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    Look the 10000000000th pic of me holding a microphone. Wee. Idk wtf I'm pointing at. I don't even remember pointing.
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    I knew exactly what this was before I opened it and I feel bad for being right
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    I have more legs than a bucket of chicken and I’ll smoke afterwards with ya.
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    There's a difference between pulling out and letting our allies in the region take care of it, and telling our allies in the region to disarm because we will take car of them, then pulling out so that our enemies in the region can steamroll them. Additionally, soldiers aren't coming home, they're being repositioned to iraq. There is nothing anti-war about this move. Only anti-kurd, pro-russian. "Liberals don't really care about kurds, they're just opposing the president to oppose him." Really? How about our American soldiers who have been working with the Kurds and know they're leaving them to die? How about just the average american citizen who would have preferred turkey not free 1,000 ISIS prisoners?
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    >.> I actually think if anybody is to blame for Pokemon saying their names, it would be the scientist or whoever first discovered them. Scientist: .... hmmmm what do we have here? Animal: pikachu ... pika Scientist: .... well shit ... Pikachu it is.
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    This has got to be relevant somehow in this thread. I know it does!
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    "Why does he keep trying to get behind me?"
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    Why is it that lately every time a certain section of the population says something so extra stupid you can practically hear their brain cells expiring, they immediately claim they are just 'trolling' or 'baiting' or whatever it is that they think acts as a cover for saying that something? A copypasta from the 'Scared White Boy Manifesto' isn't exactly a typo.
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    You heard it here first folks, she is fucking garbage.
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    Actually, above 55 - baby boomer birth years are 1946-1964.
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    Get this shit out of here, its not even Halloween yet
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    Episode 9: "Let There Be The Light of SCIENCE!!!" Midnight tomorrow (10/19-20)!! ONLY TOONAMI!!!
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    Wow.....totally forgot about this thread 😆 Well I am sure everyone wants an explanation.....here it is... Two weeks after this post I started my new job as a News Reporter for iHeart Radio in one of their top 12 markets. Something that most radio personalities have to work years and multiple states in order to get to that spot...I did in just 10 years working in only one other place. I couldn't have been prouder of my work. I interview big movers and shakers and even covered my first category 5 hurricane. Not only did I Anchor news for their talk powerhouse WIOD, which is in market #11 of the top 12 nationwide....but I also got to anchor coverage in 6 other regions. It was amazing. Some downsides though....I did have to cover the events following the shooting in Parkland High school...being it was in our backyard. That was very challenging on me. I also got very little sleep because I worked overnights and then worked all day with my special needs children. Either way it all came to an end earlier this year due to budget cuts. Still was one hell of a ride. In addition to that, I also was finally evaluated and diagnosed with high functioning Autism. That should explain a lot of my actions both here and on ASMB. Whereas some thought I was dumb or a pervert, I was neither. I'm just different. I didnt know because my parents had never had me tested despite numerous requests by the school. They said medicine was a joke and I didnt need help....how wrong they are. Now that I am no longer working in radio...I'm working on getting better help for my kids and myself and I'm working on an autism podcast that I hope to someday have syndicated on tall stations nationwide. I'm also starting to write my first book about the struggles I encountered all my life and how the diagnosis was missing all these years as was my understanding and the understanding of others who judged me unfairly. So that's the scoop. Also my youngest son suffered a massive seizure and spend a week in a coma. He recovered (thank the Lord) and has been seizure free since thanks to his medicine but....we cannot go places without his emergency meds and a rescue plan in tack. Also I used to do a lot of TV work with several powerboat races....that ended this year too. A new company came ik and screwed our organization out of our place were had been some 20 years so that was a bit depressing lol...
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    Playing the new schedule promo during Boruto's last episode on the block. That's cold lmao.
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    again, Girls in Black clover: Girls in everything else on toonami:
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    All the animation money went into tits and ass and crotch shots and it works
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    I'm... beginning to sense a pattern here.
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