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    So another man at my job just told me his family bought two calves on a farm. The cows will be raised and then when their times comes, they'll be slaughtered and the family will get all the meat from those specific cows. It makes me think about living on a ranch/farm Could I kill a cow that I've raised. ... Just look at the flowers Marietta... Then .... you serve them up and eat them and reminisce about how nice of a cow Marietta was .... unless she was an asshole cow But how nice of a burger she is now
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    lol tried too, had a layover in Saudi Arabia. Missed my connecting flight, then faced trouble from Saudi's saying I didn't have the right paperwork to go to Thailand, so I went to Istanbul, Turkey afterwards. Then spent some time in Mexico, and now back in Oakland. XD
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    I'mma alive!! The gods would not stop me, now I am humanity's problem! XD
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    she sent me a pokemon go gift earlier today
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    I'm fb friends with a board member who never really comes around anymore, and they are fb friends with her. According to them she just got back from the airport.
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    Striking Vipers here we come o.o
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    But really they were asleep already; this whole period was for them no more than a long night’s slumber. The town was peopled with sleepwalkers, whose trance was broken only on the rare occasions when at night their wounds, to all appearance closed, suddenly reopened. Then, waking with a start, they would run their fingers over the wounds with a sort of absentminded curiosity, twisting their lips, and in a flash their grief blazed up again, and abruptly there rose before them the mournful visage of their love. In the morning they harked back to normal conditions, in other words, the plague.
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    I'm a simple gal from ohio this is all I want. 7 iphones that used to belong to giants loaded up w/socionomic data and a professional asian girl there to balance me out I say to thee, God, please, grant me my request. Is it really so much?
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    Or at least the light side turned dark - NASA eclipse photo
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    .....not very sympathetic to goats though. Their eyes creep me out and make me think of something evil
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    YEAH [Citation Needed]
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    W H Y Demarco needs to start playing hardball with FUNiroll, otherwise the dent I'm making's gonna turn into a giant-ass crater before next month is up.
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    Truly a great man who never hit on underaged girls over the period of several decades!
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    I don't really know shit about Pete other than he was on SNL and he's fucking Kim.....so to me, his biggest accomplishment is publicly trolling Kanye....and since I can't stand Kanye, I'm on Pete's team by default.
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    Here ya go,ladies. Dont you all fall in love at once,now!
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