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    Apparently the board is actually a league of villains, spearheaded by criminal mastermind Sawdamizer. Through some heinous evil doing and manipulation, the league has converted a kind, compassionate maiden from her virtues into a sinister acolyte of darkness and betrayal. Now the only hope is if somehow Buddy can overcome his penchant for emotional crimes and be the hero he is meant to be I can't wait for the next episode
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    What in the actual fuck happened in this fuckin thread. Holy shit
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    musket up in here spittin'.
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    because the schedule was revealed at the last minute....Many Cable Guides list a 4 hour episode of american dad instead of toonami
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    I remember him from quite a bit back, and he didn't always seem this insane. Maybe drugs fried his brain or something. I know he was a fullblown neo nazi, but he kept that secret. I joked that he had a swastika tattoo once in IB, and he bumped the post a month later to show a picture of his actual one. Whatever, he's insane now, and that's really all that matters.
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    Look ... I sent you a picture of my nude ankle I think it's time you make an honest woman out of me Please respond .... openly on this forum infront of all of my friends so they know I'm not delusional and that we have something special ..... Did I mention all these people are my friends? Stilgar and TopGun are my best friends My bestest friends
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    i am high, and this in no way, excuses my lack of ...knowledge here. but, what, in the actual fuck, are you on about? this is some creepy creepertan vibe you got going on. anyone, who is this dude again?
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    Didn't you ask me this yesterday?
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    Emotional crimes? Eh, I'll allow it.
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    Thread flipped quickly from cute to creepy with almost no warning
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    Spawn killing in this thread. I’ll go back to DF and wait patiently
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    That wasn't advice, that was a warning, expecially after you went on a post trail of talking to yourself....Just keeping everyone aware.
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    She sent them to everyone, you aren't special. And a person's opinion of someone can change based on their actions....you don't seem to grasp this sophomoric concept. Show us more of you sugar mama....and don't forget her ensure. I can make that joke because I got a ditz that's 13 years my Jr and I'm sure she gets the same looks.
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    It's double trouble time as we welcome season two of Assassination Classroom with the first two premiere episodes from 12:30am until 1:30am (1/9/2022) Episode 1 (23 overall) "Summer Festival Time" "Natsumatsuri no Jikan" (Japanese: 夏祭りの時間) & Episode 2 (24 overall) "Kaede Time" "Kaede no Jikan" (Japanese: カエデの時間) Opening theme: "Question" by 3-E Utatan
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    The epic saga continues! Midnight tonight (1/8-1/9/22) ONLY TOONAMI!!
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    Brb gotta go confiscate every sharp object TG owns.
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    Mushi-shi deserves more love
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    That’s a huuuuuge bitch
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    Bro....you said nude like 80 times, and stated you thought it was more than that....no one is buying this bullshit
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    no, the fact that you derailed this thread, proclaiming your admiration for boo. like, stalker~esque.
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    I don’t want you to go into a frenzy
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    You do realize i posted nudes on the boards openly? I dont anymore but you’re kinda a creep
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    Is this what Blake Griffin is doing these days?
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    Bruh anyways i like yankee candles
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    I got beeswax candles to heat my room probably should’ve just went w/the fossil fuel candles these were made in Texas tho
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    About damn time. The first season was a blast so I was hoping we'd get the other half sooner than later.
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    Oh my God, my dad holds a grudge for years. He is ranting about some old Sidney Poitier tea from back in the day.
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    this is unacceptful, even for this place. of is he/it/wte on the can not ban list, and shit they do is ok?
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    Went back and liked the pics on this account, too. if i end up like edgar from men in black play work by Rihanna at my funeral, but in baby yoda noises
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    Can the Packers starters, playing only one quarter, do enough to beat the Lions in a game where the outcome has no bearing on playoff or draft position? Game of the century, folks.
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    Way harder to bumble your way through 18 weeks of picks. Idc I’m the winner of losers and we all know it’s true 💩
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    RECOVERED by the Jets at the 5! Little did they know on the ensuing drive all Hell would break loose *He snaps the ball, QB keeps it clear shot to the end zone when suddenly you hear the crowd roaring not in excitement no.. in absolute shock "Mark are you seeing this? Some Fan is running towards the field and appears to be ramming his head into players ass's He wasn't seeing it, he was in a prophetic bliss as he lived out his Earthly nay, Galactic Purpose
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    Oh wow no Dragon Ball for the first time since I converted to nihilism. Maybe I'll shave my balls to celebrate/mourn.
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    I associate pinky rings with pimps
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    I'd be an ashy, affluent ass.
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