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    No idea if this is true or not but lol
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAMILTON PROPERTY my gift is to hold off on the purge til later
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    With your hosts @André Toulon & @katt_goddess Debut episodes will tackle a wide range of topics including, but not limited to: - Modern day uses for the Sharingan and other ocular powers ( Special guest @GunStarHero ) - Ten exercises with a microphone that will get you shredded and ready for the summer ( Special guest @That_One_Guy ) - The secret lives of rappers ( Special guests @PhilosipherStoned & @Poof ) - How the sexy new religions on the rise will get you laid and paid ( Special guest @SwimModSponges ) - Overcoming your food addiction through fasting ( Special guest @Baby_Yoda ) - The hair struggles of a super saiyan ( Special guest @Le Guignon ) - What America could learn about race relations form The United Federation of Planets ( Special guest @ghostrek ) - Who? ( Special guest @stilgar ) - We'll also have @DragonSinger on the pod to promote the upcoming romance novel she co-wrote with Ricky Martin, titled 'She Bangs'. @scoobdog will also be by to discuss his legal battles with the estate of Norville Rogers over the remains of his relative, former tv and movie star, Scoobert Doo, who currently stands stuffed and mounted at the Rogers family home in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.
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    That's because when this started, it was VS the police. When the narrative shifted to VS Chauvin, they said "oh, fuck him" Which here's the thing....at it's core is EXACTLY what we want...law enforcement washing their hands of the murderers. It's all anyone ever wanted but they let it escalate to a point where it was damn near half a nation going fuck the police
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    Got caught up last night was picking up some nice craft beers at my spot yesterday and I’m waiting to get rung up and this woman walks in without a mask, she is asked to put on a mask, and she said no, and pulled out her vaccine card. she held it up, as if it was her license to be a shitbag. I laughed and said, “well there it is folks, the dumbest shit you’ll see today” and the few people there busted out laughing and she went nuclear... pushed over a coat rack and stormed out, yelling non sensible shit. As I was leaving, her husband got out and started saying shit to me and I just smiled and walked on by... he was 5 foot nothing and 100 lbs dripping wet... he definitely was trying to look like something he never was or will be.
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    Is going to be the person running the scanning machine at the TSA checkpoint. when I’m in the machine right when it whirls around for that half a second and scans me I’m going to let out an audible moan. And not like a “mmm” like a short “ohhh!” Then when I step out I’ll say “that was so good” then carry on w/everything else totally normal
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    This is NOT Japan--this is L.A.! You look at this and TELL ME Demon Slayer isn't mainstream!!
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    I feel like every Ghostrek thread is like....
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    If Marjorie Taylor Greene actually believed in the type of 'Anglo Saxon Values' that the types of idiots she's catering to believe in, she'd be bare foot and pregnant in a trailer house somewhere and we wouldn't have to hear or see her except as an occasional catch-n-release photo on People of Walmart.
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    This shit cracked me up more than it should and now that helpme is getting the JJ it’s even funnier than that now
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    My headcanon is that your name is Wacky Tobaccy.
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    Got my 2nd shot, dgaf if you see my card. Now I'm sitting in the dentist office waiting to get a tooth pulled. Fri-YAY amirite?
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    Queen Elizabeth is single now tho...
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    - Cosmo Samurai was greenlit pre-COVID and it's much cheaper to produce than the TIE stuff. CGI is expensive and is getting more expensive. - They're still deciding what to do for the 25th anniversary next year. - Stuff like Cosmo Samurai and the Rick and Morty anime shorts come from a separate budget and it is not tied to the budget for acquiring shows. - We should be getting info about the original series in a couple months, such as premiere dates. He said everyone is pleased with how they're turning out, including the "high, higher-ups." - As always, Toonami plans are known well in advance before the public knows. For example, there was a funny moment where Jason forgot that Dr. Stone season 2 is coming to Toonami because he had known for a while it was coming. - And the last thing was the topic about DB: Super reruns. Basically, that's Kim Manning's decision and the reason why it's starting the block is what we have known for a while: it brings in the ratings. The Toonami people see more data than the general public and the show brings in the casual people to Toonami. Jason did say that they're aware that some people are unhappy about this and he said the show won't be at midnight "forever" but it's there for the foreseeable future. He also said that while he appreciates the die-hard fans of the block, they're still a television network at the end of the day and they need to bring in the eyeballs. He also mentioned that My Hero Academia reruns don't do well on the block compared to Super and he speculated it's because My Hero's audience is much younger, so they'll stream it compared to DB fans.
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