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    R.I.P. Adam West, the best character on Family Guy.
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    You're dead to me, can opener!
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    That is the face of someone in the throws of an epic spandex-induced dump.
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    Of course they would look unreliable, only the uncivilized would think the finest show on TV right now is a snooze fest.
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    Must be nice to be asian
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    Maybe so, but you don’t see people in the business saying Andor is boring as fuck with their real names because that makes you look unprofessional and unreliable. It’s a bridge burning technique that makes you far less employable because the companies don’t think they can rely on you. The moral of the story being of course - If you’re going to lay into a show, do so anonymously unless it’s something you made or the owner wants to lay into it.
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    Actually it was for something else but I can remember what 2004 was an interesting year
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    That's the theme I go with
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    NA NA NA NA NA NA NANA things, of that nature
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    Well....at least he's not one of the paid shills pretending that it's good. Amazon sure did buy a lot of positive reviews for it.
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    speaking of which I already have the Christmas lights up and turned on outside
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    You see a lot of Tim Allen worship these days. People harkening back to the days when men were men and they fixed things and worked on cars and were sweaty and greasy and argh argh argh, to quote the character Tim Taylor's brilliant catchphrase. Tim Taylor is an idiot. He's a clown. He's a literal buffoon. The show makes a point to show him as an idiot who is a danger to himself and others due to the very traits these Allenites ascribe to. You know who the show points to as having the 'correct' POV? Tim's hippy neighbor who encourages him to cast off society's oppressive expectations for what masculinity should be. These cultists have gotten it backwards, and I've got half a mind to drive out to their compound and nail my theses to their door to tell them so. Martin Luther style. Pull a protestant reformation on them. Eh that'd probably get me shot.
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    Because, other than the plague that is pumpkin spice, October has the most awesome in it. The other months with holidays can suck it. Especially December.
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    ooo and they're making Mayfair Witches <_< I am excited about that one.
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    No. No. that's a terrible idea. I was originally thinking "toxic shrieking" but I think current affairs has that nailed down.
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    It’s almost as if he wants to ensure that no one else will hire him once he leaves WarnerMedia
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    Only tangentially related, but i-ve about perfected making alien-looking genitals via AI. What a time to be alive.
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