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    When can I install this at home and go off grid https://interestingengineering.com/south-korean-toilet-allows-students-to-pay-with-their-poop
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    I dont like outside The closest I'll go is a cabin in the mountains ... in the fall ... but I'm not going exploring because fucking bears
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    Big companies are ruining this country. Why not give local mom and pop porn a chance? I can send you one where mom really gives it to pop.
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    I'm not paying for Onlyfans when I can scroll for hours on pornhub for free
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    Ah yes, the Big Milk
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    Testing test test testes test
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    I'm allergic to all of them including the benadryl ointment.
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    Don't tell me what to do. You're not my real dad.
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    i think joshua tree park was the eariest park, camping out. that def. gave me the hill have eyes vibe.
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    They’re now entering the age of Black Mirror
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    I haven't taken the time to watch the whole video yet. All I know is that if you find a trampoline in a ditch it's very likely that someone pooped in it very hard. The lessons of Gary and Barnabas will not be forgotten.
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    I thought I could have Nabs as my buddy, but who knows if he's even going to have access to the boards on any given day?
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    Oh, then yeah. I was there. We drove from Las Vegas. The drive was the darndest thing. Very “The Hills Have Eyes” feeling 😆
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    Is the Grand Canyon a National park?
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    That's too bad. The Christmas cards are delightful.
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    Someone labeled a flock of sheep on Google maps “The Lil’ Bussy Boys” but now I can’t find it
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    So it was the normal shows, the question is how did they do? I'm guessing Rick & Morty got less than 0.15 though I couldn't tell you why. If AC was the reason why Primal did so well then at the very least it was evident that AC didn't pair so well with Titan but maybe being the 2nd show on the block was enough to get more people watching the classroom? One night of data won't say one way or another by itself.
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    I haven't watched wrestling in a long, long time. But I was a huge mark for Chikara back in the late 00s-early 10s, and Eddie Kingston was such a fucking badass for a company that played up comedy all the time. Also the folks working for Chikara were super cool and would chat during intermissions and before and after the shows and at different events. Eddie was super quiet and chill and laid back when he wasn't in the ring, except for when I went to Chicago to see them and a friend got a Batman book (I think The Long Halloween) and had everybody sign it. She gave Eddie the cover and he went hard like "OH SHIT YOU WANT ME TO SIGN THE COVER OH MY GOD THIS IS THE COOLEST THING EVER."
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    So i stand behind everything I said. If you run up on a comic and smack them, some of them are going to fire back. Simple 🤷‍♂️ You're not the first person to call me white. Lol it's pretty funny to me cause I swear I remember being called a spic, wetback, chink, gook and various other shit by both white and black kids growing up. That's cool tho make sure to go back and remind the racist hicks that jumped me and took all my money when I was in fifth grade that I'm white. Lol I'm sure they'll be quick to apologize for their mistake. Make sure to tell the kids that used to beat my ass every day and call me a stupid Mexican that I'm white as well. I mean we should clear up the misunderstanding asap lol. I'm sure they never meant to attack a white kid. Make sure to let my dad know that he's a white man as well. I'm sure he'll be thrilled. Honestly, I'm sorry if it seemed like I was calling you out on your name or any shit like that. It wasn't my intention. You're right, I can't speak on black problems. I'm not black. But I'm also not fucking white. I got scars to prove it. It's cool tho. You win here cause more people fuck with you on this little board than me. Congrats. Best of luck to you. Side note. Don't try that smacking a comic shit in Detroit. Most of them carry lol.
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    BREAKING: Gronk no longer needs his football pants
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    Triangle head, Triangle head Triangle head hates Particle head They have a fight, Triangle wins Triangle head
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    No one here is important enough to be noticed. Even with so few of us, a user can be gone for weeks and usually one person will go "hey, where's _____". Sponges was gone for over a month before I noticed, I have no clue how long kudz has been missing, and I only noticed Sorce was missing when there was so many women's issues happening but she was in none of the threads. Know who I'd notice was gone (gonna stroke this kid's ego some more) Seight.... His 6am meme posts are legit how I start my day..... *Sees seight post* Fuck, must be time to get up.
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    My name, honored upon me by slyfoxxx, was the comfort negro. At one time I was the receiver of many PMs from users who honestly found me approachable, and a willing ear. I think I was babbling's default board "buddy" but again, I was a nice guy among babblers, which meant I was still a huge jerk. As of now, if anything pressing happens, I'll let Sawdy know, and if anything happens and if I'm unable to contact him, several users are on my FB, which is also full of my friends from the noseiest town in the South and my wall will be full of info. I hereby give Pooh or disco full permission to tell of my death if it happens....I would say boo but she's not around as often.
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    Buddy knows how to find me, so does a few others on Xbox… wacky does too…. Umm… Disco and Pooh do, I think?
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    Oof, reports aren’t looking good on his cause of death and I really hate that this could be another example of a result of CTE
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    I dont want to know the people in the porns. boundaries
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    I stayed for a rerun of Primal that I've already seen then bounced. No one's gonna stay for this lineup, sorry fellas.
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