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    https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2022-06-04/theater-poster-dragon-ball-super-super-hero-opens-in-u.s-on-august-19/.186327 Close out the summer with the new Dragon Ball movie.
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    Didn’t have the patience to watch the last two episodes with us huh?
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    20 million views already for the original music video and now almost 6 million more with the one that has scenes from all the seasons so far, baby!
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    Somewhere in the distance, "Pomp and Circumstance" plays... 12:30 AM tonight, only TOONAMI!!
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    Back to the main story showdown between Lupin and Sherlock Holmes!! 1 AM Tonight, ONLY TOONAMI!!
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    It’s funny to think that Darth Vader still has the whole Mustafar fight living rent-free in his head, so he made a makeshift fire for Obiwan so he could experience burns too.
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    Why do i still eat spicy food...so regrettable
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    Yeah, it looking more action oriented was the only reason I checked it out despite not caring about the original, but yeah it's very incomplete and apparently very rushed. Have always liked Soifon so hopefully we get to see more of her in the new finale.
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    I used to watch starter squad a lot because my son was into it, and for some reason it just popped up in rotation again randomly.....the series is very dark but this....i have always loved this
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    Well that's certainly understandable, but in order to warrant an ominous threatening banner you guys are going to have to act a lot messier than you have been.
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    We wanna be special too and get attention from the mods! 😭
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    I demand you buy a tank top.
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    I don’t mind the rerun hour at all it’s just extra meh whenever it’s filled with shows that recently finished airing. I realize that can be useful for people who missed the original airing but I sure have no incentive to watch that hour. I would much prefer they cycle library titles that haven’t been aired in a year or longer. If they did that then it could even be two hours but maybe that’s a bit much. FLCL Alternative got a rerun it even stayed early in the block one week to buy time for Mob to join, then it moved toward the back. None of the FLCLs have aired since then though. Jose gave them a version of IGPX that’s proper wide screen but it’s not HD. They haven’t aired that version yet. I forgot about the flub ups with HD GITS, they should give that another full run. I was relieved that Black Lotus wasn’t immediately rerunning but I do think it and Fena should get a second run this year. They supposedly still can air Space Dandy so they definitely should do that. Space Dandy right before comedy resumes with Futurama, it would be perfect. Hell if it was for Space Dandy I would probably not lose my shit if AC was replaced by a rerun but it should not have to come to that. Also regarding anime fans and wrestling, they ran an AEW ad during Toonami last night.
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    Enough do that you see the overlap at conventions all the time (this from someone who prefers real fighting to scripted combat). Of course, the streaming crunch has proven that you cannot make something everyone will like. It’s just the nature of the beast. The AEW joke is more elaborate, that the French Toonami channel does air AEW, so “AEWToonami” trends on Twitter on occasion.
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    Common beliefs among Toonami critics: 1) Jason DeMarco has "old man" taste and doesn't look at anything new that isn't a popular shounen and he programs Toonami like his own personal MyAnimeList 2) Jason DeMarco, Gill Austin and Kim Manning wait till the last minute to pick shows whenever there's an opening on the horizon 3) When the popular shounen aren't available, Toonami's management would rather pick up nothing than go outside of their comfort zone 4) When Toonami was loading up with long runners they were missing opportunities to get other shows I don't think Jason's statements here will be nearly enough to persuade Toonami critics because many will just say he's lying but he can't be much more transparent about the process than that. They do regularly discuss what shows to get for Toonami and DeMarco does look a new anime that aren't shounen. In the past he's mentioned that they were unable to get KonoSuba, Shield Hero, The Ancient Magus Bride, Fairy Tale and Yuri on Ice among other shows. Who knows what other shows they wanted to get that they couldn't? I'm not sure what's a more distressing thought.. that Toonami wasn't interested in Blood Blockade Battlefront or that they wanted to get it but they couldn't. Why then could all those big shounen air on Toonami? My theory is the companies involved (primarily the Japanese ones) wanted those shows on television most of all but they did have wait things out a bit for My Hero Academia despite that. Gundam and Lupin happened for similar reasons. Aniplex brought Neverland and Demon Slayer to the table because at the time Toonami had proven a successful partner with SAO, Kill la Kill and other series. Perhaps they felt burned from their exclusive deals with Hulu and Netflix and still considered Toonami a good partner in 2019 but now feel otherwise. After Neon Alley didn't pan out, in 2016 and 2018 Viz went all in on Toonami with the exception of Sailor Moon (which Toonami also wanted). I'm not sure why Toonami couldn't get YashaHime sooner but from the sound of it, Toonami would have gotten JoJo's Stone Ocean if Netflix hadn't butted in. So while Toonami was considering Made in Abyss, SSSS.Gridman and Assassination Classroom some time earlier than they got them, other opportunities swayed their hand. We know Adult Swim has always run it's network "on the cheap" so with the exception of already huge titles like Attack on Titan (first season), DBZ Kai, DBS and My Hero Academia (in 2018) they probably got rather good deals on the shows they did air. So a serious problem Toonami could very well be facing now is that Sony has no interest in cutting them a deal for anything and the amount of money that might have sustained Toonami in prior years isn't enough to get as many shows now because the costs have gone up across the board. It might actually be becoming more affordable to make new shows than to borrow shows from licensors. It is evidently more affordable to make a new show than to license and dub an existing one according to DeMarco. I suppose that makes sense, you can set the budget of your own project but when you license a show from a Japanese company they can put whatever price they want to on it. I do not envy their position and I'm not surprise they're "basically giving up" on trying to make Toonami fans "happy" because a sizable portion want the focus to stay on big shounen like Jujutsu Kaisen and Demon Slayer and the fans who have grown tired of the shounen onslaught want to see anything but more shounen. Its difficult to find a balance there especially when the shounen fans are much more vocal on Facebook and Twitter and the shounen haters mostly vent their frustrations on 4chan. They're probably better off not worrying about appeasing either faction. I'm sure they see the merits in having a variety of programming but it doesn't always work out that way. I sure would love to listen in on even one of those conversations they have about potential show pick-ups.
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    That's fair, the custom laughs are pretty hit or miss depending on the character. Ass Class- Fucking murder Dandy is here to ruin everything. Ohhh this is not going well. Man this kid got fucked up real bad. I love this squid so much. Evil Tatum is the woooorst. No, no he is not alright. This hurts me to watch. SHOOT HIM IN THE FACE. You douchebag! Aaaand I'm crying. Dude this entire thing was your fault for being a weird science asshole. Good girl! At least one of these kids is trying to help. Fuuuuuuuuuck. Never say the words "backup wife" again, please. KILL THAT DOUCHE. Man this is really not going well. Y'all might wanna get her to a doctor right the hell now, kids. Please don't kill my favorite squid. Now he's a disco ball. I'm glad murder Dandy is finally dead. This flashback hurts. Senpai finally noticed you. Koro-sensei needs a hug. Aww he's gonna save her with magic squid powers. Is that a Dragon Ball? WE NEED CAKE, STAT. Awwww, he's the best. However this show ends is gonna destroy me. Lupin- Still slightly disappointed Goemon's not the cute knife lesbian. Hiiii Fujiko. God I love her. Fuck you, window! Parachute, bitches! Hi there, random dude. Goemon you probably shouldn't have left the girls alone without a guard. That driver's definitely evil and going to kidnap them. It's fine, Lupin's got custody of the braincells this week. I like this other detective guy he's cute. Boys don't fight you're supposed to be best friends. Aw crap they killed each other. They're only gonna need the one bed, kidnappers. Fuck you, nice old man! Oh hey, the cute guy. Hi Lupin! Surprise twins? Wait then what happened to the nice old man? Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Fujiko! What the hell is that. This seems like an unnecessarily elaborate trap. Maybe don't touch that evil control panel. Lupin if you screw up and get them all killed Fuji's never gonna forgive you. Hi Goemon, again. I don't know what's going on but I'm rooting for these lesbians. WHAT. YOU OWE ME LESBIANS, SHOW. Hi Jigen, again. What the hell is going on here????? I'm not gonna ask questions I'm just disappointed I missed out on lesbians. One Piece- Hordy, still the fucking worst. Of course she knew, you're a douchebag and you reek of evil murder stank. Megalo could you not have told the king about his wife's murder at some point? No shit they'd hold a grudge, he shot somebody! Shirahoshi an innocent man got killed in revenge over that. It's fine, I hate him enough for everyone. He's got a point, keeping that a secret was dumb as hell. Great job now your dad's dead too. Girl now would be a great time to start screaming for the sea monsters. I'm with the kids, bring in the funny hat boy. Any time now, Luffy. Oh my god has he just been inside the shark this entire time. Sushi's on the menu today, folks! Oh my god are they all in the shark. Nami and Fujiko would be good friends. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaale! Oh good, they rescued Zoro's group from the castle. Shut up, random citizens. God I love a good team pose. Are y'all sure that's the Strawhats because we had some confusion about that earlier in this arc. Uncle Fish you should know by now that recklessly is the only way Luffy faces enemies. Heroes have to share their meat. Megalo's been having a rough time in this arc. Jimbei's explaining this flashback like an episode of Legends of the Hidden Temple. Brook I swear to fucking god you're gonna die here. They're all idiots and I love them. Brook cracks me right the hell up. And then Zoro destroyed the entire damn palace for shits and giggles. Shirahoshi is so adorable. Call me a coward because my hate in infinite. No she's right, she di dd cause everyone a massive amount of trouble by keeping her mom's murderer a secret. Oh right, Hordy's still here. Remember kids, don't do drugs. Arlong fucking sucked, dude. Luffy, not giving a shit about this dramatic villain monologue. 10,000 to 1 seems like decent odds. BAM. Sweet there goes half your problem.
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    I think Primal is one of the greatest animations series of all time. It seriously blows my mind
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