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    [adult swim] has been around 20 years and with that, friendships formed on the message boards. Many of us were really young, or youngish back then and maybe we thought we would live forever. Unfortunately that wasn’t meant to be. This thread is for the people we lost over the years. Some hung out on AIM, YIM, tinychat and irl. Forming some strong bonds that even death won’t break. To those people we say “we remember you and thank you for being in our lives” I’ll start with Luuv who saw the importance of these little friendships and connections and made this site with that in mind.
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    I just had to explain to my 25-year old colleague, an Instagram and YouTube addict, what a message board is. She was five years old when the ASMB started.
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    fuck yeah aSMB forever untill we die
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    Harry Goz not a board member but one of the funniest people on one of my most favorite [as] shows of all time Sealab 2021 All Hail Squish Face!
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    RyanfomtheShire (the musician). Hope I got his handle right. RIP, friend.
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    Never forget. I couldn’t find the original pic, only this t-shirt. 😆
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    Going thru my old tapes. *Low res flickery blarb* Much love.
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    Hi all. We're old. What am I doing 20 years later? Still talking to you old ass people.
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    Couple quick pics from tonight, as it was the absolute greatest night I’ve had in a long time.
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    She is adorable and broke her leg and had surgery. Send her your power a la Spirit Bomb method.
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    RIP Luuv. I keep paying the bill for this place mostly for his memory.
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    Twenty years, damn! I was 46 when I started. Not sure if I'm still the oldest, but I can still walk and talk and cuss like a sailor. The son would have been 39 this year, but I lost him in 2015. We played "Blue" from Cowboy Bebop to finish his funeral. But, hell, I'm glad to see everyone here. I miss y'all.
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    Really is a shame about Luuv, and so soon after he helped make all of this possible. You all did right by him.
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    Goldar. I still see his account pretty much every time I log into a battle.net account. I miss him.
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    actual message. XD Please be advised that you almost broke the Internet. Trying to get somewhere? Use the navigation at the top of the page. If you're still having problems, update your browser or your version of Flash. Just stop whatever it is that got you here because it's seriously freaking us out.
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    Finally got something in the mail today that I’ve been waiting fairly desperately for for months. I thought it’d ease my troubled mind more than it actually did, but that’s okay. I’ll still count today as (mostly) a win.
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    Someone once used the bump opportunity to type up an orgasm and that’s when I knew it was special.
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    The comradery mainly. That, and a reason to look forward to the adult swim line up each week. The reason why I sorta took a hiatus here is because I just kept seeing the same people fighting over the same senseless bullshit that's gone on for 10 years. Fuck that. While not everyone got along, it sorta stayed within a certain line, and there was enough getting posted that people could avoid each other if need be. I miss the look of everything, the feel of shitposting at 2 am, and the random game nights we would organize. But honestly, the magic was caption, and then it was let loose. Adult Swim had lightning in a bottle with a loyal community. Now, that community feels less tight knit. It's spread across social medias, instead of a central place. And, I don't know, I guess I'm ok with letting that live in a nostalgic place. But this just doesn't do it for me anymore. I'm still friends with a few people from here, but I just never even think to come here, really.
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    Crashing @SwimOdin's computer with a smiley indifferent wall
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    I also just referred to her earbuds as "hearphones"
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    I wouldn’t need to be like Scrooge McDuck if I won the lottery. I could just perform basic life functions with ease without having to be constantly worried shitless about whatever happens next.
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    Caesar really gaslit these people
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    *slaps own ass* Good job
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    Mother’s Day at Renfest, it was an amazing day
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    We need to call it that from here on out.
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    Got approved for a new apartment and my old friend referred me to an office job with a decent starting salary. I may finally be kissing shitty service jobs goodbye. Edit: not the same old friend as the post above it, to clarify.
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    Unhappy and you know it...
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    Like everyone else who has a mental crisis, I have done dyed my hair.
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    We need a memorial thread, do you want to do the honors?
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    *smacks that* Good job.
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    Me: It's neat that they're naming a stretch of highway in Minnesota after Prince. Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz used purple ink on Tuesday to sign the bill dedicating the roadway formerly known as Minnesota Highway 5. Me: SHIT WAIT THEY SHOULD'VE NAMED IT THAT
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