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    You didn't hear? You actually can post porn on Twitter.
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    Ppl in this city are sucking his fucking dick because OMG RAWTHLISBURGER HAS 2 SUPER BOWL RINGS AND HE'S RETIRING! THANK YOU BEN! Yes... Yes thank you Ben for being the literal embodiment of entitlement. Thank you for using the "do you know who I am?" line to get out of paying the ridiculous tabs you run up all over the south side. Thank you for being an overgrown drunken mess of a man child that once picked a fight with James Harrison at a country club (I know someone who was there) before 10 people pulled him away and literally saved your fucking life. Thank you for talking shit about your teammates and whining like a little fucking girl when you play like shit. Most of all thank you for showing the entire world that sexual assault allegations mean nothing if you can win a stupid fucking championship in a game that enables this bullshit behavior. Enjoy your retirement you fat fuck I know this probably belongs in sports but nobody goes there lol
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    even if it wasnt cte, which he most likely does suffer from, brown stated that the coaches were pressuring him to play, despite the fact that he still felt injured. assuming thats true, the bucs were in the wrong here, and browns reaction was appropriate. that hit tho, crazy to think they would be teammates in their brief time with the raiders. i wish it would have worked out, but it takes a certain kind of coach or gm that can deal with this crayzyness/diva. coach tomlin doesnt get enough credit.
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    Honestly all the names besides Washington Football Team suck. Even the ones they couldn’t get for reasons were terrible anyway.
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    Could Demarco's dream of viewers learning of a new show's broadcast the moment they sit down to watch it finally be realized with this seemingly constant suppression of information?
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    You can come back. We thought it was funny. Once we finally woke up.
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    This must be a record for the shortest amount of time before an official schedule announcement. Looks like they're banking on people coming out for AssClass S2 and watching, or at least tolerating, everything coming on after. I mean, I've never been invested in wrestling myself and probably never will be, but there is an overlap. A lot of the anime fans I've followed on Twitter over the years have been into wrestling too. It probably helps that Japan has a very long and storied history of the profession themselves. [bushimo]
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    Fuck that! Let's get a petition going to call them the "Whiskers" There mascot can be a furry cat person, we're talking a completely untapped network
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    Not starting a new thread for this shit… https://abcnews.go.com/Sports/wireStory/washington-reveal-feb-redwolves-82067262 but…..
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    ok i'll be more topical about simulation
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    ...that I felt my intestines decrease in volume like a balloon. Can't go back to that dentist.
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    They are hilarious...I hate that "fart jokes" get such a bad rep. My son has a fart gun he got when he was like 6....Every once in a while it pops back up and we play with it for a while before it gets boring again...But for thoe 30 minutes...Shit is off the meter.
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    I used to....Pinkie and middle....But that was the 90s and I wanted to be flossy... I don't wear any jewelry now,,,not even earrings.
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    current situation, that's been a situation for, far too long.
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    Farts are funny imo.
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    Also, the consensus is that Big Ben deserves a rousing DF send-off.
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    Also, Jalen Hurts wants answers from Washington and Dan Synder as to why the guardrails at FedEx Field broke. Answers that we will probably get when the New York Times posts their investigation results in, let's say, July 2023.
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    To the people saying wrestling on Toonami/AS sounds crazy -- Turner would be crazy to not want to do more of this sort of cross-promotion, IMO. Rick and Morty ring introductions, Steve Blum on commentary. This could be some good shit.
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    Will you quit acting vaguely pessimistic for FIVE MINUTES!?!
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    I'll probably never change.
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    The real bad part of this video is me, even before clicking play, thinking "This is all fuckin'...Vontaze Burfict's fault, isn't it?"
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    CTE is no fucking joke ….You have to feel for him… his mind is fucked IMG_4689.MP4
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