way everyone else is. I rarely chime in on shit like this, but I have seen some shit and I'd like to share why I think pride should be a thing. I grew up in Mobile, Alabama. And growing up the homophobia was insane. Especially when I went to school in the ghetto. They would talk crazy shit about gay people for no reason and of course use words not worth reciting. Out of all those kids in that school I'm sure a few of them were gay, but I'm also sure they were terrified to speak up because they would have been beaten. I actually witnessed just that a few years later in high school. Someone found out a kid was gay because he came out to a teacher and the teacher made a joke about it. Three dudes beat the shit out of him. He's permanently blind in one eye for the rest of his life because of that beating. Another instance I saw was an openly gay kid that I had 10th grade english with. So many people picked on him that he committed suicide at 15. I get what you're saying. You don't think simply being gay is worth celebrating because it's who they are. The part your missing is that many LGBT live in fear of coming out because the world is full of homophobes. Pride is about giving them inspiration to not be afraid of who they are, and for many of them it's a beacon of hope that they can love who they want and not live in fear because of who they are. They could simply stay in the closet and blend in with straight people the best they can, or they can come out wearing rainbow colors and not give a single fuck. Not one person has ever gotten their ass beat or committed suicide for being straight. Plain and simple. Again, this is simply my opinion. Feel free to disagree. We can part ways and go back to shitposting.
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    I also rarely ever add my thoughts to any thread to keep a sense of neutrality, but i fundamentally disagree that it takes "no effort" to go against any societal norm. I have a sibling who does not identify with any gender, and although i am not part of the LGBT+ community myself, I've seen their struggle in losing friends and even family support. I try to be there for them, because I know my support helps. Many are not so lucky; I've known many good friends over the years get browbeaten into suicide, or killed for even attempting to express themselves. You and I are straight, cis, and white; statistically speaking we will never be in the minority and will always be able to be our real selves and seen as normal.They feel a real sense of pride from being able to be seen as their real self and not need to adhere to a forced persona because it's more "normal". How they choose to do this is their prerogative. Point being; it's not up to you or I to say how they feel or how they choose to express this feeling is "dumb". We've never had these problems or fought these battles. They have, and that's enough of a non-trivial achievement to be proud of.
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    “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson
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    Dude, that's like flouncing out the door and then coming back to pick up the pearls you dropped on your way out.
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    I just wanted to take a pic of mah new boots from last night ^.^
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    If we were cool kids, would we even be here?
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    “I have a bone to pick with this old study and here is why I think it’s poorly done” Cucket: *throws tantrum*
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    There exist many websites that don't censor hate speech, like Gab. And nobody but fucked up hate monsters want to use them. Free speech doesn't mean you get to go into anyone's house and say whatever you want with no consequences. You can be kicked out. If you want in google's house, you play by google's rules. If you want to say whatever you want, host your own videos or find someone who will. If the government takes down your very own hate site, sue them, and make your 1st amendment argument in court. If you lose, welp whoopidiy doo, you better be ready and willing to either stfu or fight the government. But quit bending our ears w/timcast's bullshit. I'm not clicking it.
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    @GuyBeardmane, let’s have a frizz contest
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    Completely spent, Sawdy throws himself on the couch as the 65 year old chinese prostitute shows herself out of the suite. It was so taboo to be out in public with another man's seed still on his lips and face, but Sawdy had never felt more alive.
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    Bachelor party... Is done and over with..... Oof.
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    Got a new apron, had to break it in properly...
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    You believe that if hillary had become president our international relations would suffer as much as they have during Trump? You believe that, had hillary become president, the deliberate unstaffing of governmental agencies to prevent their effectiveness would have been as severe? You think that hillary would have failed to take action or even condemn the acts of hostile nations who broke into our voting machines? You think hillary would have selected the head of a pyramid scheme company to run the education system? You think that hillary would force through hundreds of appointments for federal judges with lifetime appointments with no oversight? You think we would have concentration camps? You think the owner of a shipping company and asian brothel chain would be in charge of stopping human trafficking if Hillary was president? Do you think that hillary would have almost started war with NK ocer twitter by announcing that he wanted to bring all the family of statuoned military out of the area in preparation for an attack? You think hillary would have sold nuclear secrets to saudi Arabia in direct violation of US nuclear policy? Would hillary Clinton publically threaten people who attempt to testify against her? Would hilllary clinton refuse to testify under oath because she knowe she can't not lie? Would clinton have "lost" thousands of children? Would Hillary Clinton encourage violence against people she disagrees with politically? Would violent hate crimes have increased as much under clinton? Listen, i understand the belief that "its a politician on the right, its the same as a politician on the left," but you have to remember; the president isn't a politician. The president is a bankrupt gameshow host whom a hostile foreign government helped to install in order to sew discord.
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    Makes sense as alabama is populated mainly through rape and incest.
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    My mom has been begging for a kitten since I moved out and took my boys with me, so my sister and I found a beautiful little Siamese baby to give her for Mother’s Day. She already has one Siamese cat named Tater, short for Elizabeth Tater. Say hello to Tina Turnip!
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