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    Two dudes were having a drunk fight to the death.......they were rolling around on the floor '>.> One of their friends steps up and stomps the other guy. The heel goes right into his side. He flipped out, the other dude flipped out, everybody in the bar flipped out.....except the lady who did it. She was calm as fuck. Like she knew this would happen. Like she meant to do it. Like she's done it before. Like this is the very reason why she wears stilettos. I followed her on Instagram and she followed me back 🤞
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    I used to party in Baton Rouge and somehow you still have wilder stories than I
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    I saw a local station in Oklahoma interrupted The Rookie for about 30 minutes to show his plane landing. Would any other place on Earth do that?
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    i was just thinking the same thing. a marine. that partied a LOT in tijuana, and STILL this dude has mad stories.
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    From what I've heard of it thus far we're not missing anything.
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    I always wanted to kick a guy right in the face w/stilettos on
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    The Pats needed that win, probably the biggest game of the season for them. hell ya. Playoffs here we come 😎
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    I used to look at porn whenever I got bored during my Spanish lessons. I think I inadvertently created some sort of Pavlovian response 'cause now I get horny when I hear Spanish.
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    I hope Cincy whoops the absolute shit out of them
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    Venables is the new HC at OU Hopefully this goes well
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    When Detroit won I shouted “yay Kudasai!” And then I had some explaining to do with my other half but it just slipped out 😆
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    In April 1945, while engaged in combat near Castel d'Aiano in the Apennine mountains southwest of Bologna, Italy, Dole was seriously wounded by a German shell that struck his upper back and right arm, shattering his collarbone and part of his spine.
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    Coincidence that Norm MacDonald and Bob Dole died in the same year?
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    Dude at least had a decent sense of humor. thats a virtually unheard of trait among modern republicans.
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    I say this not disrespectfully , but I thought he died years ago.
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    Yes. It's honestly not very good, but it's a lot better than sleeping in business doorways. It's not supposed to be pretty, it's supposed to work, and it does that just fine. It's dry in there and that makes keeping warm easy peesy. ^__^
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    Pickles & Peanut Butter. Also rice, but I'm out of gas for my camp stove.
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    Happy birthday @molarbear (I forgot which team you’re a fan of sorry)
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    Can you get a DUI on a horse...seeing as how I've live in rural setting most of my life and jave seen a many a drunk on a horse, im not sure how ive never explored this, but i feel like a trained horse would be more of a designated driver than a danger vehicle to operate. What if you're a DD and gotta get someone home...how hard is it to get a shitfaced person on a horse.....alcohol has been here way longer than cars so this has had to happen a lot, right?
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    Ooooooh.....still....inventory. For 25 bucks i might say fuck it though. Do you still have the damaged ones because its possible if you dont, tyey are still sitting in customer service, and theres your evidence. But seriosy, if it like t miles away and i dont go in that direction often, I'd probably charge it to the game and just try to "win" 25 elsewhere to make me feel better (quotes because i dont mean gambling, just coming up on somethong else)
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    You cant go back and say i was charged twice...they do inventory for a reason. It may be a tedious process, vut if its over 50 bucks, im damn sure coming back for it
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    Me and the miniature shopped all day and I am paying for it. Not so sure I can move.
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    Dammit....I was expecting That's the joke
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    Me this whole weekend
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