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    You should open the window and yell at the birds to wake them up next time XD
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    The gods sent birds to teach man about the beauty of song. Every morning is a concert. Every performance a masterpiece.
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    I got it cleaned up-ish The ones on the other side of the bush are getting transplanted and replaced with the flowers in the other photos.... The green beans took a whole 3 days to start sprouting, I haven't planted anything else yet I've been trying to make the yard not a giant a weed but It's been raining too much to put anything out to treat it
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    nothing to see indeed
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    The Aqua Teens are back in 3-4 minute shorts and are still Numba 1 in Da Hood, G. They even got back some people I wasn’t expecting like MC Chris (who’s basically a complete fuckup and a pariah thanks to how he acts at concerts). And of course, the Mooninites. Newest one today involves the Frat Aliens.
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    before those fuckin birds
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    Old news. I fully expect Animated Stories From Watsuki's Harddrive to show up tho.
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    That unfortunately makes sense.
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    You got it because you don't know Toonami won't be around in the late 2020s or even the 2030s. You also don't know if the pacing of One Piece will stay 2 episodes a week. It might go to 4 or 5 a week, if Toonami manages to get a weeknight block. Lastly, your dooming-and-glooming is quite annoying. That's why the "D'oh!"
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    I like how they decorate these babies in the NICU for no reason XD
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    That's right, no cheese just chicken and onions and cilantro + limes and delicious sauces. And a couple of times they also included some thin sliced radishes but not every time. It can be an uncomfortable amount of chicken, but each taco comes with two tortillas so you can make two skinny mini tacos and add your own ingredients and stuff at home which is what I like to do.
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    I really wanna go buy some coffee mugs .... in like a deep purple color .... for no reason other than to brew tea/coffee and walk around rubbing the cup only to get distracted and let the contents get cold and throw it out. Also I want to go back to the cabins on the other side of TN and stand outside in a sweater in the middle of the winter with said mugs .... like a Tyler Perry movie >.> but that drive up that fucking mountain with no lights and no guard rails. Its jus straight up ... you slip off and you're ontop of somebody else's cabin
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    Man, how many flashbacks to Obito's past are we going to have?
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    I'm just here to shitpost and chew gum and I'm all out of gum
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    it's less the pacing these days(although i really hate the pacing especially during the fishman island story)and more so the fact that toonami likely won't be around anymore by the time one piece does reach it's conclusion one piece and toonami have had quite the history not dragon ball z history mind you but still some history none the less so it always bothers me when i think about the day one piece ends and then think about how Far Behind toonami is from the current dubbed episodes(and how far behind those are from the subs) I Have somewhat of a Soft Spot for One Piece and just would really like to see it's conclusion celebrated on toonami however just getting to episode 1000 will be enough of a task on it's own(something the dub won't get to for years...sooo yeah)
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