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    The secret’s out. I’m really a shit posting cat.
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    ...or the communist manifesto on your way to assassinate someone?
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    Like you don't have several millions already, I've seen nabs posts.
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    - "So your fetishes are Asian women and feet?" - "Yeah, as far back as I can remember." - "Asian feet or just women's feet in general?" - "Just feet in general." - "Even men's feet?" - "Yeah" - "So Asian women for favorite people, but just any feet for favorite bodypart?" - "Yup, that's pretty much how i'm wired" - "And you have no idea why?" - "No, but I start therapy tomorrow, so I should start figuring all that out pretty soon." - "Ok, that's good. That'll be twenty for the lap dance and let's call it eighty for the shoes." - "Yeah, sorry about that. That's never happened to me before."
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    every time they say something, spray some lysol in their general direction
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    Happy Birthday! I don't know what you like but I hope it's Peppa Pig
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    Nababby has been banned for the non-crime of reporting abusive posts (which have since been removed) in a thread that I didn't create. I didn't realize you had to be the thread creator to report abuse in threads. Probably because that doesn't make any goddamn sense. Can I get a Real mod to overturn this absurd ban? Or the ban on my other account Nabarney? The one that has been banned for over three months for the non-crime of being a moderator? I would prefer this account be unbanned if I have a choice, but either one is fine. Looking for a response from real mods only. Fake mods need not reply here. Thank you for your time, and sorry about yall having to clean up this fake mod mess.
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    Ain't nobody cleaning for dick. If you go over somebody house to bang and it's nasty ... guess what
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    Brooooooo ...that shit pisses me off. My Ls said I was 6...but I guess I was wearing boots since I'm a December baby and that's when I renew. Well, I moved here and they got me at 5'11. So it wasn't that big of a deal to me...but I showed this girl at the time and she was like "you not even 6 feet😂" and I'm like, really...this is funny to you. My dick has met your tonsils, and you think jabbing at the inch off my head is gonna piss me off.... Well it did, fuck you bitch....hope you get 6 feet of herpes. We still talk occasionally.
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    I was having a good Friday until I read this... Now I have to try and sleep at some point knowing Packard can carry 5 fire trucks
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    It's inaccurate to compare the federal budget to a household budget; a household budget is built around the premise that the earner(s) will eventually retire/die and must settle all their debts in a finite period of time.
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    jlc is a ducking goddess. i saw an issue of playgirl in 85. weirdest fucking thing. looking a schlong center fold. dude was sportin' a magnum p.i. 'stache. and a cowboy hat. *shivers*
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    I don't even give a fuck about my grass but I saw some kids cutting across my yard and there was a beast in me....itching to yell at them to get off my shitty, brown grass
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    Happy Birthday!
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    Me in the middle of talking because idgaf.
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    Tell her no snitching only applies to police...
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    Fun movie, well worth my first night staying up and watching Toonami since Princess Hibana's ass-disaster of a debut back in 2019.
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    Since you are no longer a Facebooker I figured the next best place to show you how I love you and plan to play jokes on you for the rest of our days. @SwimModSponges
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    Toonami is being economical & smart. Do you advertise the last piece of your bowel movement hitting the toilet? No.
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    The animation looks very impressive and it’s shaping up to look cool. Imagine if all this time, all it took for Yu Suzuki to tell the entirety of his grand story was to make an anime instead of all those costly video games.
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    ....... I don't see the probl... . OMG, I'm old people
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