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    I guess that makes you guys my children or something
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    Had my work’s Christmas party on Saturday night. Forgot to take a before picture, so y’all get this picture of me looking tired, disheveled, and less than sober after the party instead 😂
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    I think I posted this on Discord, but not here.
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    This is closest thing that feels like old ASMB/IB to me. And I always said I'd post when this finally happened. As of about 8 hours ago MirokusTwinSister and I are married.
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    to people who haven't been around me much, namely my family, and distant friends. A large number of you know, some don't. Either way Coming out in high school as gay was emotional and I was full of worry about people's responses. I feel in a similar situation, like I'm young all over again and realizing the world hasn't even fully opened up yet for me. The fear, patterns of anxiety over what my parents will think, are all back and horribly palpable. Plus, I barely even know how to makeup yet. Wish me luck.
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    Ignore the fish, they just kind of show up when you're in Wisconsin.
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    The good news is the chest pains we're not cardiac related but they think it was a bad case of acid reflux so I got some meds for that. Although there is chance I'll end up having a massive heart attack once I receive the bill
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    like, do they really expect me to eat this burrito?
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    Trying on my sailor moon bathing suit.
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    Yackbox donut adventure. This is our donut comrades.
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    maybe finished idk. i want to make the sky brighter to be more like the photo @empty posted in the what to paint next thread, but i ran out of white.
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    Limited edition Fooly Cooly i ordered oh so long ago finally arrived.
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    Today (8/8) was the anniversary of @Admin/JMC's passing last year. JMC (Luuv) founded this site, UnevenEdge and gave our community a home. Prior to that, he spent over a decade as a mod on the [adult swim] message boards, wearing many different hats and playing many different roles in support of and to engage with the community. We were his family, his escape, and his creative spark. "UnevenEdge" was a concept he had, he wanted a community focused on media that could also act as a hub for artists to connect. In his absence, we can't know full well the directions he wanted to go, but we can attempt to honor that vision in our own way. JMC personally identified as an artist. He liked to write and create, and even set aside space here where he could share his writing. Even through the software changes and site reorganizations, I made sure to preserve this space as a little memorial to him. It's difficult to think back to a year ago - the confusion, uncertainty, and disbelief. JMC was a private person; it took a while for notice to circulate and for confirmation - both here and in his personal life. A number of members of the community went above and beyond to makes sure all the dots were connected, to ensure that family was notified, and that his passing was one of dignity - which I continue to personally appreciate to this day. Though I didn't agree with every single one of his decisions, I have always attempted to prioritize his ideals when making decisions of my own. Even now I will still occasionally catch myself in the mindset that I'm only here temporarily until he gets back; that I'll hand the keys back over and can take a nap; that hopefully he likes what we've done with the place (or at least doesn't mind other changes too much); that he'll provide new clarity on where else he wants to take UEMB and rallies the team to get there. I suppose, until that time, we'll do our best to keep the ship sailing, or to maintain "the house that Luuv built", or whatever metaphor you prefer. Maybe I'll even practice my attempts at the patented stream of conscious Wall-o-Text TM (though no imitation can beat the real deal). not to sound cliche, but I guess what I'm trying to say is that you may be physically gone, but you're not forgotten. This has been my piece, now I'll turn it to you guys. Share a word, raise a toast, tell your favorite/funny stories or interactions, post screenshots, or even write a poem - the floor is yours. Original thread: https://unevenedge.com/topic/14057-j-michael-thoughts-condolences/
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    Finally took a pic of my whole face with this haircut from 3 months ago. Lol
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    it doesn’t seem real and idk how to feel and I’m terrified
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    Found out over a week ago in an email but got my package in the mail today! Cali community colleges have great transfer programs into CSUs and UCs.
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    It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.
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    I’m so happy now, this was like 3 years in the making.
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    Happy Holloween yall. I'm gonna party with these college students!
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    This is actually a year or so old, but I don’t take a lot of selfies, so this is what you’re stuck with 😂
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    GOOD NEWS EVERYONE: I dont have the COVID. Getting some rest since Im still not feeling well and monitoring my breathing.
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    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pushcart_Prize I cried hard in public just to have a nomination. I'm far from receiving an actual prize. The top award winners of Pushcart prizes tend to be from magazines like Kenyon Review, Paris Review, New England Review, etc, but I'm thrilled a story of mine was deemed worthy of consideration.
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    Yee-aa! That's right homies, I can do maths with the other smart kids! I took my Calculus class pass/no pass and pretty sure I got a C! I'm so happy my non-STEM ass was able to pass. And I didn't have to suck any dick for help, I did it all on my own. 😊 I feel so relieved after hearing so many stories of people failing, or telling me it's normal if I fail. Especially after dealing with a counselor who said I couldn't and dealing with all those mean STEM kids too, I only have one thing to say:
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