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    How very existential of you. 🥴 At this point, I just post and try not to dwell on the semantics of it all.
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    cleans cast iron pretty damn good. wow...i could use a nice cold coca cola now.
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    I think this place is a perfectly fine substitute for the ASMB. Of course, I say that having holed myself up (mostly) to the anime boards and never venturing into what accounts for IB and Pod 6 nowadays.
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    Let me enjoy this infested summer I only want to hear the buzzing Feel the vibrating wings Of the bugs That long to feast on us We may swat at them But one day We won't bat an eye
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    When can I install this at home and go off grid https://interestingengineering.com/south-korean-toilet-allows-students-to-pay-with-their-poop
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    In one Autumn we sprang Like a pack of angry leaves Kicking them up As we walked Hand in hand As the heavy arms of the trees Seemed to fall around us There were no words Just the warmth of our palms Defying our jackets Like cold graphite Rasping against fresh paper I draw memories That only you and I can recall For one year We held eachother On a mountain of bedsheets a catacomb of cotton The smell of cigarettes Kind buds And sweaty air No cares, no worries then I pay for it all now Just to say It's nice to have known you Without regrets Noone is without sin And no picture is perfect But through my rosy shades I dream of you Like cold graphite Rasping against fresh paper I draw memories That only you and I can recall
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    "It's okay everybody, you only have to care about the New Japan guys for five more days, tops."
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    So i stand behind everything I said. If you run up on a comic and smack them, some of them are going to fire back. Simple 🤷‍♂️ You're not the first person to call me white. Lol it's pretty funny to me cause I swear I remember being called a spic, wetback, chink, gook and various other shit by both white and black kids growing up. That's cool tho make sure to go back and remind the racist hicks that jumped me and took all my money when I was in fifth grade that I'm white. Lol I'm sure they'll be quick to apologize for their mistake. Make sure to tell the kids that used to beat my ass every day and call me a stupid Mexican that I'm white as well. I mean we should clear up the misunderstanding asap lol. I'm sure they never meant to attack a white kid. Make sure to let my dad know that he's a white man as well. I'm sure he'll be thrilled. Honestly, I'm sorry if it seemed like I was calling you out on your name or any shit like that. It wasn't my intention. You're right, I can't speak on black problems. I'm not black. But I'm also not fucking white. I got scars to prove it. It's cool tho. You win here cause more people fuck with you on this little board than me. Congrats. Best of luck to you. Side note. Don't try that smacking a comic shit in Detroit. Most of them carry lol.
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    Is this for real? If so, I’m so sorry to hear this. Divorce sucks and I hope things can at least be amicable between the two of you. Despite our political differences I hope you know you could still talk to me, I still consider you a friend.
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    I actually saw this lady pour coke in her vagina in a movie and I was like .... wtf It was a movie about prostitutes .... and well now I understand why she was doing it. She then handed it back to another lady that finished drinking it XD
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    BREAKING: Gronk no longer needs his football pants
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    I saw my new neighbor's brand new lawn mower blow up on the very first day he used it. Idk know what happened, but I laughed and karma won't let me forget it.
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    This is just a place to post stuff. What's wrong with that?
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    This place exists for people to communicate [ or not ] with similar idiots in an environment that isn't FB or Twit. You can have longer discussions that will still exist to continue from week to week without having to drill through all the clutter and filler of other types of media feed to actually get back to. Also, frog butt cheeks.
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    TRUTH!!! Sango was always my favorite anyway
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    You saw it coming? I didn't. Not with kids.
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    I feel like it's free to watch on YouTube or something. It's essentially him explaining black hair culture to white people.
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    Your white passing ass does not get to dictate what classifies as a race fucking issue involving black folks. Chris Rock chose to insult a black woman's appearance on a night specifically meant to superficially gas us up. That was coon behavior on top of other shit that Buddy already posted about. What you need to understand is that like a lot of folks in the gay and trans communities, black women are just as fucking tired of the endless jokes used to dehumanize us. Watching one of the few black women with a seat in that room get mocked in front of millions instead of just being allowed to be beautiful while other women got that grace was painful. It was a reminder that no matter what the situation is, we'll be kicked down. It doesn't matter if the Crown Act passing the House made the news, it doesn't matter if Will Packer was in charge of the ceremony that night, y'all still managed to humiliate a black woman on national television. Then after finding out Jada has alopecia, was an apology issued to her from the Academy or Rock? Nope. Crickets. And while you're talking out the side of your neck to a black woman about how I should feel about this, you're also talking to someone who is disabled so don't put fucking words into my mouth. Acting all big and bad talking about how people will get hurt if they attack comics. None of these hit dogs would be hollering so much if they could actually fight. And what's with all these imaginary scenarios people defending Rock come up with? If that was my man, I'd slap my damn self for being with a bitch ass motherfucker like that.
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    Sad day for the nfl Tony Siragusa died at 55 and 26 yo Jaylon Ferguson died too
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    There could've been, the frontdoor schedule on [as]'s site has been frozen for over a week now so we'd have no way of knowing without having actually watched it.
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    Hi everyone. Some of you don't know me...that's fine, ignore this. For those of you who do know me...even if you hate me, I'd appreciate some kind words. Kikyo and I are getting a divorce. She found she liked Koga more than me.....So I'm done fighting and trying to make it work. 13 years eh? What a waste. My kiddos are staying with me....though that's even more challenging since they both have autism. But I love them and I'll figure out how to make it work. Last night I was alone, thinking, I haven't felt this bad since they shut down the ASMB.....It's like....I can't talk to anyone, and no one wants to talk to me either. Hope you all have a good day. And this time, no....ppl don't think im u.
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    Thank you. It's been rough. She's perfectly fine and I'm like....ugh
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